Report: Zendaya Leaves ‘Aaliyah’ Biopic

Published: Sunday 29th Jun 2014 by David

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Au revoir!


See ya!

Whichever way one spins it, the above is just what ‘Disney‘ actress Zendaya told ‘Lifetime’ this week, after cutting ties with their forthcoming Aaliyah biopic.

Yes, after scoring the lead role and committing to begin shooting the project in the coming weeks, ‘E!’ now reports that the actress will no longer portray the late singer, leaving the position for the role wide open!

Their story below…

A rep for the 17-year-old actress told E! News exclusively on Sunday, June 29, that “Zendaya is no longer involved in the project.” Lifetime, which had announced her casting in the biopic on June 16, has not commented.
A source told E! News that there were production issues, including problems obtaining the rights to Aaliyah’s music. The R&B star and Queen of the Damned actress died at age 22 in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2001.

Publishing the above minutes ago, ‘E’s news comes hours before the performer is set to grace the ‘2014 BET Awards’, where members of the attending press had hoped to quiz her on the role and where she is nominated in the ‘Young Star’ award category.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.


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  1. iHeart June 29, 2014


    • mekaela June 29, 2014

      Aliyah was not any innocent girl her
      Family is a hot mess for them to act
      Like this where we’re they when she married
      A grown ass man it was okay for r Kelly
      To screw her when she was a child for
      Fame aliyah family is a greedy power
      Tripping piece of shits

  2. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) June 29, 2014

    They dragged her to oblivion…so sad

    • Molly June 29, 2014

      I know smh

      i wanna cry for her.

      • mekaela June 29, 2014

        The uncle have the nerve to want
        Zoe zaldana to play her back in
        The day people use to say she can’t
        Sing aliyah was not an icon black
        People hated her back then blacks
        Wait for u to die then support u
        Look how they hate on Michael Jackson
        Now they love him Michael made
        His money because whites bought
        His music blacks don’t gives two
        F**** about their own example bey
        And rih they want to see these two fail
        In life

  3. K June 29, 2014

    whatever all the fighting she was getting, was b-llc@p.i see no reason for them not to let her play the part,anyways i wish Zedaya all the best.

  4. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    No one will ever be the legendary Aaliyah. Zendaya is trash anyways

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Ariana is not that great either b****.

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Says the rihanna stan.. Let me just laugh

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        Laugh at your ponnytailed bimbo whos debut didnt went gold yet after a damn year.

    • Proud-Arianator (My Everything 24 August) June 30, 2014

      Yours truly hasn’t been out for a year
      Do the math or is that a bit of a challenge

  5. Mark111 June 29, 2014

    After watching Jomo (Aaliyah’s cousin and head of Blackground records) spoke about lifetime re recording her songs, I was over it. This was gonna be a messy movie and Flex MJ pic. It would’ve ruined this girl’s career.

    The family should get with VH1 and do a movie with them. I don’t see this story being a success in theaters, unless they let it all out. As a fan, I did not know that Aaliyah was black listed after the r kelly thing.

    • Molly June 29, 2014

      Hi mark how are you?

      • Mark111 June 29, 2014

        Sup Molly.

      • Molly June 29, 2014

        What have you been up to? Besides being rude to me.

      • Mark111 June 29, 2014

        You take things too personal. The only thing I did was dissed Ciara. No difference than you dissing Rihanna. It’s not personal, it just doing it for fun.

      • Molly June 29, 2014

        But you’ve been literally attacking me everyday when i don’t even say anything bout Rih, i really liked & you started turning on me for no reason 🙁 but whatever Mark

    • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

      I feel like its still early as a fan of Aaliyah doing this is not right if the family isn’t happy.

  6. Molly June 29, 2014

    That’s so sad she was so excited over the role smh 🙁

  7. pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

    2 bad she could do it well

    • Molly June 29, 2014

      hi boo. hope you ain’t mad at me

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        Well i’m kinda disappointed in u. U were my fave bitchh here and you came at me out of the blue all of a sudden..

      • Molly June 29, 2014

        Boo it was nothing personal i wasn’t just targeting you i was addressing all of the people in that post arguing over the same topic. I apologize if you were offended i still like you 🙂

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        Appology accepted just dont call me a ho next time lol. How u been doin tho?

  8. Antonio June 29, 2014

    I’m pretty sure she left because of legal issues. Aaliyah’s family actually could’ve sued her and her team for performing Aaliyah’s songs without permission. Aaliyah’s family needs to take Barry to court to get the rights to her music. That’s why it’s not availabke on iTunes or Google Play

    • Chrissy June 29, 2014

      You can legally cover a song but as long as you aren’t selling it or recording to make a profit than you are fine

    • Mark111 June 29, 2014

      And lifetime had the rights to use them. Some shady way through Timberland production company. The family owns the masters of Aaliyah music, but publishing has different lines in and out. So lifetime could use the beats, but not the Aaliyah vocals, which is still messy.

  9. FAF June 29, 2014

    Disgusted with the way they treated this child

  10. Molly June 29, 2014

    People did zendaya so wrong tho smh attack the casting director not an innocent teen who got the role.

  11. Suicide Blonde June 29, 2014

    I knew it, i mean, just look at the picture.

  12. Jane June 29, 2014

    More like the casting backlash from the general public got to her. This isn’t the first time, the GP complains about a casting producer casting an actor that people felt wasn’t the ‘right choice’ for the role. You have to pay them no mind and just prove them wrong.

    • Mark111 June 29, 2014

      But she says she’s a huge Aaliyah fan and an inspiration, yet you want to do a film that her family doesn’t mean support. She made tje right choice, this would’ve killed her career.

  13. pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

    Zendaya is better than ariana, To the b**** ^^^^^ shut your whoring cocksuckin mouth before you open your infected acne filled mouth bout rihanna u dumb d***

  14. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    It debuted #1 something rihanna didn’t do with her debut. Its nearing the gold status. Ariana is a vocalist can’t say the same about that person you stan for. Worry about her vocals! Worry about her slaving her ass off for blue ivy. Now check that? *in my Nene Leakes voice*

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Pon the replay #2 . The way #10 . Rihanna is an ICON . Whats a ariana besides a bad badd baddddd version of young mariah? When will she have a number one? Whos gonna take her seriously with this uhly ass ponnytail looking like a girl from an anima cartoon p***? F*** u

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Ariana Grande sings for the president sings with Legendary Musicians., Rihanna in the other hand sucks d*** for relevance. Get your ghetto hoodrat ass of my diick. That “ICON” is worth less than Miley Cyrus check that 🙁

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Icon award. Fashion icon award. Petfumes. Clothong line. Movies. 7 succeessful albums . 13 number ones. Got her top 2 hit at 17 and firstnumber one at 18. Successful tours. Multipile top 10s. Most watched channell on youtube. ARIANA WILL NEVER U COCKSUCKIN FAGGOTTY LOOKING DIKEASS WORTHLESS.UGLY GREMLIN LOOKIN PATHETIC BOTTOOMM ASS PIECE OF SHITTTTTTTTT

  15. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    Why don’t you worry about Rihanna who had to suck Jay Z’s d*** to be famous worry about that ZERO talented h** who depends on sucking writers & producers to get hits. NO VOCALS, NO STAGE PRESENCE, CAN’T DANCE. Only poses nudes to get attention. Worry about that b****

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Her vocals slays your h*** SCREECHING ass vocals damnnnn i’d rather hear cat nails on a godamn chalkboard. No stage presence??? Lmfao!! Rihanna is best at stage prsence she connects with the croud she’s alive she’s flirty she dances she does it all!! Ariana will NEVER come close to her u lil bitchh she will forever be a ugly ass mothafucka who aounds like a whiny cat

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Explain why Beyoncé is better than her live?

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        Explain why has her debut sold less then 500k?

  16. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    I am a very nice person I applaude ALL your faves. I am very positive but this site is just making me negative each & every damn time I comment I become angry & I say things that are so mean 🙁

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Uhhh u want a coockie b****? F*** u fuckkk u and fuckkkk u again!! Phuck u & ur d*** ass fave i hope youll get f***** by a stranger this fine sunday u lil pussyyyy ass mothafuckaaaaaaaaa.

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Go back to school hoodrat sigh

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        Imaaa stab a bithhhh like u i will hack ur ass find you and cut ur ass u lil punk!!!!! Shut your mouth and go wipe the cumm off your nasty infected a*** filled lips mothaphuckaaaa

  17. Special Delivery June 29, 2014

    Pothang. They drug her for filth. I feel for her shes only young but if she really respected Aaliyah she would respect her families wishes. Although they shouldnt be mad about it being on lifetime and not the big screen. Aaliyah was not a megastar. Now Whitney, I understand.

  18. pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

    Ok when the hive comes for the queen or lambs i somehow can understand it. But when a f***** analrinator ho has the AUDACITY to f***** TRY to come for the queen i cant help but to ROFL!!!!!

    • Sass June 29, 2014

      Why would the Hive come for the Queen? Thats their own fave.

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        What kind of katy perry style joke ho.

      • Sass June 29, 2014

        It was a serious question

  19. Dossome June 29, 2014

    Was not here for it.I love biopics btw,but only when the person being portrayed is the one telling his/her own story.

  20. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    After all those accolades Miley Cyrus is still worth more than her. With 13 #1s she sells only 10 Million Albums in the states with 7 tries that’s not even funny tbh.

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      She did hanna montana whad do u exlect she was paid millions!!! Rihanna would have worth just like.her if she was hanna.

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Excuses Excuses idhtt welfare h**

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        So whats ur ezcuse for notgold truly?

      • FAF June 29, 2014

        ^ u do realize aglm was out before mots went gold right ?

  21. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    Yet Beyoncé slays her live

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Kesha slays ariana live. Again i’d rather hear a cat scratch a chalkboard than to hear her SCREAMING FOR THE GAWDS.

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        Yes because you stan for trash darling I’m not surprised *sips Ice tea*

      • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

        I stan for an icom not a nicklodion future p*** star who cant sing for ahit and her debut sold 500k.& u aint sippin any ice tea , u sippin cumm like damn spagetti u lil ho

      • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

        You’re an illiterate imbecile, I am not gonna further waste my energy on you

  22. Yours Truly June 29, 2014

    My fave sings for the president. Sings with legends like Patti, Aretha etc .. Her 2013 AMA was hailed the best performance of the night. She slayed rihanna with her ghetto ass performance Diamonds

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      Lol rihanna is praised by all the greats. She is going to be rememberd for breaking records . She will be the woman with most number ones. She is the most wanted feature artist. She has the.most verstile vocals of them all. She has 13 number ones and many many mannnnyy more accomplishments ariana will never have. Phuck u

  23. IStanForYourFav June 29, 2014

    LOL at these two arguing.

    Anyway, I think she did the right thing considering two factors, 1) If you really respect Aaliyah, you can’t go against her family’s wishes & 2) Unlike some of her peers, Z has potential to be a star, so I wish her well injher future endeavors.

    • pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

      I have a name b****

  24. coolness June 29, 2014

    Well damn, that was quick! I like Zendaya and I sorta feel bed for her. The fans, public dragged this girl for filth and I think she knew it was coming. If you watched her 106 & Park interview where she made the announcement, she seemed like she couldn’t breathe and looked downright nervous. Poor girl but if she really was an Aaiyah fan, she won’t have signed unto a movie a where the family of the person is playing did not approve of such a project. If this biopic ended up being a Flex Alexander-sized mess, it could total her career. So Zendaya, if you DID leave the film, kudos for having the hindsight to foresee a potential disaster. She’s beautiful, sweet and talented. Her time is coming, just not now.

  25. pu$$y juice lover June 29, 2014

    U ugly lil b**** lol u pathetic! U have a crush on suicide blonde. A person u never saw or heared. Pitful ho

    • Yours Truly June 29, 2014

      Even if I have a crush on suicide Blonde how does that concern you? How are you affected? Worry about your H** status h**

  26. Sass June 29, 2014

    It was doomed from the start. Shes only 17 though, she obviously wanted to do it to help career.

  27. MISHKA June 29, 2014

    Therefore I’m no longer interested in any Aaliyah biopic.

    The Haughton family did the ultimate most with the whole story. Aaliyah was not that big of a superstar anyway. They are passing on a great opportunity SMH.

    Zendaya was the best option overall. Good luck Zendaya, you’ll be fine!

    • FAF June 29, 2014

      !!!!! Yaaaaaaaaas

    • dotti June 29, 2014

      aaliyah was on her way up because she had the blessings of those who have the power to anoint their favorite artists with the “superstar” or “icon” status. think about ‘jlo’ who’s not a great singer but is a good performer but hasn’t had a decent selling cd or successful movie in eons. one would think by the media’s hailing of her that she’s holding up the entire entertainment industry with her big black-girl booty. britney spears hasn’t put on a performance that wasn’t laughable for almost a decade but some media as well as tgj still fawn over her as if she hitting it every time. someone even referred to her as being a peer of beyonce’s…some stretch. aaliyah could definitely sing and dance and she was about to blow up big time.

  28. MC!!! June 29, 2014

    Well that’s it for the movie!!

  29. Daisy June 29, 2014

    Aaliyah’s family wants her story on the big screen LOL. They think she was bigger than she really was. Now Whitney’s biopic should be on the big screen not Aaliyah’s. Who’s next? Mya? LOL.

    • FAF June 29, 2014

      Thank u lmao comparing her to Selena who was murdered by her best friend

      • FAF June 29, 2014

        We know how Aaliyah died there’s no scandal plus it’s been 13 yrs

      • Brian310 June 29, 2014

        What does her being shot by her bestfriend and Aaliyah dying in a plane crash have to do with anything?…Both deaths were covered so obviously you didn’t follow Selena and therefore didn’t know her story which completely voids your argument about Aaliyah being irrelevant.

    • Brian310 June 29, 2014

      Aaliyah was on her way up…use common sense if she was so irrelevant NO ONE would be talking about her after all these years people saw her on the come up most artist that die have already reached their peak or their death was foreseeable, hers happened in the midst of her reaching her prime and it happened out of nowhere.

  30. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 29, 2014

    Bawhahaha! People were dragging the hell out of that girl. Some were strait up saying she was too damn ugly to play her lol. It makes sense that the movie got scraped since they basically can’t even use Liyah’s vocals with the songs.

    #Very messy

  31. CT June 29, 2014

    not an ariana carey stan coming for any fan base. who has ariana slayed? where is her gold certification? Her live performances are basic and her vocals are thin…. she is a watered down Mariah and that’s a compliment. I will be surprised if her next album is certified glass tbh. Anywho in regards to the movie it look likes its never going to happen.

  32. Brian310 June 29, 2014

    I can’t think of his name but someone on here said it best, what made people fascinated by Aaliyah was her mysterious mystique, some legacies are not meant to be told and it’s time for people to come to the realization that her mother may never be ready to rehash her daughters life on film.

  33. Eric June 30, 2014

    I am in very good company as an Aaliyah fan. I love how we take a stand and shut stuff down when it’s disrespectful to Aaliyah’s memory and to the people she loved. If Lifetime thinks they’re having a hard time getting music clearance, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re not going to let them have an easy time walking all over Aaliyah’s mother and brother.

  34. Proud-Arianator (My Everything 24 August) June 30, 2014

    @yours truly looooool at you dragging that Rihanna Stan from here to Cairo

  35. sleazy June 30, 2014

    Aaliyah fans are so disgusting they pigs! To treat someone this way your fav died! She try to do something that will put your fav in the spotlight again! To honor her! I can’t deal but let someone just say something bout aaliyah they cry murder I’m over them and their fav! Now A REAL legend movie I can’t wait to see is Whitney

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