RuPaul ‘Fools’ Internet With Decoy Album

Published: Tuesday 4th Mar 2014 by David

Internet piracy received an open handed slap to the face hours ago, when ‘Snapshot‘ performer RuPaul shocked the world with the release of a ‘decoy’ album!

How the ‘Drag‘ diva pulled a fast one on illegal downloaders?

Full story below…

Hours ago, music lovers around the world may have believed they’d hit a goldmine of sorts, when they discovered Ru’s new LP ‘Born Naked‘ on numerous ‘bootleg music’ sharing Torrent sites, simply waiting to be downloaded.

Little did they know, that the LP that now sat in their desktop was nothing more than a decoy planted by the star himself, uploaded to protect the real album from piracy.

Indeed, upon downloading what they believed to be ‘Naked’, fans would have heard this…

Hilarious to say the least, each decoy song would begin as it does on the real LP, but soon fades to make way for Paul, who takes to the mic to scold those who didn’t purchase the project.

Upon learning of this, one Tumblr user shared:


“We work so hard on this music,” RuPaul said of his plan. “So we thought, why not flood the torrents with a decoy album that educates consumers on why it’s important to buy music.”


Your thoughts?

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  1. pat March 4, 2014

    smart idea….too bad a bigger artist didn’t think of it

  2. Monster’s Gaga March 4, 2014



  3. reallythough March 4, 2014

    Lol i never cared for Ru’s music it was and is too generic for me. But he looks good as she.

  4. XoMoDe March 4, 2014

    Scraping the bottom of the barrell with this one. Since when do we care about RuPaul’s music? LOL bye!

  5. Tisha March 4, 2014


    “Ultimate Move! Finish Them!”


    With Spotify and other legal music services the excuses are running thin on why you can’t afford to support an album.

  6. Tisha March 4, 2014

    The artist who taught Gaga how to tuck her d***.

  7. Davide Laffe [Los Angeles Nightlife Photographer] March 4, 2014

    Funny Shady comments from the likes of Shady F*** pretending not to know who Ru paul is. Yes Her Music isn’t Beyonce. But GLBT Music is art too. You do have to realize without gay people half of the people in the industry would not look good as far as styling , hair styling , direction, art direction, choreography,Makeup, writing,. People never really give Ru paul much credit and always want to hate.. sucks that its our on GLBT people who wanna sling mud to f*** up someones reputation to BOOTLEG above said album. —- FROM AN ANGRY F*****…lol follow my instagram

  8. FAF March 4, 2014

    But the issue is after the first week someone’s gonna have it and upload the REAL thing.. This was cute though

  9. Eldela March 4, 2014

    Eh. Not like I’m gonna buy it anyway. I don’t f**** with RuPaul or his/her/whatever music.

  10. GREEKGOD March 4, 2014

    Were people really going to buy it or even illegally download it?

  11. QueenNavy March 4, 2014

    This is like the 2nd article about RuPaul in 24 hrs. WTF???? Since when are people interested in his music?

  12. Rosie March 4, 2014

    But was anyone really checking for it? Another publicity stunt that will only be reported by this blog and Logo.

  13. Basura Caliente March 4, 2014


  14. The Boy Toy March 4, 2014

    Ummm okay.

  15. QueenCiCi March 4, 2014

    Apparently we’re into Rupaul now. This big ol middle aged transvestite coming to slay the charts!

  16. Yawns March 4, 2014

    RuPaul is the last decade joke…Next? 😀

  17. BeyHive March 4, 2014

    I wont download this even for free….

  18. Tacona March 4, 2014

    Please retire, b****.

  19. Wendy Williams Sis March 4, 2014

    Does she have….. fans? 🙁

  20. FutureCIARA March 4, 2014

    You girls are reading Ms.Paul

  21. credits March 4, 2014

    imagine if someone a lot more popular and credible in music did this? Take notes.

  22. Hivy March 4, 2014

    @credits Madonna did this already. This is old.

  23. Jdek March 4, 2014

    YASS beyonce another surprise album? Yezz

  24. XtinaTheDiva March 5, 2014

    I also downloaded that fake album torrent. Then I downloaded another one, which was the actual album :p I only buy music if it’s worth it.

  25. JER March 5, 2014

    Madonna ha influence

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