New Song: Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett – ‘Anything Goes’

Published: Tuesday 29th Jul 2014 by Sam

Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett sprung a surprise on the masses today when their new single ‘Anything Goes’ was released to iTunes.

The track is the first taste from their upcoming collaborative album ‘Cheek To Cheek’, which arrives later this year.

Take a listen to GaGa like you’ve never heard her below…

We like! Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. gilbert July 29, 2014

    yes gaga 🙂

    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

      Hopefully she won’t pay this era dust like ARTPOP

    • townerqhxcb July 29, 2014

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  2. Lindsay Lohan July 29, 2014

    How I wish Lady Gaga would focus more on her voice than the theatrics. And revert to being Stefani.

  3. Eloviano July 29, 2014

    Beyoncé’s impact though!!! Love the song, the less is more approach suits Gaga better. I give it a 3/5.

    • Dossome July 29, 2014

      What do you mean?This sounds nothing like Beyonce

    • JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2014

      Why beyonce in this post? LMAO Did see create the art of releasing a song? LOL These kids…

  4. BEYHIVE_MINAJ July 29, 2014

    I love this! I really love the direction she’s taking. The vocals are everything.

  5. Basura Caliente July 29, 2014


  6. Dossome July 29, 2014

    I love it…Good music right there.

  7. GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

    I wish GaGa would step away from the gimmicks
    And focus on the actual takent she has and quit trying
    To be the next Queen Madonna

  8. Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

    I knew it from the moment i heard she was doing a Jazz album, it’s Jazz music but why does she has to sound like this, why?…And people say we are too rude to her, well, i guess we have to look it up ONCE AGAIN…And pretend it’s all in our mind, you know, we are just obsessed with her.

    • Stephy July 29, 2014

      What songs exactly did Tommy M. pay too go number 1 for Mariah? Do you know which ones?

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

        I have no idea 🙂

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        I was doing research on it. Her single sales in AMERICA during the 90’s are just as big & even BIGGER than Madonna’s physical single sales in USA. Upon, during my research I found out that Warner Bro’s was sued due to some fraudulent behavior with bribery & payola deals during the 1980s/1990s. Their biggest artist was Madonna.
        Mariah’s Single DREAMLOVER for instance sold 1,000,000+ PHYSICAL singles which is equivalent to selling 4,000,000+ DIGITAL singles in today’s single sales. Her sales during the 90’s (in singles & albums) were HUGE! So, where does the Payola plays in.. I understand the discounting singles (only for the first 2 weeks of release) but Mariah’s single sales were extremely huge for USA, CANADA & UK. Where does the Payola comes in at?

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

        Many singles had good sales but airplay it’s always needed, especially back in the day, the 90’s were Mariah’s golden years so of course she was a little bit ahead of everyone else in the US, as for Madonna, she is one of the few artists who hasn’t used payola to get her #1 hits, Warner Bros might have paid to play some of her less famous songs, you know sometimes label do that without the consent of the artist, that could be Mariah’s case too,trust me, she could have done it too but she just didn’t care, even today with a big name like she is, she could pay to be on top on the charts but she refuses, that says a lot.

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        Most of Mariah’s sngles went number 1 off of STRONG SINGLE SALES tho. Hint: One Sweet Day, Fantasy & Honey DEBUTING at NUMBER 1 without radio help. She also, scored 12 PLATINUM (by NIELSEN SOUNDSCAN) NOT SHIPMENTS selling singles…
        The only shady thing I saw Mariah doing was discounting her single sales for the 1st 2 weeks of its release. How do you know for sure Madonna’s record label was not paying for Airplay for Madonna in the 1980’s? I honestly, believe “Touch My Body” & “Thank God I Found You” are her ONLY payed for number 1s. They have WEAK sales & hardly no airplay when looking at the BILLBOARD AIRPLAY charts. .
        Her songs “My All”, “Vision Of Love”, “Hero”, “Fantasy”, “One Sweet Day”, “Always Be My Baby”, “Honey”, “Love Takes Time”, “I Dont Wanna Cry” & “Heartbreaker” had HUGE sales in physical sales. Also, alot of her number 1 hits still have sold an additional 500K-1M DIGITAL downloads starting in 2005 for hit songs from a decade prior.
        I just don’t understand why she even needed Payola when her SALES were HUGE enough to chart alone. Her airplay helps but it cannot force people into purchasing your stuff. (Looks At Glitter & Charmbracelet)… LOL, I honestly think 16 of her 18 number 1 hits are real based off the SALES alone. They were strong as hell. Tommy even STOPPED “CANT LET GO” from going number 1 in 1992 by taking all the singles off the shelves a week prior! That says alot. Also, she sold 54+ million albums from retails… Can you payola album sales too…?
        Also, why are Mariah’s certifications (RIAA) sales just about the same as Madonna’s? When Madonna came out a decade before Mariah? Mimi, has SHIPPED 64 million albums & SOLD 54 million… Madonna has SHIPPED 65 million albums but sold well, no one will ever know cause she came out before Soundscan… LMAO
        Madonna still is bigger worldwide tho. Based off the simple fact that she does music for Whites… Mariah still got 27 top ten hits in the UK tho. Is that good for an R&B singer?

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

        Things just worked different in the 90’s, just my two cents. WB said that Madonna sold more then 75 million albums in the USA. But it seems that Barbra is also undercertified, almost all the artists pre-soundscan are undercertified, Mariah Carey is obviously over-certified. Her team went to great extents to get her Gold records, and both her Diamond albums have been quite distance from the ten-million-scanned mark. Though at that time there were Music Clubs sales. But Daydream sold only like more than 7/8 million copies, Madonna’s album TIC is undercertified too, It should be 11xp, Since Madonna is no longer at WBR, any album re-certifications are doubtful. Don’t waste your time discussing them. They’ll probably will never happen.

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        I don’t really believe Madonna has sold all those records to the tea. EVERYONE’S stuff is over-certified. The Bodyguard is 17x Platinum but sold no where near that. Also, Mariah is ONLY over shipped by a 2-3 million margin without adding clubs. When you add clubs she only over-shipped by 2 million. Which is the case for alot of big artist MJ, MADONNA, Shania. Celine Dion’s shipments are pretty good tho.
        Michael Jackson Thriller, Bad, Off The Wall albums have all sold over 1+ million copies during the soundscan era. Madonna’s albums have not. Thriller sold another 6-7 Million albums during soundscan. That album truly is the biggest seller. Anyways, Mariahs Christmas song is her biggest hit ever. & in ten years will be around 20+ million singles sold hoefully! 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

        Thriller is indeed the best selling album of all time, inflated sales, yes! but still sold around 67 million copies ww, do you know is the only Michael album to reach diamond in the US, as for Madge’s US sales, i think she has sold around 71/72 million albums there, but Barbra will still be undercertified, so….

    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014


      • FAF July 29, 2014

        Ummm it wasn’t like today things were more competitive so yes she may have gone platinum but a lot of others were too hence the reason for payola to get more #1s than Whitney or Madonna

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        But, Madonna & Whitney had extreme radio airplay aslo. Still does not make since. Also, Mariah achieved more Platinum selling singles than Nippy.

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        Whitney Houston actually had more radio airplay than Mariah did during the Bodyguard years… And still only scored 1 number 1 hit.

  9. No Name July 29, 2014

    the cover though…

  10. Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

    OMG YASS! The song was a bit short for my liking but her vocals are on point. I’m hoping it will do well on the charts but I doubt it will. It looks like this era is meant for grammy’s


    • Stephy July 29, 2014


      • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

        The bae

  11. HitchHikerGuideToGalaxy July 29, 2014

    I think this is a smart move it might not be commercial but it will earn her respect from the people who’ll become her true hardcore fans and abandon the silly bandwagoners who just care about what’s hot and popping.Because underneath the ostentatiousness I think she is really talented and has a story to tell.Being commercial isn’t always the best way to go for true artists and that’s something Katy needs to understand .

  12. Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

    When will katy reach puberty?

    • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

      The day she sounds great live

      • Dossome July 29, 2014

        ^and that’s after the return of Christ

    • CATFISH CAREY July 29, 2014


    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

      Lmao you are all sick XD

  13. JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2014

    Good! I´m more interested in her pop career but it´s great that she does things like these here and there. Keep on proving she is better than her less talented pop peers.

  14. dotti July 30, 2014

    tony is an ooold school but still has a phenomenal voice. he and christina did an unbeatable job on the 2010 ‘steppin’ out with my baby’ duet. christina really worked those pipes to the utmost without going over the top. christina and gaga both shine in the jazz genre.

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