Must See: Azealia Banks Breaks Down In Tears On Hot 97 / Lashes Iggy Azalea, T.I, Tiny & Industry Race Politics

Published: Thursday 18th Dec 2014 by Sam

Since blazing onto the scene with ‘212’, Azealia Banks has become as renown for her outspokenness as she has her music.

Indeed, many would argue that her various social media spats have not only overshadowed her success, but dented it too.

However, today arguably brought an interesting turning point.

Having veered away from the interview circuit in the wake of her numerous beefs, the rapper returned to the media trail today when she stopped by Hot 97.

Never one to hold her tongue, the 23-year-old sounded all the way off on Iggy Azalea, T.I., and Tiny. The New York native also extensively detailed her gripe with industry race politics.

After watching this we’re going to need Ms. Banks to talk more than she types. Because in audio-visual form, a lot of what she saying really resonates. Context, tone, elaboration are key differentials which help colour in many of her points and it really paints her in a new, more positive and enlightened light.

See what we mean below.

The scolding hot tea is poured from the beginning to the 20.00 minute mark….

Azealia Banks’ debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ is out now!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bosslady December 18, 2014

    If she changes her attitude and stop worrying about how the next artist is being accepted she’d better in a better position with her career

    • You tried December 18, 2014

      Cry baby ass chick! Grind harder! Stay off Twitter aNd stop BURNING BRIDGES! The industry is SMALL and its all about respect! And TRUST! They don’t trust your stupid ass

    • You tried December 18, 2014

      This chick needs to go back to get day job cause she sucks. As a rapper but maybe she should apply for a job as WENDY WILLIAMS behind the scenes crew cayse this chick is so MESSY! She talks more than she raps and that’s not what’s up! No this chick TWEETS more than she FLOWS! Stop downing the next chick! Cause it won’t take from IGGYS it will only help people who doesn’t know her SEARCH for her u fool! These WEAK ASS RAOPERS NEEDD TO STOP THROWUNG THE RACE CARD IN HIPHOP. !!! This is an industry!!! A J.O.B no matter how u look at it! B**** Get up pay check OOPS that’s y u mad cuz IGGY TAKING IT LOL

      • You tried December 18, 2014

        Sorry for all the TYPOS! My IPhone types too fast <<<<<< for all u c**** who will come for my "grammar" or spelling !

    • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! December 18, 2014

      Fu ck ha!

  2. tits mcgee December 18, 2014

    Is it crying on the radio season for rappers??

    Let me go watch this video. Her album is dope,tho..

    • Molly December 18, 2014

      These b!tches having breakdowns left and right Lmao.

      • tits mcgee December 18, 2014

        Lol!, I’m saying.

        I watched the whole interview and she cried at least twice.

        I understand her frustration about reappropriation, of black culture.

        She made some good points, and I understand, she seems cray cray, but comes from an honest and good place.

    • FAF December 18, 2014

      Nicki has cried about her family this is not “new” she’s a sensitive person when hurt

      • tits mcgee December 19, 2014

        @Faf, I didn’t know that about Nicki, so that adds another color to her, for me as well.

        Azealia, pissed me off because, I had no context, for what she was writing on Twitter, so I got turned off, after awhile..

        Big up to @BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare. I trust her taste, and gave BWET a try, and now, I love it!!! But, I was liking what I heard, before, turned me off with, seeming Twitter rage ..

  3. KeriMeHome December 18, 2014

    This is too real.
    Black music came from the black experience and it’s great to see it diversify but it’s not great when people bash it and then turn around and use it to their advantage.
    Iggy Azalea stole Azealia’s first name and ran with it, makes racist comments and then gets celebrated by her label who spends more money on her than girls who sell MORE than her.

    If you don’t believe Iggy stole Azealia’s name ask yourself how much of a coincidence it is that two female rappers who came out in 2011 have the SAME unique name.

    • geegee December 18, 2014

      if IGGY is racist then Azealia is a homophobe!

      • KeriMeHome December 18, 2014

        I agree.

      • Toohotfortv December 18, 2014

        How is she a homophobe when she’s q****? Gtfoh

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* December 18, 2014

        Azaeliea is bisexual. And first of all, she called Perez a f****** because he called her a charcoal skinned b**** but it’s ok to make fun of her skin? Oh

    • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

      Delusional. You forget Iggy went a whole year without a label and struggled to find one that push her. You forget that they gave up on her in the US and pushed her to the UK first after Work and pushed back her album. Everyone see’s the way her label treats her now but forgets the struggle before Fancy blew up. They spend money on her because she’s one of the top artist of the year according to Billboard.

    • HBIC_MamaPope December 19, 2014

      + Azealia Banks is her actual name, while ‘Iggy Azalea’ is just a made up one – Dis chicks ratchet trailer park white-trash parents called her ‘amethyst’ smh no wonder this woman has identity issues

  4. nicko December 18, 2014

    That was SO real. Thats why she needs to do a song with Nic. They r both very talented , they can rap AND sing.

  5. MadeUCook December 18, 2014

    People’s problem isn’t that Iggy is white because there are so many dope white rappers who are BETTER than some if not most black rappers.
    The problem is that she has a racist background, can’t rap but is being promoted as if she is a great lyricist when she isn’t.
    I don’t like Azealia because she’s homophobic but black people are mocked for making a culture EVERYONE else borrows AFTER they mock them for it.
    It’s not right.

    • XYZ December 18, 2014

      and there are a lot of black rappers out there, that a horrible, but still successful – so what?

      Honestly, I still don’t get why anybody is working with Future since he destroys every song he is on…

      Azealia is great, but a mental b**** with no likeability. She could have been huge if she just had shut her mouth. The Business is tough and she is not in the Position to get in Trouble with anybody out there, especially not in the beginning of her career

      • XYZ December 18, 2014

        sorry for typos, my Keyboard is broke

  6. JanetXone December 18, 2014

    Poor Iggy, she’s been given so much backing but nobody can explain why without mentioning her race, because her race is the ONLY reason she gets the support she does.
    She wasn’t selling before she signed to her label so why is her budget so big?

    • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

      She wasnt selling because she had nothing to sell. Her first official single was Work when she signed to a label. When she had no label she was dropping mix tapes and free music.

      • XYZ December 18, 2014

        with the sad fact that her mixtapes are better than her Album is… Slo is still my jam

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        I agree. Glory is her best body of work. Flash being my favorite song.

  7. BubblePopElectric December 18, 2014

    Wait…. How is Azealia Banks homophobic if she’s openly BISEXUAL? *sips tea* *waits for a reasonable explanation*

    • BaddieBey December 18, 2014

      In the same way Iggy is racist and has a black boyfriend.
      Iggy made those racist comments about black guys being arrested outside Popeyes and then turned around a dated a black guy. It’s easy to be sexually attracted to someone you look down on. Just ask a slave master.

      • J COLE NC December 18, 2014

        Iggy has made homophobic comments in the past too. Do ur homework. Get mad at both of them

      • Life December 18, 2014

        Lol she’s bisexual. There’s no logic in your argument because Iggy isn’t black by asdoviation. If you are sleeping with the same s** you’re probably q****.

      • DanitySlain December 18, 2014

        Most down low men are homophobic so yes it’s possible to be bi and hate gay people.

      • HBIC_MamaPope December 19, 2014

        @BaddieBey and ain’t that the real tea *sips camomile and drops a pill in it*

      • JEMINA NELSON December 19, 2014


    • Toohotfortv December 18, 2014

      You know what, I can concede that you actually make a valid point, but I truly don’t think that is what’s at work here. I hope that I’m never proven wrong but I don’t think that she is homophobic. First of all, the use of that word in regards to azealia is wrong. She certain doesn’t have any phobias about gay people. But who’s to say she doesn’t have her biases? For the time being, I’m rocking with her.

    • geegeee December 18, 2014

      Wait…. How is Azealia Banks homophobic if she’s openly BISEXUAL? *sips tea* *waits for a reasonable explanation<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      ARE YOU A MORON?? Plenty of lesbians hate gay men!! You cant be serious!

      • BubblePopElectric December 18, 2014

        @Geegeee: If the working definition of homophobia is an unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality yet she openly and happily admits to engaging in healthy, same gender loving relationships… Simple logic dictates that she cannot be oxyMORONically both proudly LGBT affirming while being apathetic towards that identity. Therefore, lesbians who “hate” gay men are not homophobic, they are biased. Furthermore, the fact that she took aim, not at gay men as a whole, but at 1 messy individual who happens to be a gay man further invalidates the claim that she is homophobic. My sincere apologies if any of the above simple logic is too much for you to handle. Feel free to fire away any burning questions your reductive mind might incur.

  8. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 18, 2014

    Is this a thing now? Keep your emotions to yourself. Public affection screams attention.

    • Toohotfortv December 18, 2014

      Are you kidding? You’re probably a sociopath. That makes no sense, but oddly enough (now that I think of it), it perfectly highlights a point that Ebro was making. There are the majority of people who feel nothing and then there are the ones of us who feel deeply. You happen to be the former; and that’s fine. Just try to not be a jackass. It’s not a good look 😉

  9. Enlightened December 18, 2014

    She isn’t lying and I know because Jewish people go through a similar thing, the only difference is that Jewish people are in positions of power so can control how we’re presented in the media and I respect them for having that power.

    The average black person is law abiding, but the only representation they have of themselves is a negative one and anytime they dare to complain people turn around and use black on black crime to defend the images they put out.

    What this does is create an idea that all black people are tied to crime or something bad in one way or the other so it’s easy to get away with doing bad s*** to them because society doesn’t look at them as good human beings.

    The negative imagery works so well because the media big wigs push the worst aspects of the culture into the mainstream so little black boys and girls look up to these images and are programmed to think that that is what it means to be black, which is why some black people thinking speaking well is equivalent to “acting white.”

    After they’re trained to think the worst of themselves through the media they create a sound, culture and style that is used against them when it comes to racial profiling and the like BUT then have to watch white people use the same sound, culture and style to get ahead.

    Very sad.

    • HBIC_MamaPope December 19, 2014

      SO much truth, I think that is probably the only educated comment I’ve seen on this site. Well done good sir *hands cookie*

  10. December 18, 2014

    this b**** trying to save her career. lol, disrespectful ass

  11. Lana Del Bae December 18, 2014

    Azealia needs to learn to stop being racist about white people because she IS generalizing but she’s right when it comes to Iggy, she isn’t talented at all and is appropriating a culture she used to laugh at on twitter.

    • Paulo December 19, 2014

      Trust a Llama stan to confuse pinpointing white privilege with racism.

  12. caribbean native December 18, 2014

    Wow i love ha!

  13. Molly December 18, 2014

    Pothang wants to be relevant so bad.. Azealia Nicki and these other h*** can keep their tears. #ItsIggySZN

    • OVODasher December 18, 2014

      It can be Iggy SZN when she learns to sell albums.

      • Molly December 18, 2014

        New Classic has sold 430k its doing pretty good for a newbie. It will go gold in less than a month baby.

      • DrakeIsLeBae December 18, 2014

        430k in almost a year? Let’s not sister.

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        The album came out late April. Hardly “almost a year”. Compare those sales to other hip-hop albums released this year by debuting artists.

  14. KissesforKelly December 18, 2014

    Real talk, Iggy’s team needs to get on top of this because she doesn’t have enough fans to go up against this kind of negative press.

    • Molly December 18, 2014

      Find Kelly a career first. She still label less?

      • KissesforKelly December 18, 2014

        I would fight with you but this is serious so sit down.

      • BeyRihLiyah December 18, 2014

        you shouldn’t talk because Ciara is the queen of flops and Kelly was dropped by epic so Ciara will be next I hope Ciara gets that job at walgreens

      • Rihanna Navy December 18, 2014

        Kelly Is still That b**** that h*** like Ciara want to be so chill baby girl ,

    • NeNe December 18, 2014

      Worry about your fav gul

      • Molly December 18, 2014

        Forreals lol

  15. Molly December 18, 2014

    Cry baby ass b****!

  16. Loco4Aiko December 18, 2014

    If Iggy was selling I could understand why her label gave her this much backing but she isn’t so why are they doing it?
    She has to be running at a loss and you have to ask yourself why her label is going to all this effort for someone who isn’t selling at all.

  17. NeNe December 18, 2014

    This girl is just her own enemy

  18. KatyBSupreme December 18, 2014

    I’m not worried about Iggy because she’s already showing herself up. I’m just worried about the fantastic white female rappers who might be scared to get into the game because they think people will compare them to her.

  19. Anon December 18, 2014

    The best way to get over guilt is to convince yourself that the person you hurt deserved it.
    That’s what society has done to black people and it’s high time black people woke up and realized this fact and made it hard for racists to get them in the way they do.

  20. Molly December 18, 2014

    Id never feel bad for a b**** like her who has causes all her problems by being a messy insecure lame ass b**** she can b**** ,moan, and make this a race issue all she wants but the reason her career will always be were its at is because of her s***** attitude.

    • DanitySlain December 18, 2014

      I don’t like her either but you’d have to be stupid not to see beyond that to see what she’s saying is true.

  21. DanitySlain December 18, 2014

    Azealia darling, not all white people are evil and you have to understand that. Racist folks are the problem, not white people baby.

  22. Mark111 December 18, 2014

    I’m a fan after this interview. This is emotion, not to put Nicki under the bus, but her interviews are just foolery.

  23. Mr Yea ok December 18, 2014

    I’ve always liked this chick and I like her even more now. She didn’t mince not one word. Say it like u mean it. I’m here for it. And I heard no lies.

  24. Mila Slay December 18, 2014

    Jhene has been making for DJ for years and they would never get her a OTV deal lik the one they got for The Runaway Slavemaster. Wonder why that is?

    • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

      Have any of her singles sold 3.8 million?

      • Mila Slay December 18, 2014

        She sold that 3.8 million BECAUSE of the budget they gave her. Three words, say em slowly.

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        Wrong. Please find me one credible source or any explanation that proves radio leads to people purchasing a single. Fancy reached top 30 on iTunes the day it was released and remained in the top 50 for a week, long before it was released to radio. Try again. Billboard even proved multiple times that Fancy’s success was due to streaming and digital sales, not radio. Words without knowledge.

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        Besides that, Fancy was platinum before the On the Verge exclusive kicked in.

  25. Yoncè December 18, 2014

    Love this woman! I been understanding her! Been riding with her ever since MySpace Mizz Banks days

  26. Mark111 December 18, 2014

    And people need to know that the fake never last. Iggy won’t be around next year, we seen this time and time again. Just like those pop tarts in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. She’s not even selling albums, so why are y’all worried? Your inde album sold more than her highly promoted flop ep. Let them burn their money, they’re not fooling anyone. And we can’t hate on Iggy when Young Thug is a thing.

    • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

      Reclassified sold 14k
      Broke With Expensive Taste sold 11k
      11k is not more than 14k, no matter which way you count it.

      • Beysus December 18, 2014

        Uncertified sold 11k so sit yo ass dooowwwn!!!!

      • BeyRihLiyah December 18, 2014

        regardless uggly is still a flop biitch the new flop still isn’t Gold hahah the only thing she can cling to is fancy and just like her that song is old news

      • Mark111 December 18, 2014

        And even IF that crap sold 14k, are you really bragging about a 3K diff when that hog looking b1tch been on every award show and tv show promoting and it was released on Black Friday weekend?!

        Like Beysus said, sit yo ass down.

        BeyRihLiyah, that’s all I been hearing is fancy. A song won’t make a career. Next year no one will care. Hell no one cares now. The labels don’t fool anyone.

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        Ok, but according to Billboard it sold 14k. Black Friday release is irrelevant if physical copies aren’t released. The New Classic will be gold very soon, especially with Iggy going on tour. Iggy can also cling to her AMA wins, Grammy nominations, Black Widow’s 2x platinum certification, and topping several Billboard year end charts.

      • Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

        A late night show performance, SNL and the AMAs is considered promoting everywhere? Lol, speaking words without knowledge.The lead single doesn’t even have a music video yet.

  27. Iconic Iggy December 18, 2014

    Why is Iggy still the main topic of discussion in Azealia’s interviews? Her entire short lived career has been eclipsed by her one-sided beef with Iggy. Iggy moved on a year ago but Azealia is still stuck on it. Why not focus on your album? Lol, there is so much delusion surrounding Iggy, its hilarious. Everyone wants to talk about Iggy’s label supporting her as if a year ago she wasn’t blasting her label for not supporting Work at all. Did yall forget how the same label you all claim is losing millions on pushing her pushed her album back for months? How they initially gave up on pushing her in the US and focused on the UK? Cut the sh*t. If being white got her label support, where was it a year ago? Iggy didn’t get label support until Fancy was released. I know everyone wants to claim payola or On the Verge for Fancy’s success but yall forget the day it was released it reached top 30 on iTunes and stayed top 50 for a week, long before it was released for radio. Billboard breaks down the #1 song each week and while Fancy was #1, it was there due to digital sales and streaming. Radio was lowest factor for its success. Fancy is closing in on 4 million copies sold, it was the longest #1 on the streaming charts of the year. Her label didnt do that, the fans and public did. That’s why Iggy gets support from her label. That’s why they are paying for promotion. Album sales are only part of the equation, and as it stands, 430k for a debut album in the hip-hop genre is not bad at all, especially for a female.

  28. Beysus December 18, 2014

    I’m a HUGE fan and I cried during this too!!! :'(

  29. Hellokirbz December 18, 2014

    I don’t understand why people keep calling her a homophobe. Yes she said faggat. But she IS gay/bisexual she said it in the interview, also I personally know her choreographer which is gay.

    • Mark111 December 18, 2014

      And it was towards that Peppermint blogger ?ueer that runs his mouth at everyone. Fvck his feelings.

      • Paulo December 19, 2014

        Love Azealia but stop with the excuses. Regardless of how many p**** she been eating when you use the f word it makea reference to homophobia murder and gay shaming just like anyone who’s not black using the n word automatically refers to racism. It’s 2014 can we stop measuring prejudice? It’s all bad stuff that needs to be gone.

  30. TRUTH SERUM December 18, 2014

    For the first time, I actually listened to her and some of things made sense. Quite introspective for a 23 year old and I love how they played some of her music. I’m actually interested. Very creative!! Ms. banks may have a new fan:)

  31. Mark111 December 18, 2014

    And I a huge T.I fan, but she said nothing but the truth. He sold his soul the last time he went to jail and haven’t had good music since.

  32. Morgan December 18, 2014

    If she is so passionate about black culture, why doesn’t she communicate her views and opinions through her music. This b**** is crazy. Iggy is not trying to be black, she is just doing her thing getting her money. Azealia Banks is clearly jealous of her success. I mean her label wouldn’t even release her s***.

    • ann December 19, 2014

      I dont think its jealousy at all. Her opinion on Iggy in political landscape of the music industry is shared by many. I totally get her frustration, but she has to realize that she has no power to change it! Jcole jayz nikki and Kanye all know x actually what she is talking about but like Ebro and Rosenberg were saying she needs to just let the music speak for her. KillerMike is another rapper who is very political and provocative she needs to just not be so emotional but in her music show all the emotion she wants! Her album is very good!

  33. IKeepG@ysHumble December 18, 2014

    I phuck with this chick. She told no lies throughout the interview.

  34. Mila Slay December 18, 2014

    Iggy can’t last as a musician but she can as a celebrity which is what she’ll do.

  35. vibe December 18, 2014

    This chick is talented but she needs to keep her mouth shut and worry about her own career….. Worrying about what the next artist is doing is not gonna help her at all…. Poor thing

  36. Hahaha December 18, 2014

    BWET > Pinkprint > New Classic

    Although I do find it funny that Nicki and Azealia be crying in their interviews

  37. MisdamenorFan December 18, 2014

    This is the same girl that has gone after everybody including Nicki for some attention. I cannot and will not give her a pass for anything. Her attitude is stank like K. Mart and she will not be successful until she gets off twitter and get some media training. Unfortunately her stank attitude overshadows her music. I can’t name one song other than 212 she has put out. I do know her album title because it’s been floating around for 22 years. Shut up and rap.

  38. DanYiel Teflon December 18, 2014

    I’ll pass on her Continually cuz she is FRAUD LIKE!!

  39. Lovely rose December 18, 2014

    I really like her a great interview
    She’s taking no crap and it’s something we have not seen in this industry for a while, it is very refreshing. However, the more she talks her career will suffer that’s why all these celebrities just go along like robots not speaking there mind

  40. OMG Logic!!! December 18, 2014

    Wah wah wah, I’m black, wah wah wah. B**** needs a new ringtone.

  41. Liam December 18, 2014

    Azealia spoke the truth on certain topics and for her age she is very emotional and deep…she needs to do more interviews so the GP can get more insight into how intelligent and real she is…..i really enjoyed this attitude and her fan base is huge in europe!

  42. Liam December 18, 2014

    Azealia spoke the truth on certain topics and for her age she is very emotional and deep…she needs to do more interviews so the GP can get more insight into how intelligent and real she is…..i really enjoyed this attitude and her fan base is huge in europe! when she kept talking about the “white people” i think she refers to the upper label heads and the ones that f***** her over as she pursue her dreams.

  43. RihIcon December 18, 2014

    she told no lies !
    i wish she would do more interviews instead tho because she could say the same thing on Twitter and get blasted or do a interview and be called intellectual

    • tits mcgee December 18, 2014

      Well looking at her writing, it comes of bratty, but hearing her emotions, in an
      interview, changes the reception, of her message.

      We can’t tell how much she cares, by a few characters, on Twitter.

  44. Jewel December 18, 2014

    This chick has raw artistic talent. Unlike the other ‘who dat, who dat’ chick.

  45. Tarz December 18, 2014

    Love AB. She speaks so much truth and it must be so hard to have black culture and images portrayed in the way it is and at such a young age! Black people are dying because of white supremacy. I’m white and on the other side of the world, seeing it is awful and i cant even imagine if it were reversed. I feel for her and her people. But how do black peoples overcome this? How do they rise up in regards to things like this, the Ferguson drama and equality?
    AB’s album was so f amazing! And props to IA as she does have good presence on stage but the voice is fake. I hope AB can get the attention (in a good way) that she deserves!!

  46. LoseMyBreathe702 December 18, 2014

    To the person who says they didn’t know how radio play impacts sales.

    “While companies frequently invent ways to spotlight rising stars (MTV resurrected “Total Request Live” just to plug Ariana Grande’s new album), Clear Channel has made a particularly striking move, taking advantage of its massive audience to promote new singers. When an artist’s song is named “On the Verge,” all of the company’s radio stations are required to play that song at least 150 times.

    Given Clear Channel’s huge listener base — 840 stations, about 245 million listeners per month — it becomes increasingly likely that the song will catch on, particularly with those repeated plays. That type of success can have a huge impact on an artist’s career, not to mention the music charts.

    Just look at Katy Tiz. The British pop singer wasn’t even signed to a label when she was named an “On the Verge” artist in April. Then her new song “The Big Bang” soared on to the Mainstream Top 40; she soon landed a deal with Atlantic Records. Back in February, country crooner Craig Campbell’s single “Keep Them Kisses Comin’” was about to fall off the charts. A couple weeks on “On the Verge,” and it shot upwards, eventually cracking the Top 10.

    Of course, stations can go over 150 spins — and if the song becomes a hit, they certainly do. (Iggy Azalea’s inescapable “Fancy” was once “On the Verge”– and now, can you turn on the radio without hearing it?)

    Okay, so are Clear Channel staffers inundated with label executives and publicists clamoring for their artists to win the spot? Maybe, but that ultimately doesn’t matter. “Everyone wants to lobby for it, but it’s purely [decided by] programmers,” Poleman said. There’s no strategic formula for choosing the artist — there doesn’t have to be a specific number of men and women or a balanced amount between any particular label. It’s all about the quality of the music, he said.

    That sounds ideal in theory, but the whole premise has still raised some eyebrows, particularly as new songs get very high placement on the charts, thanks almost exclusively to “On the Verge.” Other radio executives say “On the Verge” is very unusual — while there are various programs to promote new artists, Clear Channel stands out as a company that’s powerful enough to give a song an unprecedented amount of success very early on.”

    That was from the washington post. More proof that EVERYTHING about Iggy has ever achieved has actually been paid for.

    • Commander of the RihannaNavy December 18, 2014

      Fancy was selling before it was #1 on the Billboard Radio charts though. Plenty of songs do well on radio but flop in sales. For example, Love Me Harder. Its killing it on radio but not even gold yet in sales. Same happened with What Now.

  47. Commander of the RihannaNavy December 18, 2014

    She’s full of crap and a hypocrite. Wasn’t she rapping about sucking off old white men when she was younger? Idk how she can say Iggy isn’t hip-hop for rapping over pop beats when she does the same with dance beats. F*ck outta here! She needs to stop beating the dead horse and move on already.

  48. Fancy BISH December 18, 2014

    I watched the ENTIRE interview and Ms. Banks certainly is interesting …she needs to understand that Rihanna has the biggest budget at Def Jam, not Iggy…and rightfully so, cause Rihanna earned it….Iggy is still very much on her grind, and still has a small fanbase…it would be dope if both of them did a record together, kinda like Roxanne Shante vs. The Real Roxanne lol…but this interview was really good and her heart is in the right place…but there isn’t too many artists going platinum in 2014, white or black lol 😉

  49. HBIC_MamaPope December 19, 2014

    She keeps diggin herself deeper
    ‘I was rooting For you, WE was all rooting for you, how dare you! LEARN something from this!

  50. Tony Montana December 19, 2014

    I Dont Mess With Her Too Much But I Really Do Rate The Fact That She Keeps It Real And Doesn’t Hide Anything . People Keep Saying “who is she” or “she wack” When In All Truth She Is Killing It Overseas, I Believe In Todays World People Don’t Like Real Music. She Has Bars Better Then Iggy (nobody can tell me iggy is better then her) . With The Whole Her Calling Prez A F****** , He Is He Loves To Bash People A lot To The Point Where He Gets Dirty And Racist. But Moving On Banks Is A Dope Rapper And Lets Keep It Real A lot Of You Guys Where Jamming To 212 When It Came Out At Clubs And Etc… , I Never Thought For A Young Girl She Could Be So Deep , After Watching This I Get Where She Is Coming From , I Still Feel Like She Should Stay Off Twitter And Make More Tracks But That’s Who She Is , Her, J Cole And Kendrick Are Really The Only Black Artists Showing People That Black Music Is Dying And People Are Making A Joke Of It , But Thats Just My Two Cents

  51. BOOBIE December 19, 2014

    Wow. I didn’t like her before this interview. She said some real things about the culture in Anerica and I almost cried with her.

  52. FutureCIARA December 19, 2014


  53. December 19, 2014

    i agree with her.

  54. Beyhave! December 19, 2014

    It must be the Crying season for female rappers excpt for Iggy all in love lol. These b****** shud visit their shrinks before going public. Thug acting wannabes, Missy E where u at Queen!

  55. Blue Tornado December 19, 2014

    Azealia spoke so much truth and I genuinely see the truth surfacing now. I’ve been a fan of both girls’ music but I always found something off-putting about the way Iggy presented her music and her image. The way she acted and her persona mimicked black culture in a way which stepped on black people to climb higher up. I speak in past tense but Iggy does continue to do this. I wish positivity and good luck to Miss Banks, smart, young talent with star quality.

  56. Michelle Obama December 19, 2014

    Igloo Australia A.K.A. The Runaway Slave “Master” A.K.A. Itchy Areola needs to sit her racist ass down ASAP.
    A message to all black people suffering from racism, stay strong and UNITED. That’s the key, as long as we’re united no s*** can touch us!

    • Michelle Obama December 19, 2014

      PS. We’re working on getting Igloo deported back to Kangeroo Town. That b**** can’t play white supremacy on us. We ain’t hear for that f*ckery, ya dig!? Niggy cannot get away with cultural appropriation and watering down hip-hop like it’s a joke to make her coins. Our culture cannot be stepped on! DUMB B I T C H.

  57. Molly February 5, 2015

    LMFAO the dudes talking to each other and speaking over the female host while she talks about Chanel.

    Double-f*** newsflash dudes Chanel is way bigger than your asses.

  58. Molly February 5, 2015

    ALSO anyone that thinks that IGGY isn’t being racist needs to open a dictionary to to the word PATOIS

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