Watch: Rita Ora Previews Songs From New Album In NYC

Published: Thursday 1st May 2014 by Sam

Rita Ora‘s Stateside invasion continued this week when the Brit-bred belter performed at an exclusive Roc Nation showcase in New York City.

While her current US promo run has largely been in support of new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, the 23-year-old seized the moment to introduce more material from its parent album (which’ll dub as her American debut).

Performing to a crowd of industry tastemakers, Ora rocked the house with new songs ‘Touch The Sky’ and ‘Last Love’.

Peep the clips below and let us know us Rita is onto a hit….

Your thoughts?

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  1. CIARASTAN May 1, 2014

    I don’t get the conspiracy to make her happen

    • metzo May 1, 2014

      I thought she was gonna SLAY this era Tbh, but it’s just not appening.. I still think she has potential to snatch Rihanna weave tho. Lmfaooo

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

        She can’t snatch Rih’s wig. Rih is on a level where they give her icon awards. Rita cannot even chart. How can she top that?

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

        DO u know in 2012, IGGY A was unsigned and wa suspecting Rita on CLUB tour in the USA AND NOW look who is outselling who. SO, until RITA can match Iggy, don’t even bring 100 mill record sold RIH into this

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

      BEYONCE is jealous of he younger black rival so she though backing this white girl would shut Rih down

  2. metzo May 1, 2014

    Uhmm Girl I love you.. but I’m not feeling it:/

  3. Molly May 1, 2014

    We will never us her in America.

    • Molly May 1, 2014


  4. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

    LOL LOL RITA’s song was released in the USA last week. Where id it chart, Sam?

  5. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

    This is her second industry show case. She is never ever gonna happen in the USA. Never have see someone try to hard to slay s hard and FLOP like mad. The reason? She pissed a lot of folks when she shaded rih, and bite of her style and music [ you should never ever come at people who are bigger than you ] and HER personal life is nasty, now she says she slept with Nick Jonas and her music is garbage and she cannot sing.

    • Informer May 3, 2014

      Rihtards are in no position to judge whether or not a person can sing.

  6. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

    feel like it’ll slow burn, it needs a few pushes – like a new video for one! But I think it can definitely slow burn but if not, if Rita just pulls an Iggy and continues to release singles ’till one sticks, I certainly will not be mad. I feel like they have a plan if IWNLYD

    EVEN her own fans know she will flop, so now they are waiting on her THIRD ALBUM,LOL she will be dropped by then

  7. beyugly May 1, 2014

    Did someone say snatch Rihanna’s wig?? She could snatch Rihanna’s wig even when she doesn’t have a new album out..she had her shot to slay with her single while Riri is on break. her new single sold 2k..Iggy will smash before Rita whora.

  8. Casual May 1, 2014

    I Will Never Let You Down wasn’t a bad single, and neither of these songs is more compelling. So no, she’s not onto a hit album based on these clips.

  9. Molly May 1, 2014

    Lol where’s Rosie at? i need to know why west coast fell out the hot 100 one week after charting.

  10. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

    THESE songs are al wackk and dated. NOT gonna scare anyone in the . Once again, they have given he rthe best in the industry:

    Calvin harris

    HOW many flops get to work with Prince?


  11. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

    Even with all the PROMO, which was more than any other singer that week:
    Kiss Boston
    Kiss LA
    Kiss Hartford CT
    PAINT thrown on her on tonite show
    breakfast club; power 105
    paper magazine
    IN THE USA, she endorses: material girl; DKNY
    AND yet…..she still cannot chart

    AND, she is DOING NYLON MAGAZINE AND SHE just fined VH1 buzz and yet…..she did not chart in the USA.

    SHE IS GETING DROPPED, maybe this was why she had a meeting with bad boys. She would have been dropped the 1st time, but she started to f*** and that kept her afloat, but she should ask MYA was jay z does to flop p****.

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

      HAS there ever been a singer in US history do this much PROMO AND PR STUNTS AND NEVER EVER CHART IN THE USA?

      HWD – 68




  12. beyugly May 1, 2014

    She is watching her peers smash in the US.Sam is full of s***!! Why is Iggy and Ariana passing Rita Whora? So much for that Gimmick at the MTV movie awards you tried to make it seem like she was winning..Where did it get her??

    RIHANNA during Music of the Sun smashed like a mother in the US..Sam I will tell you until your ears bleed when you stop shading RiRi

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

      It is embarrassing. AT the paint being thrown on her at the Tonite show and you will see the only she is know for is being a THOT AND RIH clone wannabe

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS May 1, 2014

      AND they need to tell BEYONCE that no one, black or white, is gonna take RIH OUT THE GAME SO SHE NEEDS TO DEAL

      • beyugly May 1, 2014

        They said she would end RiRi in 2011. She can’t even top Iggy what makes them think she will end RiRi..RiRi got Beyonce trying to stay afloat by releasing surprise album on itunes..mean while Rihanna is still winning..Nobody f****** with Rihanna.

  13. beyugly May 1, 2014

    Sam, Zendaya debuted at 77 on the BB hot 100 selling 12,00 copies of new single Replay” eventually selling 1 million copies in the US. Why is she being passed by other new comers with more promo?? I don’t no anyone who knows Zendaya yet she sold 1 million copies of her single..

    I don’t hear IWNLYD on the radio…people want to hear Fancy…Rita cannot smash in the US..Her album will flop

  14. BEYFLAWLESS May 1, 2014

    press the restart button … she have a nice voice

  15. beyugly May 1, 2014

    We will see what the album can do..But just remember to get a strong album you have to have a strong single…That’s why singles are important…we will see..

  16. Yea ok May 1, 2014

    The drag in here has warmed my heart this morning. I’m so sick of That stunt juice living in delusion when they do these write ups. Like we can’t go get her receipts.

    This is embarrassing now. Please stop. Rita isn’t gonna happen here.

    To be fair I saw her on WWHL (I watch Andy everyday) and she seemed nice enough but even then I was thinking girl shut up why are u here. Only Cynthia should be talking.

  17. BBA May 1, 2014

    The question is, will TGJ report on their golden girl Rita’s nips-out shoot with notorious perve Terry Richardson? Lord knows if it were Rihanna they’d be all over that s*** calling her a s***, but considering the monumental bias towards Rita on this blog they’ll probably sweep it under the rug. MESS

  18. KING J May 1, 2014

    WHY? what’s the purpose of her in the US? I don’t think they understand she is not bringing anything new to the table. She doesn’t have an amazing voice. She can’t dance. She looks like a mangled hybrid of Beyonce and Rihanna. She has no body. No hips. I can’t with her. Her single simply sucks and she is still trying it. NO baby girl. Go back to the UK. Come on Roc Nation… she is not working.. let it go! Get on that ship with Mariah.

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