Radio Juice: Jason Derulo & Beyonce Shake Up UK Airplay Chart


After US Urban radio handed him a helping of ‘cool’ his brand was in need of, Jason Derulo‘s UK chart reign continues to show no signs of slowing down this month, as his brand new single ‘Trumpets’ continues to rise on British radio!

Radio Juice‘ below…

As Lady GaGa‘s ‘Do What U Want’ rises one spot to claim #21, Derulo‘s undying popularity in the market has seen radio programmers up his ‘airplay-ante’ and throw the cut into regular rotation, forcing the number to #6!

This, marking yet another rise for the Jon Bellion produced piece, which spent the week before at #7, after selling 200,000 units in the country. Impressive, considering its population size and the Silver certification these sales have armed with it.

Well good for you, Derulo

Elsewhere, as its supporting album shimmies and shakes towards sales of 3 million units worldwide, Beyonce‘s ‘XO‘ soars to #13, thanks to the invaluable support given to it by Ashley Tabor‘s ‘Capital FM.’

With the station’s support, the number is now outperforming Eminem‘s smash hit ‘The Monster‘, which rose two spots to #19 with the help of Carter’s long-time rival Rihanna, who features on the song.

aah-the smell of success

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  1. Tasha32 February 7, 2014

    Get’em Bey!! The slayage is REAL~

  2. JDE97 February 7, 2014

    “She’s so local” though, right?

  3. Rihanna Lately February 7, 2014

    Payola smh

  4. MrIndependent(NeyoLovesMe) February 7, 2014

    Rihanna is the Queen of Payola though.

  5. Kiss my a** February 7, 2014


  6. SlayABitTaylor February 7, 2014

    Should Rihanna fans be talking about payola? Me thinks not.

  7. Di Bi February 7, 2014

    All of the artist (and i used that term loosely) used some kinda of payola so ya’ll sit down with that mess. talking about who used what to get a top hit. -_-

  8. PrettyHurts98 February 7, 2014

    No Di Bi, Beyonce doesn’t need payola so just stop.

  9. DeruloDreamer February 7, 2014

    Beyonce and Mariah are neck and neck when it comes to paying for play to be fair.

  10. Di Bi February 7, 2014

    @PRETTYHURTS98 living in a fantasy world are we?

  11. MCThePlaceToBe February 7, 2014

    Single Ladies was Beyonce’s last number one because Sony got in trouble for paying for radio play in 2008, and if DIL goes to number one it will be because of Youtube views because it’s only sold 171k. #Trickery

  12. fatusankoh February 7, 2014

    you go bey congrant queen bey may god continue to bless proteict you and your family for life thanks Sam for posting you make my day

  13. Tyler February 7, 2014

    B**** u stan for Rihanna…so u can miss me with that Payola b*******. Anyways, do ur thing Bey #LetsGoGetEm’

  14. Metzo February 7, 2014

    @MCThePlaceToBe Actually Drunk In love has just passed the 300K mark. It sold 151K last week and it’s supposed to sell around 140K this week which will near it to 500K (Gold). And of course streamning counts towards the Hot 100. How do you think “Can’t remember to buy you” entered the top 20 hot 100? Certainly not by sales. It’s not even in the top 30 on iTUNES. No one’s buying that s***. So their youtube views are really helping them.

    Beyonce has gained in streaming (74 %) In sales (93%) and Radio airplay (15%). All of those count towards BB hot 100. And that’s why Beyonce rocketed in the top 5. We told ya’ll she ould slay once the real promo begins.. #WATCH.

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