Lana Del Rey Previews New Single Live In Concert

Published: Saturday 12th Apr 2014 by David


On Monday morning, BBC’s Fearne Cotton will premiere Lana Del Rey‘s ‘West Coast’, making its way to the world in support of her sophomore set, ‘Ultraviolence.’

Fortunately for her fans, last night saw her tease the single during a concert launched to support her debut offering ‘Born To Die’ and the aforementioned ‘Violence‘, giving the world just a little of what they can expect from the sun-kissed jam.

Take a trip to the ‘West’ below…

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  1. Career Ender April 12, 2014

    bout time she come and silence these lessor non talented h***

    • LOL April 12, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 12, 2014

      She was drunk at her 1k inner city your and you want to call whatever that was talent? Lmfao

      • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

        So now the moo stan has resorted to stealing reads from ChavSoldier? Focus on getting your fave’s single top 3000 on iTunes.

    • Molly April 12, 2014

      She has no talent tho

  2. TABLEUX April 12, 2014


  3. Career Ender April 12, 2014

    f*** you and yo crusty ass lessor fave, gravatarless non factor

  4. H2O April 12, 2014

    dgjyifhrnhf YES Lanallah Del Slay what kinda queen!

  5. Lana Del Slay April 12, 2014

    Queen of Queens.

  6. KING B April 12, 2014

    Her voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Monday can’t come soon enough

  7. Kelly Kelly April 12, 2014

    The drag queen lip synced for her life

    • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

      So you’re basically saying she sounds just like the studio version?
      The self-drag. Those are live acapella lyrics, honey.

  8. cake like lady gaga April 12, 2014


    I cannot at ALL these bandwagoners before @kelly kelly.


  9. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 12, 2014

    So that mumbling drunken vocal slur is what getting these bandwagoners panties wet?
    This was awful, she sounded a mess

  10. LOL April 12, 2014


    • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

      Someone who currently has four songs ahead of your fave’s new single on US iTunes.

  11. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 12, 2014

    These are the same accounts that used to drag llama and now they are praising her? What type of flip flopping mess is this?

  12. Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

    Slay queen! She’s grow so much lyrically and especially live!
    Can’t wait until Monday.

  13. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 12, 2014

    Pure Trash!
    Beyoncé fans turned on Gaga after she flopped!
    Beyoncé fans suddenly became team Adele when she slayed!
    Beyoncé fans are acting like they’re TeamLana bcuz that one lonely Lana fan became TeamBey after her recent release!

    • Vee April 12, 2014

      Death @ Beyonces fans impact on you.

      • My Gums Tho(aka Teacher( April 12, 2014

        @Pee b**** hush and stop ignoring FACTS!

    • Molly April 12, 2014

      Its the truth tho. They’re scared of Rosie lol

  14. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 12, 2014

    Death at Rosie, saying llama grew lyrically. What? Did she finally earn how to annunciate her words properly? Loool

    • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

      Cute attempt. I’ll bookmark this in case it gets actual critical acclaim Monday like “Ride” did after it’s release.

  15. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 12, 2014

    She is a non-factor to me but I wish her the best anyway.

  16. Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

    Also last night she shaded Cedric Gervais. Good to see she wasn’t here for that trash remix either. Interscope obviously pushed it without her consent.

    • Molly April 12, 2014

      Gurl she needs to shade herself for them terrible live vocals.

    • CherylSoldier April 12, 2014

      So she’s shading her only claim to relevance
      In the us? The reason she’s selling seats in
      Her 2k sports bars? Kiii
      Tell me when one of Lana’s singles out charts

      • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

        Your capacity shade is so weak and stale when only one of her venues have such a low capacity. Just like you tried to shade her doing smaller venues than Demi Lovato when most of Cutmi’s arenas have a capacity of 7-8K at the very most. Yawn.
        Speaking of G.A.Y.’s peak. Young & Beautiful did, West Coast will in the next two weeks, and many of her other singles did outside of the US. Not to mention two versions of Y&B and Summertime Sadness each out charting higher than it on US iTunes. Come again?
        Anyways, let me know when Chavryl can become semi-relevant in the UK again or tour more than eleven cities and still failing sell out all those arenas with such “massive” popularity in the UK. Lana could sell out O2 with ease at this point.

      • CherylSoldier April 12, 2014

        Absolute death at one Lana single
        Out charting a lady gaga “flop.” And
        I’m screaming at you using a 2 week chart
        Prediction as an excuse. Screeaaaming
        That Demi and Selena are still doing
        Bigger venues than your fav, and
        Screaming that you try to shade Cheryl’s
        Tour when she’s performing in 3-4 times
        The capacity. Kiiiii

      • Rosie (WEST COAST MONDAY) April 12, 2014

        Once again f**, wrong.
        Almost every arena reported so far for Demi only has capacity of 7-8K. Check Billboard Box Score for receipts. Many of Lana’s venues have almost or exactly the same capacity.
        And what’s the point of bragging about Chav’s tour when absolutely NONE of her shows were sold out? Almost every date on the European Paradise Tour was sold out, and she did more arenas there than Chav did on her entire tour.
        Your shade is so tired and false it’s not even funny. And the irony of you trying to drag Lana’s American receipts when Chav can’t even break through in Mainland Europe.

      • CherylSoldier April 12, 2014

        But what about the receipts where it says that Lana is performing at 2k theaters. She is certainly not performing at venues the same size as Demi or Selena b****. And my shade is tired yet you have no response to why GUY is outcharting most of Lana’s discography. 90% of your girl’s singles don’t even chart. That’s a real muthaf****** kiiiii.

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 12, 2014

    I actually like Lana. She’s an awesome writer. She does give me p*** star tease at times but she’s still a great musician.

  18. Stephy April 12, 2014

    Her style is so weird but ok…

  19. Molly April 12, 2014

    Wow the bandwagoning for this chick is so real.

  20. Belladonna1363 April 12, 2014

    I’m going 2wait until I here the hole song be4 I start saying she slaying because I’m really in to The Princess of Alternative Music (A.M) Lord so I’m going to need her to come strong.

  21. The truth hurts April 12, 2014

    Only TGJ would pick the worst quality video of the performance.
    The lyrics sound great and her vocals are spot on. I can’t wait until Monday when be get to hear the song in full.

  22. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 12, 2014

    Im ready for monday. Haters stay perched in posts of artists that they dont like, what type of logic?

  23. FutureCIARA April 12, 2014

    I’ll see what it gives when Monday rolls around….. Until then………


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