Calvin Harris Pours New Details On Forthcoming Rihanna Album

Published: Tuesday 4th Nov 2014 by David


‘Acceptable in the 80s‘ performer Calvin Harris has revealed that he isn’t to appear on Rihanna‘s brand new album this week, doing so during a recent interview with the UK’s ‘The Sun.’

On the project, he revealed:

No I’m not on the Rihanna album. I did a few things for it but they don’t get back to you, there are a lot of people involved.

She listens to everything, I know that, but she’s got a strong idea and identity and an idea of what her album should sound like.

It’s not like they put me on ‘We Found Love’ because I’m signed to [Roc Nation], they did it because it’s a f*****g good song. It’s OK because I’m working on my stuff and it’s going fine.

Your thoughts?

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  1. career ender November 4, 2014

    this is not important though, can you hop off this girl’s d***?
    let her album come when she feels is right stop oversaturating us with nonsense

  2. Mark111 November 4, 2014

    Good! Leave that EDM mess in the past. I hope we get a few rock inspired songs, I miss thay side of her. (Plays Kisses Don’t Lie and Fire Bomb.)

  3. Baby cici November 4, 2014

    Waste of a post

  4. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    Don’t mind her. Calvin has been making top quality music before me made it in the USA ( which proves Rita can still make it in the USA; Calvin was not known there till rihanna ) She rejects Calvins’s EDM but takes sack generic David guetta?

    And Nicky Romero? No, the real reason why she has rejected it cos she is mad bitter and upset,. I told you she is jealous of Rita ORA. Rita is prettier, younger, better curvy body and more popular. Rita haas so many friends in the fame game. Why do u think Rihanna HAD TO PAY CARA DElvigne to be her BFF after she saw Rita and Cara having girly fun? Rihanna tried to holla at Mark Ronson and Calvin harris but they both rejected her cos they don’t date black women. Mark ronson is Rita’s friend and Calvin was in love with Rita. Rihanna gets pumped and dmupmed ( remember Ashton kutcher kicked her out the house at 4am ?) Men don’t do that ro Rita, they date her then catch feelings

    Rihanna is angry that calvin would not love her the way he did Rita, now Calvin is dating somme new model white girl, while rihannna is all alone and single

    Calvin make 40mill from DJing alone. He will live without rihanna

    • Donnie November 4, 2014

      I’m ctfu you are clueless

  5. jrizza November 4, 2014

    Calvin is annoying with his ego though

  6. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    MORE anger for Rihanna. Rihanna has been walking around wearing adidas trying to sabotage Rita and jack her new swag. HA too late. Rihanna is on the way out. Rihanan will just be like JLO, famous in name only and antics only.

    Rita ORA RIGHT NOW, as we speak is today at the Adidas HQ designing for a NEW COLLECTION. LOL AT rihanna. Sam, you did not post, but Rita is so driven she won’t fail. She flew to LA to record her new video for that OST grateful and she is wearing some cool adidas that Rihanna has not got her hands on. Then, she flew to NYC to party at Drake’s party ( they will date, drake cares about Rita; he met her when he 1st got signed; she id day one fan ) Then she attended show for partynextdoor who could be big next year. Hope she works with PND.

    Then, she flew to Russia where she was paid SIX FIGURES TO HEADLINE A PRIVATE CONCERT. YALL THINK RITA IS SLEPPING LIKE ASHNATI, BRANDY OR CIARA SHE is doing more than what rihanna done on her 1st album.


    • JuJu November 4, 2014

      What a pressed mess, no one in this world will replace Rihanna or Beyoncé, Google their names and witness the insignificance of your Fave. Beyond their surpassing sales, their cultural influence is MASSIVE… At any time, there are more people talking about Rihanna than Rita. Have a stadium of seats and chill, support Rita without trying to pull down the queens, you can’t even reach them. #bowdown2daQueen #thatrihannareignaintgonletup

    • JuJu November 4, 2014

      Oh, and EVERYBODY wears ADIDAS, didn’t you know? move along…

  7. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014


    I post in paragraphs but your website does not post as that. not cool. The say Rita Ora is a flop but in she has sold 5.3 million records

    Rita just released 2 singles this year!!
    Both was top 5 in UK! IWNLYD was certifield gold (+ 400k) Black Widow silvr, but is coming for gold too.
    In US BW is platinum and IWNLYD sold more than 200k!! In Australia both songs is platinum!

    In overall 2014 is being an amazing year for Rita.

  8. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    Yalll think Rita Ora is lazy bum like Ci Error. In the last month alone she has toured Asia promoting her adidas line and doing shows. She booked the cover of Elle Korea. Then she came back ton LDN, Filmed the voice; partied with A listers like Kate moss and Mario Testino ( vogue or rolling stone cover on the way ) She flew to LA to record video and song; covered teen vogue and Cosmo in the usa, WENT TO NYC TO DO SNL AD RUSSIA FOR PRIVATE CONCERT. Back in London designing a NEW adidas collection. SHE IS GONNA BLOW BADLY AND END UP HIGHER ON FORBES LIST THAN rihanna. u will see


  9. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    i WILL NEVER let you down peaked at 77 in the USA AND SOLD 200K. IF Calvin never blocked her, it would have been gold by now. I WNLYD IS platinum in AUS AND NZ AND GOLD IN THE UK SO THAT MEANS TEH SONG HAS SOLD OVER 1 MILLION.


  10. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    Rita Ora went to LA to record and have romantic dates with her boo ( not hit and quit like rihanna ) then flew back to UK to present radio 1 teen awards, then went back on the plane back to LA. Gangsta work ethic.

    SAM, SHE BOOKED SOME STAGES. I heart radio have tapped her to tour at their jingle ball in LA,minneapolis, Philly, new york and DC AND CHICAGO.


  11. rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

    RITA WILL PEFRORM AT MADISON SQAURE GARDEN. Rihanna never done that in her 1st era.

    • Cupid November 4, 2014

      Are you alright?

      • rita ora can win a oscar November 4, 2014

        everyone said she is a flop and her career is over. So why are all these great things happening for her? I hear, that TGJ wanted more money from Rita’s PR team and they declined so now they this blog are trying to shade her. Sam knows she is making big bank.

        DO U KNOW HP? The computers? THEY PAID OVER 1/4 Million to headline a concert in russia. Are any black singers making it like this?

    • JuJu November 4, 2014

      It is 2014, of course new artists are more exposed than new artists of one decade ago, Ala Youtube???? It makes sense! New artists used to debut on the radio, now it’s VeVo for example that introduced Rita as well as Iggy and the rest… It is a relatively new and bigger platform. Try coming for Rihanna again in ten years…

  12. Mark111 November 4, 2014

    That poor Whora fan up there, lol. The meltdown!

  13. JOHNVIDAL November 4, 2014

    “it´s a f****** good song” LOLOL That song is a repetitive and generic mess that according to the sad times we are living in music, was a success.

    • Mark111 November 4, 2014

      Poker face says hi. So does every gaga song.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 4, 2014

        Almost every Gaga song is better than this crap of a song (Rihanna has a few others that are nice). But apart from that, I understand Gaga goes generic sometimes. The thing is she has the talent to back it up, Rihanna doesn´t.

  14. TheElusiveLamb November 4, 2014

    Good! Hopefully she’ll give another Cold Case Love.

  15. LB November 4, 2014

    The way those novels are set up though LMAO, is the Rita Oral fan okay?

    Anyway I can’t wait for new Rihanna music.

  16. Knowles Carter November 4, 2014

    Can’t wait for this mess to flop

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