Report: Rihanna Team Tease November Single Release

Published: Sunday 9th Nov 2014 by Sam

Historically, November has served as Rihanna‘s elected month to release new music.

Indeed, with the record-buying public proven to be more generous during the holidays, the star smartly targets this time of year to combat her inability to shift albums (at the level her peers can at any date on the calendar).

2013, though, saw the model deviate from her annual tactic due to competition from bigger acts.

However, it’s back to business this year. For, the 26-year-old’s team have shared an interesting drop of tea in the newest issue of Elle Magazine.

Details below…

Tucked away in the write-up for the model’s shoot for the publication was this morsel of info….

“Sources close to the singer say we should “not be surprised” if a single is forthcoming this month, but more than that, they’re not sharing.” {Source}

Given the ramp-up in her visibility of late, we’re not surprised by this development. We would be surprised (pleasantly), though, if the track lived up to the hype.

For, ‘Diamonds’ aside, each lead single of hers skews more generic than the one before it and is routinely forgotten in the immediate months after.

Time will tell if things change this go round.

In the meanwhile…

Your thoughts?

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  1. LeKing November 9, 2014


    • menthoert November 9, 2014

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  2. Mathew November 9, 2014

    All her lead singles are iconic. Diamonds. We found love. Only girl. Umbrella. Russian roulette. Can’t wait for this next era!

    • mekaela November 9, 2014

      Sam needs rih post to pay his bills because no one comes to his failing site unless he bash this woman he is a gutter journalist riff raff greedy ass

      • LeKing November 9, 2014

        I DOUBT that (s)he is a journalist at all.

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” In Stores November 9, 2014

    But Beyonce copies……. nevermind

    I’m elated for some new music now from her but if it’s another pop tune I’ll bomb it! 🙂

  4. Mark111 November 9, 2014

    Wait, didn’t Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney, Swift and now Nicki and Uggly all released or releasing their albums in Rihvember and December? Rihanna’s impact. And some flopped and other will flop.

    • Kisses Down Low November 9, 2014

      The reach

      • Mark111 November 9, 2014

        Yes, the reach these haters try to come up with.

  5. Kisses Down Low November 9, 2014

    Lol shes so predictable. It will be another safe pop tune.

    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      So is Kelly. We all know that time after time she drop a flop singles and a flop album follows. Must sucks being a Beyoncé shadow. Lol

  6. Mathew November 9, 2014

    All of her lead singles are iconic. We found love. Umbrella. Only girl. Diamonds. Russian roulette. Can’t wait for this next era!

    • Benji November 9, 2014

      Lmao. The only iconic one there is Umbrellas

      • Mathew November 9, 2014

        How is we found love not iconic. It spent 12 weeks at number 1 and is the second biggest single of the decade…not to even mention the music video.

      • Benji November 9, 2014

        Being a ‘huge hit’ is different to being iconic. We Found love is debatble, to me its not iconic its just a big Rihanna song. And as for the rest… Ch….

    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      And all were huge hits. Even Pon De Replay and SOS.

  7. King November 9, 2014

    Rih may be a singles artist but actually her singles aren’t forgettable at all. Umbrella still BOPS. And singles from her Rated R album such as Te Amo are still great. Sam, stop hating. Your fave is already on top so how about you open yourself up to more artists than just one.

    • sashay November 9, 2014

      Rhi is the only one that challenges his fave and in some people’s mind is better than his face so he can’t take it..every way he can he will try to drag her. Miserable human being. Like Bey knows who the f*** he is.

  8. Benji November 9, 2014

    I dont know why her team always picks November it still hasnt helped her to sell over 400k. And she always ends up discounting them a few months later.

  9. Mark111 November 9, 2014

    I remember when March and Summer used to be great times to drop music. But now the last thing people are thinking about is buying music in the summer. But that what you do, you chase the market. So by that talk, I guess every game console was a struggle and sad because they released in November? No dummy, that’s the time when people are buying! The things these poop smelling bottoms come up with.

  10. Charlieyoncé November 9, 2014

    I’m actually excited! I love Rihanna’s music, I hope the album slays like Unapologetic did.

  11. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! November 9, 2014

    blank space:)

    • CATFISH CAREY November 9, 2014


      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! November 9, 2014

        I love Style:)

  12. Charlieyoncé November 9, 2014

    And Sam would you stahp with that shade? Seriously ahaha

  13. CATFISH CAREY November 9, 2014


    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      Cause Rita Whora can’t break in the US and Ciara can’t even sale girl scout cookies to a fat woman.

      • FAF November 9, 2014

        And managed to snag a Grammy whereas Aaliyah….

    • Tina November 9, 2014

      All the spunk it consumes

  14. Everyone’s A Critic November 9, 2014

    Sam was a B**** for tgat last paragraph

    • Katy Cat November 9, 2014

      Could i be ur b*tch i want u to touch my throat with ur D

      • Everyone’s A Critic November 9, 2014

        Yeah come get it… I live at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney! *Rolls Eyes* creep

  15. Special Delivery November 9, 2014

    Dead Sam you’re a mess *Sips tea*

  16. Lindsay Lohan November 9, 2014

    There never was for a plan for Rihanna to release music, let alone an album, at the end of 2013. You keep grasping for straws on that one.
    And I never comment about sales, and I respect all acts regardless of it, but Unapologetic sold around the same numbers as Beyonce, both of which fell right into the Holiday season. Essentially speaking, Beyonce and Rihanna BOTH have the inability to shift albums.

  17. Mark111 November 9, 2014

    Generic? Let’s see, Pon De Replay, SOS, Umbrella, Russian Roulette, Only Girl, We Found Love and Diamonds. No of those songs sound the same. Even the EDM songs are different subgenres.

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      Generic compared to OTHER people… Rihanna always follows trends…

    • FAF November 9, 2014

      Generic F*** get over it and stop bandwagoning for h*** that will never drop another single let alone album

  18. girlbye November 9, 2014

    i mean diamonds wasn’t forgotten…clearly it landed in your post at the end. By the way that was 2 YEARS ago! I’m sure whatever single rihanna releases whenever she releases mid tempo or not…it’ll go to #1 that’s for sure.

  19. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 9, 2014

    That shade could kill a person. And who are these “bigger acts?”

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 9, 2014

      …except Giselle Knowles.

  20. Mark111 November 9, 2014

    But a Beyoncé FT Jay Z is so original, lol. I’m done. #check

    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      How many of those were first singles? Lol

      • d November 9, 2014

        3 if you really want to know.and mind you she’s only had 5 albums…

  21. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” In Stores November 9, 2014

    People act as if Beyonce didn’t copy Rihanna’s edgy style and more explicit image back in 2011 with “4” promos when she knew her duplication of being Tina Turner’s hologram from 2003 – 2011 ran it’s course but I’m sleep though…..

    • Fran November 9, 2014

      4? Lmao. That was nothing like Rihannas image. With big curls. IASF was also had more explicit photoshoots than any Rihanna era prior. It was after IASF (video phone, Diva) that Rihanna decided to go explicit.

    • Kisses Down Low November 9, 2014

      Now THATS a reach.

      • Mark111 November 9, 2014

        But no one reached to pick up and buy Flop a Good Game, Here I Fail, Ms. Floppy or Struggling Deep.

  22. Fran November 9, 2014

    Looool. So much shade. Can’t say hes lying though.

  23. Islandboi242 November 9, 2014


    • FAF November 9, 2014

      U mean her writers ?

  24. rotXinXpieces November 9, 2014

    I want her to stop chasing Top 10 hits and focus on releasing a great body of work. One that will cement her as one of the best this generation has to offer. A decade into her career and she’s yet to prove her real talent. It’s not vocals and it’s not dancing either. And don’t tell that she has a “great ear for hits”, cause hits can only carry you so far. Once she reaches 30+ and radio starts rejecting her like many before her, what will she rely upon?

    • Hadley November 9, 2014

      OMG! I agree. I just left a similar comment.

    • FAF November 9, 2014

      Hard to prove something to you lack I want her to work on that performing

      Bc at age 60 touching her p**** won’t be cute ask Madonna

  25. Beysus November 9, 2014

    And here comes an overrated, over-hyped generic single… And the “Diamond Ball”??? How original of a name… *sips tea*

    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      Ooh the irony.

      Bad Girl Rih Rih > Baddie Bey.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        *Riri not Rih Rih… And as if Beyonce actually has time to run her own social media accounts… She’s too busy actually, you know, working on proper albums…

      • Mark111 November 9, 2014

        Singing about being on her knees and havong jizz on her dress is proper now? Mabe to a hooker like yourself.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        Compared to Rihanna’s Pour It Up, S&M and Cake??? I think so…

      • Mark111 November 9, 2014

        Those radio smash hits are nowhere near as nasty as the pouncing around on jizz song.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        Radio smash hits???? Don’t over-inflate the success Hun….

  26. Eloviano November 9, 2014

    @TeamTinasheStan explain to me how “Beyoncé copied Rihanna’s edgy style with 4”??? You’re reaching for the moon with infant arms on that one. And like someone said above me, it’s about time Rihanna releasing a record that showcases why her fans call the biggest superstar on this current generation. Her vocals are subpar(and that’s me putting it lightly). And her live shows are not up there with Ciara and Beyoncé considering she’s no Whitney when it comes to vocals.

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      Nothing Rihanna’s done is like “4”…

      • Eloviano November 9, 2014

        @Beysus exactly, I fail to understand how she/he can come to that conclusion.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        What photo shoots from “4” has Rihanna done??? The Seventies??? The Motel???

    • Sherry November 9, 2014

      If anything, Beyonces current filthy, explicit style mimics Rihanna’s.

  27. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 9, 2014

    #Fact Rihanna will murder all your faves. You hating ghetto ass thots should not be allowed in public.

    • FAF November 9, 2014

      You Stand for talent?????

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 9, 2014

        ….you must one them Lil kim and Ciara fans who compares them to Nicki and Beyonce respectively. Evaporate or evolve.

  28. Record Sales > Albums November 9, 2014

    Ri, Adele, and Taylor are the highest selling female artists this decade by far. What you mean she dont sell albums? Loud is the 6th highest selling album this decade! Get over yourself tgj

    • Hadley November 9, 2014

      I would expect someone who release material every year of that decade to be up there. And don’t say last year didn’t count, she even had two new fearure songs out on her break. Rihanna does not sell records effortlessly, she has to release in bulk for her statistics to be even near impressive.

  29. Sherry November 9, 2014

    I don’t understand the “forgettable” thing. Aren’t most songs forgettable after the next hot for a moment single drops? I have forgotten most of the singles released this year already. That doesn’t make a song generic.

  30. Mark111 November 9, 2014

    But anyway, hows Chartless, I mean Flawless remix doing?

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      How did Flop Down, California Flop Bed, Flop Song, Flop Now, Talk That Flop, Flopstar, If It’s Floppin That You Want, If I Never See Your Flop Again and Who’s That Flop do???

      • Mark111 November 9, 2014

        They all out charted all but one of Beyoncé singles this decade. Stay mad. Pretty Flops? FLOP O, Chartless, Love on Flop, Fail The World, ChartedDown and so on.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        What about those albums???? Only ONE #1 in the US… Another ONE that was the closest to critical acclaim that she’ll ever get… And another ONE double platinum…

  31. Hadley November 9, 2014

    I hope she delivers something respectable this time.Not just a bunch of singles. She can have all the #1s under the sun, after 10 years her artistry has still not garnered any respect in any way unless its to do with image or fashion.

    • Sherry November 9, 2014

      She’s not an “artist”, she’s a popstar. You people give her too much. If you don’t like her, don’t support — simple. I for one enjoy her because she simply makes catchy tunes.

    • Hadley November 9, 2014

      Oh so thats excuse for Rihanna lacking in the artist field is it? ‘Shes not an artist’ because shes never demonstrated her abilities as one? What a load of bullshitt. Last time I checked she was classified as a pop ARTIST the same lane as MJ, Xtina, Beyonce, Janet etc. They all have the same job. And have all demonstrated their strength at some point whether its performing strengths, writing strengths, singing skills. Rihanna has not, she is just like Britney, puppet singing the tracks given to her. The catchy tunes aint eveb her creation. But even Britney slayed the stage in her day.

      • Sherry November 9, 2014

        What regular non-blog queen person cares about all of that stuff? A catchy song is a catchy song whether someone gives it to her or not. I have never heard someone say “OH I DON’T SUPPORT BECAUSE SHE SINGS SONGS THAT PEOPLE GIVE TO HER!” Shut up and enjoy the music, which I am sure you do.

      • FAF November 9, 2014

        Same lane as MJ girl bye!

        Brittney helped write her music let’s not

      • Hadley November 9, 2014

        A lot of people do, and since you are SITTING on a blog, these debates will happen. What will we talk about Rihannas strengths 10 years from now as an artist? Her fashion. How embarrassing considering shes a musc artist. Trust me, it will come out once shes not so ‘hot’ anymore.

      • Sherry November 9, 2014

        Lol! A lot of people do…sure they do! The GP does not automatically turn to an albums liner notes to see who writes a song! Her music will be remembered 10 years from now duh! See you in 2024.

      • Hadley November 9, 2014

        I never said her music will not be remembered. Hell, Gangham style will be remembered. Im talking in terms of serious critique and artistry. Honey, these things will come up amongst serious music fans.

      • Hadley November 9, 2014

        And FAF child please read an comprehend my comment. She is a pop singer like MJ was. Im not saying shes anywhere near as good as him. Thats my point.

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      Or Twitter/Instagram posts…

  32. Career Ender November 9, 2014

    no shade to Rihanna, she’s an international super star and she sells both album and singles decently in this decade
    Sam are you ever not pressed?
    but the nazi are full of sh!t, led by (marikos and betty) they were running around running their mouth talkimg bout “when will Bey outsell unpurchased”
    not that it outsold it, they trying it with unpurchased sold around the same as BEYONCÉ. …NOOOOOO B!TCHES IT WAS OUTFVCKING SOLD!!!!!!
    I see you hoees in here trying it
    and Ciara understudy 17k stan better stay in her lane ans her tired “hashtag nonsence”

  33. Cmplxbeing November 9, 2014

    Sam you evil English drag queen!! What’s your obsession with always dragging and shading Rihanna? Sure she might not have the vocal abilities of a Whitney but truth be told neither does your fave Bey!! When it comes to album sakes she’s in the same lane as a Katy Perry & even Ariana Grande but I don’t NEVER see you shading them!! And let’s be honest none of HER peers are selling albums by the boatload..even Bey struggles to sell 2 million…so girl please stop with all of the negativity especially since you can’t seem to spread it evenly across the board to some of the other non singing non selling artists!! #please & #thankyou #yourrihannashadeisold

    • FAF November 9, 2014

      This is his blog if you don’t like it you have to leave go to some of these blogs that love Rhianna I don’t get it

  34. Suicide Blonde November 9, 2014

    Rihanna >>>>>> 😀

    • Career Ender November 9, 2014

      yes @DeadBlondeKurt
      .rihanna >>> dead druggie cobaine,jlo and angelina jolie

      • Suicide Blonde November 9, 2014

        Cobain, J.Lo, La Jolie >>>>>>> The Haitian girl 😀

      • Career Ender November 9, 2014

        the lies, lol

    • Mimi November 9, 2014

      @Dead blonde, Wait a min, you’re still alive, I was hoping you would have killed yourself like your fav. “I’m highly disappointed”.

  35. Beysus November 9, 2014

    BWET is at #20 on UK iTunes… WTF happened guys???? It was at #6 like yesterday!!! 🙁 oh well…

  36. Career Ender November 9, 2014

    lol @ evil English drag queen

  37. Skyfall November 9, 2014

    Sam your tired shade is redundant, Rihanna has already released albums right/after during the same time as Taylor Swift/One Direction/Nicki Minaj. Screaming at the hive saying Rihanna follows trends when in fact she starts them. Rihanna first starred EDM music on AGLM with SOS, and had EDM on every album afterwards besides Rated R.

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      Girl sit down… SOS is NOT EDM!!! It’s Electro-R&B at best… 2009 was when it kicked in…

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        B**** bye, she had EDM on every album except Rated R since 2007 so b**** stay pressed.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        LOl at this b**** that can’t tell a f****** genre…

  38. Career Ender November 9, 2014

    and why are yall phags, b!tches, thugs and tweens and burger flippers always perched in here, don’t yall have exams to study for and customers to serve or a floor to mop?

  39. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” In Stores November 9, 2014

    Look everyone is going to have their own opinion and I stand up to mines regarding the fact that Beyonce had to regroup with her fourth album to stay #1 and remain relevant. Y’all Bey stans need to quit playing, B wasn’t about that LIFE until Rihanna rearranged the game and how it is being played. Prior to “4” she had a nice girl, wholesome but still s*** image without an edge. The edginess in her photoshoots SCREAMS Rihanna all over it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Beyonce, she is a good performer but I am just dishing out the truth.

    • Yazmine November 9, 2014

      If you’re gonna compare eras, at least pick a better one than 4. That was perhaps Beyonces least explicit era after DIL. She wasnt looking at nobodies Rihanna. You need to be more specific than just saying ‘edgy’ lmao.

    • Yeah I Said It November 9, 2014

      You don’t know much about Bey do you?

    • XXX November 9, 2014

      Honey its not a matter of opinion. You can’t say Beyonce had just a good wholsesome image before 4. She did not. Its pure ignorance. In fact 4 was her least sexually explicit album and she wasnt recognized as being more edgy and sexual during 4 lol. She was pregnant for the most part. The photoshoots were theme based not just sexual either. Where did Rihanan do 70s, motel and African in her photoshoots?

  40. Skyfall November 9, 2014

    Screaming, didn’t Beyonce wait until the end of the year when no one was releasing to drop her “surprise album” that has barely sold more than Unapologetic WW. Still hasn’t outsold LOUD or TTT. And death at the pressed hive saying tk took Unapologetic 2 years to sell 3.4 million. When in actually by the beginning of 2014 it was already at 3.4 so it took Beyonce 3 less months too barely outsell it but she’s an album seller.

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      Um…. Didn’t Beyonce have a sell out tour that year too and just waited till it was wrapping up to release it??? LOL at the Nazis thinking Bey was scared of the competition… And hasn’t Rih released her last 4 albums at the same damn time of year to try and sell??? *sips tea*

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        and yours Rihanna her albums after each other yearly, so of course they would all be in November just like Mariah did and just like One Direction does.

    • Yazmine November 9, 2014

      When ‘no one else was relasing’?
      Um Gaga, Miley, Katy all realesed around the same time. Please sit.

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        No They released in the October and gaga released in Nov, so yes b**** NO one was releasing at the time beyonce dropped her album in December.

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        What kind of flawed logic, you need to stop attempting LBs flawed reads. Competition does not stop after 1/2 months, in fact it gets more fierce because we see who is REALLY selling. And they SHOULD have been ahead of her. They ALL released in the same cusp of months. Its not Beyonces fault she outsold them all.

  41. Skyfall November 9, 2014

    And why does the hive keep saying 4 was R&B. cause their fav told them it was… 4 was a pop album with R&B influences.. Hell 4 was more pop than 21, but of course since it underperformed they cling to biggest selling R&B album of the year when it wasn’t even R&B. and I need receipts of it selling pass 2.8 million

    • Beysus November 9, 2014

      No Hun… it was R&B, rock n roll, jazz and funk…

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        No it was Pop with R&B, Jazz, and Rock n Roll influences.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        Well at least it wasn’t generic EDM/dubstep/trap…

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        But Rihanna EDM songs aren’t generic except maybe Where have you been. We Found Love and Only Girl are great EDM songs. A generic EDM would Break Free or something like, even Lady cocos songs has some meaning and depth underneath all he autotune and synths

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        She works with David and Calvin. That’s pretty generic to me. And Gaga’s first album could be considered a POP classic. There’s a difference between Dance-Pop with synthesisers like Just Dance and Poker Face, and Euro-Dance, EDM, loud, distorted sort of music like WHYB, WFL, Right Now, POTR and WTC…

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        I’m not talking about her first album I’m talking about The Fame Monster and everything afterwards.

        Bad Romance
        Marry The Night
        Etc we’re EDM but they were good songs not generic.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        I’ll give you Marry The Night and G.U.Y, but Bad Romance and Telephone??? Hell no! And I don’t consider Judas as EDM. Dance-pop? Yes.

  42. Skyfall November 9, 2014

    Lol I also need receipts of Beyonce selling

    14 million records during “4” era.
    And 10+ million during this era.

    • Yazmine November 9, 2014

      And I need to see receipts of Rihanna selling 250 million records.

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        Rihanna has only sold 150 million.

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        So now you want to be honest?

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        B**** wtf are you talking about .

  43. TheElusiveLamb November 9, 2014

    I don’t believe Rihanna’s music or singles are generic. I just believe her eras are very short lived. We Found Love, Diamonds, & Umbrella are her most iconic singles to date. Those songs will be attached to her forever. I actually see a lot of growth of in Rihanna’s sound and as an artist. She is a prime example of how to stay ahead of the trend. From her connection to social media, fashion, and etc., no one can deny she is Queen in her own right, so the shade is inevitably stupid. If it will fix your site though Sam, I’m all for it though.

    Now Playing:

  44. Career Ender November 9, 2014

    no you need to stand by Walmart /target and purchase that flop album that has 1 song “2on” to taste the hot100
    Ciara could never

  45. Beysus November 9, 2014

    Holy S*** the EMAs are on tonight!!!

    • Skyfall November 9, 2014

      Is Beyonce performing tonight ?

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        Don’t think so but Azealia Banks will be there so it’s still a mega slayage for me…

  46. Yazmine November 9, 2014

    Dead @ this Tinaflopshe stan reaching.
    Explain this then:

    Video Phone>>>>> TTT era
    Diva>>>>>>> Hard

    Yeah, they’re really Good Girl anthems.

    • Skyfall November 9, 2014

      Breaking Dishes
      Shut up and drive

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        Lol what about them? Pop tart cutsie singles springs to mind.

      • Beysus November 9, 2014

        Was Breaking Dishes even a hit??? Rehab flopped…. Although I quite like that song…

      • #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” In Stores November 9, 2014

        @Skyfall Lol just about correct.

        And btw what kind of name is Yazmine??? Your parents obviously didn’t expect nothing better from you. LMAO I’m done.

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        I was just naming some of Rihanna edgy songs from GGGB, Breaking Dishes wasn’t released as a single, and Rehab was a top 20 hit peaking at 18.

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        @Tinashe. Correct with what? You said Beyonce had nothing but a good girl image before 4. Explain those songs? And none of those Rihanna songs are edgy.

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        How do any of those songs reflect a ’bout that life’ type of image the FLOP stan was trying to portray though. Especially Umbrella lmao.
        Lets be honest, Beyonce did all the boasty bad b**** songs first (Upgrade U, Diva). A year later came Hard etc. And since we are reaching, we could say Video Phone inspired the whole new explicitley raunchy Ri that came after. And that was all before 4. As was the ‘carry big things’ ‘he got a big ego’. Explain TinaFLOPshe?

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        Oh and I wouldn’t even take that kindergaten attempt at shading a name to offense, even if it was really my name.

      • Skyfall November 9, 2014

        Who said I was trying to do a bout that life image I simply said edgy and yes they are edgy.

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        Well then why did you reply to me then? My comment was directed to the Tinashe stan talking about how Bey only had good wholesome image before 4. But those aint ‘edgy’ whatever thats supposed be anyway.

  47. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 9, 2014

    Where is the Rita Whora stan tho? I miss that crazy biych.

    • Mark111 November 9, 2014

      In mental health on the 3rd floor.

  48. Vi November 9, 2014

    Why is there so much shade in this article for no reason. It’s like the person who wrote this sounds like a pure hater. Rihanna has had no flops, all her singles and albums do well on a global scale and she released her stuff no matter who was coming with something new. Sounds like a Stan of someone else wrote this.

  49. Eloviano November 9, 2014

    Trust Aidsvy stans to deflect to sales when Rihanna’s talent is brought up. @TeamTinasheStans you obviously don’t know Beyoncé’s whole discography judging by your comments. Check out her song’s,attire etc when she was with DC and after her solo career leading up to 4, in which you claim she copied Rihanna. @skyfall you were up and down this blog a few weeks ago claiming Rihanna had sold 250 million records, don’t play dumb. Don’t make me post receipts.

  50. Eloviano November 9, 2014

    Trust Aidsvy stans to deflect to sales when Rihanna’s talent is brought up.
    -@TeamTinasheStan you obviously don’t know Beyoncé’s whole discography judging by your comments. Check out her song’s,attire etc when she was with DC and after her solo career leading up to 4, in which you claim she copied Rihanna.
    -@skyfall you were up and down this blog a few weeks ago claiming Rihanna had sold 250 million records, don’t play dumb. Don’t make me post receipts.

    • Skyfall November 9, 2014

      B**** that was my evil twin.

      • ME November 9, 2014

        you were delusional then, you are delusional now

        BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic #CaseClosed

  51. Teacher November 9, 2014

    Rihanna HAS sold over 300k in a single wk b4!! She sold exactly 306,107 copies of Loud in ONE week in the UK alone! And this wasn’t the first week, but the 4th/5thweek!!! #EVENBETTER
    It’s irrelevant to this post but imma keep postin it til you bitter biitches come up w smthng else!
    Receipt: go google “Rihanna 306107″ and find all those who reported on it! This tired ass Beyonce fansite ddnt report on it tho! #PressedMuch

  52. Teacher November 9, 2014

    Yaaaasssss @Skyfall gather these lying fraud aass biitches!

  53. Teacher November 9, 2014

    Sam’s ugly ass don’t like Rih so y are you checking for her? Reading articles about her n shiit! You’re more excited about the single than her fans!

  54. Yeah I Said It November 9, 2014

    Lmaooo so first the Navy was saying ‘when will she outsell Unafoplogetic’ ‘she cannot even outsell Una’. Now she has in less than a year may I add… Its the ‘barely’ and ‘about the same’ excuse’. Lmaoooo. She outsold your overexposed fave without out the hype singles in less than half the tine point blank period. Yall are a kiii

    • Mimi Carey November 9, 2014

      Both flopped tbh

  55. Yeah I Said It November 9, 2014

    Anyway lets see what Ri has to offer. I don’t know why they’re acting so hush hush about if its true. Is it supposed to be a surprise?

  56. Mimi Carey November 9, 2014


  57. Eloviano November 9, 2014

    The whole “Beyoncé released when no was releasing” stupid attempt needs to stop considering she unexpectedly dropped self titled when Garth Brooks and Britney Spears(both who have multiple DIAMOND albums and are known album sellers*for Britney pre Britney Jean). And she released when albums are HEAVILY DISCOUNTED.
    The week Beyoncé dropped self titled, the top 10 housed Prism(with 2 no1 singles), Midnight Memories(with 500k 1st week sales), R. Kelly, Kelly Clarkson,Frozen,Britney Jean, Eminem’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ etc.
    So tell me out of all those aforementioned album seller’s(some with a million 1st week sales & multiple no1 singles).
    How was Bey scared of a Bajan whoore who can’t even score 500k let alone 300k in 1st week sale’s with 7 albums??? FOH

    • ME November 9, 2014

      exactly the Nazi are so delusional

    • Katy Cat November 9, 2014

      PRISM had one number one hit at the time nit two get your facts straight you dirty bottom Beyonce is a fraud and a chancer she knew she would flop if she released the traditional way the same way 4 flopped her lead single didnt even enter the top ten

      • ME November 9, 2014


      • Eloviano November 9, 2014

        @pu$$ycat, enlighten me how you know “Bey knew she would flop if she released the traditional way” as you eloquently put it. While you’re going through your crystal ball, feel free to let a girl know when will Payola Perry win a Grammy, even the industry pu$$y has one you know… Oh wait that’s because she can’t “pay” for it like she can a chart position, oops my bad.

    • Skyfall November 9, 2014

      B**** bye, she released with a surprise gimmick when no one important was releasing to ensure her fifth #1 album. She still ended up getting outsold by Frozen, Midnight Memories, and Eminem, keep clinging to the self drag saying they all sold more than Rihanna because I know this, but none of them outsold her record wise, so keep living in the clouds the Beyoncé era apart from her tour was a flop just like Unapologetic.

      • Tea honey November 9, 2014

        You can’t take these h*** seriously not beyonce barely outselling a “flop” album they are so uneducated

      • Eloviano November 9, 2014

        “was a flop just like Unapologetic” back to shading your fave I see,back to your meds again. You’ll be glad to know your psychiatrist scheduled your appointment a day earlier,so you can see her at 13:00 pm (and on a Sunday nogal, you can thank me later)

      • Yazmine November 9, 2014

        And Beyonce outsold Rihanna, Gaga, Miley, Katy and all other females and you will deal.

  58. Tea honey November 9, 2014

    The shade is so tired Sam instead worry about getting your fav to album seller status you thots claim cause 3M is singles artist numbers #beyalessor

    • ME November 9, 2014

      bottom line is BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic #CaseClosed

  59. Katy Cat November 9, 2014

    @Elfagiano then explain why she didn’t release the normal way? She needed a gimmick that will force people to buy her crap just like her troll looking husband she knows that she is the hottest star around and a so called surprise release with 17 redundant videos would be enough to keep her relevant and in the papers

    • Eloviano November 9, 2014

      Just like Titty Perry needed another cheap single to remain relevant & had to cling to Juicy J for a feature. And had to pay for dem generic hits. Too bad she got exposed!
      Trust and believe this is the last time I’m replying to you. I’m no longer talking to pu$$ycats whose fave can’t get a Grammy, you know what to do. #youcantsitwithus

  60. Katy Cat November 9, 2014

    The kii is that unapologetic numbers haven’t been updated so they are clinging to numbers that are found on wiki

    • ME November 9, 2014

      bottom line is BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic #CaseClosed

      • Katy Cat November 9, 2014

        Bottom line is ur mom is a h** and u were a mistake #caseclosed

      • ME November 9, 2014

        still doesn’t change the fact that BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic

    • XXX November 9, 2014

      It has not been updated because its not on the charts, meaning its not selling enough for calculation lol. Fool.

      • XXX November 9, 2014

        So what sources do you use that are so much better?

    • XXX November 9, 2014

      And those are not wiki numbers, those are Chart News numbers.

      • Katy Cat November 9, 2014

        Chart news? Lol b**** bye the person that runs that account uses info that he or she finds from various site he or she even got Iggy azaleas ww sales wrong considering that she got her numbers from her label and chart news dug them up from mediatraffic so your argument is null and void you are dismissed now exit to the left

      • XXX November 9, 2014

        So what sources do you use that are so much better??

  61. XXX November 9, 2014

    Cool the first song will probably be pop as usual. I heard shes performing it on X Factor UK. It could be true because the rest of the lineup is true.

  62. Skyfall November 9, 2014

    Lol, the hive has been calling unapologetic a flop album for months even though it sold over 20 million records all together, was platinum and was already at passed 3million in 11 months, but when Beyonce does the same she’s an album seller? No if unapologetic is a flop then so is Beyonce and you will deal.

    Unapologetic – 20+ million records sold
    Beyoncé – 6+ million records sold

    • How Many Drinks November 9, 2014

      Beyonce did not do the same, she done it in 10 months.

  63. How Many Drinks November 9, 2014

    Funny how they want to cling to record sales now Beyonces outsold Rihanna after months of shading her for it. The fact your fave sold that many singles is the shade of it all. And Beyonces already outsold her album, no discount and no singles support is why shes a much better album seller than your fave.

  64. Kiyonce’ November 9, 2014

    I love Yonce way better than Rihanna but let’s not get it twisted Rihanna singles aren’t forgettable, Pon De Replay, Umbrella, Stay , SOS, We found love , Only girl in the world, California King Bed , pour it up , rehab, Russian roulette, the list goes on and on , I love me some Bad Gal RiRi

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