Danity Kane: Dawn Richard Claps Back At Leaked Reality Show Scene With Producer Email

Published: Monday 18th Aug 2014 by Sam

The fall out from Danity Kane‘s tragic break-up seems to be growing deeper by the day.

For, following this morning’s “mysterious” leaking of a scene from the ladies scrapped E! television series  – which didn’t paint member Dawn Richard in a positive light at all, the singer has clapped-back with shocking evidence of her own.

Full story below…

First, Richard took to Instagram and explained the following to an enquiring fan:

“Actually, this was staged and sent as a pilot and we never got a show because tv shows could read through the [fake fight] me and Aubrey had to have to do it. The bigger question is how for all of a sudden everyone have this footage. This is so sad.”


What then followed was the “mysterious” leaking of email correspondence between Dawn and a producer from the show, which was being produced by reality TV giants 51 Minds. Check it out below…



As annoyed as we are with the group for the break-up and the media cat and mouse that is clearly going on, we’re also annoyed with the networks that didn’t pick up the show. Whether scripted or not, the teaser made for gripping viewing. There’s something very wrong about the fact talentless trash such as the Kardashian show is being placed on a pedestal, while a series on a gifted group (with a dedicated fan-base) is left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps the bombs that were the E! shows on The Saturdays and The Wanted had a ripple effect? Either way, it’s tragic.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2 girls 1 cup August 18, 2014


    • stictioncz August 18, 2014

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  2. Molly August 18, 2014

    She needs to just stfu & make good music.

    • Lana Del Bae August 18, 2014

      But you’re an Iggy stan.

    • Kim Balenciaga August 18, 2014

      No shade, but you and I both know “good music” should be the last thing an Iggy fan should be calling for.

    • KissesForKelly August 18, 2014

      Good music? Coming from an Iggy OnTheVergeStan? Let’s not.

  3. Dance4Dawn August 18, 2014

    Guess Aubrey’s plan failed. Better luck next time sis.

  4. AubreyOSlay August 18, 2014

    Dawn is wrong for punching Aubrey and Aubrey is wrong for trying to ruin her reputation. If you don’t like what she did call the police. Let THEM deal with her.

  5. AzealiaBankable August 18, 2014

    Aubrey is such a punk b****! Come on honey, call the feds on her ass but don’t stoop these low down dirty levels to try and hurt her cos all you’re really doing is hurting yourself.

    • Joy August 18, 2014

      Everything she has done so far to hurt Dawn keep coming right back to her. We’re not stupid. The only wrong thing Dawn has done is to hit Aubrey, all of the extras going on at this point is all on Aubrey. This is like a Lifetime movie and Aubrey is the demented woman who can’t let go, the more things she does for revenge is the crazier she looks.

  6. OVOBambi August 18, 2014

    Dawn was stupid to agree to do that in the first place in my opinion. If she’s saying the whole thing was staged why would she agree to be the one to take the flack for trying to go solo. All of them want solo success so why couldn’t Shannon have been the one to take the fake meeting. Seems to me that Dawn was desperate and is now feeling stupid for playing into a trap. Sucks for you girl.

    • Juztoon August 18, 2014

      Probably cause she’s the only one it’s believable about. The others didn’t have a shred of solo success before they reformed so who is going to believe that.

      • TBoz’sSideburns August 18, 2014

        @Juztoon Actually since Aubrey was the first to step out of the group the first round for having solo works, it probably would have made more sense for her to have the meeting. Yes what Dawn did is wrong, but who had motive to leak this unaired pilot,… this particular scene… this particular exchange between two members… its either Aubrey or someone on her PR team which is pretty pathetic at this point. She should’ve either defended herself, called the cops, or built a bridge and moved the f*** on.

  7. Matt August 18, 2014

    This is exactly how I feel. I love dawn, despite her being shady. And As shady as dawn is, and how she always paints herself as a victim (even in her music), she’s never shaded these girls the way they’re doing her right now.

  8. Laterz August 18, 2014

    Aubrey is coming off as a phsycho. Girl Stop. All this fake s*** and leaking s*** is not helping the situation.

  9. VH1access Blog August 18, 2014

    Aubrey for leaking those clips. Just let it go

    • TBoz’sSideburns August 18, 2014

      LOL instead of plotting her next spread on a mens (no pun intended) magazine, Aubrey stays on her macbook leaking videos and stories.

  10. Kris August 18, 2014

    I feel like if Dawn play her cards right she can do big things in the future. She is not useless yet and like a true grinder, she is already unto the next. She is not done yet. Aubrey is a one track pony. I look forward to seeing her t*itties and bum in a mens magazine.

  11. TBoz’sSideburns August 18, 2014

    Aubrey is giving me Single White Female Realness. LOOL like stop being pressed and keep it moving, you trying to destroy someone else’s career over an altercation just makes you seem salty

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