Mindless Behaviour Welcomes New Member

Published: Friday 4th Apr 2014 by David

After cutting ties with member Prodigy last year, R&B quartet Mindless Behaviour have pressed on their bid for world domination this year, announcing the arrival of a brand new member brought onto replace the entertainer.

Ready to meet the ‘new edition’?

Pop open the lid below!



Hailing from the city of Detroit, 16 year old EJ now stands as the fourth part of group’s piece, already a close friend to its existing members and starring as Simba in the touring production of Irene Mecchi‘s ‘Lion King.’


Catch the new and hopefully improved group in action when they perform live for their very time at Grand Rapids, April 12th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diamond Princess April 4, 2014

    What?! I didn’t know they got rid of him. Why do all these young r&b groups get rid of or mad at the male lead singer? New Edition, B2k, among many others. Shocking!

  2. Stephy April 4, 2014


    These little boys are cute pie’s. Hope they have longevity…

  3. Absolved April 4, 2014

    No. Just, no.

  4. Molly April 4, 2014

    Ohk……… not into groups they just look corny better off going solo boys.

  5. MC!!! April 4, 2014

    the one with the curly hair need to sing lead!

  6. ……………………… April 4, 2014

    they got rid of the lead singer also the only one who could sing smdh

  7. Rosie April 4, 2014


    • ATM JAM April 4, 2014

      Girl two songs leaked from ULTRAVIOLENCE and I’m getting Avery cell of my life!!! I’m in the edge of my seat now with lana!

      • Rosie April 4, 2014

        She was filming in LA today! Yesss queen is coming! I bet West Coast will be out in the next 1-2 weeks since Coachella is next weekend.

  8. Belladonna1363 April 4, 2014

    I wish them the best but as some one who has there last album they need to step it up in the Music department. I would like them to sing pop like the new pop prince of the moment #AustinMahone but if there going to sing R&B in today’s time it need to sound like DC3’s song #LoseMyBreath from there album #DestinyFulfilled because it needs to have that perfect mix of R&B & Pop like Beyonce,Jason Derulo & Chris Brown.

  9. Mark111 April 4, 2014

    Idk, this is like New Edition with a reverse bike and they probably gonna end up like Pretty Ricky. That other kid had star power, well the most spectacular out of that group.

  10. tera April 5, 2014

    he just cant replace prodigy!!!! just sayin

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