T.I. Denies Iggy Azalea Ghostwriter Claims

Published: Thursday 24th Jul 2014 by David


Though little can be done to throw her single-selling abilities into disrepute, there’s been some effort to poke serious holes into Iggy Azalea‘s credibility as artist by those unimpressed by what she brings to Pop’s table.

Not helped by misinformed journalists hoping to present her as Hip Hop’s fastest rising star, Azalea has found herself tasked with facing the following three criticisms since her debut in 2011.

The first, being her adoption of an Ebonic-kissed Southern American accent despite hailing from New South Wales.

The second, being that industry connections-and not her own crossover appeal- is to thank for her meteoric rise on Top 40 and Rhythmic radio.

The last? That she employs ghostwriters to pen her material for her.

Now, despite being named as one of the writers on her smash hit single ‘Fancy’, her mentor T.I. has slammed the last of the three, revealing that the Rapper “has her own ideas.”

More below…

When quizzed on his contributions to ‘Fancy’, T.I. explained:

I couldn’t write a lot of the shit she say, you know? I couldn’t put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does. You know what I’m saying? She just has a different way of presenting herself and her art.

Whether Iggy is capable of penning her lyrics or not, the fact remains that very little can (or will) stop her from becoming the Pop superstar she was destined to become.

However, here’s hoping a serious effort is made to paint the rap beauty as a serious lyricist in the near future. For, while it may not seem like too much of a problem now, the star will be faced with a problem of Macklemore-sized proportions, if she doesn’t.

Confused? We’ll explain.

When the love being shown to an artist by the industry is disproportionate to their talent or skill as an entertainer, it’s doesn’t take much for rival acts to chip away at their credibility with stunts akin to the one pulled by the fiercely competitve Nicki Minaj at the ‘BET Awards’…or Drake‘s slamming of Macklemore at the ‘ESPYs.’

For, while neither Iggy or Macklemore can hold a light to Minaj or Aubrey on a talent tip, the media’s latching onto them has to have the ‘Young Money‘ royals all kinds of threatened and annoyed, prompting them to hit the newbies stock where they knew it needed to be highest.

Iggy, in front of Urban audiences.

Macklemore, in front of men.

With this in mind, it isn’t too difficult to understand why Iggy has to start presenting herself as a lyricist and becomes an albums seller. If she doesn’t, it won’t be long before she becomes the Vanilla Ice to Minaj‘s LL Cool J.

Just as popular on the surface, but nowhere near as as impressive where it counts .

Your thoughts?

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  1. NickiBeenBad July 24, 2014

    Good read TGJ. Iggy better come harder because Competitivenika is out to get here covertly. I’d be mad too if i busted my ass for so many years to get something only to watch some wack chick come up and get the same attention only because of the color of her skin.

    Then again, if Nicki used her b*** implants to get attention can we be too mad at Iggy for her using her race?

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 24, 2014

      Kim felt the same way about her…remember…

      • goctzelbxxcva July 24, 2014

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      • DanitySlain July 25, 2014

        The difference is that Nicki can actually rap, is hard working and savvy. Kim has the first one down and that’s why it was so easy for Nicki to slay without disturbance because Kim was too busy resting on her laurels. Iggy cannot rap, isn’t savvy and only works hard because too many people behind the scenes are pulling strings for her.

    • Cupid July 25, 2014

      Wait, don’t discredit iggy. Y’all seem to forget that she was doing this long before T.I found her. She was pulling her own strings. She may not be as impressive as Nicki lyrically but she’s been doing this long enough to take credit for writing her own music. The only thing that’s better about iggy since she got with T.I is her FLOW.

  2. BeyBeyKing July 24, 2014

    Hmm hmm David better spill that true. It’s just like Naomi and Tyra. Tyra is nowhere near as good as Naomi but the average person wouldn’t know that because the media makes out like they’re neck and neck. Same goes for Beyonce and Rihanna.

    • ceer0624 July 24, 2014

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  3. CiMinaj July 24, 2014

    I don’t believe him!

    • Kree.A.Shawn July 24, 2014

      Of course he’s lying. If Charli wrote the chorus and Iggy says she wrote the verses, why is he put down as a writer?

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 24, 2014

      Drake write for nicki

  4. CommanderKaty July 24, 2014

    TGJ hit the nail on the head with this one because it’s true,Iggy is popular but not even her own fans take her seriously as a writer. Katy gave her Black Widow and Charli gave her Fancy.

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 24, 2014


  5. Bey-Minaj July 24, 2014

    The shade is thick

  6. FancyFelicia July 24, 2014

    I don’t usually agree with TGJ’s articles on Iggy but I have to say I agree with this one.

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 24, 2014


  7. The Great Lacefronce. July 24, 2014

    Onigg*r is just threatened by Iggy

    • BeyWhoUWanna July 24, 2014

      What’s to be threatened by though. Even without all the s*** that helps her Nicki can rap and that’s the be all and end all of it. Is Rihanna better than Beyonce because the press treats the same way?

    • SMH July 24, 2014

      Wrong. Honkky fans are just mad cuz she can’tsell albums like Onika.

    • iggy ice July 24, 2014

      onig isnt threatened by that white trailer trash wannabe black girl

  8. MDNA2014 July 24, 2014

    Barbz shouldn’t be threatened by Iggy at all because talent always wins in the end, which is why Janet’s career is struggling and Madonna’s is still thriving. At the end of the day, Janet is iconic but she can’t sing while Madonna has always made the effort to learn to sing and that’s why one’s flopping and the other is slaying even though they’re both popular.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      Bish sit. You talking like Madonna is some kind of vocal acrobat when she’s mostly twerking on the balance beam.

    • Jose July 24, 2014

      1.Madonna can’t sing
      2. Madonna’s last album flopped
      3. JANET is more talented and a better performer

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        I know right, Madonna is strategic and knows a catchy tune but she cannot sing. She knows how to play the game but as she gets older no one is here to see her show off her Meemaw cakes and kissing girls young enough to be her granddaughter all up in the mouth.

    • SMH July 24, 2014

      Sit down and shut up. Madonna is on paula abduls level when it comes to singing, and her albums have been flopping for the last 10 years. Janet sings like Whitney in comparison to that mummys lack of a voice. Like iggy, madonna only gets inflated props because of the color of her skin.

  9. MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

    Destiny’s Child Ode to Nicki:

    You’s a nasty, nasty, trashy, nasty
    Sleazy, nasty classless, nasty

    Nasty put some clothes on, I told ya
    Don’t walk out your house without your clothes on, I told ya
    Girl what you thinkin’ bout lookin’ that to’ down, I told ya
    These men don’t want no hot female that’s
    Been around the block female, you nasty girl

    • BrandNuStar July 24, 2014

      A Missy fan talking about class? Don’t be fooled by the image Missy puts out of herself now, she wasn’t the nicest person when she was relevant and sure as hell wasn’t the cleanest, if you know what I mean.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        Name one person in this industry that has ever said Missy was mean or nasty to them? I’ll wait… Oh an bae Missy is very much relevant. Nasty Minaj wishes she could have a career and get as much respect as Missy.

      • BrandNuStar July 24, 2014

        I’m not a Nicki fan so your shade at her is wasted on me. And by the way, you DO know that a big part of the reason Missy is so supportive of the other rap girls is because she makes money from them.

        She got Kim on Lady Marmalade and wrote the Eve tv show theme tune, so clearly her supporting them isn’t just her being a nice person, it’s about her seeing them as her money makers. Google everything I just said if you don’t believe me.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      Hun don’t try to school me on Missy. You have no idea what you are talking about. Since you are probably 15-17 years old you don’t know how women that came in the game 20 years ago used to look out for each other. So save that money make stuff for someone that cares. We aren’t even talking about Missy we are talking about Nicki’s jealous inflated silicon b***.

    • Realest July 24, 2014

      @BrandNu- before you speak as facts know your history honey. Kim and Missy are” sisters” and before Missy put Kim on lady marmalade, Kim help break Missy into the scene with her smash hit “Ladies Night” in 96′ before Missy was MISSY.. She also contributes to Missy’s first two albums when Kim was the number one rap b****, so stop. Missy and Eve are also really good friends as shown at their recent reunion for the return of the Queen tour (Lil Kim’s tour) and the fact that they’ve done various contributions. Missy is a known sweetheart in the industry doll face, try again.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        @Realest no shade but Puff gave Missy her big break by putting her on Gina Thompson’s “The Things You Do” Remix that made her one of the most sought after guests/songwriters. Sure she was on one of the most popular R&B albums of 1994 “Diary of a Mad Band” with a few songs written along with some vocals but she was writing hits and making appearances before Ladies Night came out.

    • Realest July 24, 2014

      I said Kim HELP break Missy, not gave her the big break. And “Ladies Night” was much more popular (charts, awards, award performances) than G.Thompson’s track ,which I loved as well but it wasn’t until Missy was on the track with Kim, Left Eye, Angie Mar and Da Brat that she started to REALLY take off.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        You do realize that Aalyiah’s One In A Million came out before Ladies Night right? I sure hope you do because if anything Aalyiah helped Missy more than Lil Kim ever could have.

      • Realest July 24, 2014

        From a behind the scenes, producer perspective, sure. I agree. But again it wasn’t until Missy was on the “Ladies Night” track that she got to be on the big mainstream stage (VMAS 1997) and received awards and actual mainstream success as a rapper. Not saying Kim started anything with Missy but ladies night was the start of her mainstream exposure to pop audiences.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        Come on, really. You are insinuating Kim guided Missy’s career. If she weren’t on Ladies Night she still would be just as big. But i’m not even going to take away from their friendship. Missy’s was a Star in her own right before Ladies Night. Supa Dupa Fly came out a couple weeks after Ladies Night and was just as big. So I’m going to leave it at that.

      • Realest July 24, 2014

        Guided? No.. Gave her the first appearance on a HUGE, mainstream stage with exposure to white people and a feature on a track with the baddest female emcees at the time (minus foxy), MOST DEFINITELY. You keep referring back like I’m saying Kim birthed Missy. I did not. I simply said what I said above dollface and none of it is false.

  10. maledragabitch July 24, 2014

    Im starting to think Nicki is paying TGJ for these post every day there is an anti Iggy post on here trying to sway the masses ok we got it the first time she dont write her raps why post it every day its like you want to force it into our heads

    • IggyLongstocking July 24, 2014

      I don’t think so hun, this was one of their nicer threads about her.

      • VeeIsTheBaddest July 24, 2014

        Nicki’s not paying them S*** so stop. Besides, TGJ likes Rita too much to drag Iggy too much because even they said Rita needs Iggy to slay.

  11. MyWorld96 July 24, 2014

    Don’t underestimate the power of a blog like TGJ. They actually helped to break Iggy but then got jealous of her when she started to become more popular than Nicki then turned on her. They’re being nice to her again now but I can tell that they agree with the things they say other people say about Iggy.

    • FlirtedWithAFrenchDude July 24, 2014

      No b****, they turned on her when everyone saw how racist she was about Indians, Black men, black women, and the b******* she talked about dykes and guys she thought were homo. She was their Rita before Rita came out and I remember it vividly because I was mad at them about it because they were showing more love to her than they were to Ze.

  12. BadGyalRita July 24, 2014

    I don’t care about all of this, just give my fave a hit Iggz.

  13. OVORoxxy July 24, 2014

    That’s right Grape Juice, speak the truth! Mack and Iggy are NOTHING compared to Drake and Onika.

  14. BeachHouseBritney July 24, 2014

    I want an Iggy fan to explain this to me.
    Charli says she wrote the hook.
    Iggy says she wrote her verses.
    TI is one of the writers.
    WHAT part did he write?

    • HarajukuGwen July 24, 2014

      Good question.

      • AzealiaBankable July 24, 2014

        Still no answer? Hmm.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      When AB gonna make an album that actually gets a release date?

  15. RebelliousSenorita July 24, 2014

    Did I see someone say TGJ got jealous of Iggy when she got more popular than Nicki? Elle oh to the elle! All I can do is laugh.

  16. Realest July 24, 2014

    So, so, so pressed. Every male rapper present, and that has been on the music scene isn’t a “lyricist”. There are tons of male and female examples of rappers who make catchy tunes with decent rhymes who AREN’T catastrophically AMAZINGG with word play or content (wacka flacka, soulja boy, Gucci man, 2 chains, Trina, Khia, Jackie O) JUST LIKE THERE ARE “SINGERS” WHO ARE NOT POWERHOUSE vocalists nor organic writers (Rihanna, Chris Brown,
    J.Lo, Madonna, Aaliyah) . TGJ is just thirsty to hate, just like Nicki, because there’s actual competition in female rap now. I actually hear Iggy’s album and majority of the songs are urban/rap NOT pop, they’re urban rap joint and although she ain’t the best rapper, she’s solid and I have heard FAR WORSE from ghetto ass, male counterparts. And Y’all actin like Nicki is talking about some ground breaking, mind blowing s***. All she really does,mostly, is find clever ways to reiterate how fat her fake b*** is, how much “badder” she is then every other girl, how everyone is her son and various other shallow, mediocre topics. Just let them both do what they do and let Iggy eat and do her. Y’all stay tryna tear someone down who’s
    doing their thing, there’s room for everybody- dumbies.

    • Lana Tropicana July 24, 2014

      Don’t you see your problem? Not ONCE did you say Iggy writes her own songs, so how do you expect people to respect her if her own stans don’t think she’s a good writer.

      • Realest July 24, 2014

        1.) I’m not a Stan, a Stan is a term Eminem birthed to describe an IDIOTIC, IRRATIONAL, LOSER, WHO HAS NOTHING BETTER IN THEIR LIFE TO DO THEN GO HARD FOR ONE PERSON WHO THEY’RE OBSESSED WITH. I love music too much to be a delusional, pathetic Stan.

        2.) you say Iggy doesn’t wrote her music, I didn’t say anything. What’s that mean? So because you said it it means it’s true? Lmfao I can’t with you thinking a dumb argument will prove anyone is right when you’re depression, trance music loving ass (Lana) won’t believe she writes her music either way- she already said it, T.I’s saying it now and you still don’t believe it. I’m supposed to argue with you about what they said? No honey I don’t argue with depressed people.

        And lastly but not least –

        / \
        Girl boom

    • ChakaYonce July 24, 2014

      Sister, you shaded yourself with your essay.

      1. Why can’t you say that Iggy writes her own songs? Is it because you know it’s not true?
      2. TGJ actually shaded Nicki to defend Iggy in this thread, unless you think them calling Nicki a saboteur was a compliment.
      3. Of all the rappers you mentioned that were just as good or as bad as Iggy, how many got an article from Forbes saying they ran their genre.

    • Realest July 24, 2014

      I can say Iggy writes her own rhymes and I can say Iggy doesn’t write her own rhymes, what does that mean? That’s speculation and I will look dumb like yourselves. She says she writes her s***, and T.I. Says it too yet you’re still pressed on here going crazy as if her writing or not gets you more props, or more importantly, a bigger paycheck. It doesn’t. Sorry to inform you. If she writes it, like she and her mentor claim, great and if she doesn’t, oh well if I like the songs I like the songs. And lastly what does an OLD article from a magazine that has the LEAST AMOUNT TO DO WITH MUSIC have much to do with Iggy personally? That was their generic, old white Anglo Saxon perspective of that which they know nothing much of. Kinda how New York Times said “Roman reloaded ; pink Friday” was the best rap album ever. You’re really taking those things seriously? You must be about 12 years old hunny.

      / \
      Girl boom

  17. Rochelle Azalea July 24, 2014

    If Sam and David are getting behind Iggy again can we just take it and shut up, I miss their support so let’s just be happy and stop the stupid stan wars.

  18. JanetXone July 24, 2014

    “There are tons of male and female examples of rappers who make catchy tunes with decent rhymes who AREN’T catastrophically AMAZINGG with word play or content (wacka flacka, soulja boy, Gucci man, 2 chains, Trina, Khia, Jackie O)”

    Yes dear, but how many of them were said to be running Hip Hop?

    • Realest July 24, 2014

      Honey Forbes magazine is a white, Anglo Saxon make magazine ran by old white men who focus on the business market. Did the Source Mag say that? did Vibe Mag? what about All Hip Hop? BET? Rap Up? Hell even TGJ, did they say it? No dumb ass a magazine that has NOTHING to do with the music scene (except reporting income) said it and retracted it after they realized their statement of grandeur wasn’t accurate. You must be like 12 years old because you sound so ignorant. Hit me back when an actual CREDIBLE MUSIC SOURCE says this about Iggy. Until then..

      / \
      Girl boom

  19. I.G.G.Y July 24, 2014

    The people on this site are so stupid. Grape Juice are paying Iggy a compliment but you can’t see it. Think about it, they basically admitted that Nicki is threatened by Iggs and tried to sabotage her.

    • Xian Azalea July 24, 2014

      THANK YOU!!

  20. MaryJaneHollandaise July 24, 2014

    Notice how the Azaleans aren’t even pretending that Iggy can write. Pathetic.

    • Xian Azalea July 24, 2014

      You’re just angry that TGJ are in her corner again. Stay pressed.

  21. MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

    If Iggy were black and was from AU with an AU accent and her name was Iggiesha not a word would be said. Nothing. Everyone knows Jay wrote quite a bit of Foxy’s early stuff but did that take away from she could spit her a** off? NO. Yall need to get over this stuff and find someone else with talent and bring them to the spotlight.

    • Dance4Dawn July 24, 2014

      And that’s the point! The ONLY reason she’s being celebrated is because she’s white. By the way, people’s problem with Iggy isn’t that she can’t rap or write, it’s that the powers that be are trying make out as though she can.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        Girl one song doesn’t make you the greatest whatever… I don’t understand why people like you are offended that she played the game and got a hit. How is that affecting your life or your fav’s life by her getting a hit song. It happens all the time! She had a hit song oh well let her have her moment. That does not equal longevity.

  22. BonnieMcRoar July 24, 2014

    Eminem’s race worked to his advantage but he is a good rapper so nobody can fault him for using what he had to get what he wanted. Iggy on the other hand is a bad rapper which is why people aren’t as receptive to her. Nobody ever called Pink a wigga because people knew Pink was talented. If Iggy’s fans thought she was talented they wouldn’t be on here making excuses for her not being able to write, they would just say that she CAN write and watch the haters seethe. But they can’t, and that must suck.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      Valid points but I think Pink sold the eff out… You can’t be mad she went where the money is. She makes music that a majority of the music buyers purchase. I aint mad at ya. As for Em he caught a LOT of shiz when he came out. I remember listening to My Name Is on the radio’s Smash it or Trash it and everyone was going in on him. He got the last laugh.

      • SMH July 24, 2014

        Because he’s white. Eminem wouldn’t have become as big as he is if he was black.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        You are still saying that after dude has proven himself time after time again. Goes to prove who is color struck and who is actually a fan of good music. Now if you would have said if it weren’t for Dr Dre I might believe that.

  23. Rosie July 24, 2014

    Zzz at this weak shade. So tiring now.
    Iggy looks gorgeous in that pic! Her hair>

  24. SMH July 24, 2014

    The iggy fans are getting mad because the truth is coming out

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      Mad? Iggy is WINNING. If you can honestly sit there and tell me Nicki would rather keep it real or have a #1 Song I would kiss your a**. Starships and Superbass are my receipts…

  25. Realest July 24, 2014

    Iggy ain’t the best BY A LONG SHOT but she is doing her thang and creating her own lane. Anyone trying to shade or throw anything negative towards that fact ( you could even take Iggy out of the equation and add any person in life that’s grinding, making money) is just a hater- point blank period.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014


  26. HitchHikerGuideToGalaxy July 24, 2014

    I don’t hate Iggy she playin her game but her fans acting lyk she running s*** zz what pisses me off.She has a long way to go and having a hit doesn’t giv ha the power to pull rank on anybody az yet..

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      What/who did she pull rank on?

    • Realest July 24, 2014

      So do like most intelligent human beings would do. Ignore her fans and enjoy the parts of her music you do like. She doesn’t have anything to do with her fans, that’s their own ignorance taught to them by their upbringing. They’re musicians and should be solely looked upon for their music- what they have control over.

  27. Rosie July 24, 2014

    It’s funny when Iggy haters come for her album sales when sales in general are the pits right now. The #1 selling hip hop release this year only sold 300K+. No album released in 2014 has gone platnium yet. That says more about the industry itself (and how little the commentors here know about sales now) than Iggy.

    • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

      Why are you trying to defend 300 k ww tho? She’s doing Kesha pitbull numbers! Don’t tell me that’s normal, or are you comparing her to rick Ross?! Absolute death! She’s had the second biggest hit after happy yet can’t do a fifth of Pharrells ww sales?

  28. Sorry, not sorry July 24, 2014

    If she weren’t so ugly and gross and boring, i might actually like her.

    • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

      but you hiding behind a Boost Mobile 2008 iPhone! Tell me what you look like?

    • Sorry, not sorry July 24, 2014

      I might not be the best looking but i sure as hell look a lot better then rat face iggy with all theose crators on her long ass face.

      • MisdamenorFan July 24, 2014

        Now is your mother telling you that or you telling yourself that. What is your IG name so I can judge for myself.

  29. Kitty July 24, 2014

    She is on minute 13 of her 15 min of fame, just like Keshia she can’t sell albums but will have one or 2 hits and then the public will forget about her and drop her like a bad habit. i for one will be glad when this fake troll is done.

  30. MISHKA July 24, 2014

    Her bars on “Problem” are wayyyy too thight, while her rap on “Fancy” is wack as heck!

    It feels like Big Sean wrote the rap verse of ‘Problem’ but ultimately let Iggy use it. It won’t be the first time he has helped a Massa with some rhymes…

  31. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 24, 2014

    The only thing Igor has written was the period after I-G-G-Y. We all know that chick can’t write s***, she raps like she got ramen noodles in her mouth.

  32. Tisha July 24, 2014

    You can see this in just how much collabs and work Iggy has gotten.

    The only people wanting her ‘bars’ are people pulling industry schemes desperate for a hit (Ariana Grande, Rita Ora) they don’t care who writes back so long as they can get to the top of the charts AMN. All Iggy has is T.I. as her collab partner over and over and over. Iggy doesn’t have a unique flow or style, she can’t cross genres, she’s not in demand or respected for her lyrics (which yes, be real maybe as a man you can be wack but try to be a wack female rapper and see how far your career DOESN’T go).

    T.I. writes much of Iggy’s rhymes, he does the songs with her, he pushes her image and is probably now starting to realize the rest of hip hop isn’t embracing her which is only going to make his job harder and her career less fruitful.

  33. IStanForYourFav July 24, 2014

    Save the essays TGJ & please stop the lies. Why would someone admit to a GHOSTwriter… correct me if I’m wrong, but what’s the point of being a GHOSTwriter if people know that someone else wrote the song and not the alleged writer… SMH

  34. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2014

    What kind of pop superstar? All she gives are eve/Kesha teas. And death at the Macklemore shade and the attempt at calling him less talented than drake. He’s less talented just because his music is more pop? Last time I checked he slayed jay z at the Grammys.

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