Chart Check: Love & Hip Hop’s Amina Nabs Top 5 Entry / Toni Braxton & BabyFace Take ‘Love’ To Top Four


R&B’s fairy godmother.

Is the above an apt moniker for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ creator Mona Scott-Young? We’d say so, especially now that her ever-rising empire has revived the career of another Urban belle this year.

For, after serving as the vehicle used by K.Michelle to reach the top of her game, the New York version of Mona’s hit franchise has handed cast mate Amina Buddafly a second chance at superstardom!

Find out how below…

Formerly of group Black Buddafly, Amina‘s ‘Hip Hop‘ arrival saw her musical endeavours take a backseat, forced to the shadows by an on-screen love triangle that saw her billed a ‘home-wrecker’ in earlier episodes.

However, after performing her brand new single ‘Don’t Wanna Be Right’ on the show’s season 4 reunion special, she rocketed to iTunes R&B’s Top Five- soaring to #4!


Placed one spot beneath K.Michelle‘s ‘Can’t Raise a Man’, Buddafly‘s sales-induced good news comes as Toni Braxton & Babyface welcome some of their very own today.

For, less than twenty four hours after dropping worldwide, the pair’s collaborative ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce’ set now sits at #4 on iTunes overall albums chart, currently outselling Beyonce‘s ‘Beyonce’, Bruno Mars‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ and Katy Perry‘s ‘Prism’, now placed at #26.


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  1. maurice February 4, 2014

    LMAO so LHH platform is actually good for something other than ratchetness.

  2. StarXavi February 4, 2014

    I really like Amina and her writing skills. I guess LHH is definitely helping out her and K. Michelle. They both have actual musical talent compared to Erica Mena….too bad it did nothing for Olivia. :-/

  3. AKissFromKeri February 4, 2014

    For real? Wow. Maybe Ciara and Kelly should join the cast.

  4. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    I would said that K.michelle and Amina are very smart women, the both been in the business for a min and both were trying to get their careers off the ground Amina was in the group call Black Buddafly and they didn’t went anywhere… but she did her homework cause yes even though it a lot of craziness on LOVE AND HIPHOP she always played her music on there just like K.michelle did.. it gets people intrested in their talent instead of their antics…. Smart

  5. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    And A KERI Hilson stan shouldn’t come for Ciara nor Kelly Rowland where they are on album number 5 or 6 and Keri is on album number ????? Oh yeah I forgot she is outside the Decatur Marta Station selling 7 dollar Rib Plates…. have several

  6. RICHIE_RICH February 4, 2014

    Yesss, Yess and Yes….

  7. RICHIE_RICH February 4, 2014

    @Music stan ….Not decatur boo, you know she at the Westend marta Station lmao……

  8. Kareem Williams February 4, 2014

    This is good for Amina, I am glad the show is not hurting her music career. Great post here

  9. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @Richie Yessssssssss and Garnet Station outside MAGIC city… those stripper are hungry tooo

  10. MUSICHEAD February 4, 2014

    Rockabye by Black Buddafly was hot! If you don’t have that song you should. I had no idea she was in that group.

  11. RICHIE_RICH February 4, 2014

    @Music stan better yet just take it to RACHET 5 points and call it a day lol. The help needs Help tooo

  12. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @Richie Yea she can feed the homeless down there… Lol

  13. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @MusicHead yesss I like that song from them…

  14. KerimelKisses February 4, 2014

    Keri Hilson’s last first week sales were more than Kelly’s and Ciara’s combined, so sit.

  15. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @KerimelKisses you must be talking about how many Rib plates she is selling, you are right they are a huge hit down here in ATLANTA I MIGHT Go and support her… Oh Yeah Beyonce, Michelle, Kelly and Ciara called me to place an order…. They all want extra sauce on their Ribs and Ciara want the potato salad instead of cole slaw lol… Outta Here

  16. Music Stan ( ya’ll know I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @Richie, Keyshia better watch out she got some competition from kerri on her business lol

  17. MUSICHEAD February 4, 2014

    That beat knocks so hard and their voices are s*** as hell on that track

  18. anonymous February 4, 2014

    Congratulations to Toni/Babyface and Amina. Loved the song Amina perfromed last night.

  19. the truth honey February 4, 2014

    @richie and music stan…u BOTH r wrong. Chiiiiile she b @ ashby station over near the AU center and where the sleazy queazy used to b. She b there sell incents

  20. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) February 4, 2014

    @The Truth Honey lol you must live in atl, and yessss I saw her there too

  21. Xoxo February 4, 2014

    Yay Toni/Babyface …..

  22. Navy Commander February 4, 2014

    R&B music is on the rise . 🙂

  23. Jay February 4, 2014

    Her mouth and teeth annoy me.. please get them fixed. Otheriwse I can rock with her.. Those teeth are distracting though. 0_o Did you suck your thumb a lot as a child Amina?

  24. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) February 5, 2014

    I actually think Amina is cool….surprisingly. Knowing her past with Black Butterfly and her writing gives her credit with me cause I never take anyone from that crap show seriously. Anyway, when is Keri dropping new music? Ya’ll can hate on her all day but there’s no denying Keri killed it with In A Perfect World…

  25. credits February 5, 2014

    Keri hasn’t had an album out since 2010 and she is still on your mouth like liquor! lmao!! can’t wait until she comes back. and yes, no boys allowed’s first week did more than kelly and ciara, and so did In A perfect world so sit.

    Back to what this post is actually about. I’ve seen Amina sing on the show with her guitar, i was blown away so i expect promising material from her, but i can’t, and i mean I CAN’T understand why she pulled out a pregnancy test on the love and hip hop reunion. you just urinated on that stick ma….

  26. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for) February 5, 2014

    @credits please show me the receipts on both albums…. and @enough we aren’t hating a keri stan try to come for someone who have sale more records than kerri two album so we ( the one who live in atl) was spitting facts… no one in atl is checking nor play kerri’s records down here and i live here, they play more bey, ci, and kelly records than kelly… so they came and i just came back… one artist i don’t really like is Kerri…. she is too cocky and she still is in the beginning of her solo career and yes she is one hell of a writer but now you are infront of the scene, so you have to prove why you claim you are the best…. apologizing to beyonce isn’t going to save face nor her career… oh yeah her rib plates are very good

  27. credits February 6, 2014

    In A perfect World (2009) 94,000 copies first week, certified gold.

    turnin’ me on-platinum, peaked at #15 on BB hot 100
    knock you down-gold, #3 on BB hot 100

    No boys allowed (2010) 110,000 copies first week
    Pretty girl rock-platinum

    In the r&b category, keri hilson is clearly winning when it comes to Kelly rowland and Ciara.

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