Read: Joe Jackson Pens Open Letter About Janet Jackson

Published: Friday 25th Jul 2014 by David


The father of singer Janet Jackson, Joe Jackson, has penned on an open letter about the performer today, detailing his relationship with a star via his official website.

Released as part of a series which has seen him share stories on each and every one of his children, his take on Janet comes as fans anticipate the release of her first studio album since 2008, and five years after the death of her older brother Michael.

His words below…

Joe shares:

Janet, the youngest in the family is very very smart. She was more like a tough kid. She was real rough. I mean she was rough. What do they call them… yes … tomboy. She was a tomboy. She could whop all the girls. Really rough and really really smart. She is really easy nowadays. She has mellowed. She is now married and living a good life with her husband.

I always felt that she was a natural when it came to acting. She did that movie, with the late Tupac Shakur. I thought it was a very good movie, and I was very proud of her performance. As great and known as a singer as she is, I think the world has yet to recognize her extremely great talent as an actress that surpasses her singing. She wants to have a good part in a strong action movie. I can’t wait to see her in one.

She did surprise me once, picking me as her date to the premiere of the movie she did with Eddie Murphy. Now Eddie is a great friend and I consider him one of this generation’s greatest comedians, but right in the middle of watching the movie, as proud as I was of Janet, I never let her know that. She asked me what I thought and I remember telling her “You should be bigger than this. You should be the lead actor in the movie and carrying it”. I know the comment upset her, because she became quiet and I knew it. But i know her so well, that I knew she was going to channel that anger to prove that she could do better and was right. She came back even stronger with greater movies. And you have not seen the best of her yet. That’s my girl.

When I suffered 4 strokes last year, and was in the hospital recovering, only two people in my family traveled all the way to see in the hospital. My granddaughter Brandi (Jackie’s daughter and my baby girl Janet. She sat right next to me as I lay in bed, spent time with me, talking about a lot together. It meant a lot to me. I lay there listening to her as she talked about how she was going to get married. I am happy for her and wish her nothing but the best ! I never tell you this, but I am proud of you Janet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ozzy July 25, 2014

    Awwww and I hear I thought he’d BASH her for their tumultuous relationship over the years.

    • IggyLongstocking July 25, 2014

      Not everyone is like Rihanna’s dad honey. Isn’t he the one who told her to get back with Chris after he beat her up?

      • AugustBangz July 25, 2014


      • Charli S.E.X July 25, 2014

        The shade of it all.

      • NisForNeYo July 25, 2014

        These Iggy stans are getting shayday.

      • Keyshia Kiss Kiss July 25, 2014

        You finna let her talk to you like that Ozzy?

      • BeyBeyKing July 25, 2014

        Yaaaaasss. Question Ha! Question Ha!

      • K.Rebelle July 25, 2014

        Not an Iggy stan clocking Ozzy so effortlessly.

      • SexlijahBlake July 25, 2014


      • MysticMarina July 25, 2014

        The shade is thick guvna.

      • OVOBarbie July 25, 2014


      • Rosie July 25, 2014

        Well damn.

    • king B July 25, 2014

      BRUH I cannot I cannot lmfao

  2. CATFISH CAREY July 25, 2014


    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

      Shut up ho. This us a positive thread…u biitch

    • foh August 13, 2014

      Really at his age’ your really not that bright are you, how many time you flunk the 3rd grade? Tell LA truth

  3. Beygency July 25, 2014

    That was actually super sweet. I am very pleasantly surprised. Look at Joe getting softer & normal in his old age

  4. Mark111 July 25, 2014

    Joe is thay OLD SCHOOL Dad, but he needs to let his kids know, cause he f***** them up mentally.

    • LadyYonce July 25, 2014

      In the old school it was tough because they faced so much racism they had to keep their kids in line to protect them. The problem was that the discipline that was meant to protect them turned into abuse and that’s why we have so many people walking around with so much hurt and anger inside of them.

      • Mark111 July 25, 2014

        To be clear, I meant let his kids know that he love them and are proud, cause I’m sure Michael never heard this from him. Now that’s sad.

  5. truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

    QUEEN!!! (Kneels down and curtsy)

    • Wheresmyjizzle July 25, 2014

      Yesssss!!!! QUEEN!!!

  6. JanetXone July 25, 2014

    I pray that she and her dad can come to some peace before it’s too late. You don’t have to forgive a person but SOMETIMES you have to sit down with them and say “you really hurt me, but you’re still my dad and I love you.”

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

      They r at peace u trolln trouble startn ho. This post was positive b4 YOU posted

      • JanetXone July 25, 2014

        I don’t have time for your S*** today b****.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014


  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 25, 2014

    The reàl queen Janet needs to come back. She killed the 90’s consistently…… Beyawnce has yet to do so. Hmmmmm…….

    • SevynthHeaven July 25, 2014

      Trust you to come in here starting some s***. Go away and never return.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 25, 2014

        @Sevyn Lol you must be that Elijah “Invalid” Blake stan. Thanks for taking time to reply! 😉

    • HiveHighness July 25, 2014

      What’s a tinashe again??

  8. RoyalKev July 25, 2014

    I can soooo see Janet determined to prove her talent to her dad! She’s such a warrior inside! It was really nice of her father to write this! It probably wasn’t easy for him, but it’s better late than never!

    • Lana Tropicana July 25, 2014

      So true, sometimes men find it hard to express their feelings so this was nice of him.

  9. Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

    Still seems fake, forced and without feelings, btw Janet is not a great actress nor a singer, she is a performer, a good one a that.

    • LOL July 25, 2014


      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        Explain to me what did i say wrong in my comment, you guys take all as shade, why would i be mad at Janet?, it’s hard, if not impossible to find a Madonna fan pressed over Janet these days, you know, it’s 2014 not 1993.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        Suicide, what u said wrong is ‘it seems fake’. Ur opinion on her actin is valid but to say he seems fake is not kewl when the man is mendin his ways. C, i can b civil

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        And if Joe feels she is what he says then that how he feel. Answer this…do u think Madonna is a great actress or singer?

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        It’s not wrong is what i sensed, other comments are straight hateful to the man and no one says nothing, but then again, is nothing new.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        Well u KNOW i surely says something to the hateful but u ARE entitled to ur opinion.

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        To answer your question about Madonna, no, i don’t think she’s a good actress nor a singer, i think she had a good moments in both areas tho, she acted and sounded good when she wanted to do so.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        I still bangz her music from the 80’s thru early 2000’s. She knows how to stay relevant. I looooove Open Your Heart, but she has soooooo many songs and eras that i just love that i can only say she has ATLEAST 20yrs eorth of music that i love.

    • Beyonce On The Run Tour July 25, 2014

      And Madonna isn’t any of the three. She’s just white

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        I will not drag Beyoncé honey, i’m in a good mood today, lucky you.

    • tits mcgee July 25, 2014

      Now you are just trolling. Janet is as much, a
      singer as the Madonna, so stop. Jan is definitely,
      a far superior actress than Madonna. The only movie
      Madonna was great in was desperately seeking
      Susan, where she basically, played herself.

      Forced is her performance in Evita. Lol.

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        Let’s be real, Madonna owned Evita’s role, not only she proved to be a good actress but she’s actually a good director, have you seen W.E., asidd from its commercial journey, that’s a great film, as for singing, none of them are great singers but La Ciccone is light years ahead of her in that department, compare the two live and there’s your answer.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        Madonna, imho, is the worst actress that ever walked the earth BUT she has made her mark so cuddos to her. And she an ecen WORSE singer.(she caint sing AT ALL BUT she is a MASTER at makin her mark.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        One thing for certain…they r BOTH ledgends. Madge is a master of the craft

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        I’m pretty sure she is a better singer than an actress, have you listen to the woman at the 1991 Oscar, if not, take a look, oh i’m probably sure you haven’t seen Beyonce acting yet, right.

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014

        Lol ill ck it out. I saw one Oscar performance she did and i was FLOORED!!! SHE SOUNDED GREAT!! I cant think of it right now bcus her epic mtv awards of Vogue KEEPS stickn in my mind. Im probably tslkn bout wat u just asked me to check out lol. And umm..i liked Bey 8n Obsession lol

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        Okay 😀

    • Dossome July 25, 2014

      Janet’s a good actress
      Janet’s a fantastic singer
      Janet’s a phenomenal performer
      Janet’s a great songwriter
      Janet’s a great wife
      Janet’s a beautiful woman
      You’ve got any problem with that Blondie???

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        I don’t have any problem with her except that like most people i disagree with some of yours affirmations above 😀

    • tits mcgee July 25, 2014

      Death @ Madonna is light years ahead of Janet
      as a singer! If you believe that I won’t continue, because
      you are delusional. I have heard them both live,
      and they are both decent singers.

      Madonna was mediocre in Evita, and I could not
      understand one word Antonio sand. Mess of a movie.

      We will never agree, but it’s cool.

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2014

        I seen both live too and i find very hard to believe that anyone think that Janet is a better singer than Madonna, i’m not even kidding, it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

      • tits mcgee July 25, 2014


    • tits mcgee July 25, 2014

      It has nothing to do with intelligence. That
      is my opinion. So no need to belittle. You
      think Madonna is a better singer. I think Janet
      is. Opinions, like they say are like assholes,we
      all have one!

    • LetsBeReal July 26, 2014

      Come on now. I love Madonna but she is a TERRIBLE live singer. She can’t hit her notes to save her life. The performance with babyface was awful. Janet on the other hand does not have a powerfull voice either but she definitely hits her notes. The Rosie “I Get Lonely” performance was just beautiful and she makes you feel it.

    • foh August 13, 2014

      Suicide Blonde ofcourse to rhythm-less & soul-less White America Madonna is a better singer than Janet but to rest of the color rhythmic & soulful world Janet holds the crown…hands down….l said it & I’ll say it again

  10. yonce July 25, 2014

    Ya you are soo proud of her cus she married a billionare e

  11. tits mcgee July 25, 2014

    This was very sweet of him. Janet may like
    to hear these words in person, tho, and be
    allowed to call him dad, instead of Joseph.


  12. Pedro Koor Ribeiro July 25, 2014

    Gotta love The Queen of Pop

    • Rochelle Azalea July 25, 2014

      Madonna’s here?

      • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 25, 2014


      • Mark111 July 25, 2014

        He said Queen of Pop, not W**** of the world.

    • RoyalKev July 25, 2014

      ^Pedro got it right! Madonna’s great for the illusion, but Janet possesses all the qualities a true QOP should have! It took 2004 to happen just so that Madge can get an edge.

      … & Truth be told, every diva sliced and diced the woman throughout most of the 90’s (before all the politics and deception of the last decade with Madge)! That’s why Madge’s numbers are so fabricated and exaggerated now. Madge is certainly a huge “celebrity”, but her music sales weren’t as healthy as most of the other legendary women in music. She needed the extra boost that suddenly came along in recent years (after several flops) to keep a good distance from her more talented competitors. Just try making sense of that last 80 – 100 million tacked on. It’s mysterious as hell … Anyway, back to Janet, she’s been banned for 10 years now and Madonna numbers still aren’t so much better than hers (despite having every advantage in the world). Go figure!

  13. RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2014

    This was so sweet of Joe. Janet is the Queen of Pop in my book. Madonna just isn’t my type of artist. I did buy Hard Candy tho!!!!!

  14. Sandra July 25, 2014

    Aww so sweet <3

  15. Yazmine July 25, 2014


  16. Stephy July 25, 2014

    Joe Jackson is an original G. Miss Jackson needs that one big last album & Tour! I wanna go see her LIVE! I know she would shut the house down! BYE N*****”S

  17. FutureCIARA July 25, 2014

    Icon Ms. Jackson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  18. IStanForYourFav July 25, 2014

    This was so sweet. I know if Janet read this, she cried. When I watched an interview, I saw her say, “I’m not close to Joe.” I am so happy she finally get to here thewords probably always wanted to hear. May God bless Janet, Joe, & The entire Jackson family.

  19. Keith July 25, 2014

    That was really nice of Joe to publish and it seems that they have come to terms now. Personally, I’m glad Janet’s out of the rat race that is the contemporary music industry but I would love to see her act more. I agree with her dad, that’s where the potential for greater acclaim is for her.

  20. Amanda July 25, 2014

    As a HUGE Janet fan, I NEVER thought I’d be saying anything nice about Joe but,…this man REALLY surprised me!!! What he said about Janet was so sweet 🙂

  21. Indie July 26, 2014

    I think in Joe’s old age, he just wants forgiveness from his children, out of all the personal notes he wrote, this seemed to be the one where he reflects mostly on regret.. Through out all of the years regardless of her personal feelings towards him, she always defended him and would never let anyone speak badly of her father, Janet recorded a song called You Need Me which was the only time she told the truth about there relationship, it was for the Rythm Nation album but she decided to make it a B side… It was only after Michaels death that Janet’s real feelings towards her father became public, that was the first time she started talking about it in interviews. I personally think to some degree she blamed him for how michael ended up, she seemed very hurt in those interviews, i’m glad they had a chance to talk when he had his stroke. And i’m glad that finally after all these years he has told her how proud he is of her, she is the Queen Of Pop, one of the most inspirational Women of this century and a an incredible Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Performer and person

  22. MISHKA July 26, 2014

    Well it was about dangggg time Dad Jackson!

    Those black dads and that f%cking tough love I swear! You better tell her those sweet things while you’re still breathing. Life is short y’all!

    Cue the “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney.

  23. B Lamont July 27, 2014

    Awesome to see Joe show some emotions and support. The one thing Janet has always longed for.

  24. foh August 13, 2014

    I’m so proud of Joe, l know that took a lot of courage & strength to
    express how he really felt

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