New Video: Chris Brown – ‘New Flame (ft. Usher & Rick Ross)’

Published: Thursday 14th Aug 2014 by Sam

With Chris Brown‘s ‘New Flame’ burning it’s way up the charts, what time is better than the present to unleash the video for the Usher and Rick Ross assisted cut?

Check out the video for the ‘X’ cut below…

Yes, yes, and you know the rest.

Great cinematography, great choreography, great video.

‘X’ hits stores September 16th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 14, 2014

    Finally a collaboration between these two. At first I hated this song but now I think it’s a great song I’ve been listening to this and “2 On” like everyday. Great video too although Chris looks like an ultimate weirdo with hat and grill on.

    • Bey-Minaj August 14, 2014

      What’s a 2 on?

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 14, 2014

        You’re still steamed Pressed mr. invalid stan? Well Good.
        Get Rest and Forever Stay Pressed 😉

      • ceer0624 August 14, 2014

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    • nika August 14, 2014

      That was Hot!

    • NextToMe August 14, 2014

      nice drag giirl.

  2. Bey-Minaj August 14, 2014

    WTF Sam this site is bugged down with pop up ads. Every single time I click on your links from FB and I come here I am always diverted to some ad. Is your ass that hard up for money that you make your readers uncomfortable coming here? Your site is even blocked at my job now. I can only access it at home and my phone. WTF get your life right.

    • Pat August 15, 2014

      @Bey-Minaj, get your life right, you’re the one crying because you can’t troll the net during working hours! If ads on a website is as serious as you made it seem above, then don’t you think it’s your life that needs to be re evaluated?

      • CherylSoldierr August 15, 2014

        I see no lies here.

      • CherylSoldierr August 15, 2014

        DEATH!! I see no lies here.

  3. tyler August 14, 2014

    This is my s***!

  4. Rihboy August 14, 2014

    Yassss… This is quality chris brown. Its fantastic how much a visual from him can change your take on a song. Im downloading as i write. All love boo.

  5. Cindy August 14, 2014

    Yasssss! They both looked and sounded great. They killed the dance scenes. the only thing is I wish there was a dance break with the two, and Rick Ross needed a shirt. 9.5/10

  6. Danny b August 14, 2014

    I wish there was more of a choreographed dance sequence with both Usher and Chris. And I could’ve dealt without Rick Ross’s titties. But overall I loved the video! This collab had been long overdue!

  7. BubblePopElectric August 14, 2014

    The Slayage! I can’t even DEAL with you right about now Christopher!!!!

  8. RICHIE_RICH August 14, 2014

    I live, they did that !!!!!!!! Slay me Chris and usher…….

  9. RoyalKev August 14, 2014

    Chris is a beast! Usher slayed too! It’s great seeing a duet between 2 equally talented artists. That was craaazy!

    • Ray August 14, 2014

      Equally talented? Lol…Ushers voice>

    • Junior in Jamaica August 17, 2014

      Equal? How dare you even…Usher is in another league. Chris is a Junior in every sense to Usher. When Usher came in at 1:43 the real vocals started.

  10. TheYoncèTroll August 14, 2014

    This is a great video. Rick Ross needs a shirt, bc he made want to go to Vicky Secrets and get a push up bra.

  11. Skyfall August 14, 2014

    Slayyyyy, they did this. This is what have been missing in the industry. Hopefully this song can get got streaming points to make at least top 20. Maybe even top ten since Chris doesn’t seem to have a problem getting those to much. Hopefully he stays on the right path release good music and stay out of drama. I can def see X def slaying and he needs to perform this at the vmas but they’re only booking basic people besides Beyonce, Nicki, and Ariana. Everybody else that’s performing I could care less.

  12. Skyfall August 14, 2014

    Lol nobody care for Rick Ross, he did his thang too lol. He do need to quick going around shirtless tho.

  13. LB August 14, 2014

    TEAM Breezy unite at Popeye’s Chicken. Got a two for one special for every supersized, lard, trans-fat, sugar filled, high in calories super sized meal for every purchase of “new fat” I mean flame

  14. LB August 14, 2014

    For a moment I thought Rick Ross was the darker version of Chris Brown.

    Notice Tyga and Usher are the only ones wearing tight clothing in this video? Well the only males anyway.

  15. Mark111 (CiCi finna be a bride… Pending) August 14, 2014

    They should’ve danced together. This is like a torch pass (as much as I hate it) and they didn’t even dance it out. I’m not calling that silly crap they did a dance. Same with MJ and Janet, I always wanted a full out dance with those two and never got it and now never will. Sad!

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 14, 2014

      I agree although I thought it was ok.
      I wished Aaliyah and Ginuwine did a music video together. People really forget how great and how criminally underrated Ginuwine is.

      • Late August 14, 2014

        ummm what? Aaliyah & Ginuwne filmed the “One In A Million” video together, which was also used for the remix to that song.

      • Mark111 (CiCi finna be a bride… Pending) August 14, 2014

        G could out smooth Usher imo in the 90’s. I would’ve really love that Aaliyah and Janet song to happen, but that will never happen. 🙁

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 14, 2014

      @Late I took your profile name as a shade towards me. Weak. First of all I know what I am talking about. I meant just an Aaliyah & Ginuwine collaboration with a music video with them doing choreographed dancing.
      HASHTAG: #WEAK #WhyYouHidingTho? #UndercoverStansStayingFarAwayFromGettingDragged
      @Mark111 Ginuwine hands down had and still has better, stronger voice then Usher in my opinion. His vocals are definitely ‘church boy choir honed.’ And if Aaliyah were to wait for Janet than perhaps her third album would of been delayed for another year, due to Janet touring and Aaliyah’s movie career getting heightened to the masses.

      • Late August 14, 2014

        I’ve had this screen name registered for a over a year now, and I can assure you, “late” is not a slam or a dig at you. FYI, I don’t post on here very much, but I did post a comment under the “Black Widow” video post yesterday, which denifately had nothing to do with you.

      • Brian310 August 15, 2014

        I think what people have to realize is no one was expecting Aaliyah to die it came so unexpected, Janet and her probably thought they could collab on each other’s next project there was no need for Aaliyah to delay an album that was going on almost 6 years of not seeing the shelves.

  16. Late August 14, 2014

    The video was a lot more clean and slick than I was expecting. After seeing the quick clip of Usher and Chris recording the video, I wasn’t really sure how the video would turn out.

    Chris looks healthy and he had some of his charisma back after it seemed like he lost it for a minute. I do wish that there had been more footage of Usher and Chris dancing together, as that’s what I think most of us really wanted to see.

    I wish Rick Ross had worn a white tshirt, not only to keep the theme of the video going, but also to hide everything he’s got going on in his midsection.

    It’s great to see these male r&b kats collaborating. If only the female rappers could do the same…

    I give the video an 8 out of 10, as this is the best video from the “X” era thus far.

  17. Brian310 August 14, 2014

    It’s been awhile since a video made me like a song Chris did that

  18. Stephy August 14, 2014

    Killed it!

  19. TinaSHEMALE Loves To Get 2 On August 14, 2014

    Sooooooooooooooo Nobody Is Gonna Mention How The Settin’ Was Inspired By Britney’s Work B**** Video?

  20. Stephy August 14, 2014

    Ummmm Janet Jackson & Michael Jackson did dance together. The F***?

    • Mark111 (CiCi finna be a bride… Pending) August 14, 2014

      A small onbe, Epic still, but I wanted a full video and a LIVE performance by them.

      • Stephy August 14, 2014

        I always thought “Scream” should’ve been performed at the end of his lil MTV Awards special performance with Janet. That would have been HOT!

  21. yasssssssssss B**** August 14, 2014

    chris did that the whole entire video was nice,it was so unexpected when it dropped wasn’t even checking for it lol

  22. Lindsay Lohan August 15, 2014

    That was amazing. It was simple but the choreography was refreshing. Great collaboration, I must say. (I just can’t with Rick Ross looking like a sea lion.)

  23. Que Cooper August 15, 2014

    Did they shoot @ the same location as britney cool vid

  24. Belladonna1363 August 15, 2014

    Wow that’s the same place Britney film her music video for Work BXXCH. Lol It looks (different) with him & video girls there. But as far as the video goes its nice & I love the Fire with the blue & white & if this was 5years ago doing a good video like this would have been all I needed to like him again but its not I’m older & wiser & I’m not falling for the bright colors & pretty face anymore, he is a hot mess & always will be. Maybe the new tween generation can like him but Im done.

  25. TdotO August 15, 2014

    Love the song but Rick Ross is absolutely gross…. eeeeewwwwwwwww

  26. MISHKA August 16, 2014

    The location is beautiful.

    Usher & Rick Ross slayed.

    Chris did alright, that choreo didn’t do it for me though. No dance off, guys? Come on!

  27. MISHKA August 16, 2014

    I almost forgot: I’m TIRED of Tyga popping up in every Chris video.

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