Watch: Cheryl Cole Performs ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Published: Saturday 7th Jun 2014 by Sam

Pop force Cheryl Cole charged onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage tonight to offer the first live performance of new single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’.

The showing, which precedes the debut of song’s video on Monday, saw The X Factor judge joined by Tinie Tempah and an army of dancers.

How did she fare? Find out below!


For all the solidness of the performance, its various bells and whistles couldn’t divert from how dire the actual song is.

Indeed, it put the wackness of the track in full spotlight for all to see.

Again, unfortunate, as everything built around it was in fine form; namely the choreography, the sass, and staging. Even Cheryl’s pre-recorded vocal wasn’t as bad as usual.

With so few gravitating to the song upon launch, Cole’s best bet would be to bill it as a buzz cut and rush through promotional efforts in preparation for a “proper” chart attack. Because, even if this charts well, aggressively trying to put a pretty bow on garbage could have an adverse effect her campaign.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

    The vocals sounded live to me, especially towards the end. She always slays the stage and I’m ready for the video. I’m happy that she’s pushing herself this era. But being an honest stan, I’ll admit that the song isn’t as strong as her other lead singles.

    • maurice June 7, 2014

      LMAO!! You are PA-THE-TIC!
      She records the song before she goes on stage — in other words, she does the song “live” before the show. Then she uses that to lipsync over.

      She’s SOOOO basic, the song is basic as hell and she’ll NEVER have a career anywhere other than the UK.

      If this crap goes number 1, this country is a waste and a disgrace.

      She can’t do anything but lipsync, why she even a judge on a talent show. Ughh…. this girl needs to find Jesus and go somewhere with her backtrack lipsyncing ashy face.

      • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

        Receipts? Like I said, it sounded live. Bye

    • anningvuxcbxb June 7, 2014

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  2. Teacher June 7, 2014

    Y’all just give anybody a thread these days…smh….who tf is this?

    • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

      This is a uk blog. Cheryl is one of the biggest stars in the uk. Stop being a dumb b****

      • Teacher June 7, 2014

        Lol crryyying @ u being mad!

      • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

        She out performed your fav. No lies detected on that…

      • Teacher June 7, 2014

        LOOOOOOL stoooop! *gasping for air*

      • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

        Your fav is rih right? She doesn’t really do choreography and cheryl dances better than her. I love rih but just being honest

  3. Del Bey June 7, 2014

    I agree with sams evaluation

    • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

      Babe did you think she slayed the performance? It’s ok if you didn’t like the song, it’s a grower. I don’t like the “la la la.”

  4. Teacher June 7, 2014


  5. MusicFan June 7, 2014

    Cheryl slayed this performance and I agree at the end she did sound live, but at some places the lip synching was a bit sloppy but she still worked the stage and those dance moves..WOW! Crazy Stupid Love reminds me of I Will Never Let You Down in the sense that when it first came out I didn’t really feel it but now when I hear the song I belt it out! The same with CSL it really has grown on me and I’m sure it will be a hit!

    • MusicFan June 7, 2014

      And no shade here, but when I say “I’m sure it will be a hit”, just like I Will Never Let You Down it will be a hit in the UK & Ireland..and thats it!

  6. room319 June 7, 2014

    Killed it. Unfuckwithable performance.

  7. Molly June 7, 2014


    • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

      Absolute death when she’s doing more than all of your favs.

  8. Fantasma June 7, 2014

    Cheryl, the time has come for you to lip synch for your LIFE!

    Good luck and don’t f*** it up.

  9. Rosie June 7, 2014

    Speaking of UK artists Charli XCX is slaying iTunes! Too bad it took such a horribly s***** white girl bait book/movie for her to chart solo.

    • CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

      She is slaying! I love the song too!

  10. Killer Lover June 7, 2014

    Mehhh…Boring Song…Just rereleased s*** then a mutha as ur first single girl…that’s song so much better then this crazy stupid song…choreography wise do nothin much too & usually Cheryl do kill it in that area but this is a big no no for me…move on to next single please…

  11. xedos June 7, 2014

    Sound better than rita crap. I like how TGJ don’t post any story how Calvin release a statement say he dump Rita for a minute now

  12. IStanForYourFav June 7, 2014

    Ooohhhh so this Cheryl (lol) #SoSeriousThough

  13. Mark111 June 7, 2014

    Is there an owl in here? Cause all I see is Who? Who? and Who? everywhere. Who is this?

    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      Let’s get ur fav booked on a stage asap!!

  14. Mimi carey June 8, 2014


    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      56k? The album sold as much as you’re mines total sales?

  15. Joey June 8, 2014

    I really don’t get it. Whats the big fuss with Cheryl Lopez? The dancing was just okay and the singing was an abomination exposed further by a bad song… the ad libs at the end, errrh!

    This is how i know the U.K are haters. Alexandra Burke sings and dances better than Cheryl, live easily but this racist man eating chick just keeps getting air time. i don’t get it.

    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      Alexandra does not dance better. The reach. And she’s not racist. She only dates black men.

      • idgi June 8, 2014

        She’s dated a white person before…

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        She dates black men

      • idgi June 8, 2014

        Derek Hough is white so the statement, she only dates black men is incorrect

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        Did they date? Cheryl never confirmed. She always does

      • idgi June 8, 2014

        She doesn’t have to announce every relationship she has lol. Derek did talk about it though to the press it seemed very short term since it was after the Ashley dilemma, probably a rebound thing

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        So not a real relationship?

      • idgi June 8, 2014

        Idk, he took her away to South Africa and that’s when pictures of them together emerged looking extra cosy. I only remember it because I always thought she could do better than that, he’s kinda ugg.

      • Dev June 8, 2014

        She’s dating a white guy now according to the media, also, Donald Sterlings mistress wasn’t white and he’s racist as hell! Justin Beibers entire social circle is black… watch the videos.
        I think Alexandra dances MUCH better.

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        Dev? You mean the flop from 2010? Not you trying to compare cheryl to Donald sterling when she is in no way racist, and was never found guilty of being racist. And Alexandra does not dance better. Just stop. Alexandra could never do the call my name routine. Who are you?

  16. idgi June 8, 2014

    I don’t like this song nor the performance, I’ll just wait for the second single because I know she’ll have something better than this. And yeah with all that dancing I believe them vocals were prerecorded, let’s not be delusional about it…

  17. Sleazy June 8, 2014

    I like cheryl just not that stan!!!! Anyway solid to me the song pre chorus is dope! I’ll watch cheryl love over rihanna and katy miley etc any day

    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      You try being the only cheryl stan on here. Guarantee you you couldn’t do it

  18. ontherun June 8, 2014

    Think sam said it best tbh… the song is very mediocre and the dance routine was okay but not nearly as good as her past lead singles

    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      I thought I forever dismissed you from cheryl posts already?

      • ontherun June 8, 2014

        LMAO at your delusional ass; to think you have some sort of power because you stay lurking on this website. B**** I dont have a problem with Cheryl its your desperate ,hating ass me and many others cannot stand. So have a seat please.

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        Just wondering how I’m “desperate” and “hating” when I never seek you and don’t even know what you are. It’s always you coming for me or cheryl. You try being the only cheryl stan on this site. Then you can talk. Bye b****

    • Kasim Rehman June 8, 2014

      Let me break it down for you:
      you’re desperate becuae you felt the need to attack mr bevause I’d left nothing more than my opinion on this post (I even stated that I liked some of cheryls past singles) and I haven’t come for cheryl at all
      you’re hating because I see you on every lana post arguing with people and comparing cheryls receipts to try to big her up to ppl who don’t really care.
      I wasn’t coming for cheryl at all here and in the prevoous post I was defending lanas success and not draggin
      g cheryl down for no reason like you were with lana . And I wasnt coming for you or cheryl here but you felt the need to leave a snidy comment for no reason. As for you “not knowing what I am” (??) I fail to see the relevance.

      • ontherun June 8, 2014

        Excuse the auto correct name above

      • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

        Again, you always try to shade me or cheryl so I’m gonna clap back. Handle it or leave b!txh

  19. Amanda Bynes June 8, 2014


  20. The truthtruth June 8, 2014

    The performance was basic. She has 0 charisma or stage presence. Her jaunty broken hip moves are tired. Little Mix annihilated her, in dancing and vocals. Even though Cheryls were all pre ecorded.

    • CherylSoldierr June 8, 2014

      Nice multi

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