Sneak Peek: Lady GaGa – ‘G.U.Y’ Video

Published: Friday 21st Mar 2014 by Sam

The time is nigh!

Lady GaGa is gearing up to unleash the video for her latest single ‘G.U.Y’. And, as if anticipation wasn’t already at fever-pitch, paw purveyor stopped by the Today Show this morning to share a behind the scenes look at the visual.

Ever out-there, ever left-field, ever-GaGa, a preview of the edgy ‘ARTPOP’ clip awaits after the jump…


We like.

‘G.U.Y’, the music video, arrives tomorrow on NBC’s Dateline at 8/7 c.

Your thoughts?

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  1. GREEKGOD March 21, 2014

    This is Super Bass meets Dark Horse.

    • shurejmgxcxb March 21, 2014

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  2. truth tea (take a sip) March 21, 2014

    I don’t like the song but the video looks really good.

  3. MILA SLAYAGE J (@MilaJ) STAN March 21, 2014

    Ciara just got replaced and is now history due to Mila J.

    Why is Ciara bald tho now?

    • truth tea (take a sip) March 21, 2014

      this is everything!

    • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014

      Girl give it a fuckking REST!

      Mila J and her sister Jhene have been trying since the 90’s B2K days…. Most the world still dont know who the f**** these girls are, (Even though I like them) Their time is simply up… Its a little too late in the day for them, Im glad she is getting some type of success with her recent EP…. But stop trying to compare Mila to Ciara…. There is no comparison and she definitely not snatching anybody wig after her 7967867867 mixtape releases…

      So have several seats Ms.Thing and stop being a jealous troll.

  4. Career Ender March 21, 2014

    it is not happening!

  5. cake like lady gaga March 21, 2014

    Show some respect and bow down to the QUEEN

    • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014

      Hey babe

    • slay_hive March 21, 2014

      LOL what kinda Queen struggles for Platinum AFTER selling 1.2 Million first week, with the last release?

      Bow Down belongs to Queen Bey. 😉

  6. BEY ‘R’ US March 21, 2014

    WTF? What kind of slayage?????!??!?

    This girl just fcking SLAYED my LIFE.

    Ciara definitely gots a problem with this one!!

    • BEY ‘R’ US March 21, 2014


      • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014


  7. Music lover March 21, 2014

    You don’t have to like her but let’s be real for a sec. She knows how to make an eye catching music video
    And I’ll always f*** with her for that.

  8. Franze March 21, 2014


  9. MC!! March 21, 2014

    Bout time gaga!!! The person that’s missing on vevo these days!!

  10. cake like lady gaga March 21, 2014

    Just like it didn’t happen for T********* trying to get a #1 with DIL?

    • RancorNV March 21, 2014

      At least her album is platinum and not more than halfway out of the Billboard 200. Can Gaga say the same? 😉

    • slay_hive March 21, 2014

      Did Applause go #1 boo? AFter all of that promo 😀

      When will GAGA finally get her third #1? kii

      The tranny is done. You know it, that’s why ya mad! 😉

  11. BITCHPLEASEEEEE March 21, 2014


  12. Monica Fan March 21, 2014

    This tranny is over hahahaha!

  13. Micks March 21, 2014

    Did applause go to #1 though?

  14. Micks March 21, 2014

    Did DWUW?

  15. happy March 21, 2014

    DriL still outcharted floplause and the album sold 1.1m than RatVom

  16. Suicide Blonde March 21, 2014

    Looks like the video is visually good, the song is one of the weakest on the album tho, if it happens must be thanks to payola or another trick cuz i don’t see the general public buying this single, this song needs to be successful otherwise the era is done, this is supposed to be a comeback to her but then i think she is too arrogant to release a song, taking the risk of flopping, the song’s success must be guaranteed, she might have pulled off a Mariah and secure the song’s place on Billboard hot 100. Her ego needs to show everyone that she is not over yet, there’s something behind this, mark my words.

    Also, this girl needs to be sued for the countless of times she has abused of the word ART, Da Vinci, Mozart, Warhol, Kahlo, Rimbaud and all the people who has used Art in different ways and with respect must be shaking in their graves.

  17. Mark111 March 21, 2014

    You can tell that she’s trying to go back to FAME look and sound. Maybe she can win back fans on the 2nd half of this era and be ready for the next album… maybe.

  18. SCHEISSE*RETURNS March 21, 2014


  19. Perry Power March 21, 2014

    That second picture looks like a screen shot from Katy’s Dark Horse video. But I’m sure the delusional Monsters will try to deny the similarities.

  20. DOSSOME March 21, 2014

    I like it….I see you blondie,did you know you’ve commented on each and every Gaga post bar the few weeks you went on hiatus???I SWEAR The amount of energy people spend on things they don’t like 🙂

  21. mypenizfresh March 21, 2014

    This looks more like the GaGa people want to see and love. The visual looks really interesting, glossy and intricate. I hope that with the set backs she has had since the release, this will push her back in the direction people wanted after ‘The Fame Monster’

  22. JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2014

    Looks good! Reminds me of Paparazzi video. Dead @ the few people suggesting something about Katy Perry? lol Do you think anyone is being influenced by Katy Perry´s corny and uninspired videos? lol

    Hi mate! Are you sure you aren´t talking about Madonna and “give me your love”? 🙂 Relax for once, must be tiring to be a bitter person everyday. Nobody did anything to you.

  23. FAF March 21, 2014

    Mila j been trying to come out since 05 chile jhene (her sister) will have a Grammy before she gets a bbhot100 entry

    • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014

      Yes hunny!

      Read DOWN!!!

      And they actually been trying since the 90’s……


  24. JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2014

    I know, it´s still surprising to me.

  25. lovebird March 21, 2014


    Artpop struggling to outsell Roman FLOPloaded and BangerZ.

  26. lovebird March 21, 2014

    How much vomit are we to expect in this video?

  27. SCHEISSE*RETURNS March 21, 2014

    Know that I hit like instead of dislike by mistake because you would be at -2… You know how MANY times Katy has stolen ideas from Gaga? Have several. And let’s not compare someone who actually has directorial and production credits to a girl who eats flamming hot cheetohs in her video.

  28. lovebird March 21, 2014

    TBH I would rather see a girl eat flaming how cheetos than see someone vomit on her. That is disgusting.

  29. FutureCIARA March 21, 2014

    Im only here for the Beverly Hills Housewives which are featured in this video……

  30. lovebird March 21, 2014


    • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014


      Thats exactly what I say every time I see these white men in your avi……

  31. lovebird March 21, 2014

    Always expect a Ciara fan to know nobodies I guess.

    • FutureCIARA March 21, 2014

      Girl keep it real muh fuckking cute!!!!

      And stop acting like you don’t know who the Bravo TV Housewives Of Beverly Hills are!!!!!

      Only ONE of the most successful reality TV franchises ever, along with the richest zip code in US, 90210 doll.

  32. Tiesha March 21, 2014

    This song is a mess with that a stupid chorus. Who wrote this sh*t. This is not even close to “goodies”, 1, 2 step..

  33. Suicide Blonde March 21, 2014

    Are you a Monster now?

    No soy una persona amargada, tienes que entender que el talento de esta cosa, si COSA!, porque no se puede definir de otra manera, no es tan especial, ademas solo porque alguien es talentoso no quiere decir que debemos de aceptar todo lo que venga de ellos, ella se ha convertido en algo repulsivo.

    • SUICIDE BLONDE March 21, 2014

      I’m not a bitter person, you have to understand the talent of this thing, if THING!, Because you can not define otherwise, is not that special, besides just because someone is talented does not mean we should accept everything comes from them, she has become something repulsive.

  34. FutureCIARA March 21, 2014


    Get your f****** pet,

    She’s trying it again!

    She would want to keep it cute…

  35. Dossome March 21, 2014

    @suicide..I’m not a monster,never been one but i’m a fan of hers..She’s made questionable decisions that i would never defend but c’mon,cut her some slack and just let her be..She’s bold enough to experiment with her music,whether we like the product she puts out is purely subjective…You don’t like her,fine,FOCUS on people you like.Tbh the past TWO years you’ve spent spewing hate and negativity on everything Gaga related just makes you sad.Have a great day

  36. Suicide Blonde March 21, 2014

    So expressing my feelings towards someone who once was one of my favorites new artists makes me sad, i was with her when her brain still worked, now she is just a parody of herself, i stand for Queens not replacements or comedians, i give my opinion on almost every artist on this site, i’m free to do so just like the lambs including you, give their opinions on everybody, i speak the truth about her, i don’t care how talented she is, no artist would get my praise while doing things that i consider to be disrespectful to music fans, i’m aware that every artist used some gimmicks to win but there are certain things that i just can’t digest, i could spend the whole day listing the things that disappointed me about her but i won’t simply because some people don’t care about those things like i do, it does not matter for them, all it takes for them is talent, for me, the respect for your fans, the ones that are responsible of your success, is more important, for people like you, it’s preferible that someone talented like Gaga use all the tricks to be on top than someone who isn’t talented, to me, both type of artist are unworthy. I’d rather see someone like Britney winning without any kind of traps than someone like Gaga doing all kind of things to win, that’s not fair, be honest with your work, i’m talking about things like paying payola, buying your own records, those kind of things, simply as that.

  37. slay_hive March 21, 2014

    Death @ the GAG fans coming out of hiding because they think their fave has a chance now. kii

    Ya’ll will be back in hiding after this flops! LOOOOOL

    She is doing the absolute most to get attention, while LEGENDonce has only shown her FLAWLESS mug to America ONCE and slays! L.O.L.

  38. D March 21, 2014

    Glad to see she’s doing what I thought she needed to do. This definitely has a similar aesthetic to paparazzi. Very very promising.

  39. Theman March 21, 2014

    Just because an era doesn’t perform as well as a previous one, doesn’t mean that a certain artist has lost fans. Certain projects just appeal to different people.. She can and probably will turn this era around.. She’s a very intelligent artist.. All it takes is for one of her songs to connect again, and just because something isn’t number one doesn’t mean that it isnt a hit.. A lot of y’all are just hoping that she doesn’t succeed which is ridiculous. She’s a marketing genius with talent.. She’s probably been brainstorming on how to resurrect this era.. Don’t care what anyone says, but that Beyonce visual stuff was inspired by LG, she is one of the very few hands on visual artist in mainstream pop..

  40. Dossome March 21, 2014

    Who are you fooling?Anyone who’s been here for as long you,pop,john and i have knows you were here for Gaga,gimmicks,payola and all.You only started this s*** when madonna attacked her and ever since,you’ve been wasting paragraphs upon paragraphs of endless complains…You come off hypocritical blasting an artist for something your own fave does..Payola (your favorite word),tricks,traps bla bla bla which you often cite as reasons you don’t like Gaga have been used by EVERYONE…I repeat EVERYONE who’s ever been signed to a record label and enjoyed commercial success of some sort.If i could single out your fave Madonna just to drive my point home,on her last album MDNA,she took up a radio deal for her lead single GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN (Payola???),she sold her album with a ticket bundle (Traps???),she had Interscope ridiculously overship that album across the globe(Tricks???),she went on a GIMMICK spree from advertising her nipple,kissing Onika and talking about it on CNN,attacking Gaga almost everyday,mocking Janet’s unfortunate Superbowl fiasco TWICE during the run-up to her own half-time,i could go on…I’m here for people stating their opinions but double standards,no mate i won’t have it.If you’re as principled as you want to make yourself believe,choose a lane and stick to it..I still love you 😉

  41. shekarajane March 21, 2014

    For anyone who is talking about DIL, that song could and should be number 1 because it is the most covered song, everyone is talking about it, its popular on vines, they have billbort, etc. So it has a better cultural impact than any song in the top ten. If bey had did a lot of promo for the song, it would have exploded because it love by the GP. Everyone keep saying she is doing promo, but she only performed the song once. I think the song could have done damage if it was performed like other pop girls do many times. She wasted a good opportunity. Her album actually has a lot of songs that can do well, but she needs to do better promo, instead of depending only on social media, ppl like to see her perform. After the grammy, she should have done follow up performances. I don’t see why you release songs if you have no intention of performing them live. I am looking forward to her era, just to see how far she takes it because so far I am a bit disappointed that she is not taking advantage of this album. And being number 2 is damn good. Ppl always discredit bey, but she is on a different level. If you look at the impact of drunk in love, u will see everybody talking about it, not just singer, but actresses. Lil wayne even mention it. It is going to be remembered, and honestly is the song to beat for 2014, the impact is crazy. You dont have to be a stan so admit it. just go online, check vines, twitter, hastag etc. What other song has been covered that much, have restaurants even interesting in it. I blame bey for not capitalizing on it. She has the most talked about songs in ages and she let it slipped. She needs better management. Blow and partition can do well also, hope she doesnt let those slip.

  42. coolness March 21, 2014

    @FutureCIARA, thank you, lol. The thing is, instead of trying to make this Mila J girl who is talented in her own right, why not push her to be the very best she can be as her own artist and not someone else’s ‘replacement’. That’s shade within itself.

  43. JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2014

    Bravo! You just said all that was needed. Does he think he is convincing someone? I still have some appreciation for him as the veteran he is in this site though. But it´s becoming disgusting. Even @pop was acting more sane than him lately, even praising Artpop no matter the current hating trend.

  44. SCHEISSE*RETURNS March 21, 2014

    @LOVEBIRD THEN GO WATCH IT! TF! Why you in a Gaga post if you don’t like her?
    Same to you @SUICIDE haven’t you announced you were leaving this site like 50 times by now? Yet you ALWAYS make a quick return to say something of no relevance and try to go back into hiding…

    I can tell BOTH of you are fat, single, friendless, high-speed internet less QUEENS! Go buy a Gym Membership and find a friend. Maybe then Gaga won’t make you as angry as she does. 🙂

    PS: This video is clearly going to be one of her best. I don’t get how y’all b****** already dragging her when the video hasn’t even been released yet! #DEAD LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  45. Memo Memz March 21, 2014

    Dead @ Beyoncé fans clinging onto DIL’s peak to bash Gaga. Gaga has 3 Top 20 hits off Artpop era while Beyoncé’s had only one. Acting w****-like at the Grammys wasn’t enough, right?

  46. DIAMONDS March 21, 2014

    Her ego image and chart obsessed ways are the reason she will be successful again as well as her music ugh I love her but no she is over *plays The Fame*

  47. DIAMONDS March 21, 2014


  48. Himeros March 22, 2014

    Every time this song comes on, and everytime the video comes on, you will be reminded of me.


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