Offensive Study Claims Beyonce’s Music Is For “Dumb People”

Published: Thursday 23rd Oct 2014 by David


“Beyonce’s music is for dumb people.”

Should a study carried out by software developer Virgil Griffith be taken as gospel, the above statement is an accurate one, declaring the fans of Pop icon Beyonce aren’t as sharp as fan bases garnered by rival artists.

How Mr. Griffith came to this debatable conclusion?

Find out below…

After digging into Facebook to find the most “liked” artists at 1,352 American colleges, Mr. Griffith then throws the average SAT score into his equation. The end result? A graph which he says reveals which artists find themselves aligned with the US’ more gifted students and which simply don’t.

One of these being Pop superstar Beyonce.

That’s right, if there is any truth to Virgil’s findings, Mrs. Carter’s fan base are one of many fan bases billed “dumb“, seeing their SAT scores used to support the idea that their supposed academic failings are in some way linked to their love of the Grammy award winner.



Do you agree?

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  1. Jamie October 23, 2014

    That sounds about right!

    • mekaela October 23, 2014

      I agree with this her songs are ghetto
      Anthem welfare recepient music I’m not
      Trying to be funny Beyonce is uneducated
      And sounds very illiterate when she speaks
      I don’t care what her fans say but her
      Music is meaningless

      • WhenItComesToBey October 23, 2014

        But look at the spelling your name? Mekaela? Try Makaila.

      • mekaela October 23, 2014

        Don’t matter how my name is spelt
        Bey brand is falling slowly the
        media don’t give two s*** about
        Her anymore before no one could say
        Anything about her now she falling
        Off her pedestal her elevator ghetto
        Fight was the ending of her delusional
        Fairytale her daddy goes around getting
        Hos pregnant if that’s not ghetto and
        Hood I don’t know what to say

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Ghetto is the spelling of your name. Fix it Jesus. Hot boy is a ghetto song.. Don’t waste my time is a ghetto song. Define ghetto and the themes in beys music does not match. Have a little substance in what you say “Michaela”

      • sithalead October 23, 2014

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    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 23, 2014

      RUNS AND GETS POPCORN…THIS FINNA B A DRAGFEST HONEY!!! Im just here for the comments chile. Im not getn in this in any kinda way. Im not trying to get dragged

    • FAF October 23, 2014

      most smart people listen to instrumentals, classical or jazz.. go to households where children play instruments & make A’s you will see this

      pop lyrics hamper judgment. everything is subliminal nowadays

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        I never listened to jazz, classical or what not. That’s not my I lture. I grew up on reggae, dancehall, bashment, R&B and soul and I got A*’s in school… You’re point is irrelevant.

      • FAF October 23, 2014

        Did u take ap courses? ^ or just regular placement and what type of school district are u in? 😆 Point is clearly relevant as it correlates directly with the theme of the post get out of your feelings sis

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Child. I’m British we don’t do AP. But I’ll tell you that I did the heir tier of all my exams, sat my maths GCSE 2 years early and went on to do my A Levels at college with I also passes, all whilst listening to QUEEN BEY. Tell the critic something

  2. 2bad2bme October 23, 2014

    This is my problem with this site, your too bi with this woman . you make a post to show her brilliance then you make one to get folks rowed up about her for comments. Why submit this ignorance? You guys are so thirsty.

    • HistoRih October 23, 2014

      It’s called being fair and unbiased. You want them to lick her ass everyday but drag Rihanna but THEN turn around and get mad when they write anything that doesn’t talk about amazing Beyonce is.

      • mekaela October 23, 2014

        I know for years we endure this site
        Coming for everything but bey as if
        That illiterate heifer perfect HBO
        now she renew her vows it won’t work

      • 2bad2bme October 23, 2014

        Daughter who said anything about Rihanna I don’t give a f*** about her I’m talking about the woman this post is about. You children nowadays are so annoying

    • BeyBeyKing October 23, 2014

      Girl stop. You know how much TGJ love her.

    • fatusankoh October 23, 2014

      Thank you I don’t believe it at all

    • CommaderKaty October 23, 2014

      On the f****** real sis, let’s not even go there with Grape Juice and Bey. They go up for her more than anyone else.

  3. Lolwhat October 23, 2014


  4. TheTruth October 23, 2014

    Dumb artist, dumb stans. Sounds accurate.

  5. CATFISH CAREY October 23, 2014


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 23, 2014

      Ok, even I can admit this was an ABSOLUTE DEATH moment hahahahaha!!!

  6. ItsCheryl2Bh October 23, 2014

    Notice how Rihanna isn’t on there. Her stans don’t even go to college.

    • NadiaMaraj October 23, 2014

      Did Cheryl finish high school? Or was she too busy bullying black toilet attendants.

      • CherylSoldier October 23, 2014

        Cheryl finished and is def more posh than your hoodrat fave. Your fave grew up in f*vking queens. Sit down.

      • FAF October 23, 2014

        ^ u sound stupid. nicki graduated from LaGuardia

      • CherylSoldier October 23, 2014

        I don’t. Y’all are trying to say that Cheryl is stupid and trashy when your fave grew up in the ghetto and is still ghetto.

      • FAF October 23, 2014

        Nicki never beat a woman’s ass in a stall tho

  7. LaLopez October 23, 2014

    I can’t say this is innacurate.

  8. ASipOfBrandy October 23, 2014

    Beyonce’s stans are so used to the media being up her b*** they don’t know how to act when someone calls her out. Ie, why she was registered as a Republican during Bush’ presidency and then SUDDENLY became a Democrat when Obama came on the scene.

  9. Suicide Blonde October 23, 2014

    I won’t say her music is for ‘dumb people’ but most of her catalog is disposable, few exceptions, some hits/good songs, but still nothing dope or worthy. She has improved a lot in recent years tho.

  10. BaddieBey October 23, 2014

    Where’s Rihanna? Oh that’s right, the Navi don’t even go to college.

  11. truth October 23, 2014

    Not a single lie detected.

  12. QueenOfTheNavi October 23, 2014

    Her fans aren’t dumb but her music is. I actually think she puts a lot of care and attention to what she puts out but the only thing she’s missing are themes that are more interesting.

  13. DanitySlain October 23, 2014

    The fact that some of her stans are mad at TGJ (who are lowkey her biggest fan site) for posting proves that this theory is true. They’re so dumb they can’t tell the difference between someone writing about something about their fave and someone dragging them.

  14. Bria October 23, 2014

    Rihanna fans were not a part of the study, if they were they would be above the beytards
    Y’all are just ‘special’ we all know it except for y’all

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 23, 2014

      They’ll be on the next study of “which artist draws the most prostates, drug addicts, meth heads, and prison inmates.”

  15. Lil Wayne stan October 23, 2014

    Sounds about right, 90% of her stans are messy black bottoms with no father in their life.

    • CATFISH CAREY October 23, 2014


    • OVODasher October 23, 2014

      The irony is that Lil Wayne ranked lower than she did.

      • Lil Wayne stan October 23, 2014

        You Stan for a emotional bottom.

  16. Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

    Oh hell no! The Critc is FAR from stupid. Those who agree with this statement are ignorant and there’s nothing smart about ignorance. I HAVE SPOKEN

    • Question October 23, 2014

      “I have spoken”….. And you are? LOL

  17. Applause October 23, 2014


    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      You sound stupid! AINT THAT THE TRUTH

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 23, 2014

      *Looks at screen name and just walks away…..*

  18. RihannaIsMadonna October 23, 2014

    Wow! Sam can actually post something that doesn’t kiss momma Bey’s ass u r dumb u r part of a statistic together with that hive that always drags ppl for ish ita lack of intelligence I get it

    • KeriMeHome October 23, 2014

      Please explain how Rihanna is Madonna? Because she changes her wig every year?

      • RihannaIsMadonna October 24, 2014

        if you can’t see the resemblance in their careers & antics maybe then u should join the dumb statistics I can tell you’re a #hive

  19. HausMuthaAdele October 23, 2014

    Who didn’t know this already? Which other group of people think that they’re powerful because they gang up on people on the INTERNET! Truth is that most Bey Hive b****** are insecure and ugly guys with live vicariously through her.

    • tits mcgee October 23, 2014

      Well at least Beyonce fans are not on
      Craigslist bartering, blowwjobs for
      albums sales, to get their fave ahead…

      • FAF October 23, 2014

        well navi does too LOL

        and call it “dragging” when they talk about artists who dont read the s*** they post..

  20. Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

    Let me get this right… If you like f****** Beethoven you’re smart!!! Who did they test with this heinous theory!! You’re musical tastes differ depending on environment and personal tastes. They do not effect or correspond with how intelligent you are. If you believe this you are IGNORANT! And ignorance is the stupid mans worst enemy

    • fatusankoh October 23, 2014

      Thank you every one my fellow behive don’t let this haters get to us this is their other way to discourage bey fan have never let that happen

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Hun.. You’re kinda proving the point! Grammar helps get a written point across better l. I didn’t understand the mess you just wrote. Come correct..

    • Katy Cat October 23, 2014

      lol u sound mad af

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Why are you talking to me… Are you relevant ????

      • Katy Cat October 23, 2014

        yes i am your Superior i am above you
        you should cherish this moment because i barely entertain peaseants and the help now be gone you filth

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      Well don’t you sound bloody dumb. Jump off your high horse you bumb! How are you my superior if you yourself just admitted to engaging communication with ME! You’re giving me YOUR time of day boo, I’m just being kind enough to acknowledge your dumb ass. I’m not a peasant.. I know my worth b****. Now jog on you c*** sucking w****. Talking about I should cherish YOUR time when you gave it to me without me asking.
      I hope you feel better now that the critic has returned the favour. I do love my fans

    • Question October 23, 2014

      Tell them why you mad son! LOL this post has the beehive up in their feelings. LOL

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Who’s in their feelings? And more importantly.. Who are you and who gave you the right to talk to me? You’ve been acknowledged now you are dismissed.. Run along #Beyhive

      • Question October 23, 2014

        I am me and I gave myself the right. If you have an issue with that, you can continue to be up in your feelings. LOLA

  21. fatusankoh October 23, 2014

    I don’t belive it at all long live queen bey the flood gate is open for haters

  22. mekaela October 23, 2014

    Listen to rihanna songs whether she writes
    Them or not she picks songs with meaning
    Man down , mother Mary , monster , found
    Love in a hopeless place and many more bey
    Music has no meaning whatsoever rubbish

    • BarbBey October 23, 2014

      Beyonce has tackled a lot of serious issues boo boo. You’ve never heard of Sail On?

      • BadGyalRita October 23, 2014

        Oh you poor b****, Sail On was a cover.

      • FAF October 23, 2014


        AND THAT WAS A DC4 song from their first album nearly 20 years ago

  23. Bria October 23, 2014

    Y’all are dummies, only dummies worship people and material
    Do something about your IQ and get out if denial
    Bey is a lying , no integrity having, wig obsessed wannabe that wants to be worshipped
    Her stans are low IQ having sad people

  24. Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

    This is turning into a Stan war!! Let’s be honest, musical tastes do not determine how intelligent you are. Especially when the artist in question ONLY sings about Love, relationships and S**. Anyone looking to drag the hive based on this stupid COINCIDENTAL finding are ignorant and stupid. You can have a music library with different genres of music.. What then?

  25. Bria October 23, 2014

    This is not about rihanna DUMMIES see you all can’t even stay on topic, dumb arses

  26. Beysus October 23, 2014

    At least Beyonce even made that ridiculous list… *cough cough* where the lessors at????

    • HighwayUnicorn October 23, 2014

      This is one list my fave DOESN’T want to be on b****.

      • Beysus October 23, 2014

        That’s cause she’s worse…

    • Applause October 23, 2014

      omg u sound stupid as f*** this is embrassing

      • Beysus October 23, 2014

        YOU’RE embarrassing! BYEEEEE

  27. Darianna Jones October 23, 2014

    The fact that SAT scores were used when the African American demographic notoriously falls behind in standardized testing ANYWAY doesn’t lend much to anything the study was trying to prove (Notice Hip Hop and Gospel are near the tail end of the spectrum), unless it’s another way to say our education system is failing for minorities.

    What do you think?

    • ChristinaQueenGuilera October 23, 2014

      Good point sis.

    • Yawn October 23, 2014

      It’s the world’s fault that blacks don’t make school, educations and testing a priority. Do better as a people and don’t play victim.

      • QueenCeline October 23, 2014

        Sweetheart stop. Blacks in some inner city communities may have this problem but it’s not a “black” problem, it’s a cultural one. Don’t forget that Oprah was born into poverty.

      • Yawn October 23, 2014

        Exactly stupid, it IS a cultural problem. A BLACK culture problem.

      • FAF October 23, 2014

        No sis it’s an inner city black problem

        I had tutors and study aid growing up

  28. Cici Da Baddest October 23, 2014

    Very accurate lol

    the hive is uneducated, insecure, & basic.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      But let’s be real. Ciara belongs in the R&B genre, which means that it’s VERY likely that she shares fans with Bey. Let’s be honest. You just dragged yourself. You as an individual are irrelevant, but if you, a ciara fan, are categorised, you’ll fall into an R&B fan, and queen Bey DOMINATES that genre

      • Question October 23, 2014

        Tell me why you mad son lol

    • FAF October 23, 2014

      Drag it @Cici look how they seething

  29. Cici Da Baddest October 23, 2014

    Is the hive retarded? this isn’t nothing to be proud of.

  30. Bria October 23, 2014

    Y’all dumb, face it. I was in a thread once where the beytards were going on and on about how they hated math a subject that majes one Logical and rational in your thinking

    The rest of the world been knew about y’all dumb arses and your a Dumb leader

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 23, 2014


  31. Bria October 23, 2014

    Exactly @Cici

  32. Bria October 23, 2014

    I’m not engaging morons *exits thread*

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 23, 2014

      LMAO!!! I can’t take it!! This post is a KIIIII!

  33. No Lies Detected October 23, 2014

    Dumb leader dumb followers. She has no HS diploma and speaks as if English is her 2nd language.

  34. Jamie October 23, 2014

    The hive can’t even stay on topic lol why y’all bringing up rih

    The hive seriously are a pack of idiotic morons.

  35. Katy Cat October 23, 2014

    lol no lies spotted

  36. tits mcgee October 23, 2014

    Sam is finally seeing it’s just as lucrative to
    drag your fave as anyone else’s, even if the
    story is less than scrupulous.

    A sense of fair play seems to be creeping in!

    • BeySting October 23, 2014

      But how did he drag her? You know full well that Sam and David would rather shut down the site than drag Bey.

      • tits mcgee October 23, 2014

        True. I just meant in the sense, that they,
        put up something less than favorable
        that is less than factual information.

        That’s all I meant by ‘drag’.

  37. Yep October 23, 2014

    She sounds like a retarded child with brain damage. Her main fan base is queeny, sissy black bottoms. Hi Sam ! I see you.

  38. Feel My Ora October 23, 2014

    Even without a study you can tell her fans are true dumb asses.

    • BeySting October 23, 2014

      It’s s***.

    • CATFISH CAREY October 23, 2014


  39. Mark111 October 23, 2014

    Oh we already knew about this. Just look at them, they jump around and rave about the most basic stats. They claim people dissed Beyoncé, but after reading or listening with basic comprehensive skills, you’ll find out the other party didn’t. Example, Mariah “throwing shade” cause she said she hadn’t heard a song bu Bey. That why i decided NOT to respond to them anymore, cause they’re just dumb. They’re hypocrites, they called others whores for singing about s**, yet Bey doesn’t it and it’s liberating. And right now in their little pea size brain, they’re trying to make this about Rihanna, lol. DumbHive and now we have numbers to prove it.

  40. Suicide Blonde October 23, 2014

    At least Beyonce even made that ridiculous list… *cough cough* where the lessors at????
    Well, at first, i didn’t believe it but this may be a sign.

    • CATFISH CAREY October 23, 2014


    • Mark111 October 23, 2014

      Hahahahahaha, they’re so stupid!

    • Beysus October 23, 2014

      GIRL BYE

    • LB October 23, 2014


      • Beysus October 23, 2014

        At least my fave has fans in college… *sips tea*

  41. Alana October 23, 2014

    I’m sorry to say this is true and the comments here prove it. I have literally seen of them go in on TGJ JUST for writing about this article when they sourced it from somewhere else. This is just one example of how stupid they are. They’re comprehension skills are weak and they still don’t understand that it’s possible for their fav to make mistakes as all humans do.
    If someone says ANYTHING that doesn’t compliment her they’re accused of hating and they have convinced themselves that she’s a feminist JUST because she thinks it’s liberating to take her clothes off and taking about getting nutted on.

    • Question October 23, 2014

      They’re, there, and their
      Please learn the difference

    • Dirty Laundry October 23, 2014

      The irony. You sound dumb through this whole comment.

  42. Mark111 October 23, 2014

    Hahahaha, I mean you know tje DumbHive is dumb when time and time again shows that Beyoncé doesn’t have an original bone on her artistry, from videos, tours, outfits and dance moves, you can find another artist doing or having it YEARS before jer. Yet she’s the Queen? Time and time again she and her stans claims to wrote a song amd then a demo os leaked of someone elese singing it and no change of lyrics before Beyoncé even got a hold of it. Go to ANY other artist page and you’ll see a Pest dissing them. They can’t handle constructive criticism, yet they can judge any and everyone. This is too funny, this is how the world see you all. Dumb. Good day. Lol

  43. Mark111 October 23, 2014

    And then their comebacks. “Oh, (place other artist name here) music won’t be remembered.” Hooker, where is your time machine?

  44. CherylSoldier October 23, 2014

    Who is this critic mess? I’m screaming that it thinks anyone gives af about it posting in the comments of a blog site.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      CherylSoldier… Hun, YOU know who I am. And I don’t need reassurance from you or anyone else on this site. I do the same thing you do. I express my thought and opinions on Joni’s site. So if you’re coming for me, check yourself. Cos you were CONVERSING with me for a while back on that Cheryl drag post! Know yourself ho!

      • CherylSoldier October 23, 2014

        I’m coming for you babe. I don’t know you or care about you. YOU are always pressed in my mentions. Every single one of them. You’ve been on this site literally all day. It’s time to get a real job. Nobody’s paying you.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      Did you make a bit of sense.. If I’m in all you’re mentions.. That you RESPOND TO.. And you’re telling me to get a job, but at the same time, you’re doing the SAME thing I’m doing. Would that not mean that you need to GET A REAL JOB too.. Self drag…….
      I have 2 jobs Hun. I’m just on holiday right now, got paid midnight.. I’m just bored.
      You don’t care about me… But you’re ‘coming for me’… Child. Look up contradiction and understand why I’m laughing at you right now. You.. A Cheryl fan, who was posting 100 comments a second on that Cheryl post and getting dragged left right and centre… Are trying to come for the Critic…. I love my fans boo, you’ve been acknowledged but you’re a waste of time. From time Cheryl is your fave and you call out someone for doing the SAME thing you do, you’re a mess… Ew.

      • CheylSoldier October 23, 2014

        No babe, there’s a difference between posting one or two comments and being on this site literally the entire day, in every post, being pressed. You are in all of my mentions. You’re my undercover stan. And of course I was in a CHERYL post dumb f**. And think twice if you thought I got dragged lol. The delusion. Again, get a real f*cking job. Nobody cares about your dumba$$ biased opinion.

      • Question October 23, 2014

        Tell me why you mad son LOL

      • CheylSoldier October 23, 2014

        And death @ you spending your “vacation” (unemployment) in MY mentions. I am NEVER in your mentions. That’s the difference f**. I state my opinion and move on. I don’t spend all day in other peoples mentions.

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Why you watching my movements… The Critic loves his fans.. You called for me with this comment. You love me really. What would you be doing if you weren’t giving me YOUR time of day??? Have a seat sket! I feel a need to educate you but you proved on that Cheryl post that you’re beyond dumb. In fact, you’re sh!t in the toilet that won’t flush. You don’t care for my opinion… So why are we talking still babe?

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Who’s unemployed!!! I’m a tax payer that pays for the type of people Cheryl Chavvy Tweedy used to be! I have not been biased. I was expressing that musical tastes are personal and can change throughout ones lifestyle and I don’t believe it has nothing to do with ones intelligence

    • Question October 23, 2014

      Hey @cheylSoldier you can tell when you have someone pressed. They will keep on fighting to prove their point LOL critic is pressed and I’m enjoying this giggle session LOL LMAO LOL LOL

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        You’re desperate for my attention… Why are you begging? This will be the LAST time you get a response from me. You. Are. nothing! You have been shunned. I HAVE SPOKEN. Run along

      • CheylSoldier October 23, 2014

        Exactly. It’s been pressed in literally everyone’s mentions spouting its dumba$$ opinion. It’s been on this site since way early in the morning on its “vacation” and it’s trying me? Death! It’s been living in my mentions for a while now and I have literally don’t even know what it is.

      • Question October 23, 2014

        Hahahaha YES! Critic get me! Verbally attack me! Yessssss. Tell em’ why you mad SON lmao I so laughing at you (points finger at you) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  45. TheElusiveLamb October 23, 2014

    What a stupid and mean thing to conclude to. Beyoncé’s Maddox itself does not make you dumb, it’s just that some of her musical audience is dumb beforehand. I listen to Beyoncé and enjoy watching most of her live performances, but that doesn’t make me dumb. Whatever though. She’s still Queen B

    • TheElusiveLamb October 23, 2014

      Music** not Maddox

  46. You Stupid October 23, 2014

    CLEARLY!! Don’t get me wrong… I’ve bopped to a few joints from Bey and like SOME of her music… But really… WTF is a “get me bodied”?

  47. #TeamTinashe Stan October 23, 2014


    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      Your fave charted at 64 this week. Sit.

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        The real Critic don’t talk about chart positions. I knew I had fans but this is crazy!

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Jk it’s me lol

  48. Jessica October 23, 2014

    Only DUMB people take these sort of things seriously. How can you generalize like that?

  49. Jessica October 23, 2014

    And I (and all my girlfriends) love Beyonces music and Im currently in my final year of college studying economics. Does that mean I’m dumb too?

  50. bey fan October 23, 2014

    He throws the SAT scores into the equation?? LMAOO. Boy sit down. P I think anybody with any common sense believes this study. Even Bey haters should know that this sounds utterly ridiculous….

  51. bey fan October 23, 2014

    Apparently ALL gospel music listeners are dumb. I guess Christian are a bunch of idiots ….

    • Mimi Carey October 23, 2014

      They are…especially black ones lol

  52. R’wanda dat bish October 23, 2014

    Y all of the sudden i gotta urge to stick a turkey wing inside my p****?

    • tits mcgee October 23, 2014

      Wouldn’t a turkey drumstick fill up more
      of that gapping hole of yours..

  53. caribbean native October 23, 2014


  54. Dirty Laundry October 23, 2014

    Stupid, unreliable study

  55. ronnoc October 23, 2014

    Her music isn’t necessarily for dumb people… That being said, she doesn’t have many thought provoking songs. If I want that, I’ll listen to Xtina or Prince or somebody.

  56. Rosie October 23, 2014

    Whoever did the bands on here need to make an updated version with some newer artists because ch. LMAO @ Snow Patrol. What is this, 2008?

    Also wow at the difference at the lower scores and higher scores quality-wise.

    • CheylSoldier October 23, 2014

      How do u like nickelbacks new single? LOL

      • Rosie October 23, 2014

        Nickelback released a new single? LOL not even we care about them anymore.
        They deserve all of their hate.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      I wonder why Lana didn’t make the list. Her music is driving people to suicide. She’s performing in cemeteries, flopping on all of her singles, and her voice is deadly—bad. Kiiiiiiii!!

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        ^^^^^ FRAUD!!!!!!!!!! Stop tryna be me! The Critic don’t use the word ‘kiiii’

  57. Anthony October 23, 2014

    This has to be the dumbest thing I have read in a while. How are you gonna generalize an artists fans like this. Beyonce is a pop star and has a wide range audience. Notice how most R&B and Rap artists are placed lower on the chart. smh

    P.S. This Mark111 idiot proves that all fan bases have dummies!

  58. @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

    I always knew beyonce was acid to society

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      Rihanna’s walls are acid. She’s eaten up so many rappers.

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014


      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

        This post is about beyonce and how it’s parking lot anthems suit it’s people

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        But Rihanna’s p*$$y has eaten more cream than Rick Ross and his Twinkie collection. That’s the true definition of trash.

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014


  59. quetta October 23, 2014

    Lmao! Laughing at the idiot who made this up and the haters who are eating this up!

  60. fatusankoh October 23, 2014

    Anthony thank you I fell the same and also they just want to put bey and her fan base down all the science thing is all lies they just looking for thing for her not do well please my fellow behive don’t let this get to is we have to continue to love support out bey morn than ever now bey keep your head up you know the deal hatters will go all out to hot you thank god they are not God will continue to bless protect you and your fan base from this haters long live queen bey more success in all you do

  61. @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

    Lmao what’s next? “Powerful study: Evidence that Lana Del Rey makes people suicide prone”

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      She’s doing a cemetery tour right now. It’s the only venue she could book. Her biggest too.

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

        Hahah wait! Are you serious?

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        Yes! She’s doing a Hollywood cemetery tour! I’m screaming!

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

        Haha I thought the illuminati gimmick ended in 2012 haha

  62. Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

    Screaming at Ultraviolence leading to an increase in botox, vodka, and coffin sales. Am I right @matt?

    • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

      Shame, maybe the government sent her to the graves to make sure the dead stay dead lmao, she ain’t raising nothing with her music.

      • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

        She was trying to see if they’d buy her album, because looking at those album sales the living certainly aren’t here for it.

  63. The Great Lacefronce. October 23, 2014

    Well it is, look at the Flea HIVE members who frequent this site for further evidence

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      But why have rihannas walls seen more cream than Rick Ross’ double chin?

  64. @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014

    All jokes aside. I think it’s inaccurate because “suicide blonde” is one of the dumbest turds to ever post a comment on this site.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      But those lana chart positions make me wanna commit suicide.

  65. metzo October 23, 2014

    LOL. My 4.0 college GPA and my bachelor degree in biomedical science that I’m receiving next year says otherwise.

    This is my problem with society. They love generalizing and stereotyping and coming up with these stupid ass theories.

    My musical interest towards Bey doesn’t reflect my level of mental capabilities.

    Beyonce has been this successful and rich because she is a SMART business woman.

    So miss me with this bullshiit. Imma let the haters have their moment. It still won’t take out
    the fact that Bey is more talented than your faves.

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 23, 2014

      You’re from France though. Your country is a lessor when it comes to higher education. \__

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 23, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 23, 2014

      If you are a biomedical science then you wouldn’t have the time to post, tweet and try to drag other Stan bases, especially since you claim to have a 4.0 GPA. You are lying

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 23, 2014


      • vee October 23, 2014

        This is exactly the point. Just because ppl be on here dragging or whatever doe ant mean they don’t have something going on for themselves. N it’s not like Metzo is like LB who is perched here 24/7 either. LOL

      • Blue Ivy (Kisses DownSyndrome) Rodriguez October 23, 2014

        I’m not saying Metzo doesn’t have a life, we all do but there’s no way she or he does because she is on here way too often to have that gpa and be in that type of program. I know because I know people in it. They have no lives

    • fatusankoh October 23, 2014

      Metzo well said thanks all this lies is to discourage bey fan base bey is talented than their favorite they don’t like that my fellow behive keep the good work I sm proud of us long live queen bey

  66. LB October 23, 2014

    But who is surprised though? We have been telling you this for a long time. David, please tell us something we don’t already know.

  67. LB October 23, 2014

    Just look at this example of the hive logic,

    Other artist sells 3 million: FLOP, Singles artist, Basic blah blah blah

    Beyonce sells 3 million: Queen, Album seller, Female MJ

    Here is another example,

    Other artist sells 3 million albums + 12 million singles = 15 million records : Singles artist, flop, blah blah blah

    Beyonce sells 3 million albums + roughly 1.5 million singles = 4.5 million records: Album seller, Queen, Female MJ

    I think you get the point why we don’t take them seriously.

    • Barb B**** October 23, 2014

      Don’t be delusional. Every stan base is stupid in arguing. You call Beyonce local when shes clearly not.

      • Hiya October 23, 2014

        This is about beydunce not anyone else

  68. Barb B**** October 23, 2014

    This is so stupid. Only Beyonce haters will eat this up.

  69. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 23, 2014

    I don’t think it’s right to generalize based off the artists you listen to but all I know is that the hive on this site are dumb as hell. Just by their drags and repetitive shade. Now this post may be a little outdated or perhaps misinformed but Beyoncé doesn’t really have that one song that talks about a serious issue that will be remembered. She’s talented but an advocate and feminist she is not.

    Anyways, how much did bey make off her era again? She isn’t going to take in a lot of money this year due to her not breaking even with album sales. Distribution, video, producers, dancers, locations, promos.. It’s not cheap

    • Kisses Down Low October 23, 2014

      Hun, you do realize that’s what a record label is there for. Do you think Beyonce pays for all that out of her own bank account? (no shade).

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 23, 2014

        You are stupid. Labels pay for those things and make a profit from album and single sales as well a small percentage off tour gross. Do you believe that Beyoncé broke even from her recent album sales? It’s really expensive, that’s why she toured so much and did a joint tour to pay off the label plus make a little money for themselves. She got fees. Now remove yourself

      • Kisses Down Low October 23, 2014

        No honey. YOU are stupid. Since when did Columbia records work like a fuckking bank? What’s this stupidity about paying them off LMAO? A record label invest in their artist, there is form of ‘repayment’. Whatever they loose, is THEIR loss not an artists. The artists is not obliged to make for anything they chose to invest in. And also, Beyonce is selling her album for double the price of the average album , no discount and still selling more than most albums out this year. That is profit heaven and have easily made back the profit earned from that alone.

      • Blue Ivy (Kisses DownSyndrome) Rodriguez October 23, 2014

        Lmao what the actual f***? Do you understand what’s investing actually is? Columbia invests (gives money) but they expect it back and their cut of the profits. Yes she sold the cd for 16 dollars but since the album is filled with Videos and such, it’s very hard to believe she will make profit, especially since it only only sold about 5-6 million in record sales. It doesn’t matter what you say about her ‘doubling ‘ the price of her album (though there are plenty of non visual albums that have sold for that price like unapologetic, 21, many others) she is not banking any money but trying to pay it back so she doesn’t get in a bind

    • Hiya October 23, 2014

      Beydunce fans know nothing about the industry, artist are paid after the label recoups, she works for them and font worship her Ike the morons, she is not different than any other artist and she is expensive and goes not generate the revenues that they eve thought she would

  70. Dem Lessors October 23, 2014

    LMFAO, David get them hits!

  71. Kisses Down Low October 23, 2014

    Lmao. @LB did you do this? This seems like something you would do all the time you spend on this blog. I’ve never seen anything so inconsistent and more bullshitting in my life. The only thing dumb is the person who did this.
    Anyway make a post on Kelly looking cute with her baby bump.

  72. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 23, 2014

    I can’t believe someone actually said they are a 3rd year bio med science student and they are always on this damn blog throwing shade and they have a 4.0. Biomedical or anything with medical in it is very time consuming, now the hive are dumbasses and liars. Especially when I have friends in that program, hell this white dude I’m real cool with on Facebook is straight up genius and HE doesn’t even have the time to entertain anyone and you expect for me to believe you are able? Bye Felicia. You are also a fraud

  73. Mimi Carey October 23, 2014

    This is NOT the first time I’ve heard this. Who actually puts their headphones in their ears and listens to beyonce all day? Maybe a song here or there, but nah. Her discography is very weak and basic.

    • Knowles Carter October 23, 2014

      “These chickens is ash and I’m lotion….”

  74. Keith October 23, 2014

    And this is news because? Everyone knows Bey’s songs are kinda of dumb but she sells the HELL out of them. Her lyrics been basic…there may be a lot going down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator but good songwriting ain’t one.

  75. Mark111 October 23, 2014

    Stans are poison to music. I don’t recall people in the 90s “oh, Janets the queen. When will Whitney?” Or “Brandy is killing it. When will Monica and Aaliyah?” Sure there were competition on a small scale if they had some things in common (age or came out the same time), but you let them live. Now it’s a mess. Stan vs stans even when it doesn’t even make since. But the DumbHive are the worst! Go to an Aaliyah page and you’ll see them. Go to a TLC page and you’ll see them. Same with Rihanna, Ciara, Ashanti and others. It’s sad and they’re still dumb, lol. RIP BeyHIVE 2003-2014

    • Yazmine October 23, 2014

      There was no such thing as blogs and internet back then for Stan wars.

  76. Yazmine October 23, 2014

    Lol! I don’t know what’s more funny, the illogical basis of these findings, or the idiots on here taking it seriously. Also this study is old.

  77. Yazmine October 23, 2014

    I guarantee you, had technology been as advanced back in the 80s and 90s there WOULD have been stan wars, ESPECIALLY since those divas were far more shady to each other back in the day then they are now. You can still see that in their fans now, they still have a ruthless edge, even in old age.

  78. Rihboy October 23, 2014

    Beyonce is uneducated, but I wouldn’t necessarily call her music stupid. She has a few boppers.

    • Yazmine October 23, 2014

      Didn’t your fave drop out of school at 15

    • Overdose October 23, 2014

      Agreed. Its better than Rihoes trash!

      • Blue Ivy (Kisses DownSyndrome) Rodriguez October 23, 2014

        Excuse me but does Ciara have a catalog that could even beat Tinashe? The only song that Ciara came out with that was life changing was “like a boy” when she was transitioning into full woman.

      • Blue Ivy (Kisses DownSyndrome) Rodriguez October 23, 2014

        Into a full woman*

      • Knowles Carter October 23, 2014


    • Knowles Carter October 23, 2014

      Oh yes because Rihanna is the epitome of an educated woman. Sit the f*** down f**.

    • Rihboy October 24, 2014

      Yes she can actually have a conversation an sound like she has some schooling. Bey on the other hand uses the ten words she knows so poorly. I mean look up interviews! The facts are available on receipt. However I stilll think she (her team) made some meaningful music! *thats was my compliment*

  79. Overdose October 23, 2014

    Lol mess. Get those hits tgj.

    • NOLIES October 23, 2014

      Too bad this site has more hits than Heara… what is worst though is that Futuremark has more kids than this site has in hits… 🙁

  80. Rosie October 23, 2014

    Death at those two f*** trying it with the cemetery drag when that’s what Fad’s tour literally looks like outside of the U.S./Asia. Can’t even fill up to 50% capacity. Now THAT’S a kii. Even Lana sold out many of the arenas Fad failed to on the artGRAVE just last year.

    • NOLIES October 23, 2014

      STFU already. No one cares about Flopping Gag or Lana Botox… Stay pressed and arguing like the ignorant f** you are. The next time I walk by your Mom’s cardboard box, I won’t even give her change now. You just ruined that b****’s job.

  81. Knowles Carter October 23, 2014

    Whatever! Beyonces music makes us women (and gays) feel fun, flirty and confident and she’s slays the f*** out of a performance! If that makes us dumb, so be it…

  82. Slayretha Franklin October 23, 2014

    Well she did teach them 1+1=2 LOL.

    • NOLIES October 23, 2014

      Not really since The Dream wrote that line. The real reason she can’t teach anyone anything and her favorite number is four, is bc she reads on a fourth grade level, and only count from 1-4… this is why it was so easy for Matthew to steal money from her to give side thots.

  83. Blue Ivy (Kisses DownSyndrome) Rodriguez October 23, 2014

    That Michelle Williams understudy Stan is a little annoying, but even the black stallion had a song about her being jealous of Baddie bangs and never being able to reach a 1/4 of her success. Beyoncé never had that type of song that she came off real or explaining her own struggle where we can relate to her. If she could make a song about child abuse and how pole make fun of children and bullying (she should know how it feels for her to have a child being bullied by millions for her looks) I would respect her more

  84. NOLIES October 23, 2014

    UMMMMM DUHHHHHHH! Of course her “music” makes you dumb… they have a dummy who thinks feminism is tweaking and sucking watermelon from her camel’s d***…

  85. queenonika October 23, 2014

    Yall broke dumb yeast infected b****** stay mad!!! How her music make you dumb? It has lyrics that say something. But your faves have the same hook on some pop beat. YALL B****** LISTEN TO I-G-G-BYE WHO CAN BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH LET ALONE WRITE HER ON NAME AT THE TOP OF HER TEST! GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE!!

  86. Underground October 23, 2014

    Save the Hero; Stop Sign; Settle 4 U; Satellites; That’s Why You’re Beautiful; Listen; If I Were A Boy; Yes; Me Myself & I; Flaws & All; Irreplaceable; Brokenhearted Girl; Ave Maria; Disappear; Should’ve Known; If; I Care; Rather Die Young; Best Thing I Never Had; I Miss You; Start Over; I Was Here; Love On Top; Schooling Life; Pretty Hurts; Ghost; Angel; Mine; Jealous; Rise Up; Superpower; Heaven; Blue; Flawless; I’m Alone Now; Waiting; Slow Love; Once In A Lifetime;

    If the general public chooses songs with a catchy hook and simple themes and lyrics let them. More than half of the songs on popular radio have pointless themes. People love to come for Beyonce because they know that through her they will gain a little bit of traction for their short 2 minutes of recognition. She has substantial repertoire where she actually is saying something. Haters hate. Beyonce is undisturbed living life with her family.

  87. RICHIE_RICH October 23, 2014

    Lol this can’t be……. Your dumb if you believe this!!!!!!

    So now the type of music you listen to determines your IQ level?

  88. Stephy October 23, 2014

    I honestly, see LIIIIIEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! Beyonce’s music is NOT for dumb people. She has a lot of good songs. The only negative is she lacks instant classics imo. She kinda lacks that music that will stand the test of time. For example, alot of her B Day songs are very outdated (despite coming out in 2006) & ghetto sounding. Also, her albums are FILLED with LP fillers. Instead of being filled with album gems/classics. But, her full catalog (including DC) is very good. She has her own lil style & sound. She is more of an LIVE entertainer than a studio artist tho. She shines the best on stage.

    I give her entire catalog of music a solid 5.8/10. That’s not a bad thing either. By the time she’s 40… I’m sure it will be up to 7/10.

    Cheers Dahhhhhhhhhling!

  89. sashay October 23, 2014

    Rihanna is giving Sam nothing nowadays so he resorted to dragging his fave. Poor Bey and the dumb hive.

  90. Hiya October 23, 2014

    She looks dumb in the picture

  91. credits October 23, 2014

    We knew this already…We see how delusional 90% of the beehive is. and if you are offended by this comment, you are part of that dumb 90%.

    Anywho, Brandy should be right up there with Beethoven 🙂 lol

  92. FutureCIARA October 23, 2014

    Well this is nothing new, Stans have been clocking this T for years!!

    On a side note, That chart is pretty Racist to say the least!

  93. mingxxx October 24, 2014

    thief beyonce and the tickhiv are a bunch of morons. thief beyonce is too stupid to create her own material. and the fleaticks are too damn stupid to see the truth. her last album was a flop that stalled but the fleahiv just hang on to the 1st 3 month sales. 2mill Us sold is a FLOP all that …FREE…promo rip off bey got more than any artist this year and last year. what a bunch of morons so they mention Bond gal Rhianna that lil b**** not thinking about you puss filled haters.

    #FUC THE H**.

  94. JuJu October 24, 2014

    Buhhhh I’ve got seven distinctions!?!

  95. Bria October 24, 2014

    They are dumb or insane or both.

  96. Bria October 24, 2014

    They are dumb or insane or both. Beyonce and Jay are the worst thing to happen to music, posers, liars, oops greedy posers and liars both with a sick need to be worshipped

  97. Rihanna #1 fan t October 25, 2014

    one of the dumbest studies i ever heard of in my life.. they should be studying how to cure ebola !!Thats the problem people focused on the wrong s***..

  98. Lara July 27, 2019

    yes, hundred percent. A person should be so shallow and tasteless in music to be her fan.

  99. Thank January 31, 2020

    N****** are a slave race created by extraterrestrials approximately 5 to 600,000 years ago to mine gold.
    Using the DNA from upright walking apes and 1% of their own DNA. They designed a slave race of ignorant “people that are only good for labor work. Afterward they designed white man to take power over them as a more incredible and much smarter race of people.

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