Annie Lennox Brands Beyonce “Feminist- Lite”

Published: Monday 29th Sep 2014 by David


She may profess to be feminist, but the care Beyonce has seemingly taken to avoid some of the movements more difficult issues (violence against women, healthcare, reproductive rights) has seen her branded “feminist-lite” by “Sweet Dreams” singer Annie Lennox.

Her thoughts on Bey below…

Via ‘Pride Source‘:

So what do you make of someone like Beyonce? She recently performed on the MTV Video Music Awards and proclaimed herself a “feminist” during her set.I would call that “feminist lite.” L-I-T-E. I’m sorry. It’s tokenistic to me. I mean, I think she’s a phenomenal artist – I just love her performances – but I’d like to sit down (with her). I think I’d like to sit down with quite a few artists and talk to them. I’d like to listen to them; I’d like to hear what they truly think.

I see a lot of it as them taking the word hostage and using it to promote themselves, but I don’t think they necessarily represent wholeheartedly the depths of feminism – no, I don’t. I think for many it’s very convenient and it looks great and it looks radical, but I have some issues with it. I have issues with it. Of course I do. I think it’s a cheap shot. I think what they do with it is cheap and … yeah. What can I tell you? Sex always sell. And there’s nothing wrong with sex selling, but it depends on your audience. If they’re 7-year-old kids, I have issues with it.

Do you agree?


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  1. truth September 29, 2014

    No lies detected. TGJ posted this for clicks and comments. Click bait.

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    • FAF September 29, 2014

      now this I agree w/…

  2. gilbert September 29, 2014

    people are coming at Bey recently for being a Feminist. stfu, she is one and maybe she may not be as ground-breaking as most feminists, but she is a voice for many and empowers women all over the world. Idc what they say, B is a feminist and she’s doing her thing.

  3. CATFISH CAREY September 29, 2014


  4. gilbert September 29, 2014

    and a lot of the people and artists who come for B are women who claim to be a feminist as well. Instead of pointing fingers and pointing out her “feminist” flaws, why don’t u better your practice? Putting other women down just to show/prove what a FEMINIST really is isn’t feminism at all.

  5. CherylSoldierr September 29, 2014

    Annie is a legend. I don’t disagree.

  6. gilbert September 29, 2014

    just because the way B promotes “Feminism” isn’t the way most women do, doesn’t mean she’s doing it wrong or contradicting herself. Every woman has her own way of expressing what a feminist really is.

    • HausMuthaAdele September 29, 2014

      No sis. There are different waves of feminism but Beyonce is only interested in the part which relates to her. S**. If she was really a feminist and really had an understanding of what girls go through in today’s world she would talk about a whole lot more than sexual empowerment.

      • XXX September 29, 2014

        Please stop running your mouth without knowing. Beyonce actually has raised issues about many feminist issues and triumphs around the world with regards to women all the time. She often posts about that Malala (however you spell it) girl as one example.

      • ummm September 29, 2014

        You’re just as uninformed as Annie Lennox, if you would actually look up all she’s done for women’s rights then you would know it’s not just about sexual empowerment with Beyonce, it’s almost a footnote.
        And even if it was, how is that a problem? Women’s sexuality and how it should be governed is exactly why r*** culture exists, it’s all according to patriarchy and not in the hands of women themselves. So stop slutshaming us and allow do what the f*** we want with our bodies and sexuality.

    • Kingoftheivans September 29, 2014

      Right. Each one will represent their version of their “right” just like all “groups” do. The people asking these questions need to get better questions. If I were Lennox, I would have had “no comment” for that question. It’s too simple, it’s too basic, and makes Lennox look bitter instead of inclusive. But, that was probably the point. Make everyone look some kind a way to get us to feel some kind of way. If you fall for it, God is still working on you. Good luck.

  7. gilbert September 29, 2014

    She believes in her HEART that she is a feminist and that’s what really matters. No one can say otherwise.

  8. Yazmine September 29, 2014

    Who is this has been? Her career was over way before the 90’s began now she is trying to ignite her career by bashing the queen no this lessor needs to have several seats

    • Dustin September 29, 2014

      You’re an idiot. Annie Lennox RARELY releases music because she doesn’t like the spotlight. she was asked a question regarding bey. The reporter dragged bey into the conversation. Annie just responded. And she’s right. Beyoncé calling herself a feminist is a setback to the movement and it bastardizes all of the hard work that true feminists have been putting in since the dawn of the women’s rights movement.

  9. african music lover September 29, 2014

    what has she done to be called a feminist??the only time she claims to be a feminist is when she gives it as an excuse for her to be naked in music videos and her live performances,, i respect her graft but she hasnt really striked me enough to accept her as a feminist.

    • Tasha September 29, 2014

      Nope thats not the only time. Beyonce often talks about her work ethic and business moves with regards to feminism.

  10. Cam September 29, 2014

    We all have different ways to express ourselves just because someone is more radical for cause doesn’t mean that their expression is invalid.Beyonce stands for the root of women’s issues honestly.She encourages women to love themselves and to value their worth and if we as people,not just women learn to except ourselves the world would be a much better place.Feminism just as religion covers many demographics but it’s not excluded to one form of expression.I feel like she has the right to an option but she can’t push her personal agenda on to Beyonce because it’s not up to par with her style of delivery.

    • HP September 29, 2014

      They want to turn feminism into a competition, when it should be different women approaching equality of the sexes it in their own ways. Not surprising that Annie Lennox of all people will be slutshaming. It’s so sad and backwards.
      It’s also funny how people here who don’t even know what they’re talking about want to criticise Beyonce because her life and choices are on par with her stance on feminism. If it was any other way, they would be the first to scream that she’s contradictory.. All of that it irrelevant to the point anyways.. As long as you’re here for equality of the sexes, that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter how you approach it.

  11. Kisses Down Low September 29, 2014

    So you post on this and not Mel C and Marianne Faithful calling Rihanna a s**** which is more juicy. This whole ‘is Beyonce a feminist’ debate is TIRED. We will never agree.

    • Dustin September 29, 2014

      Hahahahahaha Marianne Faithful came for Rih? That’s amazing. She is NOT one to f*** with. So Rih better think twice before clapping back.

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan (Pre-Order “Aquarius” Now On iTunes) September 29, 2014

    She has a point.
    TGJ sam, david, rashad. Tinashe just released another song fromnthr album called “Bet”
    !!!!!! And also the video for Pretend is coming out today!!

  13. Kisses Down Low September 29, 2014

    And Annie Beyonces audience is not 7 year old kids. In which case their parents need to take charge.

  14. Tasha September 29, 2014

    Yawn. Miss Beyonce stays polarizing the world on this one! This is what happens when you are extremley impactful.

  15. XXX September 29, 2014

    Ok. She didn’t even say anything bad or anti- Beyonce specifically.

  16. XXX September 29, 2014

    And those of you saying Beyonce uses it with regards to sexuality only, please do research first.

    • JanetXone September 29, 2014

      Please tell me what I should be looking for.

      • XXX September 29, 2014

        How about you look up the many interviews in which she expresses the importance of women and business, women being entrepreneurs, or her recent posts on her websites about that afghan girl going to school. Start with that and then come back.

  17. Lana Del Bae September 29, 2014

    Take away s** from Beyonce’s world view and what do you have left? Nothing, and that’s the problem with her imo. Not all feminists agree on different issues which is fine but Beyonce is yet to prove that she has any clue about anything to do with feminism unless it has to do with her justifying her reasons for taking her clothes of.

    Some feminists think p*** is degrading and some think its empowering just as long as the women are treated with respect, being paid fairly and aren’t in any danger and are HAPPY to perform. Some feminists think all women should work and some think a woman’s place is in the home. Everyone is different and that’s fine, but Beyonce must be kidding if she thinks she’s doing anything brave by calling herself a feminist when she is too afraid to talk about the s*** that’s really hurting women AND men in society.

    If Rihanna was brave enough to deal with sexual politics in her Man Down video why is Beyonce so afraid to talk about serious topics. Is it because she knows nothing about them? Me thinks so.

    • BeachHouseBritney September 29, 2014

      No lies were detected.

    • NOLIES September 29, 2014


    • Dustin September 29, 2014

      I couldn’t agree more. The problem I have with Beyoncé spouting off about feminism is that I’m fairly certain that she thinks that having a v***** makes her a feminist. People talk about Britney being a puppet with her management pulling the strings. I see Beyoncé the exact same way. Everything about her existence is run by a money making machine. This is why even if lets say Beyoncé had any real valid thoughts or opinions that weren’t fed to her that it wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s all just wildly disingenuous and its used to manipulate fan bases.

    • Dustin September 29, 2014

      I couldn’t agree more. The problem I have with Beyoncé spouting off about feminism is that I’m fairly certain that she thinks that having a v***** makes her a feminist. People talk about Britney being a puppet with her management pulling the strings. I see Beyoncé the exact same way. Everything about her existence is run by a money making machine. This is why even if lets say Beyoncé had any real valid thoughts or opinions that weren’t fed to her that it wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s all just wildly disingenuous and its used to manipulate her fan base. Call me when queen Bey can decipher the difference between her ass and a hole in the ground. #surfbort

    • Dustin September 29, 2014

      Oops posted twice. My bad.

  18. CherylSoldierr September 29, 2014

    Annie is way more iconic than aaliyah btw.

    • NOLIES September 29, 2014

      Both are better than your flop fav! If only your fav could get off that island, she would be able to get married (for real) to a man that isn’t gay and she might be able to get rid of those h***** too. Too bad she can only can cling to a number one, and XFactor with flop views. What makes it worst is she dropped yet another flop album.

  19. I Stan For Myself September 29, 2014

    Whether you ‘think’ shes a feminist or not. Beyonce has done her job and re raised the issue to a broad audience in popular culture like it has never been done in years. THAT is something to think about. Who we to judge her personal beliefs, whatever they may be. I’ve never heard so many people talk about feminism in the music industry

    • MDNA2014 September 29, 2014

      What kind of stupidity? So she should be applauded for something she talks about which she uses to HER advantage? No one is denying her impact honey but you’ve got another thing coming if you think Beyonce has any idea about the world or what’s happening in it. She only calls herself a feminist because she THINKS it’s chic but doesn’t want to get her hands dirty and talk about the things she can package and market along with her music (which is great by the way).
      If she is a feminist, she’s an uneducated one.

      • I Stan For Myself September 29, 2014

        And how did you come to that conclusion? I’ll tell you how. By pure ASSUMPTION. How do you know what hell Beyonce is doing this for? Have you spoken to her? Have you sat down and discussed how genuine it is in depth? My point, don’t form judgements you cannot support. The feminist DEBATE and issue itself is what is important, NOT Beyonce. I’ll tell you something. 90% of you on here slammkng Beyonce are only concerned about her and not the real issue… Feminsm itself. What was the last thing you did charitable? I’ll tell you… Nothing.

      • I Stan For Myself September 29, 2014

        Peope like Annie opinion on this is important because its a topic they clearly feel strongly about. People like you just sit on blog chatting b******* about celebrities.

      • MDNA2014 September 29, 2014

        Two things.
        1. A Beyonce fan wants to talk about depth?
        2. You said I haven’t done anything charitable. You know me personally?

      • I Stan For Myself September 29, 2014

        1) I am not a avid Beyonce stan. And what an idiotic, generalization to make anyway.
        2) I said what have you done. Ask yourself that.

  20. Davis September 29, 2014


  21. booboo bye September 29, 2014

    She not even a feminist lite… she not one at all. Point, blank, period and that’s the bottom line.

    • booboo bye September 29, 2014

      But, watch how brain dead drone fans with mindless groupthink come in here to swear up and down that she is…. predictable.

  22. ok September 29, 2014

    Good thing Bey’s core audience are 25+ yr olds and not 7yr olds. She even said it herself that fans who were young, listening to her when she came out have grown with her. Once again, these white feminists will find anyway to s*** shame and discredit a black woman. She is not responsible for your toddlers, if you have a 7yr old, monitor what they watch and listen to.
    Bey’s stance on feminism has been the same since she was 19years old singing about female empowerment, she merely brought the word to the forefront and claimed it. Her actions haven’t changed. She’s had the same all female band since 06, most of her team consists of women, providing employment for women is a conscious decision she continuously makes. She cofounded chime for change, the cosmotology centre to name a few. and the various campaigns she’s done for women’s rights. But those don’t get reported because y’all are too concerned with the state of her daughter’s hair,
    Once again i’m gonna need these white feminists to do their research on her before denouncing all her efforts for women, just like Emma Watson, Annie is hardly aware.

    • JanetXone September 29, 2014

      Let’s not make this about race sweetheart, because I’ve yet to hear these so called “white feminists” bash the black sisters who know what they’re talking about.
      Beyonce has a habit of doing suspicious things and then hiding behind umbrellas when the going gets too tough. At best she’s plays ignorant and at worst she aligns herself with things she has no real understanding of.

      As an African American woman who loves Bey’s music I want to know why she can speak about s** all day long and call that feminism but has nothing to say about things aren’t related to her. Oh and by the way, if you think what she’s doing is anything revolutionary you should step away from your computer and pick up a book.

      • ok September 29, 2014

        Care to give any examples of these suspicious things? She has spoken out on many things that aren’t related to her, but like I said, y’all would rather dismiss her altogether before even doing any research.
        No one is calling her revolutionary, I’m saying her stance on feminism isn’t some gimmick she picked up last week for the sake of it. Her actions have always been there.
        If you don’t see the racial aspect of these white women’s criticisms then you might want to pick up a book yourself. That’s always their first and foremost issue. Madonna was a s** positive feminist and they have her stamped as a feminist icon, yet they continuously slutshame Beyonce. They always want to police Black girls’ actions and restrict how they should go about things, which goes against feminism altogether.

  23. HP September 29, 2014

    Ofcourse she is slutshaming her, of course. That’s always their issue with Beyonce, same thing with Emma Watson, who even went further to contradict herself altogether. Why doesn’t she make the effort to actually research what Beyonce has actually done as far as feminism is concerned, before denouncing her and claiming she hasn’t done anything at all.
    ‘I would like to know what she really thinks’- Then do some research, she has spoken out on this s*** so many times, she’s campaigned, started organisations to uplift women etc.. But y’all would rather focus on and critique her CHOICE to be sexual, like that doesn’t go against feminism.
    So funny how these white feminists are the ones always being asked to validate Beyonce’s feminism, it will never be the other way around though.

  24. Alisha September 29, 2014

    It’s like the world can’t stop talking about Beyoncé. Beyoncé has been singing about feminism decades ago, Independent woman, survivor, if I were a boy, irreplaceable, single ladies etc. And these were not even this decade. Like give this woman a break. She’s an entertainer, what else are people expecting her to do. Feminism is much more than just making a speech. She heads her company Parkwood which majorly consists of women. She co-founded chime for change with another woman which has contributed to several projects geared towards woman around the world. This year she donated $500,000 towards education, health, justice system for women. In Houston she donated and built homeless shelters worth $8.2 million especially for teenage girls. She helped bring feminism to the masses collectively with other feminists around the world. Lastly she has an all girl band that has been there for years.

    Lena dunham shows herself nude and does s** scenes and white feminists praise her, but any form of sexuality beyoncé exhibits is selling s** or pandering to the male gaze. This is the same woman who has a song as male polarizing as ‘Run the World’. White feminist defended Madonna’s ‘Justify my love’ video to death, years later Madonna herself said she wasn’t a feminist. The sooner the world realized white feminists aren’t here for people of color the better. 

  25. tits mcgee September 29, 2014

    I agree with Annie. I also, love her performances,
    and I like most of her catalog.

    I have to admit I also feel if your gonna wear
    the banner of feminism, you would need to
    delve a bit deeper than s** and being an
    independent woman, to make that stick.

    She has no songs to date as deeply feminist,
    as say

  26. tits mcgee September 29, 2014

    I agree with Annie. I also, love her performances,
    and I like most of her catalog.

    I have to admit I also feel if your gonna wear
    the banner of feminism, you would need to
    delve a bit deeper than s** and being an
    independent woman, to make that stick.

    She has no songs to date as deeply feminist,
    as say Madge’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ or Janet’s
    ‘What About’. This is fine, but come on, her
    music thus far has been feminist lite.

    Also, it’s hard for me as a feminist to hear the
    song where she allows her husband to trivialize
    her greatest music mentor (Tina Turner),
    domestic abuse situation, with that ‘eat cake
    Anna Mae’ line.

    Beyonce is a great performer, but she has some
    things to learn about what it means to be a

  27. CherylSoldierr September 29, 2014

    No shade hive, but Beyonce doesn’t actually talk about women’s issues. I never see her commenting on easier access to contraception, fairer wages or access to childcare. You can’t label yourself as a prominent feminism by just saying you want to empower women. You actually have to have a clear stance and advocate for womens’ causes.

  28. CherylSoldierr September 29, 2014

    she’s a lite feminist in that she’s no Gloria Steinem or betty Friedan, who actually revolutionized the role of women in the 1970s.

  29. tits mcgee September 29, 2014

    I really don’t think this is a race issue or about
    slutshaming. This is strictly about the content
    of Beyonce’s music, IMO.

    I don’t hear songs dealing with domestic abuse,
    reproductive rights etc.

    Most people are aware of her philanthropy for
    women, but her music does not reflect, the issues,

    • truth September 29, 2014

      Blacks in the U.S. make EVER THING about race. If you disagree with one thing they say, “you’re a racist.”

      • JanetXone September 29, 2014

        Maybe because it usually is about race. In this case it isn’t, but most of the time it is.You should do some research on the psychological effects of slavery if you think black people are angry and sensitive for no reason.

      • tits mcgee September 29, 2014

        Lol. I am the wrong one to tell that
        stereotype to. I am black and from
        the US, and I don’t always assume

        People just have different views
        about things. I think it’s that simple..

    • You tried it.. September 29, 2014

      FOR with that slavery Bull$hit. You, nor your parents or grandparents were slaves so that tired ass EXCUSES is invalid. Blacks act like they were the only people to ever be enslaved. Check your history, lots of people, other than blacks in the United States were slaves.

      • You tried it.. September 29, 2014


  30. Carmen September 29, 2014

    People put way to many restrictions on the word feminist. Femism is defined simply as the belief for equal rights for female. You don’t have to be radical about it. We are all feminists to some extent I hope. And how can you tell someone else they are ‘not feminist’ when its based on beliefs. Im no huge stan of Beyonce myself, but she is clearly feminist. She is known for her girl power anthems in her music above anything else since Destinys Child days.

    • Carmen September 29, 2014

      Feminism* Females*

    • pd September 29, 2014

      Clearly we are not all feminists to some extent, seeing as the gay men on this site support patriarchy’s view on how women’s sexuality should be shown, they are the ones slutshaming Beyonce for being sexual on her own terms.

      • Carmen September 29, 2014

        Thats why I said ‘hopefully’

  31. Brodes September 29, 2014

    Of course it has to be lite. You can’t market an extremist feminist view. If you make it marketable, which she has, she has more chance of opening the eyes of the world to feminism. Once she’s conquered the masses initially, she can continue to sew the seeds.

    You can’t go in that strong and expect the same overwhelmingly positive reception that she’s received to date.

  32. Beysus September 29, 2014

    I love Annie and I kinda get what she means. Beyonce truly believes she’s a feminist and her are supposed to empower women. Hell just watching her perform makes you empowered!!!

    • tits mcgee September 29, 2014

      True. Bey gives me life when she performs!!!

    • Beysus September 29, 2014

      *her songs

  33. hot September 29, 2014

    Feminists attacking other feminists for not being feminist enough is so incredibly backwards. 1st of all, it’s not a competition. 2nd, it’s dumb to act as if to be the perfect feminist or a good one, you have to be COMPLETELY independent from all things sexual and the opposite s**. It’s about EQUALITY of the sexes, not overthrowing patriarchy and its oppression just to give women the upper hand.
    Instead of attacking dismissing Bey’s feminism, why doesn’t she look up the many things she has done to uplift and empower women, most of which are behind the scenes and hardly reported. If i recall correctly many of Bey’s peers do NOT ‘take the word hostage and use it to promote themselves’. Katy perry, gaga, lana, kelly clarkson, taylor swift have all publicly denounced feminism.

    • hot September 29, 2014

      So, if anything, she should applaud Bey for claiming it and as a result bringing it to the masses and sparking up the conversation, cause so many of didn’t even know what feminism is, and some are still so ignorant, which is why they’re in here spewing hate, instead of educating themselves.

  34. RICHIE_RICH September 29, 2014

    Feminist= A person who supports FEMINISM

    Feminism= is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.

    So how isn’t she a feminist? This topic is really getting OLD!!!!!!!

    She’s not what you called a extreme feminist, but with out a doubt she’s a feminist!!!!!

  35. Mingxxx September 29, 2014

    Thief beyonce is a liar and a copycat thief. and supports domestic abuse. Eat the cake anna mae. drunk in love.. WHAT A LIAR AND FRAUD SHE IS. EAT THE CAKE B4 JAY SPLIT YOUR HEAD.

  36. Carmen September 29, 2014

    pd Replied:
    September 29th, 2014 at 5:55 am
    Clearly we are not all feminists to some extent, seeing as the gay men on this site support patriarchy’s view on how women’s sexuality should be shown, they are the ones slutshaming Beyonce for being sexual on her own terms.

    This is very true pd, however i wouldnt say it is just gay men.

  37. Tonio September 29, 2014

    I find it odd that people are judging her alone on this era but they don’t remember any other music she’s done. What about Irreplaceable, Independent Woman, Me Myself and I, Single Ladies, Resentment, Yes, and so many other songs. These songs aren’t empowering for men. Just admit the hate for her because if she had fell off like Ashanti, Ciara, and many other girls that once was hot we not even be discussing her smh.

  38. NOLIES September 29, 2014

    Beyoncé is a feminist in her own mind, but anyone else looking outside in, just sees her as someone that made 3 cheap songs that are to represent women, yet she is dressed like a Yazi Stripper and etc in the videos. She isn’t anymore of a feminist than Kim Kardashian is a virgin.

    • Valerie September 29, 2014

      Thats not true. I suggest you do more research. She divides opinion yes. But there are many celebs, scholars and feminists who expressed nothing but praise for Beyonce.

  39. Bee Sting September 29, 2014

    Girl your last top ten was in 1992 and you haven’t charted in the us since 1988 have seat

  40. Dossome September 29, 2014

    Y’all are basically agreeing with Annie.Women all over the planet go through much deeper issues than Bey’s been addressing which automatically makes her FEMINIST L.I.T.E like Annie said.

    • Lana Lover September 29, 2014

      Exactly Annie told no lie…

  41. Applause September 29, 2014

    Beyonce is fake and full of s*** when has she ever spoken upon women issues? This the same chick who was popping her p**** in front of her daughter at the VMAs. smh

  42. Lana Lover September 29, 2014

    Beyonces only a feminist when its time to sell that album.

  43. Mingxxx September 29, 2014

    Beyonce the thief is a liar and fraud same b.itch saying bow down b******. her fans are f.ucking morons.

  44. Mingxxx September 29, 2014


  45. Rihboy September 29, 2014

    Alicia keys, angelina jolie, janelle monae, erykah. These are artist i consider true feminist. Moreover lennox is right. Beyonce has a very light to miniscule existence in feminism. Work ethic and business sport is on 100, but its truly for her own self rather than for her supporters. I mean i believe she is using this feminism thing for her own selfish agenda, and in the midst of it all trying to convince her supporters that being overtly sexual and vain equates. Sadly enough her fans are being misled to think she cares about empowering anyone else; when bow down b****** is a perfect contradicting scenario to her supposed “cause”.

      • Rihboy September 29, 2014

        Im sure your familiar with the game charades. Dont believe everything you hear or see. She performed for them and donated a few measily thousand dollars. Moreover she is always contributing, nor witholding true moral and feministic values. She does enough to have her supporters believe she is really involved. I can donate to st jude and not care about any if the patients, just to make an onlooker believe i have a heart. Shes been playing charades for years. Its about time someone starts to ruffle her feathers.

      • Valerie September 29, 2014

        All that blabbering. And you still have you to prove why she does NOT fit that definition.

      • Rihboy September 29, 2014

        Oh misled one. Dont fret. Its already been proven.

      • Valerie September 29, 2014

        By what exactly? Scientific evidence into the psychology of Beyonce? Because unless its that you can >>>>> _/

  46. Can’t Raise A Flop September 29, 2014

    Clock dat bish Annie.. Beyonce is far from a true feminist

  47. Feminist September 29, 2014

    Annie is WRONG. Because Beyonce is not just “taking her clothes off” she does other things, such as she is a co-founder of Chime 4 Change, which aims to empower women around the world, help women with Health Care, violence against women and Education, is that being a Feminist Lite?

    • Truth September 29, 2014

      You say that but then she turns and allows her husband to use lines poking fun of a woman who was used, r****, and beaten by a man. Domestic violence. I’m not hating in beyonce but it does end up becoming a contradiction when the music you make doesn’t match the things you stand up for.

    • Dossome September 29, 2014

      Honey,feminism and philanthropy are two different things

  48. Tonio September 29, 2014

    Most people who criticize Beyoncé don’t even know anything about her or her music past her performances.

    • blue September 29, 2014

      isnt this the whole point? Beyonce hasnt put her voice behind and cause that truly spoke to the masses wrong or right. She doesnt have a voice past her music which also strive very much not to offend infact partition is the first time she crossed any line and instead of owning up to it she kinds behind the word feminist.

      • Valerie September 29, 2014

        Owning up to what? Her sexuality. Shes openly said motherhood is what made her want express her sexuality not feminism. People who have a problem with that are anti feminst.

  49. blue September 29, 2014

    beyonce is a feminist to the point that it doesnt offend anyone. She talks about woman making it big in business because her image/ is of a powerful business woman. She never puts herself out there for criticism.
    Beyonce is lite everything because being extremely anything scares her team.

  50. Valerie September 29, 2014

    You are either a feminist or you are not. Beyonce is a feminist. End of story. This whole debate will go until shes dead and buried.

  51. Mark111 September 29, 2014

    I’m sick of this “I’m a REAL this or that”. Looking back at Bey’s career, she always been pro woman. From telling woman to be independent, loving your curves (back when a booty in pop was bad), being your husband’s equal and to now. This isn’t a gimmick, hell Bey used to be known a a male basher and DIL was a shock that she was singing love songs in 03. Who Run The World, her having an all female band since 06. I even thought Bey was a lesbian for a sec on how pro woman she is/was.

    If I say I’m for gay marriage, then it’s just that, I’m for it. It doesn’t give someone the right to be like “Oh where were you at this protest and blah blah blah.

    Feminist is quality and I think most of “heads” of the movement use it to preach hate. Just my opinion.

    • Valerie September 29, 2014

      Thank you Mark! I appreciate you’re not being biased on this.

    • CherylSoldierr September 29, 2014

      Nope. When you’re that influential it’s not enough to just say you’re a feminist, especially when your peers are giving speeches at the UN promoting equal rights.

  52. LB September 29, 2014

    I think Beyonce used to be pro-woman, I don’t think she is anymore. She has moved from women empowerment, independence, enlightenment to submission to the man.

    MRS Carter Show and On The Run speak volumes, plus her new album is about far from pro feminism as you can get.

    Now the Beyonce from DC days, that was pro woman Beyonce. That’s just my opinion anyway.

  53. Draggin4MrsCarter September 29, 2014

    Everyone on here is saying the same thing. Beyonce is a feminist but she’s a “lite” one cos she only talks about issues that are easy to address.
    She talks about hard work and women being empowered, but are the masses really questioning if women working hard and women being empowered is a bad thing? No, they’re not which is why she feels so free to talk about those issues.
    If she REALLY wanted to strike up a conversation she would talk about how the media decides that ANY woman who accuses a rich man of sexual harassing her is doing it for the money or how the world at large accepts the idea that it’s ok for a man to take advantage of aspiring entertainers all in the name of “casting couch culture.”

    I love the Queen but I’ve been stanning since 98 and I’ve been saying that she needs to dig deeper in her music since 4.

    You can’t say that you’re a feminist and fight for the rights of women but then dip in and out of the movement when it does and doesn’t suit you.

    • tits mcgee September 29, 2014

      Nothing but the truth, Sis. Well said.

  54. Draggin4MrsCarter September 29, 2014

    Also, someone above made a comment about blacks being too sensitive when it comes to racism. Excuse me darling, I think it’s high time you erased that foolish notion from your stupid head. The reason some white people (and I am white myself) don’t want to acknowledge that slavery still affects the way black people see themselves is because they’re not ready to claim the guilt.
    Every which way you turn there are statistics telling us why black men aren’t doing well and why black women are underachieving and even though it’s up to them to better themselves, how can anyone sit there and act as though they have no idea why so many black people feel such anger and disdain for an establishment that has robbed, r**** and stolen from them and then accuses them of being too sensitive when they speak out against what’s been done to them.

    You better open your eyes and know that the abolishing of slavery didn’t mean much for black people because they were still treated like animals and felt like they were because they had been programmed to believe that they were. Do you know some slave masters used to s*** in their slaves mouths? Do you know how many women had their babies snatched from them and sold like cattle? This happened to BLACK people who gave birth to the black people you see in America today who are expected to just shut up and be ok with the trauma that’s been passed down to them for centuries.

  55. LB September 29, 2014

    Dossome, Beyonce has talked about real women issues.

    Loving yourself with Bootylicious

    Respecting yourself with bills bills bills / nasty girl

    Empowering yourself with independent woman part 2

    Demanding respect from a man with single ladies

    and many other issues. It is recently that she has dumped all of that and gone against everything she seemed to believe in.

  56. JOHNVIDAL September 29, 2014

    I agree with Annie Lennox in this.
    I agree with her most of the times, including when she said those amazing things about Mariah Carey´s voice 3 or 4 years ago 🙂

  57. MC!!! September 29, 2014

    Atleast gaga spoke out for gay rights ive have yet to see beyonce do so and thats her core audience!!! But beyonce cant speak well so what do you expect guys!

  58. Rosie September 29, 2014

    L M A O at all the blog homosexual queens who legitimately have no idea what feminism even means trying to drag Beyoncé for being anti-feminist. All these “s***/w****/prostitute” attempts at dragging are the exact reason why feminism is much needed in 2014.

    Anyways, I’m sick of all these white feminists trying to police what black women can do. Lena Durham can talk about her v***** and show her ass in HBO all she wants because “feminism!! entertainment!! shock value!!” but Beyoncé shakes her ass a bit and its WW3.

  59. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 29, 2014

    I don’t know. Granted that Annie may have a point, not everyone interprets and participates in feminism the same exact way she does.

  60. Madison September 29, 2014

    Beyonce: cofonder of Chime For Change, a organization dedicated to the empowerment (education, healthcare, etc) of women ALL OVER THE WORLD, writes an essay on feminism, has more than one song about Feminism, one of which includes a speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi
    everyone: Beyonce is SO NOT FEMINIST! I mean she’s sung about s** before!!! How dare she!! Let me s*** shame her bc thats totally feminist !!!

    Emma Watson: I’m feminist! 🙂
    Everyone: Wow new feminist icon!

    Racists, I see you.

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