Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Blow’ On ‘Beyonce x10’

Published: Tuesday 29th Jul 2014 by Sam

Beyonce‘s blazing HBO mini-series ‘Beyonce x10’ continues, with ‘Blow’ serving as the latest performance aired.

As reported, the concept of the project sees one of ten new King B performances (from her ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’) screened in the minutes preceding each new episode of the network’s top show ‘True Blood’.

Watch Bey in action below…

Superb editing for a superb performance. Beyonce really is the industry’s most electrifying force.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CT July 29, 2014

    In other news cant wait for rihvember…

    • XXX July 29, 2014

      No one cares

    • Yep July 29, 2014

      Sam should report about Beyonce and J Z’s seperation…..

    • townerqhxcb July 29, 2014

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  2. Love breath July 29, 2014

    Slayyyyyyage. Nobody does it like King Bey. PROUD BEYHIVE.

    • sweet&sour July 29, 2014

      Wow you submit and worship beyonce by calling her a king. Bow down to God. smh so sad that everyone is worshipping false idols….

  3. BeyIsKing July 29, 2014

    Bow down b*tches!!

  4. Beysus July 29, 2014

    One of my top 5 fave songs!!!:
    1. Blue
    2. Partition
    3. Blow
    4. XO
    5. Mine

  5. Lindsay Lohan July 29, 2014

    This is her most hit friendly song on ‘Beyonce’. I understand her decision to cancel it, considering her branding is skewing towards the trashy side, so putting out XO and Pretty Hurts was the smart choice.

  6. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    Thunder thighs on display as usual.
    Ewwwe!!! Put down the popeye chicken
    Fat cow. So far she’s been dancing for
    Over a year and half and still remains fat?
    Lol!!!! I see why photo shop is her
    Bestest friend :/

    • pu$$y juice lover July 29, 2014

      She need to upload those performancesto youjizz tbqfh.

    • Stephy July 29, 2014

      “So far she’s been dancing for
      Over a year and half and still remains fat?”

  7. Carly July 29, 2014

    She is fantastic! I love the song and performance. Such is a s*** Queen.

  8. pu$$y juice lover July 29, 2014

    She needs to upload those these performances to youjizz tbqfh to the strugguling milf catagory.

    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014


  9. pu$$y juice lover July 29, 2014

    I cant at Drunk In Love being her only hit on this overrated ass album. Lmfao. Queen my ass.

    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

      She’s becoming overkill of herself again

      • pu$$y juice lover July 29, 2014

        Hey beautiful!! Where have u been??

  10. Carly July 29, 2014

    I watched it on TV, got my life. Beyoncé can just do it all. She’s just the jack of all trades legendary. Sing amazing, dance amazing, slow, fast, s**, class and look pretty. I seriously have a lot of respect for her there’s no other pop girl like her now.

  11. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    Can somebody tell me why does she still have overstuffed sausage legs? I mean she hasn’t stopped since Super Bowl and the extreme rehearsal and the show, the tour so on and so forth? Old ‘lady’ needs to put that away. It’s an eyesore.

    Really the ugly outfit from Mrs camel tour?
    Talk about recycling. I guess she’s doesn’t
    have anything left to jack from Rihanna?
    Except from rih ‘s casual outfits.

  12. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    Even Madonna has much shapely legs than
    This oversized walrus. Ahahaha!!!

  13. Yeah I Said It July 29, 2014


    1) Blow
    2) Rocket
    3) Superpower
    4) Heaven

    Can’t watch it here tgj. Good job I caught it when it was on. Awesome!

  14. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    I’ve read somewhere that she said…
    Well beyFATce herself said that she wears
    several legging thingy. I can see why she
    Would: #1 to keep the wobbly parts intact,
    #2 to keep the fat cellulite and with the dipples
    On the upper side of her fat thighs and of course much more.

    That’s why she always has her hands covering up that era.
    Whether she’s using a bag, big camera, or what not.
    Fat ladies issue guide 101: (must use gadgets or other objects including your arms/hand if photo shop is unavailable) loooooooooooooooooooooooool!!

    Anyways I’m done. Her music is garbage.

    Adios, ciao, ma ‘ salaam and whatever.


  15. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) July 29, 2014

    That was cute I like that song, she looks really hot too. One things for sure she’s simply superior to the other basics out now. No wonder she has the first Lady and her daughters going to all of her shows.

  16. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    I think I’ve previously mentioned that I got banned for
    Bringing up and posting old and new quotes from
    ElephantYonce and I got banned. Back then I
    Was kate Middleton. Hmm I’ll find that quote and
    Post it even if it takes me to the next
    ELEPHANTYONCE thread/post?. 🙂

  17. Rih Rox July 29, 2014

    Ciao got to go for now.

  18. XXX July 29, 2014

    Pink is the flavor. Solve the riddle….
    Yes my song!

  19. fatusankoh July 29, 2014

    Omg their is no one like our bey she look beautiful amazing flawless thanks Sam for posting you make my day may god continue to bless proteict our bey and her family for life more success in all she do good luck with her tour my fellow behive let’s continue to love support our bey for life don’t let Hatemongers get to us

  20. A.K.A more like D.O.A. July 29, 2014

    Overrated, illiterate hood trash.

  21. Dirty Laundry July 29, 2014

    Queen Bey slaying as usual!

  22. angry bottoms July 29, 2014

    Only faqqs would be glad that she is selling her worn out cooch for all the world to see. ..a real lady wouldn’t have to sell her naughty bits to stay so called “relevant. . And timbland.. If Aaliyah was a live , would you have given her this song??

    • Eat da poo poo July 29, 2014

      Exactly. Only trashy(mainly black) messy power bottoms stan for this illiterate, mentally retarded s****-ho.

    • LDN Chick July 29, 2014

      You’re probably gay and in denial yourself. Because majority of beyonces fan base is actually female.

      • Bey Advocate July 29, 2014

        But wasn’t Aaliyah talking about how she wanted someone to rock her boat, change positions, stroke it for her??? Don’t contradict yourself, love Aaliyah btw…Beyonce is an adult, I don’t get what’s wrong here… .

    • Brian310 July 29, 2014

      Rock Da Boat was MUCH more subtle and classy than Blow.

  23. SoapySam July 29, 2014

    Sam should apply for a job running Beyoncé’s fan sites. I swear. This site is so biased. No reporting about Beyonce’s sepaeration??? If it was any other artist, there would be multiple posts.

  24. note 2 self July 29, 2014

    There is some major hating going on in the comment section today. Trying to egg on a stan war,like usual. People really need to get lives, especially when it’s obvious the same person is writing the hateful comments,responding to themselves,disliking the positive comments, while liking their own. I mean how petty can one be? Oh I know, digging up 2009 tweets to “Drag”….Only a mental patient in the works takes this much time to hate someone they don’t even know..especially that green eyed mess

    • Taylor July 30, 2014

      You know how Rihanna fans are,..pathetic and insecure..just like their fav. It’s really sad.

  25. SMH July 29, 2014

    Stripper with a mic. Wow, such ¨talent¨.

    • Bey Advocate July 29, 2014

      But I bet you were in attendance Lmao

  26. LDN Chick July 29, 2014

    Wooo go girl. This Tour was fantastic so glad I got to see her in London. I just wish OTR was coming to the UK 🙁

  27. Bey Advocate July 29, 2014

    Throw your little weak shade, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that she slays lmao .

  28. SHAWTY July 29, 2014

    Are you guys NOT bored with this chick and these same perfromances? Half of you bought the album…went to all 100 of her tours doing the same moves..watching footage online and now on HBO??? How do you guys not get bored and tired with the same sh*T? The perfection of it all gets very very BORRRRING to me. But Hey maybe it’s just me. I have nothing against Bey but damn do I have to see a performance of her everyday? I can’t wait for Ciara and other talent to come back out.

    • Lolz July 29, 2014

      No. Now bye!

  29. Lolz July 29, 2014


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