Watch: Rihanna & Eminem Perform ‘The Monster’ At MTV Movie Awards 2014

Published: Sunday 13th Apr 2014 by Sam

Given the “magical” sounds that emanate from Rihanna‘s mouth, it’s fitting that the model performed ‘The Monster’ tonight at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

Thankfully for the millions watching, the star seems to have taken That Grape Juice‘s advice and locked down a vocal coach, as she actually sounded…decent….during her much hyped showing with Eminem tonight.

Watch the pair, who set out on a sell-out stadium tour this Summer, preview the trek below…

Though by no means a Beyonce caliber performance, RiRi garners a solid “C” for effort.

Granted that “c” also stands for the Choir of Castrated Cats she sounded like when attempting those whistle notes, the showing was solid by her standards.

We’ve long said (and will keep saying), when Robyn actually tries, her success actually feels less…offensive. More of this, please. More of this.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cici’s goodies April 13, 2014

    What does SLUTyonce have to do with RiHERPES?

    • orrisagacb April 13, 2014

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  2. My Forehead Tho April 13, 2014

    The lip synced high notes tho…

    The beginning was great but it went all down hill from there. Solid 1.53 out of 5. She’s getting better though.

    • Junior in Jamaica April 13, 2014

      You’re being ridiculous…

    • Sandra April 14, 2014

      beyance lip synced at the grammys, superbowl, inaguration, and at her recent tour. And don’t even get me started on all the times she has lip synced before that
      at least Rihanna always sings live

    • Arthur bluegrass April 25, 2014

      Why does this website always try to shade rihanna like get over it

  3. Beysus April 13, 2014

    Your Rihanna shades are getting lame. Not a fan but she looked happy, gorgeous and cheerful tonight. You sound bitter and it’s not attractive at all.

  4. Junior in Jamaica April 13, 2014

    Great performance…I am not certain if her falsetto was live or not but it’s good that she re-did it herself.

  5. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 13, 2014

    lRIH shut down the rd carpet; the crowd exploded when she came. Her dress is the most daring.
    RITA WHORA: I am watching live stream and peep her game backstage: SHE was literally tryna to force Jessica alba to giver her her number, she has her cell in Jessica’s face, trying to ge the digits, but Jessica did not budge. She was a lll stroking jessica’s hair saying who down, and introducing herself tp jessica’s people and introducing her sister and stylist to Jessica.
    But then after she pulled of Zac Efronäs shirt, she threw herself on him and him and her walked of with his hand on her waist and she just left Jessica Alba trailing. The moment Zac came, she did not give to shits about jessica. I am sure she went back to the dressing room to blow Zac
    SHE IS PITIFUL. desperate fame w**** and THAT IS WHY SHE WILL NEEVR EVER MAKE IYT IN THE USA LIKE RIH RIH, no matter how many times they shove her music down our throats. Now more than ever before, I can see why MTV keeping trying to make her happen; she is clearly industry p****
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    • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014

      b**** leave she was the worst dressed and you know it.

  6. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 13, 2014

    WHAT ABOUT RITA WHORA ripping off zac’s shirt like a thirsty groupie?

    • BEYFLAWLESS April 13, 2014

      they told her to do that … it happens at awards shows

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 13, 2014

        NOPE. That was not planned. WHAT about her thirsty backstage sloring?

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 13, 2014

        R8 IS GONNA OUT SELL THE F*** OF BEYONCE, WHICH seems to be loosing steam

    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      She wants attention so bad!

    • BEYFLAWLESS April 14, 2014

      haha sell more the BEYONCE TTT sold 199,000 with the biggest song on the chart bey sold that in a day

  7. FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

    OMG whoever wrote this article Dragged Rihs vocals to hell!!!!

    It was quite unbearable TBH…..

      • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

        You tried though…… ^^

        Back to the drawing board with your failed drag attempt

      • The Boy Toy April 13, 2014

        2003 vs 2013. You tried. How is it a failed drag attempt when Ciara is the drag herself? Kii. You’re so delusional. Only respond to me if 1.) Ciara stops whispering, 2.) one of Ciara’s last 3 albums sells 200k or 3.) future pays his child support.

        Exit. Stage. Right.

      • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

        ^ …………..

        If I told you that you win, would you stop embarrassing yourself?

        The #Pressation is LIVE

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      Lol at the classic Rihanna live vocal performance! Sing Riri SIIIIIIIIING , yesssss!

  8. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 13, 2014

    She gotta nice lil Caribbean pop tone. I definitely be jamming to some of her music. As for Eminem, he did decent too. I’ve never really liked him as a live performer but he does his best. Rihanna needs to get singing lessons to give her stamina in TRYING to hit those high notes without sounding tired. Her tone is what people like but she would KILL if she mastered the art of singing & not just NON-singing…

  9. beyugly April 13, 2014

    Tgj are some Rihanna haters!! Lmaoo Nobody wants to see thiefyonce and those big thighs performing with Eminem..loose booty f**

  10. FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

    Honestly, I cant wait for the EPIC DRAGFEST that Monday (Tomorrow) will bring with it!!

    Everyone should show up and support! Skip a few classes if you have to, Call in from work. Its a big thing, Many topics to DRAG about….

    My fingers and receipts are ready!!!

    • The Boy Toy April 13, 2014

      Kiii sis you can’t drag anything. Sit your ass down somewhere.

      • beyugly April 13, 2014


    • Rosie April 13, 2014

      The only thing that needs to be dragged is te Z-Squad to their local Target to support their fave.

      • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

        Excited for tomorrow sis? ^
        Cant wait?
        I know me either…..
        But lets keep your Llama accounts to a minimum for tomorrow Okay @TROLLSIE

      • Rosie April 13, 2014

        Aww you still clinging to the same basic lie that I’m every Lana stan on here? Even Fagbird and that one Icki stan let that go.
        Tell the Z-Squad to do the same, then.

  11. The Boy Toy April 13, 2014

    Loved it! Everything was great apart from the weird falsetto noises. They could’ve kept that on the track, but Rih slayed the stage and the red carpet. I am so excited for the upcoming era. 😀 #R8

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      So “right below average” … That’s what you “love”? Judge it from a non-Stan perspective and there is NOTHING to love nor rember- snoozeChella 2014.. Stop frontin like she’s actually #DoinIt.. None of her peers are riding for/praising her musically… At least none of the SANGERS/musical legends anyway.

  12. FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

    Some unknown newbie is chasing and stalking all of my comments searching for a reaction or a stan war……

    Im giving very #UNBOTHERED 🙂

    • The Boy Toy April 13, 2014

      I know you aren’t referring to me babe. I’ve been here since 2012. You recently popped up a few months ago kii. I haven’t posted nor dragged anyone in a while, but come on loose-booty, entertain me! 😆

  13. truth April 13, 2014

    idk what you lame punks listening to.. she sounded amazing and this is from someone who appreciates music and not just stupid stan wars. some of the high notes were off but other than that she was really solid a 4\5.

  14. Rihyeezy April 13, 2014

    But when will Ciara book a stage? Kii
    Her last big audience was the 2013 BET awards.

  15. FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

    1,2,3,4,5…… Keep um coming babe, Your doing an AMAZING job dragging sis.

    (Continues filing nails)

  16. Skyfall April 13, 2014

    I have a feeling R8 will be everything I need and more, the performance 3/5 but seriously rihanna is so gorgeous. She can literally wear anything and look amazing

  17. The Bajan Princess April 13, 2014

    Lol C-Error stans stay trying to drag when their fav will never see a stage of that caliber. That ratchet baby mama can’t even book the soul train stage

  18. Skyfall April 13, 2014

    There chemistry on stage is everything, excited for their tour

    • The Bajan Princess April 13, 2014

      I hope Ri has new music by then!!!!!!!

      • Skyfall April 13, 2014

        Me too, but she’ll probably release her first single during the middle of the tour or after it’s over

  19. Cierror April 13, 2014

    Has everyone seen the TMZ pictures of Rihanna? Lol she looks like a beached s**** whale.

    • Skyfall April 13, 2014


    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      B**** I havent seen them yet, I heard its quite tacky

  20. FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

    The dragging didnt come from my keyboard, but more from TGJ headquarters…. Don’t blame the Csquad because I mentioned it was unbearable, If yo gone be mad at somebody then start dragging Samantha for that article…….
    Yes it was unbearable to me because I actually do not like any of Eminems music… And this song just sounded like a remake of Their last duet together. I can actually listen to a Rihanna record without cringing.

    But sure, go ahead and blame C-squad for clocking those tired live vocals. Just shows your very steam pressed and always on edge to attack and defend her live performances, when the performance itself should always speak for itself.

  21. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

    IDK if those high notes were lip-synced or not but I don’t really care.

    The Z-Squad will probably be the first ones perched on iTunes whenever WC is released there. Speaking of Lana, she’s performing at Coachella right now.

    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      No one cares TBH

    • mahi mahi April 13, 2014

      lana probably won’t even crack the hot 100 and if does very very low

  22. Realest April 13, 2014

    Instagram and fashion are the ONLY place Ri is exceptinal in. These vocals, though by no means bad, are super duper basic. She does not own it nor make it her own in any type of way, and besides the popular appeal she brings, could be sung by any singer with half a voice out today and better. She is so vocally uninteresting. Boring, boring, boring. She “sings” every live performance exactly like the studio version and never, ever, ever, ever, ever kills it. And I know she loves Mariah but those bootlegged whistle notes are not cute honey, can you get the basics of full voice singing before you try and give us a vocal trick? Lol.. I do love her cardio music though

    • Realest April 13, 2014


      • Skyfall April 13, 2014

        Rihanna does change up the songs sometimes and those weren’t whistle notes

    • Realest April 13, 2014

      @skyfall those were whistle notes for rihanna.. and 95% of the time rihanna does verbatim singing. I’m sure she does sing it slightly different every now and then, but for the most part she sticks to the track addition and does it worse.

  23. Bey Fan April 13, 2014

    ok so it wasn’t my tv…. them falsetto notes were HORRIBLE…. it just took away from the performance. And she started off so good vocally IMO.

    I only watched for her… I dont like Em.

    And I didn’t like Riri’s look either….

    • mahi mahi April 13, 2014

      you need to change that avi… seriously not cute

  24. metzo April 13, 2014

    Though by no means a Beyonce caliber performance, RiRi garners a solid “C” for effort”
    Lmfaoo. Sam Shadier than a Palm tree. So accurate though >>

  25. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014

    the performance was O. K

  26. Rih Rox April 13, 2014

    Loved it, love her voice and She looks so hot too.

    Eminem hasn’t aged he looks great.

    • Realest April 13, 2014

      she is terrible live. you stan for someone as vocally gifted as katy perry.. you mad?

  27. TC!! April 13, 2014

    You dissing rihanna but beyonce’s televised performances have been terrible

    • Realest April 13, 2014

      yet beyonce at her worst is light years ahead of rihanna at her best…control, dynamic, poise, modulation, variation, growth- all things rihanna will never know about vocally!

      • Sandra April 14, 2014

        You are a fan of beyonce, so you have no right to talk about vocals. Beyonces voice is nothing special at all, i have no idea why beyonce stans think that she’s some vocal goddess lol she’s just average with that thin whiny no soul voice. Screaming is not singing

  28. mahi mahi April 13, 2014

    this b**** is terrible! and wtf was she wearing to the event? her bathrobe? #worstdressed the navy is delusional af! smh

  29. Glitter April 13, 2014

    She didn’t sound bad but eminem look like a 60 year old meth addict from the trailer park

  30. Molly April 13, 2014

    It was alright pitchy as usual but those falsettos were obviously live they sounded a mess..

    • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014

      hey babe welcome back

    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      B**** I have been waiting for you!!!!!!

      Spill The T!!!!

    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      What happened yesterday???

      Did those trolls try to frame you for Trolling sis?

  31. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

    Aw my queen did so good at Coachella, she sang West Coast (it sounds so good!), her vocals were flawless, she looked like a hipster goddess with no effort unlike 99% of the try-hard C-listers who attend (i.e. Vanessa Hudgens, Jenner sisters), and the crowd sang along to Video Games like it was a #1 classic. Not to mention all the major music blogs there were live tweeting it.
    Time for bed. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Hope her team releases it on iTunes tomorrow morning, there’s a ton of hype.

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

        That was then, this is now.
        Just like how your fave is such a non-factor now that she is being forced to attend this nonfactor awards show and was paid absolute dust.

      • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

        #DEATH @Nicki

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014

        what kind of delusion? lana wish she could!

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

        Just like Icki wishes she could get her relevancy back.
        In the meanwhile, keep clinging to 2 and a half year old performances that the GP has forgotten.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014

        rosie dear nicki is far more relevant then lana and will always be

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 13, 2014


      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

        In the projects, yes.
        No one outside of the ghetto cares about Icki anymore. I don’t even think they care anymore, really. Kii at how everyone forgot about Chi-raq after like 2 minutes.

    • Realest April 13, 2014

      no disrespect but her coachella vocals were just ok. she didn’t sound terrible but she basically ALMOST sounded as good as the studio versions.not better.. Thats not the definition of flawless. nothing to brag about but fits in with this generation of studio singers. don’t like gaga like that but as much as you go in on her at least chick can serve raw vocals live and SUPERB at that. west coast is cute though!!!

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 13, 2014

        Cute. Too bad no one cared outside of pop forums and blogs.

  32. Lovebird April 13, 2014

    SERVED and SLAYYED!!!!!; I F****** LIVE.

    • Realest April 13, 2014

      Served what? “I can’t even deliver as good as the studio version” realness? lmfao… Blu Ivy Carter Rodriguez you are too funny!

      • Lovebird April 13, 2014

        Gurl I’m going to stop you right there, you only get one today.

        You’re lucky I’m not in the mood, I would have dragged you further than Stephy’s beaten walls.

      • Realest April 14, 2014

        well honey the fact of “I can’t even deliver as good as the studio version” realness, regardless of the other non-denominator issues, is still in effect. The studio version is superior to this cementing the simple fact of her not being a true singer nor an above standard performer. She just is… Beyonce’s a “whale” as you put it, but i’d much rather see Shamu do amazing stunts at Seaworld then watch a sloth half haphazardly post up on a tree and eat foliage- BORING!!!!!! #ShesAProfessional #ThatsWHoYouRideFor #AYeDiosMio #PoorDat #NOcalistWoes #BlueIvyRodriguez

      • Sandra April 14, 2014

        at least Rihanna sang live, when was the last time beyance sang live?

      • Realest April 14, 2014

        The other day.. I know ur not used to raw live vocals from your fav so I won’t hold it against your ignorance

  33. Lovebird April 13, 2014

    And to add to the venues Rihanna will be adding to her $TADIUM $TATUS

    The Monster tour

    Rose Bowl stadium – 92K capacity
    MetLife Stadium – 82K capacity
    Comerica Park stadium – 40K capacity

    Playing AMERICAN stadiums before the age of 30. $tadium $tatus slaying the MTV Movie Awards with Eminem like it’s another day at the office.

  34. Lovebird April 13, 2014

    So this is to add to her other stadiums, Stade De France, Twickenham, Soccer City…etc; all before the age of 30.

    She served everything in this performance, vocals were on point, stage presence, s** appeal, fashion…everything my body needed. R8 better come soon, NO BASIC ZONE.

    • mahi mahi April 13, 2014

      your fave is a flop ass b****

  35. Rihboy April 13, 2014

    I find it odd that a ciara stan can even talk about pitch, ranges, and falsettos! When ciara cannot do any! Whisper your asses to bed please! The more she performs this she will get better! For her first time it was ok! Yes she went in her pajamas! And still slayed the other h***! Because whose currently trending via insta and twitt? Not anyone else that was there

    • FutureCIARA April 13, 2014

      Your reaching a bit…


    • Realest April 13, 2014

      how many sti’s does rih have?

      • Realest April 14, 2014

        This person asking about “sti” is not the real Realest… Troll

  36. Touché April 14, 2014

    “the Choir of Castrated Cats”

    Absolute death! Samantha for once you made me laugh. Anyways, she really does need some vocal lessons because this was a mess.

  37. King April 14, 2014

    Why does this site compare every single artist to Beyoncé. It’s annoying.

  38. not here for that April 14, 2014

    it’s old chewing gum already. regular rihanna perormance and quality. i didn’t watch for that. did carpet blah and backstage footage. it was the expected drake tho. just a f*ck you.

    i spotted rita and nicki backstage. cool. -_-

  39. Mark111 April 14, 2014

    I can tell when Sam post cause reading them hurts my head. He tries to shade without detection, but ends up with paragraphs of contradictions. She sounded pk, but more of this? Model with a mic? I guess looking beautiful is a bad thing, or being bitter just makes you look stupid.

    I’d be mad two if my faves Ciara and Rita can’t even touch a mac award show stage.

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      At best, she’s an average everything (except beauty and Instagram she’s STELLAR)! Musicality and Rihanna don’t belong together. But she is a bomb pop media figure tho! Swagged out, popular, cool.. I can dig it. Naw but not apart of the musicians scene- naw. She doesn’t have that respect artistically!

      • Sandra April 14, 2014

        Beyonce is not a musician either, and her music catalouge is below average, she’s not respected she’s looked at as the thief she is

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      And he said “she sounds ok (c grade)” and he wants “more of this” because unfortunately for your girl OK is about as good as she can get live. Stellar.. Above.. Serve…. Own… Are things she doesn’t do vocally so when someone boasts about her FINALLY being ok live then u can’t really question it because she’s never been better then ok live. So he’s giving props! And let’s be real he exaggerated because she sounds wAck as ffuckk here. Boring, dry and below the studio version! PUHLEASE

      • Sandra April 14, 2014

        You are a fan of beyonce, so you have no right to talk about vocals. Beyonces voice is nothing special at all, i have no idea why beyonce stans think that she’s some vocal goddess lol she’s just average with that thin whiny no soul voice. screaming is not singing

      • Realest April 14, 2014

        I’m a fan of multiple musicians including beyonce and Rihanna .. I like them both! But I take them for what they are truly worth. Beyonce is a musician in evey sense: contributes to her music, works on her craft CONSTANTLY, Progresses and lets the world know she’s music and music is her. Rihanna gets great fad songs handed to her, sells them good and does here lil swag thing. But she is not known in the realm of “musicians” “collegiate” “SANGERS” “vocalists”… Beyonce is. Recognized by standard musicians… Pop musicians.. Gospel musicians… Ri is recognized by IG followers honey, I’m sorry they’re on two different tiers of people in their field and no amount of back and forth will ever change that. Beyonce is superior

  40. Mark111 April 14, 2014

    Anyway, I can tell you who did lip sync, EM! Except when he get loud, but the rest was a recording. Rihanna did great, look at her swaging out with the best rappers, while some gives strip shows on the grammy stage (another stage that Rita and Ciara will never see).

  41. Kelly Kelly April 14, 2014

    HoEsie, the flop clock is ticking and it’s about to strike Lana deFlop o’clock!

    I watched that performance, she literally has the energy and look of an over worked prostitute forced to go on another job.

    Shame, the song is mediocre at best and will be overshadowed by lordes performance in the media that counts.

    • Rosie April 14, 2014

      Too bad “the media that counts” was paying Borde dust Saturday night.

  42. Sandra April 14, 2014

    Queen Rihanna looked great and sounded great. The one and only queen, the most relevant and successful female artist of the past decade. And she’s only getting bigger and better <3 a Legend in the making. The wannaBey could never lmao, her album has stalled at 3 million, what a flop for the "album seller" lmao

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      She looked great and sounded “less than” the album version honey stop trying to make your fav”live” happen… It’s not going to happen. Pitchy, dry and uninspired is all she’s giving. And the irony since you stay tryna critique beyonce yet use ur delusional mind to praise this below standard bs lol

      • Sandra April 14, 2014

        Oh please, stop putting beyance on a pedestal, her voice is nothing but whiny screaming no soul overrated trash voice. The nerve of beyance fans to put her on the same level as vocal goddesses like Whitney and Mariah
        Beyance can’t evoke emotions with her voice to save her life, and her music is garbage.

    • Realest April 14, 2014

      But again, stop tryna get hype like Rihanna is really doing ANYTHING. Even if beyonce isn’t ANYTHING SPECIAL (which she is) then how are you praising Ri when the “fake ” vocal pedestal I put beyonce on is an Eiffel tower’s height above any vocal delivery Rihanna has even dreamt of in her wildest vocal dreams.. If bey is not all that than ri is basically nothing because she is far, far , far respected, acclaimed, talented as beyonce. Sorry

  43. RunIt April 14, 2014

    She look absolutely stunning on the red carpet, but she still can’t sing, no need to lie

  44. Hush April 14, 2014

    Rihanna is totally talentless. She can’t even fake a decent live performance and sounds like ripe death on stage. It’s like the gnats from her couchie and ass and fighting with the gnats from her mouth whenever she attempts to sing. B**** looks like a fool.

  45. I miss talent April 14, 2014

    She sounded like Rihanna to me. She ain’t no vocalist but she sounded like the studio version. The performance was ok. I’ve accepted the fact that most artists today cannot sing live.

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