Must See: Drake Slams Macklemore At ESPY Awards

Published: Thursday 17th Jul 2014 by Sam

Despite burying the beef with former foe Chris Brown, it appears Drake isn’t ditching the digs when it comes to another rival.

During his stint as host during last night’s ESPY Awards, the rapper used his opening segment to take aim at Hip-Hop’s apparent new punching bag Macklemore.

The ‘Same Love’ MC has inadvertently come under intense scrutiny from the Urban community after controversially sweeping the board at the Grammy Awards and taking home the top Rap honors in the process. Heat only intensified when Macklemore (in reference to his ‘Best Rap Album’ win) went on to proclaim that Kenrick Lamar deserved the gong instead – a move Drizzy dragged him for at the time.

Fast forward six months, and it appears Drake isn’t done with the digs.

What did he say during his skit? Find out below…

The Canadian MC kicked off the segment at the Sports focal show by singing the lyrics…

“Real talent doesn’t always win championships, like real music doesn’t always win Grammys.”

At which point, a picture of Macklemore appeared behind him.

Peep the footage:


On the one hand, it’s a given that Drake has quite the funny-bone, hence – viewed this way – it was no more than a subtle jab for gags. At least, that’s how we’re choosing to see it. Because, otherwise, it could come across as taking aim at a relatively easy target. After all, where was this brazen bravado during his mini-rift with Jay Z?

Again, we opt to view this as a deliberate dig for headlines and little more; which is smart given that the Young Money star has just announced his fourth studio album ‘Views From The 6’. All press is good press, ay, even if at Macklemore’s expense.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truth tea July 17, 2014

    this year alone Aubrey has tried it with Kendrick, Jay Z, Chris and now Macklemore
    why can’t female rappers unite like they used to?

    I’m here for Nicki x Aubrey x Iggy x Azealia – “Ladies Night” remix!!

    • Dossome July 17, 2014


      • knowerxcb July 17, 2014

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    • BeyBeyKing July 17, 2014

      Why should Nicki lower her standards to work with girls who aren’t on her level? Would you expect Rihanna do to a duet with Ciara JUST because they’re both female singers?

      • rosander July 17, 2014

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    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 17, 2014


      • FAF July 17, 2014

        No bc rhino not on Ci level except body count @thiefthiefjester

  2. Dossome July 17, 2014

    Well,i think Macklemore makes better music than Drake although both of them pale in comparison to Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco as far as current generation of male rappers are concerned.Tupac,Biggie,Nas>>>>The rest

    • TRUTH SERUM July 17, 2014

      What are you smoking this early in the morning?

      ** blank stare***

      • Arianator Barb July 18, 2014

        Drake is 1000 times better than macklemore, only thing you need corrected

  3. mekaela July 17, 2014

    Here he goes again him and nicki are two
    Pieces of s*** always hating competitions
    Whining ass fool I can’t stand this punk
    I use to defend him on the net when people
    Call him a piece of s***

    • NickiBeenBad July 17, 2014

      Competition? Who do you think would win in a rap battle between Iggy and Nicki? Hmm? My point exactly. This isn’t about competition honey, this is about record labels who will take from a culture they look down on and use that culture to promote artists who pick and choose when they want to use that culture to their advantage.
      Nobody has a problem with Eminem and everybody embraced Yelawolf so you can’t even call it black on white racism either.

      • TRUTH SERUM July 17, 2014

        Cosign! Check a ho

      • Arianator Barb July 18, 2014

        You my n****, you get this s***

  4. The Critic July 17, 2014

    He didn’t lie tho *paints nails*

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 17, 2014

      Okaaay *beats face

  5. OVORoxy July 17, 2014

    Can you blame him? The problem he has with Mack is the same Nicki has with Iggy. Nobody ever looked at Pink or Robin Thicke as being frauds because they have/had a genuine passion for R&B. Mack is talented but like Iggy is overrated by the media because he is a white person doing “black music.” Imagine how annoying it must be knowing how hard you work to achieve something only to watch someone you KNOW isn’t half as hard working as you are get it because of the color of their skin.

    • TRUTH SERUM July 17, 2014


    • Brian310 July 17, 2014

      But Pink didn’t have a passion for R&B hence why she hasn’t done it since her 1st album…LA Reid made her do ii.

      • Brian310 July 17, 2014


    • Antonio July 17, 2014

      @OVORoxy but how do you know whether or not Iggy or Macklemore struggled… Just because they’re White, that means they have it easy? If so, why did it take them both years and I mean YEARS to land a real record deal. Even after Macklemore signed with a major label, he left and went indie and it still took him years to pop off. The only reason why Iggy and Macklemore are receiving so much hate, especially from Blacks is because they’re winning in a predominately Black genre (Hip-Hop). Ppl forget that a lot of legendary Black pop artists like Prince, Janet, Whitney and even Michael were at one point criticized for making “white” music and now we see criticisms towards Rihanna, Usher, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown for selling out because they make Pop music. If Macklemore was Black and Iggy was Black, no one would be saying anything…

      • Arianator Barb July 18, 2014

        If Iggy and Macklemore were black they’d be nowhere

  6. Connor Spears July 17, 2014

    It’s not like he lied.

  7. sashay July 17, 2014

    and this should tell you all you need to know about this fool….six months later he still carrying a grudge.

  8. Belladonna1363 July 17, 2014

    I know white get away with alot of sh*t & some are really f*ck up but Macklemore is the nicest,kindest, Loveing rapper we have now in days. WTF Drake?

    • Essa July 17, 2014

      Your posts are consistently dumb, and are usually littered with enough spelling and grammatical flubs to make an idiots stew. What did you score on the SAT’s?

      • Belladonna1363 July 17, 2014

        Girl Bye. Lol I’m typing on my phone witch means I’m doing this most of the time when Im walking. So again Girllllll Byeeeee.

  9. OMG Logic! July 17, 2014

    Jimmy needs to sit his ass down. Him talking about talent is laughable considering he keeps releasing the same damn song under a different name.
    Hurr durr “started from the bottom” (of the upper middle class Jewish community, “we started from the bottom,” etc.

  10. Antonio July 17, 2014

    But Drake is the biggest poser in hip-hop history tho… The same “n****” talking about he started from the bottom, went through so “struggles” and only recognizes “real n*****” yet he grew up in middle class Jewish suburb of Toronto. I feel more threatened by Vanilla Ice than Drake tbh. Notice how he only makes public disses towards less threatening opponents like Macklemore and Chris Brown, but was afraid to retaliate against Kendrick, Common and Jay-Z

  11. Arianator Barb July 18, 2014

    F*** all the privileged white people who think they know better than the actual hip hop community as to what represents them. Hip Hop has been going through such an amazing revival but because he appeals to those with lighter complexions, he gets rewarded when he is a f***** joke. Same goes for Iggy.

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