Hot Shots: Beyonce Flaunts Assets

Published: Monday 13th Oct 2014 by Sam

Check out Beyonce!

The ‘Blow’ belter styles and profiles in these sassy new shots shared with fans today online.

Ever in stealth-mode these days, it’s difficult to decipher what King B is cooking up. Yet, with increasing speculation about a potential re-release of ‘Beyonce’, it seems exciting times are nigh.

In the meanwhile, peep another shapely snap of Bey below…



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  1. LOL October 13, 2014


    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 13, 2014

      Leave satan outta this ho. The bey post! By the way nicki still dont have a number. 🙂

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 13, 2014

        ‘Num 1’

      • Beysus October 13, 2014

        And Iggy still dont have a Gold album…

      • Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

        Hunny you better keep clinging to iggy

    • Rosie October 13, 2014

      Both can sell out venues in Europe to at least 90% capacity in 2014 unlike Fad.

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        But can lana Rosie?

      • Rosie October 13, 2014

        Almost every date on Lana’s last European tour sold out. Some of them were arenas.

    • LDN Chick October 13, 2014

      Wtf. Sit down and stop trying too hard to be messy.

  2. truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 13, 2014

    WHEN WILL SATAN???(Rhianna) drake called satan out honey

  3. Stephon Maurice Jackson October 13, 2014

    She looks beautiful. Her booty in the other pics on Twitter looks REAL toned & big. Stunning & Talented!

    • Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

      hey steph!

    • Molly October 13, 2014


  4. Beysus October 13, 2014

    SLAY THESE PICS B****!!!

  5. Eloviano October 13, 2014

    That BOOTY tho!!! *plays Bootylicious and starts grinding up and down*

  6. Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

    She looks hot. Work!

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      she does can’t lie

      • Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

        hey molly how are you?

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        Im ok and you?

      • Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

        i’m ok

  7. quetta October 13, 2014

    That a$$ tho

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      nip N tuck 🙂

  8. Molly October 13, 2014

    Looks more like a Rihanna swagger jacker to me.

    But cute big sis.

    • Naomi October 13, 2014

      The reach.

  9. Beyonce is a fraud October 13, 2014

    Wtf she really needs to quit. Queen Rihanna got this bish shook

    • Beysus October 13, 2014

      LOL in what way???????

  10. Beysus October 13, 2014

    6 Soul Train Nominations!!!

  11. Skyfall October 13, 2014

    Cute. I like her outfit.

  12. Beysus October 13, 2014

    Hopefully this “re-release” will have new music and tons of footage from both tours!!!

  13. Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

    LOL wtf? why are you people comparing her to rihanna now? why can’t she look and act like the s*** bish she is? How is this giving you rihanna tease? it isn’t. stfu trolls.

  14. Barb B**** October 13, 2014

    She looks nothing like Rihanna. Rihanna could never with her FLAT hank hill booty.

    • FAF October 14, 2014


  15. Skyfall October 13, 2014

    Rihanna body is amazing and natural, not every girl or man likes a helium balloon ass (Kim Kardashian)

  16. Naomi October 13, 2014

    Sam make a post on Simon Cowell saying she’s the biggest artist in the world. I want to see the Navy seethe some more. Oh and looking good MILF Bey!

    • Beysus October 13, 2014

      Haaaa LOL

    • Skyfall October 13, 2014

      Why would we be seething?

      • Naomi October 13, 2014

        Rihanna’s supposed to be ‘the biggest popstar in the world’ according to you guys. Too bad she couldn’t even beat Katy Perry to the halftime show.

  17. LDN Chick October 13, 2014

    She’s gorgeous. I love this woman. Her shape is everything too.

  18. fatusankoh October 13, 2014

    Omg queen bey look good you Rehoo stain will you all stope comparing that no talente no style Rehoo with queen bey you all don’t care about her you all supporting only the hate you all have queen bey not do well thank god you haters are not God long live queen bey their is no one like our bey

  19. Rihboy October 13, 2014

    Her pics are so staged and unnatural lol. The perfectionist forgot that some of the best pics are the ones unedited and unexpected! Girl bye with your forced persona. Giving straight Rih tease. If you cannot see it your blind. It won’t help you get that number 1 boo. Trying to fit in isn’t cute.

    • Fran October 13, 2014

      A Rihanna Stan talking about a forced persona? Laughable. And no I cannot see it. WTF exactly is Rihanna tease? Ugh. Grow up for fuckss sake.

      • Rihboy October 13, 2014

        yes. Beyonce was Sasha fierce, now she is yonce! Come one she is nothing but cooked up personas! Rih has been Rih through every hair color, or fashion sense! A bad ass unapologetic b****. Bey creates personas to hide the fact she is just a careless c*** with a 5 th grade education, and trapped with a man who is exploiting her to make coins. Isn’t she tired of being a pawn?

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        Don’t even start. Beyonce has always remained Beyonce with pretty much the same image and diva ON STAGE persona throughout her career. These are her personal IG pictures that have nothing to do with Yonce or Sasha Fierce. Let’s discuss how your fave changes persona every era.
        1)Sweet Island Girl come Beyonce tribute act
        2)Fefe Dobson clone come Kelis impersonator
        3) LITERALLY a good girl gone ‘manufactured bad’
        4) Pseudo Gothic
        5)Pseudo Ratchet girl
        6) Urban girl

        Let’s not. Your fave has never found a stable identity she is recognized for. It changes more often than the seasons.

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        Oh I forgot to mention the ‘im such a bad b**** but would never say boo to a goose unless behind my keyboard’ persona. Aka troll.

  20. xedos October 13, 2014

    come on sam we know this is not the type of ass you love. you not fooling anyone

  21. Fran October 13, 2014

    Ugh the Navy is so annoying. She does not look ANYTHING like Rihanna. Stop reaching for Jesus! Then you’ll cry when the Hive ends up scalping you and your fave for trying it! Like sit down and stop being petty. Beyonce is a 33 year old mother and look better than Rihanna who has about as much curves as a brick and overly forced s** appeal.

    • Rihboy October 13, 2014

      How can you call rihannas s** appeal overly forced after “beyonce”? Girl stop! That sextapes/erotica/porno takes the crown for overtly sexual. The bees hate natural beauty, and praise these knifed up, shot up, pill taking h***… #prettyhurts

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        Yes honey, believe it or not Rihanna’s s** appeal is very forced. I am a straight female with straight male friends who agree and judging by your name you wouldn’t know much about female s** appeal. Beyonce is not knifed either. Nicki Minaj is.

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        Beyonces s** appeal comes from her womanhood. Plus curves. She is not a tart. She has a LOOK but can’t TOUCH way about her. The world seen Rihanna’s bits and bobs more than hot dinners. And she’s not even all that. That’s just vulgar.

      • Rihboy October 13, 2014

        If you think bey hasnt had work done on her face your s fool!!!! I’ve seen pics just last night of her pre knife job and make up less! It was horrid!!! Make up really does wonders!!! I’m glad Rih wears an almost make up less face most of the time!!! She looks good nude face or with minimal make up and lip. Bey on the other hand needs to be caked up!!! Or puts on heavy concealer and try to pass it off as natural… Make up artist confirmed her sneaky ass ways!!!

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        No honey, Beyonce like Kim and Rihanna uses contouring makeup. It’s not surgery. And DEATH @ Rihanna looks good nude. She looks like fuckingg ugly dog. I think you have them mixed up, Beyonce looks better with LESS makeup and natural than Rihanna. Her stage makeup does not do her any justice. She is one of the few stars who looks better with less it makes her look so young.

      • Rihboy October 13, 2014


      • Fran October 13, 2014

        You can’t deny it. Rihanna looks AWFUL make up less. Beyonce does not.

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        And death @ you thinking Rihanna doesn’t use concealer most of the time. When Rihanna does without make up it looks like a damn horror movie no joke! There are plenty pictures out there of a Beyonce make up less compared to Rihanna. She looks much better and she’s 7 years her junior. The affects of drugs and alcohol…

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        Sir John recommends using an intense exfoliator twice a week for a smooth, radiant complexion. “I like to use a glycolic peel with a fruit enzyme. The goal in any girl’s routine is to increase cell turnover so that you need less foundation and concealer— Beyoncé hardly has to use any,” he said.
        His other dewy skin trick: Apply a generous amount of face cream, then put on your tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation while your skin is still moist.

    • Rihboy October 13, 2014

      Pressed ! Please don’t make me start posting links to the horror story called bey caught without make up. Concealer is her friend! And so are people paid to praise her lls!!

  22. Rihboy October 13, 2014

    She take pics just to take pics. In different outfits almost everyday!! I’m in tears! Did we boycott dereflop? She is as obvious as ever. Go to bed bey.

  23. Fran October 13, 2014

    Anyway I love Beys recent pictures at the Louvre. Such an amazing museum. I respect that Beyonce goes to enjoy cultures and doesn’t just take selfies and ass shots all the time like some.

  24. Beyonce is a fraud October 13, 2014

    Rihanna is head and shoulders above beyonce who can’t do anything without her blonde security blanket wig. Rihanna is more beautiful as she can wear different colors lengths (outside of a video) and is beautiful. Line backer neck Bey not so much.

    Rihanna has saved music and celebrity, she is worthy. Beyonce is a lying theif insecure jealous fraud who is clearly shook

    • Rosie October 13, 2014

      Death at Riganna saving music. Most of her 104839 hits aren’t even remembered at this point.

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      Death! Lmaoooooooooooooo @ “blonde security blanket wig” we’ll never see the bish leave home with out it, 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL so true. Not even on her death bed LOOOOOOOOOOL

  25. Beyonce is a fraud October 13, 2014

    Rihanna has better music and a better msg, authenticity beyfake needs to go raise her daughter and Learn how to pick better songs

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      Her music is horrible that’s why they don’t chart 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

        Oh, btw rihanna walls must be sore for her to be away for so long she has to pay the bills some kind of way 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Rima October 13, 2014

    Im not even a Rihanna stan but i can see how she is copying Rihanna.

  27. Beyonce is a fraud October 13, 2014

    Rihanna won, sorry stains ms private is now overexposed and why aren’t you stains buying her struggle sweatshirts she is selling , her and jayzoo polluted our community with nothing but materialistic anti education street glorification filth , they stand for nothing but bs they are a cancer that needs to be chemo Ed , go away oop they cAnt they owe too much, parasites yuck

  28. Rima October 13, 2014

    Since when has bey been all edgy and extra sexual like rih?

  29. Rima October 13, 2014

    ok but some rih stans are extra tbh bey still slays her in talent and beauty but gaga slays them all tbh

  30. LB October 13, 2014

    Is her thigh gap photo-shopped in these pics? I cannot tell.
    What sort of desperate self absorbed conceited tired decrepit woman photo-shops her own instagram photos? LMAO the hilarity of it all.

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      Idk but i do know rihanna’s p**** lips gonna need some photoshopping done walking around with mutilated walls.

  31. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 13, 2014

    hahaha, she tries so hard and she has no sense of style, what a basic w****

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      Not as basic as rihiv vocals cords lol

  32. Rima October 13, 2014

    Rosie shut the hell up maggot get lana a hit or relevancy before you come for Gaga.

  33. LB October 13, 2014


    LMAO I know right, she tries so hard but looks so basic; it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    The fact that Ciara’s instagram pics >>> DesperateYonce’s photo-shopped instagram pics LMAO, I cannot

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      hi hun how are u?

      • LB October 13, 2014

        I’m good babe, working on some stuff :'( and just taking a short break. How are you?

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        Oh ok hope everything is good hun i know we haven’t seen eye to eye lately but i miss you hun ive been good tho been working thats all tho

      • LB October 13, 2014

        It’s cool, in the past, missed you too.

        Hope work is going great for you; let me get back to what I was doing before I lose my motivation.


    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 13, 2014

      following in the Queens footsteps

      funny how before she was never on social media, now she posts these try hard photos everyday

      • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

        Go help rihanna patch up her walls

  34. Mother Mariah October 13, 2014

    Beyonce tries too hard for me atleast it comes off natural with Rihanna.

  35. Georgia October 13, 2014

    SHE IS MY GIRL CRUSH. Love herrrrr xxxxx

  36. Skyfall October 13, 2014

    Question for the hive: is Beyoncé’s body natural like Rih or is it just the outfits she wears that make everything from the mid torso down look tucked and sucked, no shade so don’t try to come in my comments trying to drag me or my favs cause this is a serious question because Beyonces body is starting to remind me of Nickis on that bikini pic for anaconda.

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      Yaaaaaaas! clock a bish down ki

    • Georgia October 13, 2014

      It’s natural. Look at her bikini pictures.

      • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

        We all know she had work done, stop the lies sh!t hive thanks. -___-

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 13, 2014

      Its not natural like QUEEN RIH

      In THIEFonce’s unphotoshopped pics, you can see all of the cellulite on her thighs

      • FAF October 14, 2014

        No she wears body shapers

        Like blacchyna

        No shade bc it’s cute

  37. LB October 13, 2014


    Well her nose is questionable, I wouldn’t doubt if that body is filled with silicon

    ““It’s extremely likely she’s had a rhinoplasty,” Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has not treated the singer, told Hollywood Life. “I think she has had her nose narrowed and the tip refined. I do this same procedure regularly. She looks gorgeous and the surgeon did an excellent job,” he says.”

    • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

      ‘who has not treated Beyonce’

      • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

        Who has a PH.D and yourself?

    • Skyfall October 13, 2014


  38. Rih Over Bey October 13, 2014

    She has a thigh gap cause she got the fat sucked out of her gigantic thighs and put in her ass.

  39. Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

    Lol @ these bottoms trying to throw shade. Bey looks amazing. I love her pictures.

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      Im sure you’re a loose booty f**** so death at you trying to shade other bottoms ki

      • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

        Nope incorrect.

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 13, 2014

      Kelly looks like a horse mix with coyote

  40. Metzo October 13, 2014

    The Navy is really seething and boiling of hate over a simple picture, really?
    When do y’all never get bothered by anything Beyonce does?

    Are you that threatened that Bey is sexier and edgier than “Good girl gone bad” as the days go?

    Lol you can’t be serious. So childish.

    Ibviously Beyonce is doing it Better than Rihanna, hence why you are all so bothered.

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      F ag shut up

    • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

      They’re pathetic.

      • Skyfall October 13, 2014

        Just like Kelly’s record sales

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        Ok has Kelly even sold a million albums as a solo artist?

  41. Skyfall October 13, 2014

    I was asking a serious question that nobody from the HIVE could answer.

    • Georgie October 13, 2014

      I answered. And you ignored it idiot. Have you not seen Beyonce in a bikini. It’s a all curve. She wears stage outfits to enhance it but she has natural Hourglass shape and always has.

      • Skyfall October 13, 2014

        Mmmm, I guess. She just looks so different I guess she’s been working out cause her arms look bigger too, like toned and buff not fat lol

      • Georgie October 13, 2014

        WOMENS bodies change all the time. Especially after having babies. Some of you need to grow up and stop overanalyzing everything.

  42. Skyfall October 13, 2014

    If Beyonce did get surgeries on her body then I guess, it’s her money but that makes me appreciate Rihanna more because she not ashamed of her true self including her big forehead and wide nose that make her all the more unique instead of looking like every other botched b**** in Hollywood.

    • Revolution October 13, 2014

      But Rihanna had a boob job around GGGB era.

  43. LB October 13, 2014

    Are you people entertaining the help (a Kelly Rowland stan)? Gurl this is the platinum club, you cannot sit with us.

    • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

      So why are you talking to Moley

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        B itch cause regardless I’m LBs ride or die f uck outta here h**

      • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

        Dead. I see why people call you a diick rider

      • Molly October 13, 2014

        Unlike you I could careless what people call me ima real b**** I’ve always had love for LB.

      • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

        Death you’ve never met him or seen his face in your life. Sit down stupid hoee and get some real friends. Smh.

  44. Tyler October 13, 2014

    The Navy is just made because The Queen Bey looks like a human and RihanDYKE looks like a damn

    • Tyler October 13, 2014

      *The Navy is just made because The Queen Bey looks like a human and RihanDYKE looks like a damn velociraptor.

  45. Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

    The navy sounds soooo delusional LOLOLOL

    • Rihboy October 13, 2014

      The only thing that is delusional are the barbs counting on nicki charting this fall!!!

  46. The Great Lacefronce. October 13, 2014

    Roman Floploaded still hasn’t sold 900k in the US

    Lana Del Drunk barely scraping 1 million copies ww


    • Nicki Is Queen October 13, 2014

      don’t you stan for gags or something? sit down.

    • The Great Lacefronce. October 13, 2014

      Wrong f****

  47. Tyler October 13, 2014

    SILENCE! Molly the Maid

    • Molly October 13, 2014

      Girl no tired ass shade sit down fagler

  48. Kim Kardashian Fan October 13, 2014

    Yess Bey work those iconic curves #Teamcurve

    Via Daily Mail:

    Body trailblazers! Demi Lovato credits Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé with ‘revolutionising our generation’s view of what beautiful is’

    Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé take a bow.
    The celebrity pair is doing their bit for women everywhere – well, at least according to Demi Lovato.
    The 22-year-old singer has heaped praise on Kim and Beyoncé saying their famous curves have helped refine beauty and made a whole generation of women see it is not all about being super skinny.
    The Skycrappers songstress opened up to Access Hollywood on Thursday about her acceptance of her own shape, saying she along with other women have the pair to thank for making the road to body confidence easier.
    Scroll down for video
    Body beautiful: Demi Lovato, pictured at the VMAs Sunday, has heaped praise on Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé saying their famous curves have helped refine beauty
    The star told Access Hollywood: ‘When I was growing up and when I was a pre-teen, the people that I had to look up to [for] body image [were] extremely underweight. [They] were all very bony at that time and that was the in thing.’
    But now the former Disney star says she is glad she has curves and glad she has role models to look up to that also have curvaceous physiques.
    ‘I really credit women like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, [they] completely revolutionized what our generation’s view of perception of what beautiful is and I really think that they had a huge impact on that.
    Demi Lovato discusses dealing with the pressures of Hollywood

    Big impact: The 22-year-old said, ‘Beyoncé (pictured at VMAs) and Kim Kardashian (seen earlier this month) completely revolutionized what our generation’s view of perception of what beautiful is’
    Fit and happy: Demi, of course, still works hard on her figure and on Friday she posted a picture of herself working out in her private gym
    ‘You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin and I like to carry that message on.’
    The pop star said any red carpet now shows the shift.
    ‘Look at J.Lo, look at Scarlett Johansson, Sophia Vergara, Beyoncé – who I don’t really consider human, she is more like a goddess – they have amazing figures it’s more realistic and achievable.’
    Sending the right message: The singer and the reality star are close and Demi (pictured 2012) believes no matter what you think of the Kardashians they are spreading body confidence and acceptance
    Thought provoking: Kim (pictured this month) is comfortable in her own skin prompting others to be the same
    Demi, of course, still works hard on her figure and on Friday she posted a picture of herself working out in her private gym.
    The star captioned the image: ‘Morning workout Jane Fonda style. (Insert fabulous ass emoji here).’
    Now sporting a fuller figure, Demi said she looks back at older pictures of herself and realises she was miserable.
    On Tuesday, the star posted a picture showing her evolution on the MTV VMAs red carpet.
    Becoming me: The Skyscrapers songstress posted a picture to Instagram showing her evolution on the MTV VMAs red carpet
    A look back at some of Demi Lovato’s different styles

    She told Access Hollywood, she does not look back at her first time down the carpet in 2008 fondly.
    ‘The very first time that I ever went to the VMAs and I just looked so bony and fragile and unhappy. Yes, I was at the VMAs and I was 16 and I was having an incredible time, but at the same time I was miserable.’
    ‘I look back at that and I think you know what, I may have been thinner, but I am so happy that I am healthy today and I have curves which are a lot more sexier than what I was aiming for. I think curves are beautiful and I feel great.’

    • Rosie October 13, 2014

      Not Demi Lovato though.

    • Rihboy October 13, 2014

      Which means the credentials are obsolete!!! *intears*

  49. Xander October 13, 2014

    Deathhh at basic “i wish i was born latina” bey wanting to
    be like the thickest/baddetst b**** in the game Queen Motha
    Jesusffer Lordpez lol and like Queen RiRi as well lmao

  50. Slay_Hive October 13, 2014

    Bey looks gorgeous as usual!!!

    BUT why is the hating ass navy the first ones to comment on a BEYONCE post?? Damn can the Hive get here first! SMH

  51. Metzo October 13, 2014

    @Skyfall. The only thing fake about Bey’s body are her boobs and thats no secret. She doesnt hide that. However, the rest of her body is real, from body to her waist. Even her nose which sometimes looks thinner only do to contouring.

    • Kisses Down Low October 13, 2014

      When has Beyonce said she had fake boobs. I thought that was just Kelly. Her boobs look bigger after she became a mom that’s all I observed about Bey.

  52. Metzo October 13, 2014

    Beyonce is a naturally thick girl. Look at her thighs and legs.
    Watch her “Bootylicioys Video”. She’s always been thick with a big b***, curvy waist and deep lower back.

    She has the best naturala l body in the business along with J-Lo.

  53. Metzo October 13, 2014

    Why is the Navy acting like Rihanna never had Boob implants then removed them a year later? Rihanna iant 100% natural either.

  54. Revolution October 13, 2014

    She’s a stunning woman. Her over boring Rihanna any day.
    In pretty much everything.

  55. Meechy October 13, 2014

    Ummmm that does not even look like her. She photoshops her body so much I don’t know what to believe. One minute she’s “thick” and the next she’s thin with a thigh gap. Love the skin your In honey and stop with the illusions.

    • Fran October 13, 2014

      STFU and stop rambling on with your stupid comments, She looks curvy in ALL her pictures.

      • Meechy October 13, 2014

        No she doesn’t and that picture is clearly edited like most of her IG pics lmfao

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        The only thing edited is your name throughout this post now have a seat. There’s not one picture on Beys instagram where she does not look curvy.

      • Meechy October 13, 2014

        This is my only name bae I don’t have to create multiple usernames to get my point across dirty d***. I said what I said. Build a bridge and get over it butch lezzy!!!

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        What? Bye and come harder.

      • Meechy October 13, 2014

        How about you come up outta my reply box d***? How about that?

      • Fran October 13, 2014

        How about… NO.

  56. Rosie October 13, 2014

    LOL @ the J. Low stan still clinging to a (misunderstood) quote from 2007.

  57. Xander October 13, 2014

    Lol aww you H**+ f*** are so delusional and uneducated like
    your basic fave kii oops

  58. Kendall October 13, 2014

    She looks great as usual.

  59. Kendall October 13, 2014

    Did any fans see the ones of her in the white two piece? #Drooling

    • Bey Advocate October 13, 2014

      Yesss curvalicious

  60. Unbiased October 13, 2014

    Wow, so much body shaming in this comment section. I have saw her live in concert and she fit and curvy. She also has a thigh gap. Some of you must be very young claiming she copying Rihanna, when she wore her hair like that in the telephone video.

  61. Shay Shay *C~Squad* October 13, 2014

    Something is off about that pic….

  62. Yeah I Said It October 13, 2014

    Lol how does she look like Rihanna? She’s much better. Work motha Bey!

  63. Rihboy October 13, 2014

    Who is this Fran botch? She pressed! As well as mad! Your fave takes pics and has them photoshopped! just accept the fact your face is a list cause without an identity! All the hate she claims she doesn’t care about done got to her!!! Trying to appear slim looking like a damn fool !! Squeezing herself into clothes and holding her breath for a flat finish! We all know under that stage attire is padding and a spanx. She busted.

    • Fran October 14, 2014

      You’ve been dragged now deal. You just sound stupid and petty like most navy memebers. Why are you even here?

  64. realtalk October 13, 2014

    Won’t lie, Beyoncé looks damm good and youthful. The thing I would like to know is, although she looks good body wise, she looks stressful/tipsy. Is Jay stressing her out? Also I thought she was pregnant with their second child? Are they still in France? I believe Beyonce wants to move to France and get away from all the drama that’s been surrounding her/family. Maybe they will stay/keep their home in NYC, but also move to another state/country. Still Beyoncé looks flawless to the bone. I hope she is re-releasing her album “Beyoncé” along with both tours Mrs. Carter/OTR with adding maybe 4 more songs to the album.

  65. Mark111 October 13, 2014

    Someone wants another 500 comments. Pointless post.

  66. girlbye October 13, 2014

    When it comes to fashion rihanna wins period. I dont even know why the hive is even trying.

  67. NOLIES October 14, 2014

    Poor MK… That soul is so obviously gone. She looks sad and like she’s switching alters.

  68. FutureCIARA October 14, 2014

    Did anybody spot any phot-shopping?

  69. Adrienne Bailon October 14, 2014

    Photoshop galore

  70. kingbeybitch October 14, 2014

    Im sorry but I had to laugh at the Navy saying rihanna doesnt look forced lolol did yall miss all those pics with “badgalriri” pushing back her ass all the time trying to act like she has some. If that’s not forced then i don’t know what is. How dare the navy come for Beys body when they fav looks like a washboard.. THE AUDACITY

  71. kingbeybitch October 14, 2014

    But how the Navy gon talk about Photoshop when they photoshop on her last GQ cover lol you know the one with the snakes. Where she appeared wayyyyyy smaller than she actually is lmaoo I can’t tho

  72. Overdose October 14, 2014

    She looks nice. Navy comes across bitter and jealous.

  73. RICHE_RICH October 14, 2014

    She looks smoking HOTT!!!!!!!! Navy are y’all mad or nah?

  74. LOL October 14, 2014




  75. Xander October 14, 2014

    B**** the audacity is you saying RiRi arches her back when
    basic bey is the queen of arching her back to make her flat
    non existant pancake ass seem like she actually has
    somenthing back there lmaoooo
    #ridingwithher”surfboard” lol

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