Watch: Rita Ora Dominates YouTube With 'I Will Never Let You Down' Covers

Published: Saturday 12th Apr 2014 by David

With her global star burning brighter than ever, Rita Ora now her sets her sights on the “Billboard Hot 100“, plotting a US debut she no doubt will match the success of her 2012 UK debut!

Now, even before the campaign begins, the singer”s silent but deadly fan base have gone a long way to push the star on the video sharing site YouTube, taking to the outlet to share their takes on her budding hit, “I Will casinos online australia Never Let You Down.” 

Check “em out after the jump!

Standing as just a few of the covers available to peep on the site, the clips above remind all that it”s Rita”s voice and not her aesthetic that will see her soar on Pop”s global stage!

Sure, while her packaging may pull the masses in, it”s her talent and world class material that”ll see them they stay there, garnering a fan base just as passionate about her voice as they are about the countless endorsements used to push it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. pussyy juice lover April 12, 2014

    Does the bitchh pay your ass to write about her? The ho is useless and no one gives a flyin f*** about her basic lame ass music.

  2. pussyy juice lover April 12, 2014

    And dead at you thinking this d*** will chart in the u.s thr only chart she could pull off is the billboard dance/electronic chart, nicole scherzinger realness here.

  3. Kelly Kelly April 12, 2014

    She barley even charts here in the UK. Rita whora’s talk that talk gimmick is annoying and should stop.

    Her and lebian j need to take several seats

  4. H2O April 12, 2014

    I Will Never Let You Down
    #14 Ireland
    #21 Australia
    #45 New Zealand
    #71 Norway
    #77 Sweden
    #83 Finland
    #118 United Kingdom
    #128 Denmark
    #137 Lithuania
    #143 Netherlands
    #216 Moldova
    #217 Slovakia
    #275 United Arab Emirates
    #278 Singapore
    #280 Slovakia
    #330 Taiwan
    #343 Thailand
    #349 Bulgaria
    #352 Panama
    #359 Indonesia
    #399 Latvia

    Not happening Samantha ..

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 12, 2014


    • Molly April 12, 2014

      screaming! h20 i love you.

    • FutureCIARA April 12, 2014

      Biiiiiiitch……. Kii

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 12, 2014

    TGJ ya’ll are getting so whack. Constantly posting on a lame flop just to get money. I need to find a new site to get my RELEVANT music news soon.

    • Molly April 12, 2014

      I agree its becoming a bigger joke day by day.

    • Tika April 12, 2014

      Also the Beyonce stanning is getting old.

  6. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 12, 2014

    Why do Rita fans all look slow?? No offense to people who are mentally challenged but she seems to appeal to that demographic…

  7. Dossome April 12, 2014

    ok,she needs to come harder….causing pandemonium on airports and having an urban gossip blog from UK report it ain’t no promo to warrant US citizens going on itunes on a purchasing spree

  8. pussyy juice lover April 12, 2014

    She looks like a damn clown with this heavy ass make up.

  9. jackson April 12, 2014

    To think that the fans of the ugly whale wanted this w**** to dethrone rihanna

  10. Molly April 12, 2014

    Sam get it together stop makin your site and yourself look foolish.

  11. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 12, 2014

    This b**** needs to perform on a US awards show! That the inoy was she could possibly chart

  12. Tika April 12, 2014

    Not saying she’s ugly but her face reminds me of a Salamander in that pic. I’m tired seeing this attempt at making her happen. It’s like the US tries to push Nicole Sherzinger on the UK and the UK keeps trying to push Rita Ora on the US. Can’t we work together and make both of them sit down?

  13. Casual April 12, 2014

    Actually, her music isn’t really bad. I kinda like this song and Party and BS from her last album. But, until her label gets serious and puts some major money behind her, she’s never going to happen in the U.S. Her music is too generic to spark a youtube movement, so it’s going to take money.

  14. FutureCIARA April 12, 2014

    ………………………………………….. BYE

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