Madonna Confirms New Song Title…’Messiah’

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jul 2014 by David


Madonna is back!

Two years removed from ‘MDNA‘, the ‘True Blue‘ singer has confirmed the name of a song pulled from its follow-up.

So, what the ‘Material Girl’ has up her sleeve?

Find out below…

We can’t wait to hear it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. jfkasy July 2, 2014

    luv the title, hope its a hit #WhileWeWaitForR8


      Regardless, she is the Queen of Pop not an Elusive KFC Car Park diva.

      • Truth Tea July 2, 2014

        Mariah Carey ‘#Beautiful’ flatlines on charts as singer lies about its success

        MAY 31, 2013

        This morning, The Twittersphere is up in arms at Mariah Carey after she falsely tweeted that her latest single, ‘#Beautiful,’ is number one in 30 countries. As of today, the song is struggling in almost every country it has been released and stalls on Billboards Hot 100 at number 20. This isn’t the first time Mariah has desperately tried to inflate her numbers. Throughout this year, Team Mariah has constantly announced that Mariah is the biggest selling female artist in history with sales of over 200 million albums. The problem — those 200 million albums cannot be verified.

        Madonna has sold over 300 million albums and those sales have been verified. Just a couple years back, Team Mariah was claiming she sold over 160 million albums. Given that all her albums have bombed recently, there is no way she sold 40 million albums in just a couple years.

        It has also been noted that Mariah’s list of number one songs is also manipulated, especially since several of Mariah’s number one songs weren’t actually hits, they weredeeply discounted to 49 cents when other singles sold for $2.99. Mariah’s career is shamefully based on inflated numbers and chart manipulation.


      • BeyHive July 2, 2014

        Gaga who?

    • RoyalKev July 2, 2014

      @Truth Tea

      I think Mariah definitely has 200 Million records sold. These days, I don’t know if her camp decided to give her figures a boost after her string of less than successful album sellers (like Memoirs, MCIIY, Chanteuse). If so, it might be done out of desperation to make her look good this era. Lambs on the other hand, often inflate Mimi’s numbers (to 230/250 now) and deflate other divas that they’re threatened by (usually Whitney, Celine, Bey). They gave up on Madonna! LOL. As far as singles chart manipulation is concerned? No comment… I wish all the divas had EXACT numbers on file, that would really put an end to all the stan bs!

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        They are mistaken her total records sales with albums, she has sold around 140+ ALBUMS and 60+ SINGLES in a worldwide scale, with albums and singles combined, a total of 200+ million records sold.

  2. Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

    She also posted a video of the song on facebook, with an orchestra, it sounds like classical music, interesting.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      I love Madonna and I am so happy for you suicide 🙂 . I don’t want MDNA tho I want something like Bedtime stories

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        You’re so sweet!, i would love another ‘BS’ too but that’s never gonna happen 😀

  3. Stephy July 2, 2014

    I’m here for it…

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014


      • TRUTH SERUM July 2, 2014

        Lmao.. Boy you so crazy. Lol

  4. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    I’m so excited. The true Queen of POP

  5. OMG Logic! July 2, 2014

    I’m always here for Grandmadonna.

  6. Stephy July 2, 2014

    @Suicide Blondie, what possibly is she gonna do next? She has done it all. She needs to sit DOWN! Along with Mariah! Madonna’s & Mariah’s voices are shot & dead to hell….

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Uhmm madonna knows how to reinvent herself. She can sell out another World tour

      • Stephy July 2, 2014

        I’m not talking about TOURS. I’m talking about MUSIC! Also, I was not asking YOU! I was asking BLONDIE! Goodbye.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Why don’t you like me? I try to be positive but nvm sorry for replying

      • Stephy July 2, 2014

        I’m sorry for being nasty. You are very nice to me. My apologies.

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        FU CK U STEPY!!!

    • Super Cisus July 2, 2014

      Stfu STDphy

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      Madonna is not a vocalist like Mariah, she’s all about diversity in her music, her voice has never been a main factor nor a problem to her, her moto is ‘keep pushing the envelope’, she will be still voguing at 90, just to p*** off her detractors, mark my words.

      • Stephy July 2, 2014

        If, she is still alive & healthy…

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        True, but she can do it, Cher is still touring, Dolly Parton just owned the Glastonbury crow the other day, young folks jamming to her songs, that’s amazing, every Legend should follow Mick Jagger’s devotion to the stage.

      • Stephy July 2, 2014

        Madonna is Queen! Cher & Dolly sounds terrible live lololol

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        They all have particular voices.

      • Sit Down July 2, 2014

        Who is the top selling female solo recording artist of all time?


    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Apology accepted. 🙂

      • Donte July 2, 2014

        What’s she going to do next?! Well first of all she’s throwing a curve ball with Messiah … It’s a ballad produced by Avicii and Able Korzeniowski (WE Soundtrack) That’s what she’s gonna do next… Slay all den b****** with a ballad!

  7. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    That Skyfall person with fake receipts. Britney is 170 Million Records sold & Beyoncé is 140 Million Records. Stop posting false receipts

    • Super Cisus July 2, 2014

      Ariana is at 0 stfu

      • Proud-Arianator July 2, 2014

        Britney and Beyonce have been at it for more than ten years
        Ariana has just started so that shade was really pointless like your existence

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        Ok now, cici u were just dragd to hell!!!! U GON LET HER READ U LIKE THAT???!! CLAP BACK BIITCH DONT B SCUURRED!!

    • RoyalKev July 2, 2014

      Brit & Bey are both over 100+ million. I don’t take it seriously when people try to reduce/downplay their numbers. It’s just laughable now.

  8. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    She only has 1 album tho and I don’t really stan for sales idc about sales. I love ariana because she makes the music I like and she’s very positive I like that

    • Proud-Arianator July 2, 2014

      Some Stan’s are stupid really how do you compare a newbie with veterans

    • Beygency July 2, 2014

      There you go! Stick up for your fave no matter what! I like her music too, I think she has a great voice & seems like a sweet girl. I wish her nothing but continued success

      • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

        Thanks boo. I love Beyoncé too I bought her latest album she slays >

      • Beygency July 2, 2014

        See! If we could just support each other’s faves or at the very least give credit where credit is due, this would be a much more positive site. Not saying that I don’t get my life from some of the shade that y’all be throwing but at times it’s just so unnecessary & rude.. You can give your opinion without tearing someone’s fave down. & now I’m done with my novel lol

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        Ok biitch imma try doin what u said

      • Beygency July 2, 2014

        🙂 thanks truth

      • Bey-Minaj July 2, 2014

        It would b quite interesting to see truth say anything nice about Nicki. We”all see.

  9. K July 2, 2014

    The Legendary Madonna.

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

      The ANCIENT Madonna u mean

  10. truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

    Chiiiiiiile this old RELIC prolly MET JESUS(masiah) in person. She is the poster child for cougars..hell she not even a cougar, her ANCIENT ass is a SABATOOTH!!! (Flips bang, adjust the wedgy in my panties and structs
    off honey)

  11. Beygency July 2, 2014

    Never been a fan but I do respect the way she is always able to reinvent herself & her longevity speaks for itself. Good for you Madge

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

      Shut up

      • Beygency July 2, 2014

        You are forever bitter. Get over yourself

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        Rolls eyes

  12. Mark111 July 2, 2014

    Jacking someone’s style and clinging to a new relevant artist is called reinventing? Oh ok.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      You’re so bitter & negative. Just please be positive for once. You sound like a f***** tbh

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        Ummm the only one that comes for @mark…we both fall back or get drug back. Final warning

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      One of Kylie’s best songs, if only the USA…

  13. truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

    That pic up top is nicely photoshopped. I love alotta of her old music. Howz this comment @Beygency? 😀

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      The pic is unretouched, what old music do you like of her?, please! don’t say ‘Like a Virgin’ 🙂

      • Proud-Arianator July 2, 2014

        Don’t tell me will forever be one of my favs

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        The song is also my fav. from the Music album.

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        I liked EVERYthing she did up until 2000. EEEVERYTHING!!! i really liked the Justify My Love era…book and all. Its one song, suicide matb u can help me here, it call Loney Girl or something but i think it was on the album where she turned into crows on the vid. Omg i loved it..Lonely Girl, Only Girl…i caint remember the name but id download it if i knew. I looooove(not past tense) This Used To Be My Playground. It really makes u think when she says ‘life is short, before u know ur growing old and ur heart is breakn’. MERCY that song touches me!! Then i liked Hung Up’. I love her superbowl performance. I also love her Dickk Tracy error…Cherish was my fav off the album but that fall in the catagory from the 80s to early 2000s. How’d i do @beygency. See im tryn to be nice and everything i wrotevi meant. Madge IZZZ a bad bitchh!! But ummm…dont expect me to b nice on nicki blogs…want happen!! But i can TRY being civil on other blogs

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        I think you must be talking about ‘Promise to Try’, it was dedicated to her mother.

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        Ok…imma find it and download. Thx 😀

  14. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    That’s why I love Beyoncé stans… They always give other people credit

    • Super Cisus July 2, 2014


      • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

        BISH WHET?


    In 2001, when Mariah released the first single “Loverboy” from the musical abortion known as Glitter, more of the media started to notice Mariah’s strategy. “Loverboy” zoomed to number two based on being discounted for 49 cents and the fact that some record stores were actually giving it away for free. However, the song failed to garner any airplay and soon left Mariah headed to the mental hospital.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Crying! Screaming! Death not Mental hospital tho. Yall really need to stop yall are killing me

  16. Mariah Chart Manipulator July 2, 2014

    Madonna is ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century (albums and singles) and the second top-selling female artist in the United States with sixty-four certified platinum albums; she has sold over two-hundred and five million albums worldwide. In 2007, Guinness World Records listed her as the world’s most successful female recording artist of all time.

  17. Stephy July 2, 2014

    Gaga who?

  18. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    SCREAMING not “mental hospital” tho

  19. =Kunty= July 2, 2014

    Katy is sued because of Dark Horse…. 🙁

  20. Gia July 2, 2014

    300m records sold ,Madonna has nothing to prove to pop art wannabes…

  21. LOL July 2, 2014


    • Rosie July 2, 2014

      Why would she cling to a fad for relevancy when the fad barely has a career itself?

  22. Riri4Ever July 2, 2014

    Gaga who?

    24 million albums sold.
    Madonna..300million albums sold


    • sleazy July 2, 2014

      gaga been in the game less than 10 years bye! your fav is the real struggle even

      • K bye July 2, 2014

        Please..come back later when Gaga has at least 10 #1 hits on Billboard Hot 100 …..

    • LOL July 2, 2014




  23. SMH July 2, 2014

    Meh. was over madonnasaur years ago. wonder which young pop star she’s gonna latch her dentures on to for a hit this time.

  24. ARTGRAVE July 2, 2014

    Poor Lady GagGag, artRAVE is making on average only 1 m per show…

    • LOL July 2, 2014


    • Rosie July 2, 2014

      It’s actually grossing less.

  25. JohnVidal July 2, 2014

    Lady Gaga——> Ciara——-> Fantasia Barino.

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

      Deeeeeeeath!!!! Bitchh i wanna deag u for dragn Tasia bit im lmao tooooo hard!!!! FANNY had NOTHING to do with this lolol!!!

  26. sleazy July 2, 2014

    Random these Legends albums are a bit fishy to me REAL reciepta are needed not from the Label . Im sure they sold millions but some of the artist sales seem like it was faked ive seen articles like that before

  27. Miley Perry July 2, 2014

    ARTPOP (heavily promoted) 700k
    MDNA (no promo) 500k


    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2014

      Well, promo for MSNA was bigger than a few recent releases like Mariah´s for example. It was sold with the tour tickets and she had the Superbowl to promote the new single, plus a little controversy as always, this time using Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga. We´ll see what she uses this go round 🙂

  28. IggySlayYourFavs July 2, 2014

    Gaga- Queen of Arenas and Festivals.

    Stop the stupid comparison !!!!

  29. Godney Spears July 2, 2014

    after 5 years, Gaga is a tour artist. LOL

  30. ARTPOOP July 2, 2014


    • Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

      Girl tone it down. Gaga is madonna’s b****. She is madonna’s prodigal daughter

  31. Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

    Beyonshit beehive will be panicking now coz the real and one and only Queen is back. madonna the queen will continue to reign supremes.
    Thank you Beyonce for making the video and single haunted for giving tribute to madonna

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

      Weight watchers biitch

      • Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

        Actually Pink’s The Truth about Love sold more than Beyondshit 4closure and visual hype album. Lol

    • HiveHighness July 2, 2014

      Sweetie you better hope and pray Adele still has selling power

  32. Lana Del Slay July 2, 2014

    Gaga’s Monsters are the great reminder why birth control exists.

  33. …… July 2, 2014

    Beyonce—> Madonna
    Gaga—–> Rihanna
    Miley—-> Katy
    Adele—> Kylie
    Britney—> Ciara

    • Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

      Madonna> beyonce

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

        No carbs for u

      • Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

        Lol at the carbs joke. I almost died
        Adele can be big and still slay and choke beyonce on the charts un effortlessly. Even britney who lip synchs outsold beyonce in total album sales worldwide without even hyping her stuff.

      • TRUTH SERUM July 2, 2014

        Beyonce has proven herself time and time again. I would say for a span of 17 years. I love Adele but lets just hope she won’t be a Nora Jones. Check with me in five years.

  34. Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

    Queen of pop Madonna is back and the self proclaimed beyonshit will bowdown. Anyways according to Beyonce she was inspired and she wants to be Madonna. But sorry Gurl, Britney B**** is the next Queen of pop

    • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) July 2, 2014

      Who breakdown Britney? Kii

      • Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

        Troll sit yo ass
        Britney vs beyonce album sales:
        Baby one more time vs dangerously in love. 28 m>10 m
        Ooops I did it again vs bday 22 m vs 7 m
        Britney vs I am sasha 10 m vs 6 m
        In the zone vs 4. 8m vs 2.5
        Now who breaks down? Beyoncshit and her beezhypes

      • africa music lover July 2, 2014

        what hype are you talking about?? and since we are talking about album sales,why dont you compare their lates albums,you know: Britney Jean and Beyonce??

  35. JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2014

    I hope it´s good. She doesn´t seem interested enough in her albums lately, since “Confessions on a Dancefloor” I would say. Her last two weren´t too good.

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      She seems very into her music lately, i think she is putting her heart in this album, if follow her, you can see that, crossed fingers.

  36. RoyalKev July 2, 2014

    That Madonna just keeps going and going! She’s not exactly my cup of tea, but she deserves credit for her artistic commitment to keeping things interesting. You can never predict the direction of a new era by her. Messiah is just another example.

    Although, I wish she’d sometimes repeat some of the brilliance in her old eras (80’s – Live To Tell/’Til Death Do Us Part, 90’s – Human Nature/Take A Bow, 00’s – Forbidden Love, or even this decade’s Girl Gone Wild), I understand that she’s moved on past it! I respect that!

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      Ain’t that the truth for every diva, i wish Janet would revisited the Rhythm Nation 1814, janet and Velvet Rope albums sounds or something ala All for You, if they can find a balance between their new and old sound, that would be awesome, that goes for both ladies.

    • RoyalKev July 2, 2014

      True! Every diva has that golden era you wish they’d deliver round 2 of. I wish Jan would give us an updated 2014 version of RN. That album is amazing to go back to! I’d love to see her get back to displaying that kind of consciousness of the times today.

      Your right, I also love it when these legends find a balance with the old/new from time to time. Is it me, or does JLO’s Ten sound like “the supreme duet” that could have been made for Jan/Madge.

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        I was thinking the same, like i swear i could hear Janet and Madonna all through the song, must be the Gay vibes of the song, lol.

    • RoyalKev July 2, 2014

      Exactly! 🙂

  37. Artpop is a recycled pop 80s July 2, 2014

    Love Madonna…she has nothing to prove unlike an art student named like Gag…

  38. Belladonna1363 July 2, 2014

    I’m sure Madonna fans are not surprised by this after everything that happened with Gaga in the last 5years & her not having what it takes to be the next Queen of Pop really shows why Britney & Xtina couldn’t do it either. And now I know its all because the kind of Strength Madonna has give her the power to over come hard times & Turn era’s like Erotica in to amazing moments in Music History even tho it was hard to make an album like that sell
    at the time. Xtina was unable to do that with Bionic & Gaga couldn’t do it with ArtPop. And More then ever I see why Beyonce did make it to ICON status mostly because she didn’t try to be the next Madonna she just worked really hard & performed like the Gods & made good business moves & be4 she new it she was just as good as Madonna (some say better) lol But Bey made her own away from Madonna the way Madonna Made hers away from Marilyn Monroe. But the one thing Marilyn,Madonna & Beyonce have that most female artist will never possess is that (INNER STRENGTH )

    • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

      Agreed, i think Gaga is very talented but she really believed that she would be able to erase Madonna from Pop music with Madonna’s own tricks, you can’t fool who invented the rules, she know the game better than anyone else. There is a famous rumour by an unknown journalist who claimed that Andy Warhol said: Madonna is unique and anyone who tries to imitate her, would end up being a parody of itself.

      • TRUTH SERUM July 2, 2014

        # the truth has been spoken. I see no lies! Madonna is in her own lane. Gaga is talented bit very Grace Jones inspired.

      • Belladonna1363 July 2, 2014

        I agree. Andy was a horrible person (great artist tho) but he always could spot the real deal when he saw it.

  39. One D F0rever July 2, 2014

    101% agree. Rihanna and Lady Gaga just want to be famous. Nothing to do with music or art. They are in a contest with themselves to outdo their last exhibition.


  40. Ohllaaaaa July 2, 2014

    I hope she will sell more than Mariah’s Flop Chanteuse. 🙁

  41. Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

    Re: africalover
    Although Beyonshit latest visual album sold more than britney jean still Britney’s total album sales is way bigger than beyonshit. Beyonshit album sales are dwarfs compared to Britney”s. Sit yo ass down.

  42. Queen_Adele July 2, 2014

    My reply to truths serum
    Adele will still sell good in the next five to ten years. By that time beyonce is retired.

    • TRUTHTELLER July 3, 2014


  43. Donte July 2, 2014

    PS… Y’all shady for using that haggard photoshoot out take all the time when writing articles about her. So biased on this s*** of a blog

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