Jennifer Lopez Announces Album Release Date

Published: Tuesday 18th Mar 2014 by Sam

Having heated up the net with the video for new single ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ last week, Jennifer Lopez steamrolled on with promotion for its parent album.

Phoning in to Hot 104.7 radio yesterday, the star dished on the track’s provocative visual, her current stint on American Idol, and the release date of her tenth studio LP.

Details below…

In the interview, which can be heard in its entirety below, the 43-year-old stunner, revealed to host Ryan Deelon that her as yet untitled album will officially arrive on June 17th:


Interesting strategy. It looks, once again, that Team J.Lo will first attempt to score a hit single using the Idol platform and then try to piggybank off that with an album. Makes sense…in theory. But, she’s tried that twice (see: ‘Love?’ and ‘Dance Again’ greatest hits) and always stumbled at the album hurdle.

When her Idol return was announced, we expressed our hope that her team would try an alternate approach. One that would see her use the show’s stage to sell her LP instead of just one song.

In any case, the months ahead will tell  if third time’s a charm.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly March 18, 2014

    With singles like “I Luh You Papi”? Lmao good luck.

    • Ariana’sGrand March 18, 2014

      OK honey, all jokes aside do you not understand who you stan for. I don’t want to fight you but when your fav is a girl who hasn’t truly been relevant since 2007 and had to cut her new era short because she got knocked up by another flop, where do you get off talking about ANYBODY else.

      I really don’t understand. Ciara literally DOESN’T have any positive career prospects but you think you’re in a good enough position to judge other people and their faves?

      • Molly March 18, 2014

        Um You stan for a Mariah Carey knock off who can’t even get a gold album or get a Grammy.

        2 platinum albums
        8 top 10s
        a Grammys
        Billboard woman of the year

        You’re DISMISSED.

    • royalkev March 18, 2014

      Jenny has 3 multi-plat albums (1 #1 album).
      4 #1 hits
      10 top 10 hits (Hot 100)
      Billboard’s Top Pop Female Artist (2001)
      Guinness World Record for having the first #1 Remix album
      Clearly she’s in a different lane.
      Just saying…

  2. BionicGlam March 18, 2014

    Good luck with that album girl, your new single is s***.

  3. Dark horse March 18, 2014

    I see Ashanti numbers coming her way #23k

    • BanjeeRiri March 18, 2014

      Can’t see any Grammys heading Katy’s way. #Ha

  4. KeriMeHome March 18, 2014

    Coming for them Ciara sales I see.

  5. Molly March 18, 2014

    I heard Keri got dropped kiiiii.

    • BeySting March 18, 2014

      Even if Keri WAS dropped, she’d still be in a better position than BabyMama #4.
      Keri’s sales s*** on most of the other r&b girls so any label would be happy to pick her up on a 360. Epic signed Ciara out of sympathy but do you think any other label would have wasted any money on BP after the first two ‘buzz videos’ floppity flopped?

      • Molly March 18, 2014

        Does Keri even have a platinum album?

  6. Ariana’sGrand March 18, 2014

    Reaching for those credentials like Precious tryna find a chicken wing on the top shelf! Is that all you can say after TEN years. Mark my words sis, Ariana will achieve all of those things in five if not less. Why don’t you run along now girl, doesn’t Ciara need help babysitting Future’s soccer team ooops I mean kids.

  7. KeriMeHome March 18, 2014

    Molly’s late ass is always worried about Keri when it’s Ciara who needs the help.

    Toiler Paper

    Which one of these certifications do you want for ‘Ciara.’?

  8. Molly March 18, 2014

    Poor Ariana has to cling to a woman beater whose in jail now to make her seem edgy bitchh Ariana isn’t going anywhere that childish h** can remain on nick jr. Us real girls aren’t worried about her.

    • KeriMeHome March 18, 2014

      You would know all about Nick Jnr wouldn’t you?! Isn’t that what Ciara will be watching all day when she’s baby sitting Future’s kids and he’s out flopping harder than a gay d*** at a p**** convention.

  9. LaLopez March 18, 2014

    Molly you’re so funny babe, but you don’t worry your delusional little head about Jennifer. By the way girl, did Ciara ever get to releasing Overdose?

  10. Molly March 18, 2014

    BITCHH i don’t think about Keri ever only time shes mentioned is because of her thirsty fans tryna come for Cici. Keri is completely a non factor she hasn’t had a charting single in years.

    • KeriMeHome March 18, 2014

      B**** is spelled with one H.
      H as in HAVE you located Ciara’s relevancy yet? See what I mean sis.

  11. Molly March 18, 2014

    How i got 5 different b****** in they feelings right now Lmao my impact *Goodbye*

    • Ariana’sGrand March 18, 2014

      Five different b****** in one place? Oh my gosh we’re in Future’s house?!!

  12. mimi carey March 18, 2014

    gonna flop worse then britney jean.

  13. Suicide Blonde March 18, 2014

    Let’s hope a good album is on its way, btw, the recreation of the iconic green Versace dress was great, just look at the caption above.

  14. royalkev March 18, 2014

    Jenny has 3 multi-plat albums (1 #1 album).
    4 #1 hits
    10 top 10 hits (Hot 100)
    Billboard’s Top Pop Female Artist (2001)
    Guinness World Record for having the first #1 Remix album
    Clearly she’s in a different lane.
    Just saying…

  15. royalkev March 18, 2014

    ^ That last comment wasn’t suppose to end up there! Anyway, I’m here for JLO!

  16. Lovebird March 18, 2014

    So, did Ashanti’s independent release sell more copies than Dance Again: the hits?

    Also I see FLOP here, that new single is horrible. She still looks hots though

    NP: Nelly Furtado – Man eater

  17. Beardlol March 19, 2014

    who dis talenless hoa?

  18. celine March 19, 2014

    cant wait !!!!! JLO is back but ILYP nahhh … she will release a new single that will blow the charts . she is smart enough . she got the buzz with ILYP video approx 10M in 4 days 😉

  19. BEYAWNCE March 19, 2014

    Oh, puh-lease! JHO betta stay with her bunch of papi. Nobody cares for her anymore

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