From The Vault: Janet Jackson – ‘Feedback’

Published: Sunday 2nd Mar 2014 by Joe

The legendary Janet Jackson has been absent from the scene for the past few years, instead focusing on her personal life. With this week marking the 6th year since she unleashed her last album ‘Discipline’, what better to pay homage to to Her Highness with this week’s From The Vault pick. Our selection is the set’s exquisite first single ‘Feedback‘.
Released as a “surprise” in December 2007, ‘Feedback’ was helmed by the ever-versatile Rodney Jerkins – making it the first of many collaboration between the two.
Put simply, the cut was every inch the comeback single the career-doctor ordered. ‘Feedback’ saw Ms. Jackson borrowing from what was hot while putting her magical spin on it – resulting in a futuristic, high octane, harmony-heavy, swagger-soaked banger.
Side note: Alongside Destiny’s Child‘s ‘Lose My Breath‘, we feel like ‘Feedback’ – with its “back with a bang” aura – is what every comeback/first single should feel like: an event.
In America, the joint served as Janet’s biggest hit since 2001’s ‘Someone To Call My Lover’ peaking at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Dance Club Play.
Due to a lack of promotion overseas (see: label politics), it was only a minor hit in Europe, missing the chart in the UK  altogether.
Coincidentally, it was British director Saam Farahmand who was in charge of the song’s visual. Perhaps in a bid to pay tribute to the star’s out-of-this-world talent, he opted for an intergalactic theme where the leader of the Rhythm Nation can be seen hoping planets while blessing her legion of fans with some intense choreography along the way with an intensity only she can deliver.
Reportedly hard at work on a new project, Janet’s next move will be a crucial one, for the music industry is continually changing leaps and bounds. From musical trends to charting policies to the onset of social media, nothing is the same as 6 months ago speak less 6 years. However, if there’s one thing this icon can be relied upon for, it’s delivering quality music and visuals. In many ways, it’s Jackson Family Values.
Though we’re crossing our fingers for collaborations with the likes Bruno MarsDrake and Kendrick Lamar as well as productions by the likes of Bangladesh, Noah “40” Shebib and of course Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Darkchild, we’re asking YOU:


What should Janet do next?

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  1. Let’s Be Real March 2, 2014

    YAAAAAASSSS! I loved feedback
    .it actually helped me develop my 6pack lmao because I would exercise to this joint on repeat. Anyway Janet I’m awaiting a comeback. There’s so much she hasn’t discussed with us through song. I just hope if she decides to return it will be EVENTFUL and not just a release with no hit, or sound like she’s trying to keep up with the young hot trend. People like Janet and Madonna shouldn’t have to follow what’s hot because truth be told if you look at the girls out today they all have a bit of Janet in them.

    Sidenote: if Madonna and Janet could get cordial and record a song and video together with some hot choreography ….that would slay my soul effortlessly ..

  2. yes March 2, 2014

    loved feedback. ‘heavy like a first day period’ so crass, funny but brilliantly effective.

    I think Janet should carve her own path. Dont completely ignore whats going on in the charts, but stick to what makes her true.

    Maybe a high octane collab with Beyonce would help to prove her level in the industry.

    She shouldnt have any problems if she creates innovative, fresh music with brilliant visuals – which we all know she is capable of.

    I wonder why the dreadful ‘call on me’ was ever released? The song was awful-the video cheap and nasty. It was a real stain.

    PS i loved LUV, rollercoaster and and rock wit you from the discipline album. if you havent heard them you are MISSING OUT! They are so good.

  3. Cake Like Lady Gaga March 2, 2014

    Flop….cause it sucks. 🙁

  4. DIGGER BEY March 2, 2014

    Feedback Feedback ….I still too this day play the hell out of Feedback! This my sh*t! It should of been a bigger hit! Queen Janet did her thang on this!

  5. IStanForYourFav March 2, 2014

    I actually agree whole heartedly. This single, the music video, and the single cover all are all worthy of a #1 spot. She killed it live from Ellen to GMA (Winter Series). I actually became disappointed in the music industry around the 2007/2008 year(s). They left all of the divas with all the talent (Janet, Madonna, Mariah, MJB and more) abandoned them and marketed them with minor promotion and their album sales reflected. They were near 40 (excluding Janet & Madonna), but they looked amazing. Mariah looked nothing over 25 prouncing around in Touch My Body. Janet choreography still was tight if not better than she was in prime. MJB looked young and fresh and just legendary in the Just Fine video. Madonna still toured and killed the Hard Candy tour. I don’t understand why, because Discipline, E=MC2, Growing Pains, Hard Candy, Taking Chances, and more are AMAZING albums. Either way it go, Janet (imo) can NOT be touched… even to date by some of the younger “divas.”
    NP: Luv & Discipline

  6. DIGGER BEY March 2, 2014

    If Janet goes back to the sounds of All For You and I Get Lonely. That’s a Win Win Situation! A heavily danced pop r&b era would put her back where she belongs!

  7. Realest March 2, 2014

    Love this song.. The video was decent

  8. Maude March 2, 2014

    I can’t wait until the return of Janet it’s going to massive! I love Feedback btw

  9. Junior in Jamaica March 2, 2014

    I loved this video and single. I preferred the more technical and smooth choreography of “Rock With U” though. That was genius. Who did that choreography?

  10. George SA March 2, 2014

    Janet Jackson Album

    Harmony Samuels
    Darkchild & ESTA
    Noah “40” Shebib & Drake
    Missy Elliott & Milo Mills
    Jermaine Dupri & Brian Michael C**
    Kanye West & Hudson Mohawke
    Stargate & Benny Blanco
    No ID & Kaytranada
    Mike Will Made IT
    DJ Mustard & Boi-1da
    Danja & Rico Love
    Dr Luke

    Harmony Samuels
    Tiyon TC Mack
    LaShawn Daniels
    Autumn Rowe
    Elijah Blake
    Kevin Cossom
    Emeli Sande
    Sevyn Streeter
    The Dream
    The Runners
    Rico Love
    Carlos McKinney

    Jennifer Lopez or Ciara
    Kendrick Lamar
    Daft Punk & Prince’s Guitar

    Executive Producer:
    Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

  11. Touché March 2, 2014

    Love it! I was just listening to this yesterday. I like the choreography. I can’t wait for her new project.

  12. slay_hive March 2, 2014

    Forgot about this song. I was looking for this album a few months ago and couldn’t find it!

    ROCK WITH U>>>>>>>>>> Loved that song/video too 😉

  13. Skyfall March 2, 2014

    Control will always be my fav Janet Era, but I need a hot song with a catchy hook
    And a badass video will killer ass choreography from Janet. She needs to collab with
    Either Beyonce, Ciara, or “Madonna” hell all three

  14. DIGGER BEY March 2, 2014

    Hmm That will be an interesting collabo…..Janet and JLo

  15. Stephy Tha Lambily March 2, 2014

    Yall need to do a review of her Rhythm Nation era!

    That is one of the most successful era in a female entertainers career NOT VOCALIST!

  16. WHATAMESS! March 2, 2014

    Janet is “heavy like a first day period”! Yassss ma’am. Queen of all motha f****** Queens.

  17. JOHNVIDAL March 2, 2014

    This was her best song and video from her last 2 or 3 albums! So good.
    TGJ guys are histerical though! It´s obvious Janet is one of your faves so a song that didn´t even chart in Europe is called a minor hit lol If this were Mariah…
    And really, can´t you think of better comeback songs than Destiny´s Child “lose my breath”? Really? 🙂
    Anyway, this was great Janet!

  18. The Real Truth Tea March 2, 2014

    Feedback was actually not released as asingle in the UK, LA Reid pulled it as as single here and claimed it was a ‘Buzz Single” basically he was just more interested in pushing Touch My Body from Mariah, both songs are amazing but Janet’s project was a side hustle for him, he was more invested in EMC2 cos the EMC was so massive!

  19. JOHNVIDAL March 2, 2014

    They were all better and had more to offer even in 2008 than what the artists we are supposed to have now have. Hell they are still better in 2014, they are just more talented point blank period.

  20. niles March 2, 2014

    Why do people keep suggesting a janet and beyonce collabo. Their styles are too different.

  21. Spunkypoop2001 March 2, 2014

    Janet should do a dance album with Armin van Buuren, David Guetta or Disclosure and kill it with hot new choreography from a bunch of Choreographers like Tina Landon, Fatima Robinson, and Jonte. She will come back killing the game….

  22. Spunkypoop2001 March 2, 2014

    I can even see a duet with Ciara, MYA, Azaelia Banks, and Oprah on a spoken word piece. lmaoo.

  23. Royalkev March 2, 2014

    Feedback is perfection! It was probably the best comeback single I’ve ever heard! It was everything a single should be – slick, s***, current and a fit into every genre. It was the blended music mix Janet provides so masterfully, but we all know SB was the reason this song didn’t land at #1! Under normal circumstances this single would have dominated several Billboard charts (Hot100, Pop, R&B & Dance).

    Like someone said Janet needs a modern (but classic) Pop,R&B,Dance combination on the next album. I always felt like Janet was the one that stayed in her prime longest (amongst her peers) and I know she would still be a fire ball on stage today! As long as the material sounds up to date Janet can possibly win. Although the industry has been unfairly cruel to 40+ divas, I feel Janet is owed a fair shot! You don’t even have to hand Janet anything. If she gets a fighting chance she will not be denied! She was always the bi*** her competition feared and those that followed idolized!

  24. Mark111 March 2, 2014

    But that Ciara remix was IT tho. I wanted a video SO BAD! I must admit I missd on this album, I just got it a few years ago and it’s her best album of the 2000’s decade imo. Def Jam messed up, cause Janet is a tour act. But I think they didn’t fully suppory her cause Janet owns all her s***, no 360 over here, she’s a Jackson, they know the bizz.

  25. eric March 3, 2014

    Janet is still my favorite artist based on what she’s done in the past. I think she needs to find her passion again, and that’s when she’ll have the energy and fire to get the very best out of her music, choreo, styling, everything. The passion began to disappear after the All for You era. She appeared to lean more and more on Gil to make the decisions. Gil has way too much responsibility in Janet’s artistry, and it hasn’t been for the good.

  26. IStanForYourFav March 3, 2014

    @JohnDival I think the industry was worried about making the diva thing disappear in order to replace (Dec 07 – 09) them with their entertainer modern day “equal.” Like Leona Lewis was huge during this time and she was supposed replace to Mariah, Ciara just came off the successful The Evolution era and since she can dance her tiny ass off they might have thought pushing her into a s*** post 93 Janet direction instead of the tom boy Aaliyah (RIP) direction, Tina Turner went into retirement in 09 and even performed with Beyoncé on the Grammys, and how can we forget the endless Gaga comparisons to Madonna since 08, not to mention MJB showcased a different sound on her third album hence the Keyshia Cole A Different Me and etc. (No shade) That’s how I see it anyway. But I don’t think they were thinking because if you replace audio with visual, then people will onky watch the video… hence why every newer artist is hitting over 100 million views (prob rigged) and barely scraping a gold or platinum certification… (again no shade)

  27. IStanForYourFav March 3, 2014

    @Eric I think Janet is not the only one to lose the passion. They all seem to be robotic. They look gone and its a sad thing to see. I just wish Janet had the gift of Motherhod to fall back on. That would complete her life. People may call Toni, Mariah, Whitney, Madonna, and more washed up but they have sold millions, proved their point, built a legacy, and are family oriented. They have a huge responsibility now that they have a family that relys on them. However, I thought I was the only one who saw that. Janet seemed less in control and tied up behind the velvet rope (pun intended) and seemed like she was done with music, more specifically uring the 20 Y.O. era. I was waiting for and wanting a tour so bad. The music industry truly sucks. Damita Jo is still a favorite album of all time tho.

  28. Edgy_Timeless! March 3, 2014

    What I love about Janet is that she has major major stage presence. She can walk across stage with a tight ass outfit and ppl are ready to throw in towel! This is what Janet does to the girls. She stands there and and give us that iconic stare and the fans will eat it up like crazy. The only 1 that can command a stage similar to that these days is Bey. I think this is what ppl are talking about when they say Janet and Bey shld do something together because of the force they bring on stage.

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