Azealia Banks Addresses ‘Filthy Mouth’ For ‘Complex’


Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg caught up with ‘Interscope‘s Azealia Banks‘ recently, meeting with the entertainer via Complex‘ ‘The Process.’

Sporting a bold new look and her ever-endearing laid back attitude, ‘Miss Amor’ found herself quizzed on her ‘colourful’ vernacular and its Hip Hop origins.

Her hilarious explanation below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. RihNaj February 4, 2014

    I use to like this gurl, no she can lick my c**t over this biatch

  2. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 4, 2014

    she will always be nothing, no one is her minajesty’s crown. Where is her album? is she even gonna drop one? please have several seats

  3. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 4, 2014

    *can take* the mobile version of this site! for christ sake sam!

  4. Ashton February 4, 2014

    Wow. Okay so she actually has a pretty funny personality, at least in interviews. But then she goes and talks s***. Poor girl. And sorry but what she’s doing isn’t going to catch on, the semi-electro and super fast rapping just isn’t something people want to see. She needs to slow it down and just feel it out. If she is as GOOD as she says she is, she would’ve found a label that would support her do whatever, let her murder Nicki and take her spot, but it can’t happen. Azealia, honestly if any label thought you were good enough to de-throne Nicki, they would be putting money and energy into you. How amazing would it be to be able to say that you killed Nicki Minaj’s career? But it’s not possible. Just go away. NONE of these rap h*** will ever be able to come up as long as Nicki is out.

  5. GREEKGOD February 4, 2014

    I feel that girls can be out while Nicki is out but can’t see her as competition because Nicki is more than just a female rapper now. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again Nicki Minaj is the Beyonce of female rap.

  6. becool February 4, 2014

    are minajsters really that pressed?

  7. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih February 4, 2014

    She is sooooo dark. She will never make it. Iggy, as a blonde, as more of a chance.

  8. hk February 4, 2014

    Is this 1940? you consider THAT dark? Most of the female rappers have been dark/brown skinned, so that´s innacurate

  9. Bey-Minaj February 4, 2014

    What the fugg does being dark have to do with talent. Li Kim used to be dark too and she run tings back in her day.
    Anywho AzB no one is checking for your ass no more. No one is her for your beefs with everyone and no one is here for that fast rapping where we can’t understand a word u saying, much less be able to sing along to it.

  10. dee February 4, 2014

    why would you wanna show your ignorance like that?colourism?is that really how you judge people? I know it exists but we need to sold the problem not add to it

  11. tits mcgee February 4, 2014

    That wig is a travesty! Lord have mercy! #disasteronyohead

  12. Music Stan( Ya’ll Know who I stan for ) February 4, 2014

    @rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih your comment is soooo stupid what does skin complexion have to do with talent… their are a lot of dark skin people in the industry and make it for example Kelly rowland, Seyvn streeter, Viola Davis, etc etc what does being light have to do with anything, Foxy Brown was dark skin and made it sooo think before you play the race card…. young children think they know the industry

  13. nobitchassness February 4, 2014

    She had potential.

  14. IGOTDAANSWERS February 4, 2014

    her label isn’t gonna push her cuz interscope is under Universal, which is the same label Nicki’s on. they only signed azealia to keep her from coming out and being competition to Nicki, which is their cash cow. industry politics. azealia should’ve went somewhere else.

  15. FAF February 4, 2014

    Of course rihanna fans talking about complexion

  16. Navy Commander February 4, 2014

    I was anticipating her album too….

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