Tyga To Leave Young Money

Published: Friday 10th Oct 2014 by David


Au revoir.


Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

However one chooses to do it, there is often no easy way to say goodbye. Well, that is unless you happen to be Hip Hop star Tyga. For, after watching the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj rise above Young Money walls to enjoy global notoriety, the rapper has announced that he is to part ways with the crew.

His announcement below…

12 minutes ago, the ‘Rack City’ performer surprised fans when he revealed that he intended to cut ties with the Lil Wayne-led group, with…


His surprise announcement came after he used his Twitter account to accuse his label of holding him hostage, claiming…



Wayne is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. KP October 10, 2014

    Flop. No one cares about him…

    • warngrayca October 10, 2014

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  2. Skyfall October 10, 2014

    Man of God but sticking your penis in a 17 year old. If your album was any good then the label would of released it.

  3. Beysus October 10, 2014

    Flop city b****, flop flop city b****…

  4. NOLIES October 10, 2014

    Doesn’t seem like it’s the best time in his life

  5. RICHIE_RICH October 10, 2014

    You will never make it in the music industry unless you play in the devil playground!!!!!!!!

  6. Blacc Chyna October 10, 2014

    He’s the biggest flop at young money none of his albums sold 100k

    • C.J. October 11, 2014

      whoa now, let’s not forget about our good friend Gudda Gudda, or whatever his name was……lol

    • musicMatters101 October 11, 2014

      least he got a release unlike most the goons over at Young Money look at Shanell SNL and Chanel WestCoast hell even Christina “fvcking for tracks” Milian.

      Tyga released some albums over there. Props for that on a Hip Hop label.

  7. Lil Wayne stan October 10, 2014

    Don’t nobody care, you’re a flop. I don’t know what Wayne was thinking when he signed your one hit wonder ass.

  8. Kylie Jenner October 10, 2014

    I love sucking his Asian c***!!! 😉

  9. RICHIE_RICH October 10, 2014

    In order to make it in the industry you have to somewhat sell your soul to devil. Hence the rest good artist don’t make it. Lets keep it real people, think before you call an artist a flop. All artist that sell well or doing good in the industry has somewhat sold there soul to the devil, hence the reason the record companies don’t back them. Prime exp….Beyonce’ Rihanna, Gaga, Drake , Nicki , Adele, Taylor, Miley, Katy and etc. It no shade towards anybody fav. Just stating FACTS.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN October 10, 2014

      are you stupid? facts? where? selling your soul to the devil? uh no dear what your saying is an assumption… you don’t know if there really is a devil or not and honestly these celebs selling their soul is utter and complete b*******! those artists you just listed are smart and have good labels backing them up and the public enjoys which is why they are successful. this whole devil none sense needs to to stop

      • NICKI IS QUEEN October 10, 2014

        *enjoys their music*

      • mingxxx October 10, 2014

        jayz sold his soul when he was a crack dealer.
        thief beyonce sold her soul when she steals and sells s** and choose a pimp over her family and married a crack dealer.

  10. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 10, 2014

    YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS KING TYGA!!! EXPOSE THOSE DEVIL-WORSHIPING YOUNG MONEY SNAKES!!!!!! That’s why they can do people dirty with no remorse!

  11. credits October 10, 2014

    You see the pattern? it’s only the ones who don’t sell and have albums without release dates that end up complaining about “the industry” and throw god into the mix….

  12. The Tea October 10, 2014

    He’s mad because he is a flop since Y.M singed him and now he’s trying to throw the record company under the bus?

  13. MISHKA October 12, 2014

    When you don’t feel comfortable, it’s only right to leave.

    I think Lil’Wayne is too “soft” to fire struggling artists because they are also his friends.

    I was actually tired of him popping in every Chris Brown video now I get it, he has been looking for a way out for months.

    Good luck to you Tyga, and kudos for trying to make things better for you.

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