Stream Queen: Beyonce Uploads Entire Visual Album To VEVO / Why It’s A Major Move

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2014 by Sam

With 15 years of chart success under her belt, Beyonce has proven that she’s skilled at adapting to the times.

And if there was ever any doubt, it was dispelled moments ago.

For, the superstar singer has made a major splash over at VEVO.

Details on the important move below…

Today the 33-year-old unleashed every single video from her blockbuster visual album on the digital platform; a move which comes as she finally shared the LP’s complete tracklist (and not just the singles) on Spotify.

“Why is this significant?”, one may wonder.

Well, in light of recent changes to Billboard’s album counting equation, streams – as from next week’s tally – will begin to count towards an LP’s US sales and placing on the Billboard 200.

As we reported, 1500 streams of a song from a project will count as 1 unit to add to the physical and digital sales of its parent album. The step, according to insiders, is designed to better reflect how music is consumed in the modern marketplace.

Viewed this way, Team Bey have made a genius move by embracing the changes (regardless of how ridiculous the said tweaks are). Because, with the Platinum Edition of the surprise project in stores today, the mix of sales and streams likely means the critically acclaimed is likely to re-open to great numbers next week.

Oh the joys of being an act that people not only want to watch, but also buy too!

Your thoughts?

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  1. tits mcgee November 24, 2014

    Her team are working overtime! Smart as hell move!


  2. Jay November 24, 2014

    The smartest women in the business! Rihanna could never!

    • Paws November 24, 2014

      Who is Rihanna?

    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

      Leave Rihanna outta this………This is about Beyonce’ Thanks and Happy Holidays

    • NiCKI WILL SLAY November 24, 2014

      This isnt a good business move. Billboard charts dont matter. She should be focused on album sales instead. FOrget Spotify.

      • IOWNTHEWORLD November 24, 2014

        THAT’S THE POINT if you read the post. Music is consumed differently so she’s switched to the current format by which sales will be measured. According to the post 1500 views will count as 1 unit. It’s not that difficult to understand.

      • HBIC_MamaPope November 24, 2014

        @IOWNTHEWORLD is right tho. Billboard just announced that they will count YouTube plays and streams as sales units, Camp B is once again ahead of the game by releasing all of the videos. People are always illegally downloading, streaming, and coping music these days, Billboard needed to re-strategise how they structure their charts, and this works out perfect for Bey, so she will least benefit from the amount of people who want to access her music for free.

  3. KING13 November 24, 2014

    find a chill with the Beyoncé posts please

  4. Unbiased November 24, 2014

    Well, she is basically done with this era anyways. Smart move. Get those coins Bey.

    • NiCKI WILL SLAY November 24, 2014

      She will make more money if her music isnt on Spotfy . Taylor got it right.

      • IOWNTHEWORLD November 24, 2014

        Time will tell. I think it’s brilliant that she moved to Spotify. Taylor moved out and she moved in so now she’ll have the benefit of album sales plus the views on Spotify counting towards additional sales. It’s win/win.

  5. truthtea November 24, 2014

    Beyonce’s thirst this time is overwhelming! I’m so disappointed in her as an artist. The reason why I used to like her is because of her insane talent and she didn’t need to stoop so low to sell or get attention. Now look at her. Going to great lengths and whatever costs just to sell. It’s a shame!

    • k November 24, 2014

      We have Tinashe now child

      • KING13 November 24, 2014

        YAS Aquarius is the best album released this year. I hate how everyone seems to be sleeping on Tinashe because she such a great performer.

    • Unbiased November 24, 2014

      Girl bye, the era is over! She didn’t put the album on Spotify for almost a year. Great lengths is getting on twitter begging you fans to break silly Vevo records.

    • AmbeRussell November 24, 2014

      What is she doing that is is “extra”? She uploaded the videos onto vevo and all the songs from the album are on spotify. To me, that is dumb as it allows listeners free access to her whole album as oppose to just the singles.

      • tits mcgee November 24, 2014

        It’s a smart move, considering the new rules on how streaming and YouTube views now contribute to the billboard 200 chart.

        This timing is by design. The rules just changed for what is considered a ‘sale’..

  6. Unbiased November 24, 2014

    FinaLly the album is on spotify too,
    I bought the CD when it dropped but now i get even more Bey.

  7. Maryland November 24, 2014

    IAN GONNA LIE, Beyonce and her Team are smart af,,i wouldn’t be surprised if Billboard told her ass ahead of time that they was changing sht up lol. Also this will gives artists who have been around & albums have FLOPPED, maybe just maybe it will give them a chance.

  8. November 24, 2014

    She was soo wrong for not giving this album the proper promotional push. This is her best work to date and she paid it dust, the album deserved so much more.

  9. King B November 24, 2014

    awww it kinda made me feel sad because that the official end of the ERA which for me was her best one for a year she basically kept us on our toes from surprises to surprises

  10. truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 24, 2014

    When will Rhi…aka SATAN!

  11. Arianator Barb November 24, 2014

    Ariana’s gonna be featured on the pinkprint!!!!!

  12. smh November 24, 2014

    Pity the era is over, it’s not even been a year since the album was released. She really don’t give a f*** anymore. Let’s pray that rumoured joint album with Jay z stays a rumour. Nobody asked for that, it’s beyond overkill.

  13. truth November 24, 2014

    Overexposed + over ra ted = YAWNce

  14. Queefonce. Queen of the stank pu$$y $luts November 24, 2014

    Beyonce fansite

    • BeyMaraj November 24, 2014

      Yet you’re still here, that just proves you’re stanning for Bey so bad.

  15. BeyMaraj November 24, 2014

    All hail King Bey!!! She’s the ish, now when will your fave?

  16. BeyMaraj November 24, 2014

    Yet you’re still here, that just proves you’re stanning for Bey so bad.

  17. waterfalls November 24, 2014

    To me, musically it’s her best work but it should be remembered only for the marketing.

  18. Beysus November 24, 2014

    QUEEN!!!! But I actually think taking all her music off Spotify is a better move like what Taylor did…

  19. RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

    Say what you please about her, but she’s always one step ahead the girls………

    Smart move Parkwood ENT …..#GETMONEY

    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014


  20. weaveney November 24, 2014

    MOTHA! yes, tell these broke b****** to sit down. Tina she can’t even break dust, Rihanna is still hiding her frog-croaking voice and nothing can stop King B. This b**** here will destroy your irrelevant faves.

  21. Naomi November 24, 2014

    Can we get a post on Official Charts confirming Bey has sold over 5 million WW.

  22. is it? November 24, 2014

    sales are milked. now for bb stats. that penny per stream is nothing for the wallet, is it?

  23. NO November 24, 2014

    BEYONCE aint even 1year old and y’all already thirsty for album6. Smh, this digital social media age has literally zapped attention spans (Rihanna’s impact). She aint giving y’all a new album until 2016 tbh, and even then, it will probably be a Greatest Hits release.

  24. apples November 24, 2014

    Oh….how savy… them weep and moan…..bey shows them that there is more than one way to skin a cat

  25. BeyKnowlesBest November 24, 2014

    Beyonce is making it a point to knock Taylor Swift out the number one spot, Even if it’s only for a week she’s just letting her know I can still do it lol

  26. Bey Day Everyday November 24, 2014

    Yassss b**** you beta moveeeeee units!!!

  27. Sherry November 24, 2014

    Bey could sneeze and you guys would call it a major move. Her album was cute for what it was, but the surprise gimmick wore off and people supped caring. She could’ve done so much more this era. Ijs…

    • blue November 24, 2014

      bey never discounts… Now you can listen to the full thing for free and its genius… All the people that bought the album thinking the videos justified the price must feel like fools right now!

  28. apples November 24, 2014

    Yes…. its called stunting…..someone or something pissed her off….maybe that dale award ghetto had DRoss give tay tay last nigh…..LMAO..go get em bey!

  29. RihHive November 24, 2014

    You guys were right… The new system is designed to help girls who can’t sell albums

  30. apples November 24, 2014

    Fake award…..that b**** aint playing nice now….gloves off now your move white América F it….

  31. blue November 24, 2014

    wait, didnt the bey hive praise bey up and down for not ever releasing her album on spotify like some other artists they claimed couldnt sell? didnt they put down other artists for this? Now its genius?
    I thought chart success wasnt what bey was all about, she never chases it?

    Lol. Seriously the H in hive must stand for Hypocrite cause they are the very definition of the word!

  32. apples November 24, 2014

    Bey says let that check come at their neck…..she meant it….now listen for her next move…..bye bye Columbia records..

  33. Teacher( Call ha Young Gummy) November 24, 2014


    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

      Like you’re LIFE!!!!!!!

  34. Suicide Blonde November 24, 2014

    Call me when real sales play an important role in all this, records sales will irrelevant in a few months, we won’t know what artists are slaying the billboard 200 with real sales, now flops will be as great as Michael Jackson, sadly.

  35. apples November 24, 2014

    She is giving away the old s***… your eyes…wait for it……

    • blue November 24, 2014

      so bey herself is saying her music cant last more than a year? Talk about macalbums

      • apples November 24, 2014

        Ask any one….does ir really matter what you did last year? Or is it significant what you’re doing now?

      • Tyler November 24, 2014

        You tell us hun. I mean, is that what Rihanna says when she releases an album and changes her whole identity a.k.a “reinvents” herself, every year, just to stay relevant?

  36. apples November 24, 2014

    If youre gonna play… put your big girls draws on and grow some balls…..wait for it……she’s just getting started

  37. Slay_Hive November 24, 2014

    BOSS!!! I’m hearing Beyonce sold 5 Million + WW!! Yassss We need a post confirming that lol… The SHADE!

  38. Tyler November 24, 2014

    Genius move! I’m not ready for this era the be over though:/

    • Tyler November 24, 2014


  39. Tyler November 24, 2014

    Ummmm, can we help you??? Because you look BEYhyrdated

  40. Tyler November 24, 2014

    Ummmm, can we help you??? Because you look BEYhydrated

    • blue November 24, 2014

      can you give me a tall glass of Beylusion. Seriously its a smart move it just makes the give hypocrites praising it when before they said she stood for every opposite it.

      • Tyler November 24, 2014

        The operative word is “they”!
        The bottom black ass line is, that it was a smart move. She progressing as an entertainer. It’s called fluidity. Time to get with the millenium.

  41. tits mcgee November 24, 2014

    I hate the new Billboard rules. At the same time, it makes sense for artists to take advantage of it, since it’s their job to sell us music, and goal to achieve, high charting numbers.

    Artist, like Rih and Bey will get a boost, but complete flops, will benefit from the new rules, the most.

    They will go from #79 to relevance…

  42. Theman November 24, 2014

    She shipped 5 million ww.. She’s sold perhaps something closer to 4 million..

  43. Bria November 24, 2014

    The beehive is insane and the leader appears to be too, this obsession with rihanna is clinical and the hypocrisy it’s just wayyyyy too much geesh

  44. apples November 24, 2014

    Wait….i thought ri ri is on the same team….lol….ehh yall think Jay aint let her drop R8 yet?…..waiting for the rules yo change…..don’t be fooled ri ri and bey bey are one team…..Roc is banking…..

  45. blue November 24, 2014

    wait!! So the bey hive is running with this 5 million sold based on one websites statement? Men if its this easy why hasnt some ciara stan claimed ciara sold 10 mill with her last album yet? But then again this comes from the same stanbase that goes around claiming their fav has the highest selling celebrity perfume and never landed on any top selling list…

    I mean do they even get how stupid this makes them, no offence to bey because she cant help it but man her stan be ore stupid than a cotton filled bear!

    • Naomi November 24, 2014

      Looool why are you seething all up and down this post? No one has mentioned your fave so why are you here? Dont people base Beyonces sales off ONE Twitter account? Whats the difference, besides the fact one has te word ‘official’ in it which makes it credible.

    • Naomi November 24, 2014

      I can’t stop watching 7/11 video. Its so freaking cute. And as a result, the song is growing on me.

  46. blue November 24, 2014

    its called hypocrisy, one moment she is classy the next she is a feminist, one moment she is an album seller the next 3 mil total is earth shattering sales, one moment she dont care about chart success the next she is fluid!

    Stand for something please

    • Naomi November 24, 2014

      Hand this pressed panini a towel and ice bucket*

      ‘Cool off, cool off’ – Beyonce voice.

    • Naomi November 24, 2014

      @Fran its pretty shameful, hence the recent meltdowns in all her posts.

      • Naomi November 24, 2014

        Ugh wrong reply section.

    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

      Girl are you mad or nah?

  47. Fran November 24, 2014

    I know its hard for the Navy all year gloating ‘beyonces scared, wheres her album’ (how the tables have turned) and Bey released and ended up outselling, outgrossing and outwealthing your faves more exposed era. #Karma #Pawdatt

    • blue November 24, 2014

      you are bey stan so im gonna let it go that you dont know what more exposed means.

      • Fran November 24, 2014

        Lmao don’t try the ‘you’re dumb’ trick on me. I know damn well what exposure means. Your fave was MORE exposed the entire era across different mediums those are the facts only. Shall we list all the exposure from each era and compare?

    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

      Oh my how the tables have turn…….

      All of last year, where the album, where’s the single? Well Navy where is the album and single?

  48. blue November 24, 2014

    got nothing against bey its her fans that really crack me up. And im not meeting more laughing at this flip-flops they do to justify their love of bey. Like they love her because she never changes her hair style and they all about how consistent she is, next she is a genius for dying it black… And its all about how versatile she is…

    You just want to shake one of them till they settle on one thought.

    • tyler November 24, 2014

      Sorry if Im mistaking, but isnt that what the Navy does best?
      THIS, is genius move. Signing a $50 million endorsement deal, is a genius move.
      The Navy is the stan base who supports basic achievements. Rihanna changes her hair style almost everyday and its still the same old song and dance EVERYTIME about how “iconic” and “amazing” she is. All the b**** did, was change her hair color or get a new tattoo.
      Oh! the irony of everything you just said.

  49. Naomi November 24, 2014

    @Fran its pretty shameful, hence the recent meltdowns in all her posts.

  50. blue November 24, 2014

    good job bey!
    Shame on you beyhive!

    • RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

      Where is R8 and it’s singles?

      • blue November 24, 2014

        im sorry but im but a humble stan not part of her management can only sit and wait for it to drop, but dont worry will be right behind you in the lines come release day release.

      • tyler November 24, 2014

        No, go on and answer the question. Since you were acting like 50 cent, and asking the Hive 21 questions prior to the release of “Beyonce”

  51. scrambled words November 24, 2014

    Hive, whats the deal with Bey selling 5 mill???

    • blue November 24, 2014

      turns out thats only happened in a lil place called #inyourhead

      • scrambled words November 24, 2014

        this was addressed to #hive members!!—->exit my reply section

  52. tyler November 24, 2014

    According to some people *cough cough*, Beyonce is restricted from doing anything outside of the box. Then when she doesnt, she is too “professional” and robotic. At this point, it’s a lose, lose matter.

    Well guess what! As hard as it is to believe, Beyonce is actually a…. HUMAN BEING. People arent one dimensional. They are BINARY. And if I was Beyonce, I would be saying f*** it too.

  53. scrambled words November 24, 2014

    Kay i think i figured it out. The site that said Self-titled sold 3.5mill WW only counts based on 10 countries. These are the countries they count:
    so that extra 1.5 probably came from everywhere else!! IDK!! *Shrugs*

    • smh November 24, 2014


      About Us

      Media Traffic gathers and publishes the weekly global music charts for albums and tracks. These hitlists based on the official charts from many countries around the world, including USA (Billboard), Japan (Oricon), United Kingdom (Music Week), Germany (Media Control), France (Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique), Canada (Billboard), Australia (ARIA), Italy (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana), Spain (Productores de Música de España), Netherlands (MegaCharts), Belgium (Ultratop), Mexico (Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas), Brazil (Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos), Argentina (Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers), South Korea (Gaon & Hanteo), New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ), Austria (Media Control), Switzerland (Media Control), Denmark (Tracklisten), Norway (VG-lista), Sweden (Sverigetopplistan), Finland (Suomen Virallinen Lista), Ireland (IRMA), Portugal (Associação Fonográfica Portuguesa), Poland (ZPAV), Hungary (Mahasz), Greece (IFPI Greece) and other.

      • candace November 24, 2014

        for all albums sales we refer to mediatraffic. I am often surprised by the difference between the mediatraffic beyonce albums sales and beyonce albums sales numbers given by people in this site

  54. tyler November 24, 2014

    No, go on and answer the question. Since you were acting like 50 cent, and asking the Hive 21 questions prior to the release of “Beyonce”

  55. cocobutta November 24, 2014

    The question is why shouldn’t she do this??

    May as well.

    Smart move!!!

    This is the woman that did no talk shows and circuits to promote the album but took the music business to another level amongst the struggles.

    Using right sources and maximising opportunity!! #LEGEND.

  56. sleazy November 24, 2014

    i know for a fact beyonce never came up with these ideas …. i love her but come on she didnt even finish school all of a sudden she some marketing genious

    • King M.J November 24, 2014

      “Face palm” You sound like an absolute moron.

  57. Mark111 November 24, 2014

    Desperate for a hit.

  58. RICHIE_RICH November 24, 2014

    How is she desperate for a hit?

  59. Jessica November 24, 2014

    Lol the navy and their breakdowns. #Hilarious.
    Go Queen Bey!

  60. Tea honey November 24, 2014

    Good for her and you h**+ are a bunch of hypocrites I thought vevo views didn’t matter? And stream queen? Lmao Sam estas loco seriously tho beyonce deserves better she works way too hard to have fans this stupid oh well

  61. Mariah Is Music November 24, 2014

    The navy is sooo pressed smh

  62. janes NAVY November 24, 2014

    pulllleaseeee yall love to hate on RiRi but she shits and drags your fav when it comes to steaming & views. Rihanna on an average does
    100 mill to 300 mill views on Vevo while your fav struggles to get 80 FACTS! It’s no secret she and Jay bought her last project to boost sales. She’s talented, but OVER RATED!

    • XXX November 24, 2014

      I think you mean it no secret the people who used the tired ‘she bought it’ excuses just can’t handle the truth.

  63. girlbye November 24, 2014

    Thank god its over now she can sit down somewhere. This was her most boring and lazy era ever. S*** didnt even last for a damn year and still has yet to outsell a disney soundtrack!

    • XXX November 24, 2014

      But she outsold everyone female popstat that year. So unless you stan for Adele hi sit somewhere.

  64. RoyalKev November 24, 2014

    Just got in and went straight to Itunes to buy Yonce’s Platinum Edition! … Wow @Bey being top 10 everything on it. She just won’t finish… Anyway, let me get back to what I’m doing(7 items left downloading). Heyyyy Hive! *waves*

    • RoyalKev November 24, 2014

      wrong post …

  65. SMH November 24, 2014

    The thirst (and desperation) to compete with Taylor Swift is MAJOR.

  66. RealNegro November 24, 2014

    Currently on spotify streaming the album. I bought the original Self Titled but I won’t be buying the the Platinum. Most of the remixes suck!

  67. rihannanavy November 24, 2014

    Lol @ beyonce’s latest catalog at Spotify to inflate her album sales. The struggle to out due slaylor swift.
    Yawnce slashed her album @$8.99 that’s almost like half price. Her music videos are free.. ROFL
    Music videos usually cost $1.99

  68. rihannanavy November 24, 2014

    King Riri will benefit to the new billboard album policy. Riri will sold more than 618,000 in one day. Katy Perry will sold about 500,000
    Taylor doesn’t need Spotify. Beyonce needs it. She’s struggling to sold past 617,000 without suprise release and without free 12 music videos. Lol. That’s worst than amazon 99 cents scandal

    • Sass November 24, 2014

      Is that why Bey outsold unapologetic.

  69. Sass November 24, 2014

    Clinging to Taylor won’t change the fact Beyonce outsold your fave. The desperation is so real lol.

  70. Yonce November 24, 2014

    The navy are heart broken lol where is LB and mark? Oh I guess the can’t stand the heat of Beyonce’s success

  71. rihannanavy November 25, 2014

    1989 is currently at 2.21 million in US after 4 weeks
    Beyonce is currently @ 2.14 after 12 months. Lol. I cracked up when I heard that news. I really thought it was funny. Taylor slayed Beyonce.Beyonce is over.

    • TinaMinaj November 30, 2014

      This coming from the navy lmao

  72. african music lover November 25, 2014

    hahahah..and where is Rihanna after 2 years?

  73. Bria November 25, 2014

    Rihanna is in a league of her own, prepping for her diamond ball, being the youngest black female star in the world

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