Finally! Christina Milian Plots Pop Comeback With… ‘Tina Turn Up’

Published: Saturday 19th Jul 2014 by David


Though one couldn’t tell by looking today, there was once a time when Christina Milian stood as a viable rival for ‘Naughty Girl’ singer Beyonce, both sharing a similar look and sound circa 2004 and 2005.

Alas, after being booted from Def Jam to make way for a then wholesome Rihanna, the last decade has seen Christina fail to reboot a career dripping with hit singles, perhaps distracted by her romantic ties to the men she enlisted to turn her Pop lemonade into Urban liquor.

Dre (from Cool & Dre) & Christina Milian



Today, after what may have felt like an eternity, the singer has confirmed her official comeback to music’s scene, doing so with the support of mentor and the father of her ex-husband’s baby mama’s son, Lil Wayne.

Her announcement below!


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  1. B’rocka Slays July 19, 2014

    im happy that shes back
    but its likely she’ll not make the impact she did from 2000-2006
    but i still look forward to it

    • LB July 19, 2014

      Gurl sit down, what impact? Ashanti made a bigger impact than this ho

      • B’Rocka SLays July 19, 2014

        Calm down,
        she had a little chart success while on her run
        people new her name
        im not saying she was the best of her time

    • RainOnMe89 July 19, 2014

      She did have impact but it was short lived.

  2. SMH July 19, 2014

    You mean the look and sound Thiefyonce stole from her…and Amerie.

    • Me.I Am Dana July 19, 2014

      Actually no. Beyonce is a thief BUT Christina was styled to look like Beyonce around It’s About Time because Jay was the head of her label. When she flopped, he dropped her and signed Rihanna and Teairra Mari.

  3. Molly July 19, 2014

    She’s gonna flop harder than Ciara.

    • 5Harmonies July 19, 2014

      But didn’t Ciara’s album sell more than Iggy’s first week?

      • Molly July 19, 2014

        First week yes but Iggy sold more copies altogether.

    • B’rocka Slays July 19, 2014

      i thought you were a ciara fan too?

    • LB July 19, 2014

      Just like the way the NOT classic is flopping?

  4. BarbBey July 19, 2014

    Homegirl has been DICKstracted for over ten years now and now she’s dating Wayne? Pull yourself together sis.

  5. LB July 19, 2014

    Her, Karaamba and Cassie are friends; H*** of the same feather FLOP together.

    Not her thirsty ass chasing Lil’ Wayne; watch this ho get Rita Ora style promo from Nicki Minaj and Drake’s money at Young Money/Cash Money for polishing Lil’ Wayne’s d*** with her pum pum.

    • Queen Of Hearts July 19, 2014

      And they’re all naturally pretty girls with nice hair. Something rihanna isn’t.

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 19, 2014

    I still can’t forget that major flop song she did “AM To PM” lmao!!

    Although I don’t look at her as a serious artist, here’s hoping she does more of a “Dip It Low” sound.

    • BeySting July 19, 2014

      The irony is that your fave is obviously inspired by her. B****.

    • Proud-Arianator July 19, 2014

      Girl how old are Tinashe’s brothers?

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 19, 2014

        LMAO why are you asking me that? I don’t know lol…..

  7. Yee July 19, 2014

    Lol. This bítch hops from díck to díck. Non-singing ass industry hoê.

  8. IStanForYourFav July 19, 2014

    I think she is unbelievably beautiful but she is also basic to the fullest. She only has one song, Dip it Low, and that’s due to Collipark and the fact their sound was so popular (just had a flashback to the Ying Yang twins). I wish her well. I truly do, but as of right now, I don’t see it for her. She also needs to quit jumping from d*** to d*** because she clearly doesn’t know whose d*** to jump on judging by her career past.

    • musicMatters101 July 20, 2014

      You do realize that “Dip It Low” was not produced by the Ying Yang Twins producer.

      It was produced by Poli Paul not ColliPark. LOL

  9. yonce July 19, 2014

    Used to like her but now i have even forgot she was a singer. I only remeber her as just another girl that could not stop Beyonce. i hope she makes a good comeback tho & she was and she is still pretty.

  10. wow July 19, 2014

    this is ridiculous. why cant anyone be encouraging anymore? everything has to be a contest, and everybody constantly puts down ither artists. this is why they cant get anywhere because people like you guys are constantly making negatives of everybody but your favorite.

    • BaddieBey July 19, 2014

      Oh stop. Music has ALWAYS been a competition. The only difference is that the fans have a platform to compete on nowadays which is why it seems more prevalent.
      Christina M fans would be just as cocky as Beyonce’s fans if she was in Beyonce’s position so you should stop.

  11. Mz212 July 19, 2014

    She seems like a nice girl but I can’t get over how lazy she is. I was in high school when her last album came out and she’s done nothing since then besides hang out with chicks who are MUCH younger than she is and hop from industry d*** to industry d***.

  12. Ryan Spears July 19, 2014

    Scrying at the struggle of the Tinotshit stan on here.

    • Ariana Justice July 19, 2014

      Her thirst for relevancy is real.

      • Ryan Spears July 19, 2014

        And I’d try to go Gold if I were Ariana.

      • Proud-Arianator July 19, 2014

        And I’d get people to buy Britney Jean if I were Britney

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY July 19, 2014


  13. Christina Million July 19, 2014

    Yay yay yay!
    Oh and by the f****** way, can everyone YT Tinaflop’s Powerhouse peformance please. You will cry with laughter when you see her trying to emulate Christina and Ciara.

  14. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”) July 19, 2014

    Christina “I Got P**** Pounded by” Millions has stans? LMFAO! And the fact that they believe she can actually make a comeback. ROTFL!!!!

    It’s funny how I was being encouraging and was wishing the best for her in my comment. Stay Pressed Irrelevants! 😀

    • LB July 19, 2014

      Who is Tanase? Is that some sort of rug or what?

    • Christina Million July 19, 2014

      Dip it Low made more impact than 2 Off Key could ever hope to have dear.

    • Overdose July 19, 2014

      Says a Tinashe stan. More people have heard of Christina than who you ‘stan’ for.

      • LoLa Bunny July 19, 2014

        Duh she is a new artist you dumb ignorant b****

      • Overdose July 19, 2014

        A new artist not making any impact on the scene whatsoever.

    • Loco4Aiko July 19, 2014

      Lawd jesus it’s a flop!

      • SexlijahBlake July 19, 2014

        Why Lord?

    • AubreyOSlay July 19, 2014

      Omg, her choreography is iconic darling! What kind of erection realness. #Stiff

      • Beygency July 19, 2014

        She wanna be Aaliyah SO bad..

  15. BadGyalRita July 19, 2014

    Tinashe is such a nice girl but her performances are shittity s*** s***.

    • Me.I Am Dana July 19, 2014

      The f****** slayage. The F****** vocal slayage.

      • Ariana Alsina July 19, 2014

        Tinotinkey wishes she could.

      • ChakaYonce July 19, 2014

        Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss. *FansPussy.

    • Proud-Arianator July 19, 2014

      Oh LAWD!!!

  16. Anon July 19, 2014

    Here is my remix to Tinashe’s 2 On, dedicated to her only fan on here. *Clearsthroat.

    Cassie, yeah she is long gone now
    Her wig sitting on my scalp now
    I know, my lyrics are silly
    I’m the new Milli Vanilli

    Mic off so I ain’t making no noise
    lip synch, roll my waist likes a rolls royce
    No rhythm, stiff hips that’s my choice
    Earplugs come out when they hear my voice

    Man, I want to sing on
    I want to sing on key
    But the struggle be too strong
    When the microphone’s on me
    Man, I want to sing on
    I want to sing on key
    But the struggle be too strong
    Cos I’ll never be Cici.

    • HighwayUnicorn July 19, 2014

      I sense Grammys in your future.

      • tits mcgee July 19, 2014

        I can’t with you! #FunnyHoney

    • Angel James July 19, 2014

      Lame mutha f***** go log off and take a bath you stank h**

  17. 2ForTinashe July 19, 2014

    The BabymamAra stans are PRAAAASSSED. Future still avoiding that wedding date girls?

    • sleazy July 20, 2014

      Top 20 still avoiding tinashe song rack city?

  18. ~The Arcade~ July 19, 2014

    HAHA!!! Catch the notorious shade of TGJ team… with pictures of her, with her exes smh. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anywoo, Milian needs to get it together, how does she expect anybody to take her seriously as an artist when every other night, it seems she’s hopping from men to men in the industry?

  19. Overdose July 19, 2014


  20. Mark111 July 19, 2014

    Bootleg J.lo. Hard to believe that her and Bey are the same age. Funny I used to get her and Nivea mixed up and now they share baby daddies. #Eww

  21. d July 19, 2014

    Once a rival to Beyonce?? No offense, but if Ashanti ( 3 platinum albums, no.1 songs, over 10 top 20 hits, grammy, multiple guinness records) wasn’t considered a true rival, then how in the h*ll is C.Milian??? Christina had what, 2 top 40 songs and a career best opening of 54k……

  22. The Bajan Princess July 19, 2014

    I loved Say I, Dip It Low and Highway! I don’t know who she is as an artist though. When she sang those songs I heard Teedra Moses and Jazmine Sullivan because they were the ones who penned the songs. I wish her the best of luck.

  23. YoursGrande111 July 19, 2014

    She’s pretty that’s all. I love her cheerleader movie too

  24. metzo July 19, 2014

    She was good back then, but never considered her a potential Beyonce rival. Beyonce’s only rivals back in 2003-2006 were Alicia Jus and Ashanti, before she became her own rival in her own lane.

    • metzo July 19, 2014

      Alicia Keys*

  25. hmm July 19, 2014

    In what world was Christina Milian ever Beyonce’s rival?
    Dip it low was a result of her boyfriend at the time wanting to help out his girlfriend’s struggling music career.

  26. musicMatters101 July 19, 2014

    She did one thing correct. By getting pregnant by The-Dream. Aside from her own money which is enough, she is set for life.

    The Vocie seemed like a set back for her musical career. And she needs to hope she will get to release an album. The fact that Drake, Nicki, and Lil Wayne come first is an issue. Unless Lil Wayne plans to release a song featuring her, to gain her some buzz.

    Either way, this has been serially delayed. Her last album was released in 2006. This is some Cassie mess, aside from the fact Cassie is still waiting to release her sophomore album and this will be Milian’s like 3rd U.S. I think 4th overall.

    If she flops hard after using Wayne, Tyga, Nicki, and Drake as she said she would…. Geeeeezzzze.

  27. sleazy July 20, 2014

    What I’m trying to figure out is how Christina Milian and Amerie gets dropped BUT rihanna who was flopping all over the charts back then stayed smh power of the Pvssy rih such a h**

  28. Truth B Told July 20, 2014

    Poor Christina Milan has been f****** for beats and a career and it ain’t working… She needs to be another if jayz mistress and she’ll have a career

  29. cocobutta July 20, 2014

    This gorgeous girl has always been a rip off Mya sound wise and it won’t change.
    This is why she wasn’t sticking musically as they sounded similar on R&B tracks.

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