New Song: Kelis – ‘The Key’

Published: Thursday 18th Sep 2014 by David


Dutch DJ and producer Breach calls on the ‘BossyKelis to complete his latest single this year, linking creative arms with the singer to release ‘The Key.’

If it sounds familiar that may be because the song is actually a remake of her ‘Food‘-pulled cut ‘Rumble’, and is due out on November 17th 2014.

Unlock the bop below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ~The Arcade~ September 18, 2014

    Man I miss the Kelis who made classic albums like: Wanderland, tasty, kelis was here… this sound is becoming more redundant by the week, geez! 🙁

    • credits September 18, 2014

      The ‘Food’ album is amazing. Have you heard it?

  2. B’rocka SLays September 18, 2014

    This isn’t new, this is a remix of another remix
    the original breach was available since jan/feb but now its been taken down strangely?

  3. bibi93 September 18, 2014


  4. Timago September 18, 2014

    Kelis – “The Flop”


    • Anon September 19, 2014

      What is it with you queens and this “flop” term. Just kill that s***. Usually the majority of “flops” make real QUALITY music while most (not all) of the s*** that sells millions of copies sounds like complete utter s***.

  5. Timago September 18, 2014


  6. Incognegro1983 September 18, 2014

    I love it!!! All theses comments about her changing her style or calling her a flop clearly shows your appreciation for Kelis as an artist and for the artform of music. An artist that never changes or evolves is an artist that never develops. Kelis is confident in her ability to create, and as a result she is more receptive to trying new styles. She is not driven by Billboard 100 or endorsements, she is guided by her ability to create authentic music. So, this song may not be your cup of tea, but at the end of the day you have to respect Kelis for not conforming to what others want her to be.

  7. Anon September 19, 2014

    This isn’t HER song, it’s that producer Breach remix of Rumble. I guess he liked it so made it HIS single (which I really don’t know why) because all it is, is Kelis’ remix :-/ guess he ain’t have anything better to make for himself.

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