New Video: Cheryl Cole – ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

Published: Monday 9th Jun 2014 by Sam

Pop hurricane Cheryl Cole has unleashed the video for new single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’.

The Wayne Wilkins produced cut serves as the lead single from the performer’s fourth studio album (due November).

Directed by Colin Tilley, the glossy visual awaits after the jump…

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  1. maurice June 9, 2014

    yup, still sucks!

    the video didn’t change my mind and neither did her basic BGT performance.

    • sayeivamxcbxb June 9, 2014

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  2. Rihpower June 9, 2014


    • Sleazy June 9, 2014

      You a rih stan and don’t know Cheryl cole? #Fail Rihanna loves her some Cheryl

  3. OH BABY I…… June 9, 2014

    Shania Twain is so HOT! After all these years. DAMN!
    I like this girl a little bit I think she has that J. Lo edge to her (Meaning she’ll never release a slow ballad single). The song doesn’t strike out to me as a hit and doesn’t sound appealing; she can do better than this. The video was good, even with the part where she tried to look cool with shaking her long back. But this song is a complete RIP OFF of Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair.” Cheryl take this “L” for this song, Call My Name is still my jam!

    I feel that Victoria Duffield has more potential than this broad though. I totally see real potential in her! She’s going to be huge, once her a** leaves Canada.

    • MinajxEsque June 9, 2014

      OMFG! I swear I was the only one that knew about this girl on this site. She is like the improved Britney. I stan for her aswell <3

  4. Nicki is queen June 9, 2014

    Sam or whoever wrote this really like throwing around the word chanteuse and hurricane… No shade

  5. HELL NO June 9, 2014

    In other news… Queen Bee Lil’ Kim had her baby this morning at 9:58AM in New Jersey. She named her “Royal Reign.” And she is perfectly healthy. 🙂 Congrats to the QB.

    • Nicki is queen June 9, 2014

      OMG wtf?? Who names their baby that!!

      • Molly June 9, 2014

        Congratulations Kim

        and stfu Nicki im sure if your fav has a baby she’ll give it some ridiculous name aswell

      • Nicki is queen June 9, 2014

        No she won’t

    • The truth hurts June 9, 2014

      Royal reign has to be the tackiest name EVER. What deluded balloon faced Asian would call their daughter that. Oh wait…..

      • Del Bey June 9, 2014


  6. Molly June 9, 2014

    She’s cute that’s about it, the song sucks ass.

  7. The truth hurts June 9, 2014

    How original!! ANOTHER boring over choreographed dance routine video. Death at her fail attempt to be “edgy” and “cool” at the start.

    • Nicki is queen June 9, 2014


  8. Mark111 June 9, 2014

    So this is Cheryl that CherlToySolider is raving about? Not impressed.

  9. The truth hurts June 9, 2014

    The song just sucks A$$. The JLo wannabe “la la’s” at the start are stupid and those trumpets completely ruin the rest of the song with their p*** poor attempt at giving it a catchy rhythm. Not to mention the lyrics sound like they were written by a 10 year old.

  10. Nicki is queen June 9, 2014

    @TheTruthHurts you shady b**** I said hi!

    • The truth hurts June 9, 2014

      Sorry. Heyyy 🙂

  11. CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

    Yassss the video slayed. The routine is everything.
    First, not it being up here dedicating multiple comments to cheryl after it watched her performance Saturday, have her vevo views, listened to her bbc premiere, went to her tour, watches her on X factor, and was the first to preorder her single. I would and have never for Lana. It talks about boring routines when Lana has no rhythm to save her life. The absolute self drag!! There’s a reason her music literally gets played in elevators!!! It should keep seething knowing my fav doesn’t rely on Botox, alcohol, and d*** to write music and feign an existence.

    • OH BABY I…….. June 9, 2014

      We all know Lana can’t sing live and is a studio artist much like your girl, Bootleg Shania Twain.

      Queen Victoria SLAYS this girl. She needs to make more music like “Call My Name” that joint was FIYAH!

      • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

        Who tf is Victoria and who ever used shania twain as a drag? Death

    • The truth hurts June 9, 2014

      Ooh! Someone’s a bit touchy today. And what the f**** wrong with me watching her video if I want to pass I judgement on it. Your style may be to pre judge something with no actual knowledge but I’m not prejudiced or a fake b**** like you!

      • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

        No ones touchy. I’m pointing out the absolute stupidity and hypocrisy in your remarks. You’re literally Cheryl’s number 1 undercover stan. Lana will forever be known by her snl performance, what a performer!! Also wondering why this is already above west coast?

      • CARMEN June 10, 2014

        LMAO and youre really Lana’s number 1 undercover stan then arent you?

        and this is already above West Coast because its a new song. will this chart in the States (where it really matters) tho?

      • CherylSoldierr June 10, 2014

        No babe, in the uk Lana’s single has yet to be released, so it’s new. And that’s a self drag when west coast does 100k in the us while cheryl does 160k minimum in the UK. Absolute death at that.

  12. Sisqo ( king of R&B) June 9, 2014

    Another flop b**** with no impact

    • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

      Self drag

  13. Rosie June 9, 2014

    I’m not in the mood to come for Chav today.
    Boom Clap by Charli XCX is still slaying US iTunes! Hoping it won’t fall off after this week since The Fault In Our Trash will probably (and hopefully) die down next week. It’s also really local, which is also pretty good since that kinda proves TFIOS is also local.

    • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

      It’s charting higher than Lana. I’m impressed by her

      • Rosie June 9, 2014

        I wonder how Charli’s next album will do. Maybe it’ll actually chart.

  14. nat June 9, 2014

    Wow ppl really don’t like this song, she needs to move on to the next one pronto

  15. LovebirdTGJ June 9, 2014

    She served and slayed, congrats ma. Plus those cheek bones>>>>> This woman is beautiful.

  16. chdgsvdbdbzn June 9, 2014

    totally love this song!! its number one in itunes in france, belgium, holland, spain, italy and greece, cheryl rules!!!

    stelletje mongolen, dn dees kende toch nie lezen he

    • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014


  17. Sleazy June 9, 2014

    This video slayed Anything Rihanna , katy , Miley etc put out got to give her credit even better than most of beyonce Walmart budget videos I love bey but I can’t take those cheap ass videos Drunk inlove deserved a Better video the song is epic *does hand movements*

    • CherylSoldierr June 9, 2014

      Omg this slays!!!!! Yasss

  18. Benji June 9, 2014

    This song is so lame to me.

  19. idgi June 10, 2014

    All her videos are the same

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