Grammy Glory: Ciara & Beyonce Welcome Sales Spikes Following Grammy Performances

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2014 by David

They share a dancer in Ashley Everett and a musical director in Kim Burse, but today- more than a week after celebrating the 56th annual Grammy awards- it’s good news Beyonce & Ciara find themselves dividing between themselves.


Full story below…

Less than a week after Carter got ‘Drunk’ during the televised ceremony and Harris scored praise for her set at its official after-party, both ladies have welcomed noteworthy sales gains today, coming as a direct result of the media coverage afforded to both performances.

While Lorde‘s ‘Pure Heroine’ enjoys a 99% sales spike, Beyonce‘s self-titled studio album moved a commendable 50,195 units in the last week, marking a 5% rise from the numbers it shifted the week before!

Meanwhile, eight months before the tenth anniversary of its release, Ciara‘s ‘Goodies’ makes a shock return to iTunes R&B’s Top 40, backflipping its way to #32!

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  1. The Boy Toy February 5, 2014

    Awwww Ciara…bless your heart boo. 😆

  2. Kayla February 5, 2014

    Omg shut the f*** up this is really overrated ass

  3. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for) February 5, 2014

    congrats to the ladies….. very happy for them

  4. Micks February 5, 2014

    Not Beyoncé selling in her 7th week around what some people sell in their first or after the drop in their second [Insert whoever you please here]

  5. Lady gagarbage February 5, 2014


  6. Courtney February 5, 2014

    sales spikes after an award show are pretty standard or if your album was released earlier that week then you don’t experience as sharp a drop the following week. for example Faith Hill’s self titled 1998 album was released on April 21st and only decreased 3.53% it’s 2nd week because the Academy Of Country Music Awards were held the following day and Her & Her husband Tim McGraw’s 1st duet It’s Your Love won 3 of the biggest awards of the night in video of the year Song Of The Year & Vocal Event of the Year. the album ended up as one of the best selling Country albums of 1998 selling 1.6 million copies in 1998 another 2.4 million in 1999 1.000.000 from November 9th 1999 to September 29th 2000 and it’s last million from September 30th 2000 to October 6th 2003 for a total of 6x platinum. while Beyoncé’s debut album Dangerously in Love is eligible to be certified 5x platinum though Columbia Records hasn’t applied for the audit and updated certification yet though in comparison their sound-scan numbers through 12/31/13 are 28.65 million for Faith and between 10 -11 million for Beyoncé’s solo albums

  7. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    2X HERE COME THE QUEEN! SMH @ THE PURE SLAYAGE! I remember months ago when the Lesser H*** stans were saying THE QUEEN was gonna debut with sales under 200k. BWAHAHAHA HOW DOES CROW SH*T TASTE N U SEEEEEEETHING H*** MOUTH Lmaoooooooooo.#THAT REIGN

  8. Ciara Could Eat Dust February 5, 2014

    the album already platinum….when will your fav?

  9. Mariah Could Eat Dust February 5, 2014

    Mariah who?????? 😀

  10. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Hmm…I wonder where is @ Flopiah at? The Delusional Hating Pressed B*tch said BEYONCE was gonna sell 40k during The Grammy surge week. #THESE STRUGGLING B*TCHES

  11. LOL February 5, 2014


  12. #shedidthat February 5, 2014

    How much did Cierror sell though? That’s not impressive lmao she prolly sold like 600 copies kiii

  13. JER February 5, 2014

    I don’t want to EVER see that name next to Beyonce again.

  14. Feel Free February 5, 2014

    Congrats to the ladies. To the trolls, STFU.

  15. NT February 5, 2014

    Congrats to them both they deserve it

  16. Jdek February 5, 2014


  17. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    So u mean to tell me BEYONCE almost outsold Citranny debut first week numbers in its 8th week out KIIIIIII. I thought TGJ was about to say Citranny album rebound KIIIIIII

  18. kiiiiiii February 5, 2014

    Ciara? Lmaooooo is her album ever in Billboard 200? I don’t think so. No one cares about R&B charts. flop

  19. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    I know Citranny wish that was her album re entering at #32. She must be Seeeeeething Mad @The Non Factor Squad lmfao. Them H*** coins are never correct KIIIIIII

  20. whut February 5, 2014

    Why are people acting like 50K is a big deal?

  21. SMH February 5, 2014

    Some of you commenters on this blog are just sad excuses for human beings. Or maybe you are all just robots!? All I see is a bunch of broke, no life having, welfare, milk the system a** idiots whose lives revolve around the s*** that comes out of these celebs a**. Get a job, get out there and make something of yourselves besides arguing over someone’s fame and record sales on a purple and pink!

  22. SMH February 5, 2014

    *Some of you commenters on this blog are just sad excuses for human beings. Or maybe you are all just robots!? All I see is a bunch of broke, no life having, welfare, milk the system a** idiots whose lives revolve around the s*** that comes out of these celebs a**. Get a job, get out there and make something of yourselves besides arguing over someone’s fame and record sales on a purple and pink blog!

  23. shauwndapooh February 5, 2014

    When did ciara perform?

  24. Gaga Could Eat Dust February 5, 2014

    Happy retirement Lady Gaga, Mariah and Ciara stans.

  25. Stop the hate February 5, 2014

    Ugh here we go with the Mariah who? When will mariah? Um y’all do know she has sold more than Beyoncé, period. Congrats Beyoncé but you haters fall back. This little 2x platinum doesn’t even come close to diamond. Give Beyoncé her life but stop tryin to bring other artist down. Especially when thier sales record shits on Beyoncé #justsayin

  26. shauwndapooh February 5, 2014

    She needs stay out bathrooms getting bleach in her hair

  27. Jdek February 5, 2014

    Beyonce stans are the most delusional, ghetto, ratchet and embarrassing fan-base on this site. Why is that every comment they post is either ignorant, stupid or unnecessary. They seem like people you couldn’t carry a normal conversation with.

  28. Jdek February 5, 2014

    However cierror stans are the MOST delusional. Praising that FLOP as if it were a queen smh.

  29. freebreezy February 5, 2014

    but baby Ciara didnt perform at Grammys . its an insult to Queen B!

  30. CIARA ARMY STAN February 5, 2014

    I swear every single post on this site is about Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce every single day. Give her a rest! Damn!

    Truth that she is a LIAR!

    “Shakin’ that thang on that man, lookin’ all stank and nasty
    Swore you look cute girl in them dukes, booty all out lookin’ trashy Sleazy put some clothes on, I told ya Don’t walk out ya heezy without clothes on, I told ya You nasty girl, you nasty you trashy You classless girl, you sleazy you freaky I ain’t never met a girl that does the things that you do Change don’t come your way it will come back to you Put some clothes on girl”

    And sad thing she does this when she has a child? DAMN! SMH!

  31. h2o February 5, 2014

    Yes and “Ciara” is back in the top 200 on iTunes Nigeria, the longevity!!!

  32. ROSEGOLD February 5, 2014

    Selling 50k a MONTH after your album was released IS a big deal. Didn’t Rihanna sell like 30k a week after her Grammy performance?

    I absolutely cannot with these Ciara “stans”. The only decent Ciara fans on here are Musicstan, Levi, FutureCiara(sometimes) and FAF (sometimes). The rest are terrible. Ciara isn’t doing well saleswise, and hasn’t been for years now. Humble yourselves.

  33. Lolz February 5, 2014

    Lol 50k in like her 6th or 7th week is very good. Beyonces album sales are very consistent this era regardless.

  34. The Queen of R&B February 5, 2014

    Awww That’s cute yes Bring back the old Ciara

  35. Lolz February 5, 2014

    And if you dont like the way the site talks about Bey, why are you wasting your precious time on it? Exit and go to another site if its hurting so bad, its not hard.

  36. Vee February 5, 2014

    Lol @ Ciaras ‘gain’. Good for Beyonce.

  37. Common Sense February 5, 2014

    Hmmm 15 years into her career Mariah was selling 10+ million albums with Emancipation of Mimi and dominating the singles charts. Forgive me if Beyonce’s numbers don’t blow me away. Congratulations to her though ‘Beyonce’ is still a great album.

    As for Ciara, what does #32 on the iTunes R&B charts translate to? 100 copies of her album?

  38. The truth hurts February 5, 2014

    Absolute death at Sam trying to imply that Ciara had grammy glory when she wasn’t nominated and didn’t have a televised performance. Why are beyonce and ciara in the title when in fact lorde had the biggest sales increase? The real kiiii is that despite its sales increase ‘goodies’ is no where on the billboard hot 200 and ‘ciara’ is selling even less.

  39. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    LMFAO I SEE U H*** ARE MAD THAT THE HIVE RUN THIS SITE LMAO. @LOL….So when THE QUEEN does sell 2 million. I bet ur pressed ass is gonna say but ” when will she sell 3 million”? THE STRUGGLE LMAOOOOOOO. How is ArtPoop doing around gold after 3 months KIIIIIIII

  40. h2o February 5, 2014

    Common Sense: “15 years into her career Mariah was selling 10+ million albums with Emancipation of Mimi”

    Yes, let’s ignore the fact that US album sales were 214% bigger back then


  41. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Why are MooMoo sad stans so pressed???? @Common Sense……B*tch MISS ME WITH THE B*******! MooMoo was dropped from her record label around 12 or 13 years in the game for “STRUGGLE SALES”! THE QUEEN IS N HER 16TH YEAR AND STRONGER! MooMoo has one album barely went gold. So bye b**** with the delusions.

  42. Mya February 5, 2014

    Why does Mariah always make her way into the post? YES we all know she sold more but we are 2014 now jeesh!

    Congratulations for Beyonce.

  43. ROSEGOLD February 5, 2014

    It seems like all of the fanbases went psycho after Dec 13….smh. Who ever thought the lambs would be soooo pressed over little ol Beyonce? 🙁

  44. Mya February 5, 2014

    @Truth Hurts because people are more likely to comment with Ciara and Beyonces name in the title.

  45. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Diamond, diamond, diamond albums is all Moooo stans know. If i received a penny everytime them pressed miserable c*nts said the word diamond. Ill be a damn billionaire smfh. What is she doing TODAY??????? This isn’t 1995. This is 2014. MooMoo is an Lesser B*tch. Anytime an artist have to rely on reality tv to stay relevant. Throw The Fawkin Towel n ITS OVER! That’s exactly the definition of MooMoo post 2006. #SORRY SLAUGHTERD LAMBS

  46. h2o February 5, 2014

    Digger Bey is such an embarrassment OMG

  47. Savannah February 5, 2014

    Mariah hasn’t gotten a diamond album in 50 years….next……….

  48. FAF February 5, 2014

    That’s called long lasting, legendary money !! Getting checks 10 yrs later !! Off material SHE WROTE as a teen! Chile! Slay!

  49. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Um @ H2F*g……I know ur mother must feel that way about u lol. How could she have a son who luvs the taste of c*m n his mouth. #POOR F*G KIII

  50. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    Mariah is the top selling female singer in the world, so it wouldn’t matter if she sold that in the 80’s or 1902. It’s solidified in music history. As Beyoncé, the record is not even up to par of other divas. She is overrated in every sense of the Word. A thief who controls the dumb ass BeeHive. You all spend your time on here dissing and shading legendary artists. Patti Labelle hasn’t had a platinum album, Madonna hasn’t had a platinum album since 2004, Whitney hasn’t sold over 3 million since 1998, Prince hasn’t sold since Purple Rain, Janet hasn’t sold platinum since 2006 (shipments) & etc. Mariah and more don’t HAVE TO EVER SELL AGAIN. LEGENDS & ICONS that YOUR fav look up to. Quit all the hate. Because if Beyoncé was all of that, she wouldn’t be trying so hard to be Rihanna. And before you say anything back, just remember, your thin generic voice Tina Turner wannabe fav could never. It’s so sad, because I try to enjoy Beyoncé, and you can’t even go to a site to congratulate an artist because some dumbass BeeHive fan, embarrassing ass Slayriah, and the other dumb ass f** Stephy the Lambily. You all ARE SICK F****!!

  51. joy February 5, 2014


  52. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    I don’t know why that Biopolar Crazy Fake Bandwagon F*g is here n THE QUEEN’S POST. THE HIVE doesn’t have Bandwagon F*gs. Go and find an Hoeianna post. You’re just like her. U both are whores for d*cks.

  53. FutureCIARA February 5, 2014

    Congratulations to Ciara and Beyonce. AND LORDE keep snatching wigs gorl.

    I wasn’t sure how Beys provocative performance would effect her sales, But looks like it actually helped it a little bit. So I guess those pissed off parents that were calling her all types of Whoores weren’t really the ones buying Beys records anyway!

    And kudos to Ciara, #32 on iTunes RnB charts is pretty impressive considering #GOODIES (The MULTI-PLATINUM ALBUM) was released almost a decade ago.

    It proves that people do still have interest in what type of artist she was, is and is becoming! whether it was because her Grammy after-party performance or not, This shows relevance and it also grabbed the attention of the generation that still purchases/downloads music. She just needs to focus on brand-building and begin creating iconic art and performances.

    So you girls keep dragging her for how “irrelevant” she is, She is obviously doing something right!

    One Word #LONGEVITY, The question is will your faves music still be purchased in years from now??? When the way people buy music changes yet again??

  54. Molly February 5, 2014

    The hiiv+ is a f****** joke Ciara album is still selling 10 years laters f*** off haters.

  55. h2o February 5, 2014

    @ Digger Bey

    At least I could have someone c** in my mouth when I want it, and I could make it enjoyable, refreshing and relaxing for both of us.


    No one wanna smell your s***** breath or look at your sad, pressed, acne-filled face. Poor it!

  56. Hmmm February 5, 2014

    Thats good for Lorde and Beyonce…. Ciara? Um? Is it even on Billboard hot 100?

  57. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Lmaooooooooo @ Molly. I can’t….lmfao. @I STAN FOR YOUR FAV…….B*tch if u don’t sit down somewhere with that long ass fawked up delusional essay lmao. I guessed ur dumbass didn’t noticed those peuple dissing MooMoo aren’t n THE HIVE. Moooo stans fell for the trap and they started with their diamond rant lmao. FYI THE QUEEN HAS SOLD OVER 200 MILLION RECORDS! R**** is an singles queen. So i can tell ur ass is delusional ass fawk lol. What the hell does Mooo not having a platinum album today means??? Just because Moooo sold all those records doesn’t mean she’s over THE QUEEN stupid b*tch. TODAY: SALES THE QUEEN >>>> Moooo. VOICE: THE QUEEN >>>>>>>> Mooo and everything else.

  58. quetta February 5, 2014

    You people need to stop saying, the hive this the hive that when it is only one person. Anyway, congrats to these two beautiful ladies.

  59. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    @DiggerBey You just wrote earlier that Mariah is MooMoo. You’re still a sick f*** with NO LIFE. You can sit your fat ass behind that computer and type all you want, but nothing with the fact that Beyoncé can’t and never will be able to sing nor will she ever be ORIGINAL! You’re the delusional f***. B**** today sales don’t mean s*** because even with the new piece of s*** you call an album, Music Box actual sales ( shipments) have surpassed BooBoo’s s***** sales. The day Beyoncé’s voice actually has soul or actual heart (doubt it because she sold her soul to her devil) is the day she can call that generic thin yelling a voice until then go try and sting else. And I don’t stan for Mariah, I stan for Tina Turner… you know the woman that BooBoo bop b**** want to be…

  60. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Lol @ H2F*G…..Boi if u only knew how much I’m lmaooooo @u. Ur a joke to me bandwagon b*tch. You don’t know who i have or who want me. Worry about catching all kinds of diseases nasty f*g. I bet ur ass look like a Broke Down Little Richard. #POOR F*G

  61. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Lmao If this @ I Stan 4 Your Fav….Isn’t fawked up n the head lmao. Now THE QUEEN is booboo to u. Wasn’t u just saying how u like her? I knew u were a Fake Sit The Fawk Down Delusional C*nt lmao. Naw Hun….u can type that delusional sh*t all day because its not gonna make MooMoo relevant or better than KING B! LMAO @U calling me fat when i bet ur ass looks like a HOUSE! #BYE DELUSIONAL B*TCH

  62. h2o February 5, 2014

    Beyonce is now richer than Moo, has always been bigger touring artist than Moo (who can’t tour), is hotter, more talented, more versatile, more trendy, more up-to-date, more energetic than Moo, and is certainly much, much more of a factor today than Moo.

    She wins, to me.

  63. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 5, 2014

    Taylor Swift sells another 10,280 copies of red this week, 67 weeks old now!!
    Go Taylor Swift!

  64. h2o February 5, 2014

    Digger Bey: “You don’t know who i have or who want me”

    I do.

  65. stop February 5, 2014

    Well at least Bey had a stage and steps to fall down on….a real stage not a bar stage…..just saying

  66. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    @DiggerBey C*** STOP! Nothing in the world no matter how you try to drag others, will make BooBoo look better. Fact: BooBoo still is an epic FAILURE. That’s why Jay-Z signed Rihanna only after one album because he knew BooBoo fake nappy cheap wigs wasn’t going to last long. Fact: Matthew Knowles is Beyoncé… Booboo is the b**** you up here stanning here, that makes you look more and more retarded you reply. Fact: BooBoo can’t sing, is ugly (nose still big even after 3 nose jobs and face all wrinkly after the botox and many face lifts), can’t dance, and is unoriginal. Your favorite will never EVER be a legend or icon. He’ll always be a thick neck overrated b**** who flips those nappy wigs with those tired ass drag routines he calls a show. Your Fav Could Never be s***. #ByeDelusional.

  67. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    H2O B**** die already. You trolling fighting another member of the Flea H**+ with a pair of flip flops you saving to buy. Have several.

    DiggerBey B**** I didn’t say I like B. I just try to show everyone respect because it’s idiotic to troll on a blog, but you understand idiotic actions. You do it everyotime your fat ass trolls on here.

  68. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Slay em Bey!!!!!!

    The dumbest comment I’ve read on here so far:

    “BooBoo still is an epic FAILURE. That’s why Jay-Z signed Rihanna only after one album because he knew BooBoo fake nappy cheap wigs wasn’t going to last long.”

    LOOOOL WTF??? 17 years later. Still selling more than the other girl. Tours grossing more than the other girl. More respected than the other girl!

    Beyonce and the Hive keeps these ignorant b****** so pressed, they lose all logic. SMMFH kii

  69. h2o February 5, 2014

    “H2O b**** die already”

    I AM dead now

  70. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    BWAHAHAHAHA WHAT THE FAWK WAS THAT @ I Stan 4 Flops typed BWAHAHAHAHAHA. All that nonsense jerbish sh*t lmfaoooooooooooo. Epic Failure? BWAHAHAHA 200 MILLION RECORDS SOLD WHAT B*TCH?????? THE QUEEN IS NOW N HER 18TH YEAR REIGNING OVER THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! Can’t sing??? Tell that to The Grammy board and over a million music critics and ur favs delusional b*tch. Can’t dance? Well since some musicians and music critics has labeled her the heir to MJ’S THRONE! I guess that’s solve the can’t dance. Hoeianna competing with THE QUEEN??? LMFAO…So i guessed u didn’t know MRS. CARTER SHOW SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYED The Fake Diamonds tour n GROSS AND REVIEWS! Plus BEYONCE SOLD MORE COPIES N 2 DAYS than Unflop sold n a year.

  71. miley rayy February 5, 2014

    DiL went top 10 btw

  72. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014


  73. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014


  74. h2o February 5, 2014

    “Drunk in Love” is number TWO on US Hot100 this week.

  75. TC!! February 5, 2014

    Lol gaga shouldve did the grammys #shrugs and Mariah well let’s just see if beyonce still sell albums at 38 you can’t wear leotards forever

  76. Bey-Minaj February 5, 2014

    And Bey keeps winning cause DIL is #2 on Billboard. What’s that navy why u whispering?

  77. Anne February 5, 2014

    Congrats to Beyonce on another top ten hit! Drunk in Love jumped up to # 2 on the Hot 100 and #1 on hip/hop R&B!

  78. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014


  79. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    @DiggerBey B**** STOP EMBARASSING YOURSELF!!!! How the f*** can a b**** like BeeBop with her teeny hip hop wannabe thug songs compete with Michael Jackson? The female Michael is JANET. HAVE SEVERAL!!!!! And no she won’t look good as Tina. She already looks worst than The Queen at the age of “32.” And No BeeBop didn’t s*** on nothing but you’re delusional ass. To date this album has still not sold all of it shipments meaning the 3 million isn’t hit. And 4 is barely tipping 3 million to date. Unapologetic has sold over 3.7 million and Talk that Talk has sold over 4 and Loud is close to 6 million. Asfor MC soundscan hates her as of lately but she is now at 250 million total with E=MC2 selling over 4 million and MOAIA selling over 2.5 million 20 years in her career and her 12th and 13th album. Why can everyone else (Adel, MJ, JJ, MC, WH, and more) sell over 20 million an album, but B can’t? Because she not s*** to anyone. She is the lesser that your fat ass keep talking about. And she will never EVER EVER EVER EVER BE A MJ!! Butch b**** drag routines make her look like her uterus is about to fall out. That’s probably why she couldn’t have a baby and had the surrogate have it for her. And b**** if you come for Mother Janet or try to pretend she’s the next Goddess Tina I will continue to drag you fat b****.

  80. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    SlayHive Stop. Rihanna is 25 with 100 million dollar tours. And no one topa the Queen Madonna for touring. And B hasn’t been a girl since Girl Time… #SfopTheDelusion

  81. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    Slay_Hive. STOP!! BeeBop hasn’t been a girl since GirlTime. And Stop shading Rihanna because she’s 25 with 100 million dollars tours and no one tops the Queen Madonna with all the money she makes on touring and that includes that thick neck ham hock thigh in a wig.

  82. IStanForYourFav February 5, 2014

    AND one more thing MC was paid over 30 million to leave not dropped like what Sony did after 4. #StopTheDelusion

  83. JohnRennolds February 5, 2014

    Listen Beyonce is one of my favorite female artiist but lets just be keep it real. Those sales are NOT GREAT AT ALL. Beyonce is a MAJOR superstar and she appeared and performed at THE BIGGEST AWARD SHOW an couldn’t move at least 100k. She sold the same amount she sold last week 48,000 (up by 1% accordibg to billboard) Where as last year Mumford & Suns who were basically indie and NOWHEAR NEAR as big as bey sold 185,000 copies after the grammys and went number 1 plus they stayed number 1 the following week 63,000 copies sold,,…still more than bey. Hosently this is probably the worst selling post-grammy week EVER!

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