Mindless Behavior Sign With Epic Records

Published: Thursday 10th Jul 2014 by Sam

It’s all new everything for teen sensations Mindless Behavior.

Earlier this year, the Urban-Pop quad waved goodbye to original member Prodigy and welcomed newcomer EJ to the fold. Moves made notably with no explanation.

Now, it’s their longtime label Interscope that they’re leaving.

Taking to Instagram moments ago, the group (who were founded by Vincent Herbert in 2008) posted the following…

Signing our new record deal with Sony/Epic! Shout out to Walter Millsap/Vincent Herbert & LA Reid .. Album Coming Soon!!!!

Interestingly, the shot that accompanied the caption only featured three members – Ray Ray, Princeton, and Roc Royal – leaving many fans wondering whether EJ is still apart of the new-look MB.


In any case, many eyes will remain peeled to see how the boys fare moving forward. Can they cut it without their former lead vocalist? Now older, will they be able to court a more mature audience and broaden their success? Time will tell. {Source}

Your thoughts?

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  1. Charli S.E.X July 10, 2014

    Epic can barely handle the people they already have let alone new people. Like how can your biggest act be dead? Like really?

    • profit July 10, 2014

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  2. ChakaYonce July 10, 2014

    Where do they find the money to keep signing all these new people when we all know nobody there is selling. I mean we all know Vince went broke trying to make sure Tamar didn’t flop, that’s why she keeps having to sell her wedding rings and THINKS people don’t know that bigger doesn’t always mean better.

    • llawrence July 11, 2014

      I can’t stop laughing, GAGA,TAMAR,and now these little boys. Three’s a charm.

  3. Mimi Carey July 10, 2014


  4. MalikOnMyMind July 10, 2014

    They must have been desperate.

  5. Yea ok July 10, 2014

    No shade I laughed when I saw them looking at those papers. All I kept thinking is tons of words that basically mean it’ll be a long time before you actually see any money. Epic is a flop but I do think Vince is a good manager.

  6. taqueria arandas July 10, 2014

    This is seriously B2k without Omarion…. the question is who gonna be the RAZ-B of the group…. Let me find out Vince had these lil boys…. KERMIT SIP!!! Dot-Org… THEY GROWN NOW… (my money on RAY-RAY tho hahaha)

  7. taqueria arandas July 10, 2014

    & they still make CUTE Lesbians

  8. Mark111 July 10, 2014

    What kind of Destiny’s Child mess?

  9. TheShade July 10, 2014

    So we just gon ignore that bun on his head?

  10. Lovebird July 10, 2014

    Can Sony get rid of LA Reid already; he is destroying EPIC. Don’t let him do to EPIC what he did to Arista. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  11. Stephy July 10, 2014

    Does that boy in the middle have his hair SNATCHED up in a bun?
    Alright now, he better werk!

  12. Absolved July 11, 2014

    No. Just, no.

  13. llawewnce July 11, 2014

    EPIC is not CASH MONEY RECORDS/YMCMB they don’t have artist making money like Niki and Drake, Tyga, J SEAN these little boys just had one good song you need more than that to make it big.

  14. Linda February 12, 2015

    i love u guys so much..
    And im asking u guys if u will pls add me on facebook..
    PLS i love u guys.
    facebook name= Linda Leeweah

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