Watch: Rihanna Takes Paris By Storm For ‘Jean Paul Gaultier’



If industry whispers are anything to go by, Rihanna‘s eighth studio is shaping up to be quite the Pop masterpiece, with the star reportedly calling on chart-toppers across the globe to submit their best material for her consideration.

However, work on the release did very little to get in the way of her downtime recently, when she touched down in Paris and caught up with ‘Mine’ maker Drake.

Now, as the latter joins Beyonce in celebrating the success of the R&B number, Rihanna enjoyed all ‘Jean Paul Gaultier’ had to offer recently, when she hit his latest fashion show, birthed as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

Watch her in action below!

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  1. WHITE GIRL MOB 2.0 March 4, 2014



  2. sarah March 4, 2014

    I hope Emeli Sande writes for this album too. “Half of Me” is one of my favorite songs off of ‘Unapologetic”

  3. Overdose March 4, 2014

    No one cares

  4. the truth honey March 4, 2014

    Yonce got Rhi pressed honey. She looks like a lil girl next to Bey. Lol #Jealous

  5. Suicide Blonde March 4, 2014

    That picture, like a f****** doll, she has it all, beauty, swag, s** appeal, what more can you ask for?, what can i say, i like my girls insane.

  6. EMPRESS RIH March 4, 2014

    YOU KNOW YOUR A B**** WHEN EVERYBODY HEADS TURNS AS SOON AS YOU STEP IN THE ROOM!! @Truth f*** bye Yawnce wishes she can dress like Empress Rih!! Yawned is starving herself and clocking Rih style!! Looking a mess while doing it I might add!! DIV GOT FASHION AND MUSIC ON LOCK!!

  7. WaitUrTurn88 March 4, 2014


  8. fatusankoh March 4, 2014

    Rho and dom fans wish she was Beyoncé bey have it all talente beauty class their is no one Like Beyoncé you all are press bey is here to stay you all supporting rho not because you care about her is because the hate you hatters have for bey not to do well long live queen bey you are loved

  9. Lovebird March 4, 2014

    Looks stunning as usual, love this chick.

  10. Lovebird March 4, 2014

    That pic though, this girl can work any look.

  11. Lovebird March 4, 2014

    What class does Beyonce have? I really want to know? That bus left with Drunk in love.

  12. Celine Dion Gets Me March 4, 2014

    lol Why are the Beyonce Fans so pressed. It’s like they try to bring up Beyonce in every post. WHY?? I think it’s a tad embarassing tbh.. If Beyonce is the best there is no need to feel threatened. Anyways it’s obvious that this blog has the same desease as the Beyonce fans. Let it go. Rihanna is consistently relevant and breaking records along the way without even trying. The public loves her and nothing you say or blog about otherwise will change that so keep calm!

  13. h2o March 4, 2014

    That pic is … she’s just too much to handle

  14. The Boy Toy March 4, 2014


  15. The Boy Toy March 4, 2014

    And why the f*** is Beyonces name always mentioned in Rihanna articles and vice versa? 🙄

  16. The Boy Toy March 4, 2014

    Btw Rih ATE that f****** outfit, do you hear me?????

  17. mekaela March 4, 2014

    Sam you late on your news we all seen these pics and the stupidest shade throwing bacon Beyonce in a rih post I hope u get no hits and u hating welfare behives sorry bey don’t have fashion sense

  18. Bey Fan March 4, 2014

    im not a fan of Rihanna as a performer. I think she sucks. But she makes some good music. And her fashion is a hit 90% of the time IMO…

    She has BODIED this fashion s*** as of late. I mean every fashion show she has looked AMAZING. Just stunning. She straight killed everyone at the JPG fashion show…

  19. HIMEROS March 4, 2014

    I can’t wait for the new album. Rihotness gonna serve up some iconic tunes. She should just leave Eminem alone though

  20. FutureCIARA March 4, 2014

    I have been loving this b**** over there in Paris!!!!

  21. The Boy Toy March 4, 2014

    Death @ the pressed soul who thumbed me down. Seethe b**** 😀

  22. The truth honey March 4, 2014

    @EMPRESS RIH f** u b****. Bey got her pressed honey. (plays Yonce) #DEALBITCH

  23. Rihboy March 4, 2014

    Oh the hive loves to hate us! And hate to love us! Please, of bey was to attend fashion week in paris she would have looked basic! Sorry they dont want bey in their attire! Lls! She can take as much diet pills as she would like! And s**** it up as much as she pleases! She isnt and will never be fit to part take on such events! No this!

  24. ashley March 4, 2014

    thank god Beyonce has talent and doesn’t depend on fashion.

  25. ashley March 4, 2014

    She’s been killing the fashion lately. Some of the looks come off as try hard and not too genuine but overall good.

  26. ABC March 4, 2014

    Riri has slayed every night of Paris fashion week, my gawd she’s fierce! I particularly love the look she had in the video. I’m so excited for her new era.

  27. DIAMONDS March 4, 2014

    My queen is always slaying whether its charts or fashion she just can’t catch a break what an international superstar

  28. DIAMONDS March 4, 2014

    I see some pressed souls on here can’t handle the slayage as usual it’s a good thing she outsold ALL her peers and gives no phucks

  29. LMAO March 4, 2014

    oh hey slayriah ^^^^ back to trolling i see. We know its you lmao

  30. LMAO March 4, 2014

    it’s a good thing she outsold ALL her peers and gives no phucks


  31. DIAMONDS March 4, 2014

    @LMAO I know you thumbed me down b**** I see how pressed the hive+ is *rolls eyes* and I never lied who outsold RIH that debuted around the time she did ..ill be waiting forever to hear back

  32. DIAMONDS March 4, 2014

    The problem is the HIVE+++++ can’t stand to see anyone else win but their fav pathetic lol

  33. IamAnthony March 4, 2014

    The problem is the HIVE+++++ can’t stand to see anyone else win but their fav pathetic lol

    the same thing can be said about the navy or any other stan base. stop generalizing. you seem to have a personal issue with the Hive. Praise rihanna and keep it moving if she is so much better lmao

  34. Jdek March 4, 2014

    SLAY THE LIFE OTTA ME QUEEN! Beauty,swag, attitude. Yes yes more yes!

  35. Jdek March 4, 2014

    KIII THE HIVE+ PHAGS SHALL SEETH AND BOW DOWN TO THIS MUSIC,FASHION,GLOBAL ICON. RIH KILLED PARIS! Lool let’s keep it honest Beytrannys try hard ass would of looked lame,basic and boring and somewhat entertaining seeing her fat deformed body fit into a dress that isn’t her size KIII SEETH YOU HIVE+ PHAGS SEETH!!!!!! YOIR fossil fave could never.#deal

  36. MC!!! March 4, 2014

    YEAS!!!! B****!!!! rihanna is a force to be reckon with when it comes to fashion!!! she can pull off anything!!

  37. #Beautiful March 4, 2014

    Ugly, try hard mess. Sad when this b**** main talent is fashion.

  38. #Beautiful March 4, 2014

    She better HIDE that gargantuan forehead with a fringe lmfao.

  39. Metzo March 6, 2014

    She is ***Flawless!

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