DJ Mustard Teases “Dope” New Rihanna Record

Published: Friday 25th Jul 2014 by David


Should her new album hit stores in quarter four, Def Jam star Rihanna will find  herself facing competition from the likes of Usher, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea..and if industry murmurings are to be believed, Adele.

So, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why failure isn’t an option for the chanteuse, set to sales from this album compared to those generated by Beyonce‘s latest studio effort.

Does Rihanna have what it takes to pull in ‘Beyonce’ like numbers? We’ll let you answer that one below, right after you peep producer DJ Mustard teasing his recent work with the singer, which he has billed “dope.”

Check it out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. truthtea July 25, 2014

    Bye Felicia

  2. bash July 25, 2014

    I forgot all about her…

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

      A lot of people did and she knew they would. Why else do you think she released an album year after year? So people wouldn’t forget her because she’s replacable and can’t sing or dance…we’ll get a nude photo soon for “shock” value….

      • Rih Rox July 25, 2014

        She’s been around.
        This site just doest
        Have anything shady to write about.

  3. HOWYOULIKEIT July 25, 2014

    she will sell her singles as usual and her album will flop as usual

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      LIES , Which album was that? Was it Loud that sold over 6 million, or TTT with over 3.5 mill , or could it be UN which sold 3.5 million? Look at any end of the year album chart this decade and Rihanna constantly has 2 top 40 best selling albums ww . I cant even count the singles, its a lot

    • maka July 26, 2014

      Yes and she will sell out stadiums….

      • Not a Fan July 26, 2014

        Rita Ora is going to be the next it girl. Move over RiRi, your time has ended. Your career will be like Ashanti or Mimi or better yet J-Lo – irrelevant. Ha ha ha.

  4. The Great Lacefronce. July 25, 2014

    Iconna coming to slay!

  5. LB July 25, 2014

    I forgot we are already close to quarter 4; cannot wait for new Rihanna music.

  6. Overdose July 25, 2014

    Who? Its funny no one really cares about once she stops releasing music. I see why she releases anually.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      She’s currently the most searched female musician on the internet this year . nice try

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

        Maybe for

      • Ivanna July 25, 2014

        For being nude probably. No one cares about her outside of her antics. Get over it.

  7. I Stan For Myself July 25, 2014

    Adele will overshadow her, sorry Ri fans.

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      They don’t have the same fanbase idiot and Rih always sells worldwide regardless. Her past few albums have sold 3+ million.

      • I Stan For Myself July 25, 2014

        You damn right they don’t have the same base. Rihanna fans love to run up their mouths but can’t back it up in comparison to some.

      • Jose July 25, 2014

        Can’t back what up? Her albums consistently sell 3+ million worldwide. Pretty good for a singles artist.

      • blow toys July 25, 2014

        Ya’ll still believe album sales are real? DEAD LOL!!

      • I Stan For Myself July 25, 2014

        Celebrating basicness? I think you mean pretty basic for the ‘supposed’ #1 chick in the game (her words not mine)

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Adele and Rihanna are the two highest selling female artists this decade , two different genres and audiences

      • mekaela July 25, 2014

        Why you haters so f****** mad
        Rih will be fine gtfoh talk ing
        About people forgot rih

  8. blow toys July 25, 2014

    They say the same thing over and over again it’s just gonna be fast food music as usual. Next

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Aint it funny how all the producers and writers and featured artists that Ri works with are so highly praised yet when Ri makes music with them its generic fast food? Please , just please .

  9. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 25, 2014

    TGJ staff are acting like Rihanna doesn’t sell more records per album/era? Her albums do sell and if you are going to compare Rihanna to *cough cough* ‘album seller’ then she will be fine. Don’t worry about how much her album will sell, worry about how much of an impact it would have on the world.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      I’m sorry but hasn’t una flop sold less than bangerz, prism, pure heroine and beyonce in the us? Death.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        But it has sold more than A MILLION FLOPS, Bangerz, Prism, Payola Heroine in the UK and worldwide.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        I guess you didn’t answer my question. And the logic is not sound at all. Kii

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Rihanna this decade has slayed albums and singles . Dont let That Dumb Juice fool u . She consistently sells well over 3 million per album this decade and millions of single .. Her record sales are amazing compared to her contemporaries who can sell both albums and singles.

  10. truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

    OhbLAAAWD this site finna b awf da chain lol

    • DAN July 25, 2014

      B**** speak english!

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        Ho i SAAAID, OH LAWD, THIS SITE FINNA B AWF DA CHAIN!! Now suck this pusssy

  11. truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

    Slugfest honey. Im sitn thia one out. *lights blunt

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014


  12. Jose July 25, 2014

    By pull in Beyonce numbers do you mean first week? Because Bey hasn’t even outdid Rihs last album yet lol. Rih is a consistent seller so first week sales don’t matter

    • metzo July 25, 2014

      Can she go x2 Platinum in less than a 8 months? No. Kay, enuff said.

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Can she go 2x platinum at all?

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      2 million Us 1.3 million everywhere else in the world

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        But what has una flop done in the us so far? Why has pure heroine, prism, beyonce and bangerz outsold it? That’s a kii

      • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

        1st of all its 1.5mill. 2nd It doesn’t matter because Beyoncé global sales with out US is still higher than Rihannas global sales with out the US.
        Beyoncé=32millww & 15mill US
        Rihanna=25.2millww & 10mill US
        3rd I dont know much about algebra but I know 32 minus 15 is 17 & 25.2 minus 10 is 15.2. I’m no rocket scientist but I think its safe 2 come to the conclusion that a global icon should not be getting outsold by a local flop with 2 less albums. Not to mention one flopped & one remains promotionless. You think your shading Beyoncé but yur just shadin yurself & yur fave.!

      • Jose July 25, 2014

        Lol @the pressed Cheryl stan, worry about your local fave. Miley nor Katy have pistols Rih worldwide yet and Bey is at 3.3 million worldwide

        All that hype for what?

      • Brian310 July 25, 2014

        Rihanna has sold 30 million records ww

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Rihanna consistently outsells Beyonce , by the millions

      • Jose July 25, 2014

        *outsold, autocorrect lol

  13. Jessica July 25, 2014

    TGJ mentioned Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki in the same post?! *grabs popcorn and waits for the Hive, Navy and Barbs to bust out the stats*

  14. DAN July 25, 2014

    Im here for her return but I an NOT here for her using him. This n**** sells the same beat to every artist. I hope he gave her something new.

  15. ChakaYonce July 25, 2014

    Can Rihanna match Beyonce’s first week sales? Lol. Can she even match Nicki’s? I mean on the real girls, PF did 375k and last I checked Rihanna’s highest is 300,000. LOOOOOOOOL.

    • 7 July 25, 2014

      LOL her Highest is not even 300k. It’s 280k something..

    • CATFISH CAREY July 25, 2014


      • OnikaMyQueen July 25, 2014

        PF did around 250 dear, STILL higher than most of Rihanna averages.

    • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

      300k? 280k? Girl she hasnt even done 250k

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Beyonce nor Nicki can sell the amount of Records that Rihanna does . Dont be a joke , its simple math

      This decade , Rihanna has outsold all of her contemporaries minus Adele

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Obviously not. They don’t release music like a conveyer belt.

  16. 7 July 25, 2014

    Funny how nobody is talking about her anymore. She doesn’t have that “it factor” . The only way she can get people to remain “interested in her” is to simultaneously release new music or post Nudes on her Imstagram. LOLLL

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      Girl bye, How many times are you gonna post the said comment under 2-3 usernames

      You know like I know you’re interested in what shes doing

  17. ~The Arcade~ July 25, 2014

    The word “Chanteuse” fits her extremely well, I think I’m gonna use that to describe her more often 🙂

  18. Sass July 25, 2014

    Has Rihanna got her instagram back yet?

  19. Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

    Here go TGJ wit da bull shat,

    This decade (2010- )

    Rihanna has sold an average of 3.5 millions albums ww per year with three albums (LOUD, TTT, UN) = over 13 million albums ww , plus over 20 million singles

    Beyonce with two albums has sold under 7 million (4, BEYONCE) , not counting singles (which arent many) which is under 10 million

    will Rihanna sell more with her next album? Of course , the trend has shown this now for over 5 years

    • Sass July 25, 2014

      What kind of dumb logic is this comment.

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        LOGIC is the reason! Im not a dumb teenager from alabama who cant do math! Its easy to count, all u gotta do is count the year end album sales since 2010 and u can count how many albums she has sold , it is MORE than BEYONCE!

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        So minusing singles from Beyonce discography and adding up albums that came out YEARS before. That doesn’t seem like logic to me. Lets add all their albums together and calculate why Beyonce is less than 5 million behind someone with 7 albums to simplify things.

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        this decade so far Bey has released 2 albums (4,Bey) , Rihanna has 3 (LOUD, TTT, UN) . Take out Ri’s highest selling album this decade (LOUD) and she still outsells Beyonce total album sales this decade . Now do u want to count singles as well? That wouldnt be fair

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Now tell me again, why is Beyonce (with 4 albums less than 5 milliok behind someone with 7?)

  20. LB July 25, 2014

    Not a Cheryl fan trying to throw shade when A MILLION FLOPS is selling LESS copies than ORA.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Yet Cheryl’s new single just outsold Rita’s? Pay attention b****. Absolute death. Not to mention the ton of promo ora got, while aml was shelves in October. Screamsss

  21. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

    What kind of logic is it to try to drag with an album that came out a year before beyonce, prism, bangerz and pure heroine yet has sold less than them in the us and is barely doing more ww? Death! She is not an album seller. She’s in fifth place b****.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Rihanna this decade has released 3 albums , totalling over 13 million albums in 4 years .

      Beyonce has released 2 albums totaling less than 7 million albums

      those are just the numbers babe (2010 – present )

  22. LB July 25, 2014

    Not the promo excuse when Cheryl is seated in front of 10 million viewers every 4th quarter on X Factor and yet a million FLOPS selling less than ORA in the UK.

    Are you talking about singles when ORA has got 3 #1s in the UK and a Million FLOPS only has 1.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      She was not on X factor in 2012 you dumb b****. Sharpen up on your knowledge before you try to drag. And cheryl is MUCh bigger than rita in the uk! Stop trying and get your fav some singing lessons so that she can sell over 90k ww

      • LB July 25, 2014

        Gurl bye, she was on X Factor for a good 3 years and yet a Million FLOPS sold less than Ora.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Are you still being stupid? She was on X factor from 08 to 10 and now 14 to whenever. NOT 2012. She didn’t promote it in there either. She didn’t promote tha album after it was released because if the GA reunion. Brush up before you come for cheryl b****.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        Excuses, you said Cheryl is bigger in the UK, why is she selling less than Ora? Why cant she go platinum without X Factor?

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        She had no promo. I don’t think you can read. Promo makes a difference. Example a: your flop. As you can see she just outsold rita w her new single. She is bigger.

  23. LB July 25, 2014

    And not a Cheryl stan talking about album sells when a Million FLOPS is only UK GOLD which is like 100k, something Talk That Talk did in a week.

    Please tell me why A million flops sold less than Ora when Cheryl was seated in front of 10 million people for 3 months every 4th quarter.

  24. LB July 25, 2014

    Not her trying to come for Mariah when Mariah ACTUALLY SANG THE SONG; Unlike a Million FLOPS gurl having the iPod do all the singing for her.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      She actually sounded worse in that clip? Why are you defending it? That was literally the most embarrassing thing for her ever because she’s a “singer.” You can’t defend that kiiiii

      • LB July 25, 2014

        The most embarrassing thing is Cheryl “trying” to sing like in the video above.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Your drags are so bad and boring.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        And yours are as weak as A Million FLOPS’ UK sales.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        You’re literally recycling everything I say, mixing in false facts. Deathhhhhh
        A career ender drag.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        What false facts, has or has not Ora sold more copies than A Million FLOPS? Explain.

    • melly July 25, 2014

      The self drag from the cheryl fan is so funny. Her defence for cheryls awful performance is that she’s not a singer, kiiiiii. She’s hardly janet Jackson on that stage either boo

  25. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

    Huh? Cheryl definitely sang the end. Meanwhile mariah literally sounded like the idol contestants she tried to shade, and she KNEW. Death! And not it having all of its facts wrong! Also gold in the uk is equivalent to 500k in the us. So this “flop” has done much more than many pop artists here. Of course she’s not on Rihanna’s level you dumb f**.

  26. Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

    Even if u only count Unapologetic and TTT for Rihanna that is still over 7 million albums sold, not shipped. Add Loud sales on top of that and its over 13 million albums!


    Beyonce is at 3.5 million with BEYONCE, 4 has not crossed the 3 million mark yet and was released in 2011


    • Rihboy July 25, 2014

      The hive cant do simple math sis! Its ok. Dont waste your time painting a picture. All of rihs albums are doing well. After the next drop she will pick up even more accolades putting her another bracket above the basics who need divorce gimmics, elevator fights, and paid covers to remain relevant. Le queen isnt bothered. Doing shoots here and there and putting her next pot of platinum together.

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        Rihboy u da sh*t! 😉

    • sleazy July 25, 2014

      Can’t do their math Yet you just compared 3 albums to 2 ? How’s that fair! How did unStruggledToGoplat and TalkThatflop sell over 7mil together Yall STAY lying bout her sales

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        Rihboy! And im not even counting the singles she has sold since 2010 .

        sleazy im not making up stuff im going based off the year end album charts . From what is says TTT has sold 3.5 million + Unapologetic is at 3.5 million as well …..wait for it .. thats 7 million combined 😉

        those are her lowest selling , LOUD is at over 6 million .. When was the last time Bey could push 6 million plus from one album? ….

        2008 (IASF)

      • Rihboy July 25, 2014

        Struggle or not it got there right? That was two vs two by the way. With addition of the third followed. Read hun, its fundamental. Beys sales are still stagnant and nothing as glorious as her fans make it. Come down of the high horse. Rih is still slaying her single wise and digitally. Although beys album has garnered rave reviews, and has broken records; the singles still fail to perform sweetie. Even with all the promotion. So please stop and go buy flopping hurts and floptition.

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        The self drag. Rave reviews and broken records>>>> singles.

  27. Rihboy July 25, 2014

    Lls. You can cut the desperation and hate with a knife in here. Nobody will overshadow rih. None of those ppl but adele will stand prominent alongside rih when she releases. The masses mouths are watering for new music. Which will be perfect to top of her movie release next year. She will dominate 2015. I see beyonce picking up awards first quater next year, but no ones still listening to that album. I cant wait until this drop so she can silence these h*** again. It seems like her team are doing a great job on not leaking any snippets.

  28. LB July 25, 2014

    Screaming at the excuses; when the iPod stopped working is when she decided to squeal out some “notes” (used loosely) from those painful “vocal” (used loosely) chords.

    Gurl sit down, a Cheryl stan trying to throw shade is like an Ashanti, Tinashe, Ciara stan trying to throw shade.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Huh? What kind of logic is it to compare Cheryl’s vocals to Mariah’s?!?!?!?! Screaming!!!!!!! Also where’s the drag when Cheryl’s single just outsold Rita’s? Death! Why did mariah sound worse than cheryl when cheryl is a performer?!

  29. sleazy July 25, 2014

    This bish can’t be original if you paid her to ALWAYS following trends

    • ~The Arcade~ July 25, 2014

      Exactly, DJ Mustard is HOTT right now… and she’s just joined a long lists of people who want his sound for the moment.

  30. LB July 25, 2014

    Cheryl’s vocals? What vocals? Gurl you stan for a basic b**** who cannot sell without X Factor.

    Still no explanation of why A Million Flops sold less than ORA in the UK when Cheryl is supposed to be “big” in the UK. Why can she only go gold when she’s supposed to be big in the UK?

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      It’s not my fault you choose to not read and literally copy and paste the same things over and over again, thinking that they’re “drags.” Bring something new b****. But you know what, she did do more than your favs’ 30k in the uk.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        I am still waiting for an explanation of why Ora sold more than A MILLION FLOPS when Cheryl is supposed to be the bigger artist and had a huge hit prior to a MILLION FLOPs’ release.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        I gave you one babe. Read. It’s an important life skill.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        You gave me an excuse, not an explanation.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014


      • Rih Rox July 25, 2014

        Lol your fave sucks.

    • melly July 25, 2014

      You pretty much did give an excuse. Your logic is flawed because you stated that cheryl’s bigger than rita but than went on to blame lack of promo for ora outselling a million lights. Beyoncé is bugger than jlo and jlo promo’d the f*** out of her album and it flopped so the bigger artist tends to do better.

  31. Ozzy July 25, 2014

    DEATHHH!!!!! NOT this Cheryl flop being dragged edgeless LMAOOOO. THE DELUSION and JEALOUSY is real hun. Mad that Ri sold more records than your fave hun?? Sorry flop h**.

    • LB July 25, 2014

      It has been talking a lot of s*** when it’s fav is being outsold by Rita Ora of all people….I AM CRYING!!!!!!!! HYPERVENTILATING!!!!! SEIZURES ALL AROUND!!!!!

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Yet she’s not?

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Oop, is that your other account babe? Are you still edge less after I dragged that nonexistent vocabulary for filth the other day? Navy h*** need to stay in school! Go run back to Molly b****.

    • LB July 25, 2014

      Honey, the only thing you need to drag is that cursor to the iTunes store on your iTunes and purchase a copy of A MILLION FLOPS to help it sell more than Ora.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        1. Why are you clinging to a past era when they’re releasing albums at the same time this year?
        2. Stop copy and pasting, it makes you look desperate.
        3. Cheryl has already done more this year.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        Well those albums are not out yet so I need to go by something which can be proven, and what can be proven is ORA SOLD MORE COPIES THAN A MILLION FLOPS.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        And it had more promo and a rerelease? Of course it sold more you dumb f**. Educate yourself.

      • LB July 25, 2014

        But Cheryl is suppose to be the bigger artist according to you and she still could not sell more than ORA.

  32. sleazy July 25, 2014

    No one will over shadow rih in the p*rn department cus we know that’s her selling ticket! But rih album sales tho girl BYE! All those number 1s but the album sales are flat like her vocals! Bish can’t sing fckd a married for a deal and then she has NO originality bandwagon artist! I don’t have to snatch you she snatches her own fans lol yet yall still run back sounds familiar CB and RIH

    • Rihboy July 25, 2014

      Your drag was dry.

  33. LB July 25, 2014

    The so called “bigger” artist in the UK is getting outsold by a basic b**** like Rita Ora in her own turf…..SCREAMING!!!!!!!

    SCREAMING!!!!!! at the bigger artist only being able to go Gold. Didn’t she have a big hit in the UK when A million FLOPs was coming out and can only scan GOLD? I CANNOT.

  34. Mark111 July 25, 2014

    She doesn’t have to pull Beyoncé 600K the first week numbers, cause at the end if the day Rihanna will sell more albums. #bloop

    AND are we still caling her a singles artist? When most can’t even sell pass 100K the first week or 300k all together? Rihanna is selling singles AND albums and is always in the top sellers each year. The same roaches saying Rihanna can’t sell are the same that were raving over Beyonce selling two million albums. Ha! Or the Z squad that fave cant even pass 600k with her pass 3 flops all together.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      THANK U!
      U get an A+ for your math skills 😉

  35. Kyle July 25, 2014

    Rihanna fans better hope she brings in the figures this time. Because they will be in for a DRAGGING of they’re basic.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Besides Adele who has sold more albums than Rihanna this decade? It sure aint gaga and it sure aint beyonce

      • Kyle July 25, 2014

        Girl bye! Rihanna aint no damn album seller. She has to release yearly for her s*** to add up. All smoke and mirrors. Gaga and Beyonce don’t. And last time I checked, they were not the only females in the game.

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        KYLE you are dead wrong . She may release annually but it is guaranteed to push over 3.5 million albums . U can check the end of year album chart , since 2010 a Rihanna album is on the list at least twice , check LOUD, 6 million, TTT 3.5 million, UN 3.5 million as well .. those are the numbers

      • Kyle July 25, 2014

        Shes not guaranteed anything in this industry. Sit down.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      LOL .. awww , its ok boo . no hurt intended , just facts and such

      • Kyle July 25, 2014

        Why would I be hurt? You can’t tell a prediction from a fact boo boo.

  36. sleazy July 25, 2014

    You DON’T have to snatch Rih stans their fav does it for us lmaoooooooooooooooo

  37. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 25, 2014

    She is going to have to fly every media people again with this album to score her second number 1in the US like she did with her last album. And of course gain some more controversy and show her vaginal area this time around.

    HASHTAG: #Industryhoe #Desperate #ButSheWinningTho

    • ~The Arcade~ July 25, 2014

      Haha I see no lies here!!

      • Rihboy July 25, 2014

        Girl bye. She doesnt need to fly anybody. R8 will do well not only because of the navy, but the haters will be there as well. Previewing the songs and buying her music. But funny thing is they will still act like they dont like it. Its only a matter of time before sge returns to claim the charts, and awards show accolades. After that its smooth sailing until her movie drops. Which she has another album based on the movie.

  38. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

    What is an lb? Does it always copy and paste its “drags” 10 times so that people will notice it? Screaming at its desperation, just like its fav.

  39. LB July 25, 2014

    Well I’m still waiting for an explanation of why Rita Ora of all people outsold your fav. Until you give me an explanation, I will continue to ask.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Scroll up and read b****. Kiiii I know it’s a struggle!

  40. ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

    If this b*tch don’t sell 1 million ALBUMS in three days, she’s a flop in my book….

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      But Ri’s LOUD album has outsold all of Nicki’s album discography combined .. and I like her but why LIE?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

        Comprehension is hard for some I can tell. Just because my SC has the name Onika in, read the first word and say both out loud. I don’t stand for Onika…at all….

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      But Bey hasn’t outsold Unapologetic worldwide yet with massive hype and all the bragging from the hive
      I thought she’d be at 4-5 million by now but she’s still 200k away from outselling the singles artist so Bey is the flop here lol

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

        Didn’t Unaflop come out like in 2012? While bet just came out 7 months ago?? Lol!!! Go eat sh*t please

    • Mark111 July 25, 2014

      Who sold 1 million in 3 days? It took Beyonce 10 days to do 993k .

      • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

        Thats US. Itunes reported that 5days after release beyoncé had sold 1mill copies ww.!

      • Mark111 July 25, 2014

        B**** no one counts WW as first weeks sales and we’re not about to now. Now if Beyonce want that million in a week title, then she’s gonna have to sell 1 million in the States in a music week, Tuesday to Monday. No one told her to release that album on a Friday, too bad. And it was still 993K ww in ten days, so she was nowhere near that million mark. You roaches can be delusional all ya want, but numbers dont lie babe.

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Numbers don’t lie. But when will Rihanna though? It gave Beyonce her 5th consequetive #1 album since her debut. The first female artist to do that. So in what position are you, as Rihanna stan, to drag that?

      • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

        No one was counting WW sales towards her US 1st week. The fact is that after 5 days of release Beyoncé sold 1mill copies WW & after 10days 991k in the US.! & i’m dead @ yur “still 993k ww in ten days” . That literally mathematically speaking does not make sense. I spie with my little eye a dumb #R****** that does not know how to count. If she sold 991k in the US after ten days then by yur #’s she only sold 2k outside the US in 10days. Bye Felicia.!

      • Mark111 July 25, 2014

        Doesn’t mattet, fact is Bey didn’t sell a million in a week. Until she does, she can never sit at that Usher, Britney, Taylor and Gaga table. Even they with the million a week sold in a week didn’t count their WW sales that week. #done #TheStruggle

      • Yazmine July 25, 2014

        Death. Not a Navy calling Beyonce a struggle for what ahe sold in a week when your fave has yet to do over 300k. Know your lane.

      • Mark111 July 25, 2014

        Like I said, doesn’t matter cause at the end Rihanna sells more.

  41. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

    Also why is lb acting like rita is a flop in the uk? She most definitely isn’t! She has 4 uk number ones and sold 200k of her debut. That’s one million less than cheryl, but still very good. That’s like selling 1 million in the us.

  42. LB July 25, 2014

    “Yet Cheryl’s new single just outsold Rita’s? Pay attention b****. Absolute death. Not to mention the ton of promo ora got, while aml was shelves in October. Screamsss”

    SCREAMING AT THIS SELF DRAG!!!! Cheryl had a #1 single, was on X Factor in front of 10 million people for 3 years, was allegedly the bigger artist, performed everywhere including Capital FM festival, The Voice and many talk shows and had the X Factor fired PR and she SOLD LESS than Ora.

    Is this the best you can come up with? I’M CRYING. Why is the bigger artist being outsold by the lessor artist?

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      She was not on X factor you dumb f***. And ora was f****** rereleased!!!! Screams!!! Cheryl can’t promote 2 albums and go on two tours at once you dumb f**. Read and get just a little bit of knowledge about the industry b****. Death

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Maybe your fave needs some tips on the industry hun. Has she had a hit in the US? Are ANY of her flops Gold or Platinum? Has she gone on a successful world tour to the degree of other pop divas like Rihanna, Gaga etc.. Why is she the definition of local? SO MANY QUESTIONS BUT SO FEW ANSWERS LMAOOOO

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        But if you’re not trying for any of that how is it relevant? She has no interest releasing in the us and has said so many times. Why are these the only cheryl drags people can come up with? All we need to know is that your fav stans for her.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      And all that promo was before call my name. You notice that NONE of that was after the album was released with the exception of one appearNce in October to promote her book/tour. Read up.

  43. Ozzy July 25, 2014

    These undercover stans make me LAUGH!!!! YOU KNOW these bitxches will be checking for R8, don’t EVEN front. With your faves basic music, you need something to listen to this year. You’re so pressed tho!!!! Mad that I dragged you on twitter the other day b****? BYEEEEEEEE

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      An uneducated thot^^^ LOL

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Hun “educated” people have the mentality to come in a argument with the right FACTS. A delusional stan like yourself is struggling by bringing up false details to drag. If that doesn’t indicate your intelligence. I’m not sure what does.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        So you trying to drag with a rereleased ora but yelling when I bring teenage dream receipts (which show the same as loud ww + more in the us) is okay? What kind of hypocrisy.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Errrmmm I never brought up Ora tho…. This b**** is confused LMAOO. Good for you clinging to Katy tho. What else can a Cheryl stan do?

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        I’m not clinging. If you were smart you would realize that I’m making a correlation between the two. You and lb were literally using a rerelease to try to drag cheryl! A rerelease! What kind of desperation!

  44. LB July 25, 2014

    I’m about done with the Cheryl stan; if you are getting outsold by RITA ORA, you’re the equivalent of Tinashe, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and many of those basic FLOPS.

    • Ozzy July 25, 2014

      ABSOLUTELY!!!! BTW what happened to you on twitter hun???

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Just like rihanna got outsold by teenage dream?

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        DEATH!!! LOUD OUTSOLD TD with less No.1’s!!!!!! GET YO FACTS RIGHT B**** LMAOOOO Plus Katy rereleased and still couldn’t outsell LOUD!! BYEEEEEEE

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        I see 5.7 mil for both and katy outsold her in the us.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        LIESS!!!!!! Loud has sold 5.7 mil to Teenage Dream’s 5.45 Mil according to Soundscan. Not to mention the Loud tour nearly DOUBLED Katy’s Teenage dream gross. I CAN’T!!!!!!

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Def didn’t bring up touring. Just brought some chart news receipts that say otherwise.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Because what kind of logic is to literally cling to a rerelease?

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Uhmmm you’re missing the point hun. Please return with facts next time instead of throwing around lies that TD outsold Loud LMAOOO. The reach for you to drag is pathetic hun.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        I’m actually not. Ora was rereleased.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Was I bringing up Ora?? I’m talking about TD hun.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        You were CLINGINg to ora. What a hypocrite.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        I have NEVER brought up Ora. Once again, you rely on false facts.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        You were just clinging to ora and lb to try to drag. Just stop.

  45. Jose July 25, 2014

    Y’all not checking for her with over 100 comments tho? Lol, y’all know everybody’s waiting for R8, especially the Hive since no one cares about her album anymore lol

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

      Yet the navy Wasnt check for Beyonce’s album but the post got like 1,000 comments…your point?

      • Jose July 25, 2014

        Idk what post your referring too but my point is, y’all are checking probably more than the navy

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Don’t play dumb. The post when Beyonces album was released. Common sense.

      • Jose July 25, 2014

        That was a promotional stunt so of course it garnered attention stunt, Rih got 1k comments way before that post did

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        Does that change the fact yall still checking for her? ‘Wheres Beyonces album’ ring a bell?

  46. BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

    Rihanna outselling Beyoncé by a couple million records is nothing to brag about for the simple fact that Rihanna has more albums. The Rihtards loves to call the hive dumb & illogical yet their the ones comparing 5 albums to 7? If your gonna compare Beyoncé & Rihanna I would think that the logical thing to do would be to compare 5 of rihannas albums to make it equal or fair but Iguess you just cant expect logic from the rihtards. I mean they are the ones bragging abouttheir fave 20month old album selling 112k more than album that came out 13 months later. But the hive is dumb.!

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      no one is comparing 5 albums to 7 albums . Reading is fundamental . I said this decade , which started in 2010 , u can check your nearest calendar . Bey has released 2 albums and Ri has released 3 albums … Even comparing the lowest selling 2 albums of Rihanna it still outsells the combined album sales of 4 and BEYONCE . those are the numbers, and its simple math

      • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

        You are right reading is fundamental because i didnt address you nor am I in your comments section. So how did u come to the conclusion that I was replying 2 u. I was addressing the rihtards in general who are for ever comparing Beyoncé’s 5 to Rihanna’s 7.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      I just provide the numbers and facts , thank you

  47. ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

    I bet y’all $50 this b* tch will do a spread in playboy, a “leaked” p*** tape or another topless shoot for a magazine before R8

    • no fun betting July 25, 2014

      wtf bet on this. nobody betting against. you know this gonna happen.

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      Why not, your fave was at the Grammys with a thong on and has been selling s** this whole era? She tried to be provocative like Rih so maybe Rih can teach her a few things?

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        What does she need to learn? Not Beyonce getting more critical acclam for her provocativness in her album than Rihannas entire discography.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

        I’m sure Rih can teach her MANY things of an unwed wh*re, something Bey is not (see wedding ring for receipt). Rihanna has to finger herself or shove her mic in her p*ssy each performance for people to remember at least a week after…

    • Jose July 25, 2014

      If Rihannas a w**** than what is Bey

      And Jay Z is a former drug dealer and he beats women so he’s no prize

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

        Bey’s a married woman and mother….something Rihanna will remain dreaming about…

    • tee July 25, 2014

      Let’s hope rih gets that maggot ridden &dead fish stinking hole checked out b4 she spread dem legs open to the world, you know I want to keep making more money for blue ivy.

  48. KING RIH July 25, 2014

    you basic b******. pls stop using mediatraffic/wiki when looking up sales. Yall love saying rihanna is a flop but when will beyonce (album) sell over 4 million. Unapologetic and Talk That Talk did it with less hype.

    Loud is way past 6 million. GET IT TOGETHER

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      Tell Em!

    • Sass July 25, 2014

      But death @ you failing to mention your receipts. Una has NOT sold 4 million. It shipped that much. No hype? Didn’t that shizzle have two Tours and s***. Bye Felicia.

      • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

        I highly doubt if Bey released an album every year like rih it would be as successful .. point being beys 4 album in 2011 yet to reach 3 million .. bye

      • Sass July 25, 2014

        And why should I care about what you ‘highly doubt’. I ‘highly doubt’ if Rihanna ever released a majority r&b album like 4 or ‘Beyonce’ it would do its numbers. See: A Flop like Me.

    • BosBitchBeyonce July 25, 2014

      Una is not pass 4mill so you can stop with that lie & those shipped IFPI reciepts.

  49. BadGyalRita July 25, 2014

    I’m so glad people are DRAGGING CherylSoldier. She is more famous than Rita but Rita sells more albums than her! Sorryboutitbitch.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Rita sells more what? Death. A 200k debut vs Cheryl’s 1.3 million? Didn’t csl outsell iwnlyd? Oh ok.

  50. pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

    Pjuck yall ugly haters . The queen is coming to DESTROY your faves careers. Stay pressed h*** and prepare your super glues for RIHvember.

    • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014


  51. Skyfall July 25, 2014

    Don’t compare Rihanna to the mess that is Katy Payola. Teenage dream got outsold by Loud, Born This Way, 21, Up All Night(one direction), Do-Woops & The Hooligans, even with more #1s (5 to be exact), huge payola & clear channel deals, a rerelease, and performance at every award show, and she still came up short.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Babe she had 6 number 2s if you include part of me LOL. Not to mention wide awake and the one who got away were top 3. Giving me iggy teas

  52. Rosie July 25, 2014

    Ignoring the drama in this post: every DJ Mustard track sounds the same, even though he’s getting better (2 On: best song he has produced so far). Hopefully he switches it up a bit on R8 because it seems she has a ton of popular (and great) producers working on this album.

    • Ozzy July 25, 2014

      Exactly!! This album is shaping up to be Rihanna’s best. I can’t wait!

      • Rosie July 25, 2014

        Looking at the people working on it, it’ll be her best album since Rated R. I wish she didn’t reject that Grimes track though.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Really?? I hope she surpasses Rated R tho. That’s too early for her to peak creatively/critically imo, She needs another Rated R quality wise.

      • Rosie July 25, 2014

        I don’t think it will be AS good, might come close though. As long as it’s better than the filler mess that was Loud/TTT.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        LOUD was a neccessary era hun. She needed to make a VERY POP album to make up for the sales slump around Rated R. I don’t blame her for making those albums a little more mainstream. They were still great albums. I’m excited tho.

    • Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

      2 on is a dope track for sure

    • Ozzy July 25, 2014

      BTW 2 on is really growing on me these days. I LOVE IT.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Hey babe, the navy can’t drag like you.

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        Every1 hates u stfu

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        I know b****, MOST of them are too basic. No shade to the Navy but some of their drags are laughable. It ain’t that hard to drag Katy like I did with YOU earlier. They need to step up.

      • Rosie July 25, 2014

        Hi. I have no idea what’s going on in this post but it’s probably the same mess as always.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        What’s a p**** juice lover? Ozzy let’s make up babe.
        Rosie where have u been?

      • Rosie July 25, 2014

        I was on vacation for the last week.

  53. Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

    TTT has sold nearly 4 million albums, and its first single WFL has sold over 10 million copies ha!

    Unapologetic is nearing 4 million albums sold, Diamonds and Stay combined have sold over 15 million copies! ha!

    Ri’s fan base will buy the album and support the singles along with the rest of the music loving world!

    • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

      Yasssss baby !!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 25, 2014

      Dead at the struggle

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        Stfu u funky ass ho

    • Ozzy July 25, 2014

      YASSSSS These pressed h*** are making me LAUGH tho!!!!

  54. pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

    Ozzy b**** u did not just kissed cheryls ugly ass and dissed ur fellow navy members here wtf

    • Ozzy July 25, 2014

      No hun, I dragged Cheryl MANY times and believe me WE aren’t on the best terms but some of my fellow Navy, and I’m saying names are a little weak at dragging.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Hey babe, let’s squash the beef then. Rih is a very successful artist.

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        Ok sis

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        Lol ur so fake cheryl give up u ugly pathetic dildoo shoving cuntt.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        Fake? Lmao. It’s a blog hunny. Also, I’ve never talked to you in my life.

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        FINE Cheryl stan I’ll make up. But b**** you better KNOW your place Mmmmkay.

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        So if its just a blog why do u care about terms u dumb phuck

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

        B**** I know my place. Cheryl is very successful and beautiful and slays almost everyone in the uk. I was only mad cuz u took Molly’s side when I didn’t even mention her or at her. I miss lovebird tbh.

      • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

        Lovebird also hates cheryl u dumbass

      • Ozzy July 25, 2014

        Let’s talk more about this on twitter then. Okay. Molly is a friend so ofcourse I took her side. Anyways, Lovebird is one of the FEW navy that can drag so I miss him on twitter tho LMAOOO

  55. Record Sales > Albums July 25, 2014

    Adele is the highest selling Female artist this decade followed by Rihanna .
    Congrats to both

    • I Stan for Myself July 25, 2014

      Um lies. Taylor Swift exists.

  56. Ozzy July 25, 2014

    LOOK guys, I’m not shading my Navy but some of y’all…. DEAR LORD. I’m not taking Cheryl’s side here. It’s so easy to DRAG Katy Payola or Cheryl Cole TBH…. Why is it a struggle for some of y’all. Plus YOU DON”T NEED TO INFLATE Rih’s sales to drag them. Her REAL sales are impressive enough.

  57. Skyfall July 25, 2014

    Loud Era – 15+ million records sold
    Talk That Talk Era – 15+ million records sold
    Diamonds era – 19+ million records sold

    • pu$$y juice lover July 25, 2014

      Yasssss hunny school these clueless bitchess.

  58. Rosie July 25, 2014

    Wait so I missed the Katy Payola dragging. Boo.
    Where do you guys think This Is How We Do will peak?

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      That’s the worst song on the album tbh. Maybe ~25.

  59. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 25, 2014

    @LowBitch(LB) really needs to quit it now with adding in my Queen Tinashe into “it’s” worthless drags and conversations.

    You’ve never seen a drag unyil you try me. So be careful boo boo.

    You probably are an undercover Tinashe stan anyways.

    HASHTAG: #WelcomeToTeamTinashe #UndercoverTinasheStanSpotted #ALowBitchCantGetAJob #TheQueenRises

  60. RihannaIsKingN’Queen July 25, 2014

    regardless of what u say she’s made her mark, she’s been reaping the fruits of her labour naked labour or otherwise u cant remove her off history books or those countless songs she’s put on 500 greatest songs in history at her age keep comparing her to Bey cuz they r at the same level with different traits. believe & deal deluded #hive

  61. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 25, 2014

    Wow LB dragged the s*** out of ScareCrow.

    Where are the Igor fans and why are the undercover Navy (Enough Onika and Sleazy) trying to start a Stan war?

    This post is a mess but the point is that Rihanna sells more and garners more attention. That’s why Beyonce’s team has to make up records that she ‘broke’ in order to beat Rihanna. The hive feels a type of way because in this decade Rihanna is selling more and doesn’t have to flash her p**** at award shows to peak at number 2 for a local Thot inspired ‘hit’. Just admit that Rihanna will do more than Bey and that R8 would most likely slay more than GGGB/LOUD

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      How did he drag when it literally copy and pasted the same thing 10 times while using a rerelease receipt? Only the navy would think this. Death.

  62. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 25, 2014

    The biggest kii is that Beyoncé with 4 tried the r&b meaningful music and flopped but Rihanna’s UNA had two hits of her ( Diamonds and Slay) that topped the charts without her resorting to taking off clothes. Even in pour it up she had clothes on so are you telling me that Beyoncé cannot sell s** or R&B music? Smh

    Record sales >>> Album sales only.

    • Carmen July 25, 2014

      Ok and Beyonce has sold over 100 million records so shes fine.
      I would expect rihanna to be over 200 mill the amount of saturated #1s she has.

    • Carmen July 25, 2014

      And BEYONCE is R&B. All her albums are mostly R&B besides IASF.

  63. africa music lover July 25, 2014 i the only one in here who loves both rihanna and beyonce and thinks that this comparison is unnecesarry.. they cant win in everything you know, beyonce beats the s*** out of rihanna when it comes to tours.. rihanna has beaten the hell out of beyonce in records sold this decade..but even with those sold records where is the money for all those sold records?,i mean how can you sell over 150mil records and worth 90mil?? anyway i cant wait for r8 because the only album i have been jaming to is beyonce through out this year so i just need adel and riri to spice things up for me.

    • sashay July 25, 2014

      You’re not the only one..I’m a fan of both girls .own all the albums/CD’s from both. Can’t wait for R8. I’m not usually one to rush out and buy during the first week but I just might break tradition for this one.

    • Brian310 July 26, 2014

      Rihanna is worth 120 million as of 2013

  64. sashay July 25, 2014

    Not a stan…but I am definitely looking forward to new music from Rhi. IMO radio is dead without her on it.

  65. Carmen July 25, 2014

    Wow. Bangerz really did better than Unapogetic in the US? That is shameful.

  66. Rihboy July 25, 2014

    Just put your calculators up. We already know whats up. The one year beyonce pulls a good strategic marketing move, the hive up on the clouds. But we know those numbers would have been basic had she did things traditionally. Look at 4 and its tragic ascent. Moreover, it boils down to what the masses want, and beys singles are struggly, and her album sales still stagnant. So just save the energy for the gasp when r8 drops.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      What kind of logic? So when rated r flopped we know you definitely weren’t saying any of this. Kii

    • Yazmine July 25, 2014

      You don’t KNOW that. You are assuming. Lets not act like everyone was still anticipating her album all year because it was late. If Beyonce released traditionally and promoted traditionally it would have given her singles more of a chance.

      • Yazmine July 25, 2014

        was not still*

  67. tee July 25, 2014

    Damn enough onika killing b!tches. Where digger at & btw LB is lovebird

  68. Yazmine July 25, 2014

    Shes all smoke and mirrors. Her label knows shes struggles hence why they have to put her album out every November. They always have to keep her on the airwaves despite her being on break (Eminem, Shakira collabs). How is it that someone can have 13 #1 singles in one place with 7 albums yet barely cross 10 million album sales and onlh have one chart topping album and struggle to go just 1x platinum after a year. And her WW sales are not impressive either despite the navys bragging. Her album sales still rely on the US to add up at the end of it all.
    Not to mention she has #1s but over half of them are no more memorable than songs that do not have to top the charts.

    • blue July 25, 2014

      love this people calling rihanna’s hits forgettable, then honey tell me whose hits released in the last 8 years are gonna stand the test of time according to you?
      Rihanna has one of the most impressive catalog of songs in recent pop.

  69. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 25, 2014

    The DumbHive likes to use the memorabe drag but I guess they have a hard time undstanding that memorable is when the song comes on and you would sing or jam to it. You can pretend that Rihanna’s hits are forgettable but once they come on you sing along and know the f****** words. Have a seat and stop whining already

    • blue July 25, 2014

      thank you, a song first has to be popular for it to be memorable, and apart from Katy who else is producing them major hits?(rihanna of course) and unlike katy she is actually getting taken seriously.

  70. FutureCIARA July 25, 2014

    Not that his Fat ass cant use a better adjective than “Dope”…..
    He cant even breathe and talk at the same time

  71. Teacher July 25, 2014

    *sits quietly and waits for R8 to do the talking*

  72. blue July 25, 2014

    im sorry but what is all this back and forth for?
    #FACT Rihanna with the exception of Music Of The Sun(2.5mil) has sold no less than 3 mill per album.
    She pulls in more sales when she goes completely pop(GGGB 8-9mil/Loud 6mil).
    #FACT she stalls usually at around 1-1.5mil in the USA and pulls in about 2-2.5mil from the rest of the world.
    #FACT apart from Adele no other artist has sold as many singles and albums as rihanna since her debut.2005

  73. blue July 25, 2014

    the Navy never brags about first week sales, we know we cant compete with some of this other girls, what we do brag about is her longevity, her single success, her trendsetting, and her overall worldwide sales. because as she has proven time and time again, its not how you start its how you finish. she did less than 300k first week and finished with 3.5mil in a year, compare that with bey who did over a 1mil first 7 days and will barely do 3.6mil in a year if she continues her current sales trajectory

    • blue July 25, 2014

      also whether or not the current album improved upon the first week sales of the last

  74. Lily July 26, 2014

    People already forgot about Rihanna! Really really. Same ole 2 ppl posting this same ole shitty question. Rihanna has won many awards & received many accolades & nominations. The question of ppl forgetting someone should be, Where is Ciara. Is she alive, what’s she doing

    • Rihboy July 26, 2014

      My point exactly! Ciara fans shouldnt be heard at all! Its just a total self drag. When ciara was on the scene before her and still hasnt accomplished and eigth of what rih has done. By this time next year rih will have more notches on her belt.

  75. HOTSTUFF July 26, 2014


  76. Rihanna #1 fan t July 26, 2014

    Rihanna has had a number one song on any album she ever puts out.. She is never a flop!!.. Beyonce has not had a number one song since the I Am Sasha Fierce Album which was in 09 that was about 6 years ago.. The 4 album had no number one songs and neither did this album that she released about 5 months ago… Beyonce music no longer has quality anymore.. her albums will sell because of her reputation.. That Grape Juice doesn’t talk about Beyonce and her weak singles tho.. But if it was Rihanna they would talk about it and bash her.. Rihanna has 13 number one singles by the way .. Beyonce has like 5 or 6 if i am mistaken..


    • Rihboy July 26, 2014

      Tell them! They so stuck on numbers, but cant see that their fave is struggling to hit number 1. Which is why in her documentary she tried to say people just want a quick hit. Duhhh b****! Thats the point of making a song. So it can thrive and do well. She salty as s*** she cannot have a hit song. With all the damn gimmics; hiding blue ivy, divorce, the elevator, her father. All these ppl. Covering her singles left and right. And she is still flopping under the sun. She is a thief. Half of everything she earned should go to those who INSPIRED her.

      • Rihanna #1 fan t July 29, 2014

        lol yassssssssss!!

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