Everybody Hates Iggy Azalea…But Why?

Published: Monday 22nd Dec 2014 by Rashad
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Some of rap history’s biggest sellers, from Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross to Nelly, Pitbull, and Flo Rida have all had their rap (and street) credibility questioned at one point in their careers.  None listed, however, were rebuked with the intensity of criticism like that aimed at Iggy Azalea.

From barely a buzz to a bulls-eye, she went from obscurity to enemy #1 in just a year.

Besides the unique position of being a white female emcee from Australia who rapped with a southern U.S. accent, not much else surrounded the newcomer’s name initially. In fact, this time last year she seemed poised to take rank with the many other unsung female rappers trying to find a place in the male-dominated game.

Despite backing from one of the genre’s frontrunners (T.I.) and a number of well-prepared videos to boot, success would not knock on the rapstress’s door until the unveiling of the pop-cloaked number ‘Fancy’ and its ‘Clueless’-themed music video. In conjunction with a timely “assistant role” on rising pop starlet Ariana Grande‘s hit ‘Problem,’ Iggy, seemingly out of nowhere, was thrust to the top of mainstream music consciousness.

Undoubtedly a dream come true for any female rapper, especially a Caucasian one traipsing a path so many before her had failed (see:  Sarai, Kreayshawn), that dream would prove itself a nightmare as all but the very genre she pursued would openly embrace her.

Has “winning” caused Iggy to lose hip hop’s respect?

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From ‘Playboy’ magazine labeling her the “modern day Vanilla Ice” to longtime nemesis Azealia Banks slamming her on the regular, Azalea has found foes in some of hip hop’s heaviest hitters (see:  Eminem, J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, & Nicki Minaj).  Scrutinizing everything from her image to her performance style, no aspect of her being has been greeted without reconnaissance since she found commercial success with a bevy of hits and critical success from academies granting her mention on their award tallies.

What is the root of this distaste for one of the year’s biggest artists?

Her content, while not the greatest, is no less trash devoid of artistic value than most of her competitors’ – especially amongst fellow “pop-rappers” Pitbull and Flo Rida who rely on a similar formula for hits.  While her image and credibility are no more contrived than most of her praised competitors, her sonic approach (be it authentic or not) steps on no less toes than the Elvis Presleys, Justin Timberlakes, Robin Thickes, FergiesSam Smiths, and, dare we say it, Eminems of music history.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying that Iggy is completely underserving of some of the criticisms pitched her way. But, we’re just curious of three things:

  1. Why is she any more deserving of hate than some of her white counterparts who have also allegedly “misappropriated Black culture”?
  2. Why aren’t acts of color who’ve dared to venture into non-Urban musical territory not as condemned for “inauthenticity”?
  3. Lastly, why did most wait until she was successful to launch these incessant attacks?

Let us tell it, she’s the same disingenuous Iggy she’s always been.  Yep, long before she dared to utter the words, “First thing’s first…I’m the realest.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. December 22, 2014

    Fcuk her.

    • iggystan December 22, 2014

      Learn to f****** deal plz! Queen Iggy is on a wave of success and these lesser beings cannot with her power! Black people stay jealous. And not every artist has to comment on Eric Garner or Ferguson. It is not their place to be involved in politics and we should stop expecting them to!

      • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! December 22, 2014

        Yo mammy black

      • Paulo December 22, 2014

        so not only you’re a racist pig who changed your screen name but still types with this broken type of English that everyone can tell who you are… you don’t think art and politics go together. “B**** I knew you were dumb… but I ain’t knew you were THAT muhfucking dumb”. (Khia). xoxo

    • Sebastian December 22, 2014

      you must be another uneducated hater.

      • AmbeRussell December 22, 2014

        If u are going to attack her, do it for the right reason. Mikey said she knew 0 jay z 0.o how do u know none of jay z songs but u later come out with an album like bangerz?
        Next, there are black rappers in the game that fake a life. Plies, Rick Ross, lil wayne was reping bloods and crips through out his career. Then the rappers that make bad music about selling drugs, being in gangs, using drugs, rap, calling females b****** and h*** are a bad look for hip hop as they glamorize this lifestyle.
        And anyone can be a rapper. The 1st song to utilize rapping and was a hit single was done by a white woman. Iggy is NOT the 1st musician the hip hop community disses, as black eyed peas, and many others have been criticized.

    • scott December 22, 2014


    • You tried December 22, 2014


  2. iggystan December 22, 2014

    All these black h*** know nothing but jealousy! Queen Iggy slays.

    • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! December 22, 2014

      Yo mammy wuck black diicks

      • iggystan December 22, 2014

        Typical. Nice to see these are the critics fighting Iggy!

    • BeyRihLiyah December 22, 2014

      iggy is a flopping trashy biitch

      • Keke July 25, 2015

        Iggy, Is a one album wonder, It’s a shame BUT 4 whatever reason, the rap-world has not accepted her. Now her world tour Is cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. Nicki, Snoop, Eminem and loads more have dissed her.
        Hopefully she marries that NBA player & lives happily ever after, as that is the only way I can see her making any more cash. As I doubt record sales are….

    • KnowledgeIsPower December 23, 2014

      All these white h*** know nothing but stealing african Americans s***, making a mockery of the music and it’s culture as well as the socioeconomic and political meaning, hearing the truth from Q-Tip about theirignorant actions, and the whining as if anyone gives a f***. They need to get their “Elvis Presley” theif attitude out of here and go suck a black d***!

      • Amelia February 19, 2015

        You sound so educated and eloquent, especially as your cementing response is “go suck a black d’***. Iggy Azaelia is super talented and it’s not her problem that the majority of black people are p*** poor because instead of getting an education they think they’ll be a no.1 rapper, talking about life on the streets etc. Yawn. Get a degree and some accountability so you can blame your absent father and crack taking mother for your lack of success in life. LOVE IGGY

  3. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    ALL of them are loser, who flopped and are targeting her, cos she is weak target.

    Black women hate her cos she is famous for her b*** ( something black women think they own ) and she is DATING A RICH BLACK MAN. BLACK WOMEN THINK RICH BLACK MEN NEED TO NOT DATE OUT.

    • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! December 22, 2014

      Honey u stan for a ho…u r dismissed

    • Ready December 22, 2014

      Eminem is no loser tho

    • hiop hop fan December 22, 2014

      LMAO….. her man is not even cute ……. no one cares about him ……. trust

      • comment bully February 9, 2015

        What in the hell does her man have to do with anything? All yall need to stop with this nonsense. Forreal she’s an entertainer she can say wtf she wants to enertain. Yall just some racist ass country black folks and this is coming from an African American woman. Most of yall don’t even know nothin she made but black widow and fancy but because yall are mindless idiots who cant see things on your own yall follow whatever the crowd says and does. There are many bridges in America pick one to jump off of.

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 23, 2014

      Rita’s another ho who’s culturally confused so don’t even…

  4. iggystan December 22, 2014

    And no one gave Fergie crap because she looks like the meth addict she is. People just cant stand seeing a beautiful white woman in rap. Let it go! Pop music has embraced black people. Why cant rap embrace white people who have charisma and the drive? The amount of talent is subjective but to deny Iggy ha moment? Seethe!

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      THAT I IS! SHE IS beautiful white women WITH A BODY AND DATING A BLACK NBA PLAYER; black women’s worst nightmare come true.

      • hiop hop fan December 22, 2014

        If u believe its because she is white then u dont know anything about rap.
        This happens to everyone.
        Let’s nopt act like Drake isnt the most hated rapper in HIP HOP.
        People came after Nicki and Kanye too
        KRS-ONE and ICe TEa went after Kanye as well as many others.
        Ludacrsi Common and many others have com after Drake…

        WELCOME TO HIP HOP IGGY….. stop pulling the race and victim card girl.

      • hiop hop fan December 22, 2014

        Girl dont nobody want her man

    • FAF December 22, 2014

      fergie is not a rapper.. LMAO
      she does a few rap lines in her POP songs

      • iggystan December 22, 2014

        Except who was around when she was spitting bars? Eve? Missy E? No one challenged Fergie for her spot.

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 23, 2014

      Fergie’s not a culture vulture like Iggy though and isn’t being praised as the next best thing to happen to hip-hop. Fergie isn’t technically a rapper but would be a lot more authentic than Pig. Beautiful is an opinion, one I strongly disagree with, but that’s not the reason we don’t like her. You must be white and ignorant just like your fave.

      • comment bully February 9, 2015

        Well btch I’m black and Nicki is not queen. She’s as fake as u say iggy proclaims to be. U sound so ignorant. And I think u need to just stop typing. U can’t even name a real reason why u don’t like her. Nobody can. Because if it’s not her being white it’s because yall say she’s fake and so is every rapper. And singer. And actor. It’s called “entertainment” h**. How bout u actually listen to her album before u judge. And I can bet u some ol ugly ass dark ass disfigured faced ass m***** lookin ass b**** hatin on her and follow nicking because u can actually understand them simple ass lyrics that make u feel good to say to ur self and promote the hate in ur heart because ur so angry at the world because u came out ugly. Get ur life together dummy.

  5. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    A lot of these black men are the ones who contacted her PR, wanting dates, but she said no

    • Ellie’s Explosion December 22, 2014

      She said no? That’s not what I heard.

  6. Solange Goals December 22, 2014

    They hate her because she has a shady racist past and is being treated as though she’s the best thing to happen to Hip Hop, the same Hip Hop which was made by the same black people to counteract RACIST comments like the ones she’s made.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      EMIMEM had a racist past about black women and many black women still wann suck his d***.

    • comment bully February 9, 2015

      I’m sorry but I dm really don’t think that T.I. of all ppl would bring out a racist. Sorry try again.

  7. Sebastian December 22, 2014

    Because she’s winning, she’s beautiful and doing it well. People forget that she’s a minority: australian in this country. Stop the bullying, she’s a woman.

    • hiop hop fan December 22, 2014

      Well then DRAKE is a minority too b/c he is black and from Canada.
      NO ONE has had is worse than DRAKE except KANYE in terms of other rappers going after him.
      It’s just that the WHITE MEDIA and “wanna be white” media didn’t cover Drake’s beefs as much as her b/c …
      she is white.
      The white media is more into covering her as a victim than when people came for Nicki and Drake.

  8. Everyone’s A Critic December 22, 2014

    I’m sorry, Sam Smiths name should not be among those who are seen as cultural appropriators.. SAMs music is pop ballad. Let’s stop this now! Sam does not try to act black in the slightest… Since all you bigots think “acting black” is a thing. No ones stealing a culture or a sound.

    • IHATEjohnvidal December 22, 2014

      i have to tastefully disagree. Sam smith sings soul music that is quite rhythmic. im not saying that white people can’t have “soul,” but his influences are quite evident in his style of music

      • iggystan December 22, 2014

        but is sam smith a racist? No! not everything is about race ya buffoons.

  9. Mark111 December 22, 2014

    “Every main stream rapper goes through this. Ice, Nelly, Hammer, Flo Rida, even Nicki. People were outrage when LMFAO won Best Rap group at the AMA, and people said they were poo. Same with Pit bull, BoB, Florida, and Nicki with her 2nd album. So save me with the Uggly BS. Where’s her core? Where’s her music before Fancy? Where for her when Em rapped about raping her? T.i can eat a d***”

    Let’s not give credit shall we? Anyway, if you’re going to be called a rapper, or even queen of it, you’re going to face the hate that so many others have. Macklemore and Adle got it last year, but at the end, their talent is undeniable (well, for Adele). I’m sick of the “poor little white girl” mess when Nicki went through the same thing. “She’s not rap, she’s pop”. She may be flopping now, but she got through it. Can Iggly? And I would love to hear pree fancy Iggy.

    • New classic December 22, 2014

      YouTube her videos you dumbass. Been rockin with this girl since 2012. Do your research.

      • Mark111 December 22, 2014

        Oh look, a random new Uggly stan. Kiss the tip of my d***.

    • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

      Preach!!! rashaad where was this article when some of those other artist received equal amounts of hate????? All of a sudden, it’s happening to this poor little white girl that doesn’t have a trace of her Australian influence in her music, it deserves 30 articles? I’m sure if the Forbes didn’t right that article, none of this wouldn’t have happened. I see that you left that little important rod bit out.

    • Tkuol December 22, 2014

      Nicki did not get dragged anywhere NEAR as badly as Iggy. Let’s be real for a moment now.

      • hiop hop fan December 22, 2014

        Nicki was dragged.
        Iggy is not getting dragged anymore than Drake …
        Drake still gets dragged by other rappers ….. poor baby

      • Nicki is queen!!! December 23, 2014

        Nicki got ‘dragged’ A LOT though, don’t be silly. And again comparing anything from Iffy to Nicki is ridiculous. Iggy will get dragged to her demise because Hip-Hop will not accept her, EVER!

  10. New classic December 22, 2014

    Like nicki said…”you know what scares people? Success”!!!!!! THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN HER.

  11. Sebastian December 22, 2014

    Black people are racist to her and then they call her racist. I just can’t…

    • KnowledgeIsPower (Young Educated Black Kid) December 23, 2014

      No one is racist towards her. It’s the fact that she being disrespectful heavily disregarding the historical and cultural meaning being hip-hop. Eminem didn’t disrespect the culture of hip hop and now he is among the greats living happily. It’s all about the learning, accepting, and respecting other peoples culture rather than seeing it as a cash cow.

      • diob December 27, 2014

        How exactly did she disrespect the culture???? Making a sterotypical comment is not disprespecting the culture? she said she has wanted to be a rapper for a long time. She had 3 songs that went no where before fancy so to say she is using it as a cash cow is completely and utterly incorrect.

  12. xtina fan December 22, 2014

    No one was saying this when she had her Mixtapes, no one came after her when she released work, bounce, change your life but as soon as she reached the top spot on the charts she’s this, she’s that, blah blah blah…

    • New classic December 22, 2014

      EXACTLYYYYYYYY. Nobody gives a f*** about you until you become competition.

    • Uknowdakid December 22, 2014

      The truth

    • Tkuol December 22, 2014

      You speak the truth. Iggy did not come from obscurity. It’s not like no one had ever heard of her and then BAM “Fancy” came out. There was definitely buzz about her based off of her mixtapes and singles like Work, Live Your Life, etc. It’s when she started becoming successful that people bitched.

  13. Amina December 22, 2014

    A friend of mine works in Mercury and they told me that the label heads in the industry like her but other artists don’t because they’ve heard rumours about her linked to prostitution.

    • xtina fan December 22, 2014

      A friend of mine works with her and said she use to sell unicorns to fairies… yes I can make up b******* too.

      • Amina December 22, 2014

        Erm no dear, my friend actually told me this and it falls in line with the threat Anonymous made towards her this week.
        She made a s** tape and it’s been floating around the industry for a very long time. You don’t have to believe me, because the truth will out sooner or later.

      • xtina fan December 22, 2014

        Lol I’m kidding.. I can somewhat believe she has a risqué past as certain pictures she doesn’t like to be posted of her on the Web from years ago and makes people delete them

  14. TheElusiveLamb December 22, 2014

    Because she’s wack and winning. Hello. To me though it’s not that serious. I mean most have ghostwriters and talk in fake accents and even more. I have no problem with Iggy. She should start making diss records instead of whining on Twitter. Be the Goddess who you claim to be. I don’t know how people can be so offended and use Iggy as the scape goat when 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Young Thug, and etc STILL exist.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      MANY ACTS ARE WACK – that means nothing if they churn out hITS.

    • iggystan December 22, 2014

      Exactly. What about Diddy? He famously uses ghostwriters and is a successful black male. No one gives him ish.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        Lies, you people have selective memory. Diddy use to get dragged for fifth. He was infamously known as “Mr. shinny suit man”!

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      THE spice girls were hardly En vogue but they took over the music industry. SO what do u mean wack ?

  15. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    Iggy album is better than Trina,. Jacki O, Eve Khia, Amil. Sole, Yoyo, Brina Perry, Charli Baltimore. SHE is better than of of them. Azlea Banks is not Lauren Hill, Lil Kim and her album is not miseducation.

    Iggy album is good; she tells a story about being overlooked, she does not mention race( she will on next LP ) and she talks about grinding at 16. She has dancehall song with movado that pays respect to Patra. She, unlike most rapper, fused pop and trap – nick pop sings are sack.

    BWET – THAT is not RAP; It is some MIA, Santagold, neneh cherry fake ass wannabe. in fact, it sounds like in cohesive mess of techno beats and mumblings of ” n****” , ” french vanilla ” and ” m***********” She does note tell a story, all she dopes is mumble that she is chocolate and loves white men.

    There is not a single ‘single’ on BWET – it sounds like music u hear when u shop in boutique; or even a set in Ibiza. It is not an album; it is mis mash of eclectic techno sounds. Iggy HAS SINGLES that can get played on radio. EVEN 212 was her mumbling in simpsons voice.

    She does not have beauty, s** appeal and cannot be marked. A bansk as never gonna be a crossover star – she does not have the looks.

    • HYISI December 22, 2014

      Are you serious? All of those female rappers you listed are better rappers than her!

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        JACKI O is better than her?


        STOP playing.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        P**** REAL GOOD by JACKI O is not better than CHANGE YA LIFE OR BLACK WIDOW. TRINA HAS NEVER MADE A GOOD SONG, her only good song is NANN with TRICK DADDY. SOLE? SHE had 1 hot verse on JT money/

        Charli baltimore? That money song is not as good as WORK. EVE was only good when she was in Fuff Ryders, after that she became sack, which is why she got dropped. YOYO? her only good song was rapping on romantic call with patra.Khia? She was gimmick.

        Missy, lil Kim, Nicki. Salt and Peppa, FOXY BROWN Queen Latifah, Lady of rage, Lauren Hill MC lute, Bahamdia and em are the best female rappers……BUT AZALEA BAKS IS NOT EVEN ON THEIR LEVELS. YALL make it seem that A banks is FOXY BROWN – SHE is not, she is MIA wannabe, who mules on techno beats.. SO iggy is GOOD, not Foxy or KIM, but better than a lot of rappers.

      • iggystan December 22, 2014

        That is a matter of opinion. The fact of the matter is Iggy is winning and hardworking!

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      SHE has a disgusting attitude which stereotypes black women, and would have gotten her fired from ANY JOB. Did u hear what SHE DID TO DIscloure and Bauer?

      Disclosure: She bragged that she had the best studio session; they said they just sat and ate sushi – they downplayed it. Then….she attacked them and they said, ” we made your beat in the car”

      Bauer – Used his beat without permission; then tried to ambush him in Restaurant in Miami, months later.

      Rita ORA – a former friend WHO SHE WANTED TO WORK WITH……Was a a festival and and was jealous of Rita, who by this time had some hits out; went on twitter and said Rita making feel intimidated and stole her jelly sandals. Rita said, ” I will see ur motherfukcing ass at the tour” Banks ran to the airport

      Coldplay manager: Accused him on twitter of beating and raping her

      AND the list goes on. She was never gonna make iT. SO let not ever tai about this monster AGAIn

  16. All4Janet December 22, 2014

    The stupidity in this thread is so real.
    “Nobody gave a damn about her during her mix tapes.” EXACTLY! So people want to know why someone who literally didn’t even have it in them to make any serious impact independently is being treated as though they’re on par with Katy Perry or Rihanna.

    When it comes to talent Iggy is on a 4 but her machine is on a 10. Why is that? It’s because her record label believe her white skin is going to guarantee they make a whole lot of money out of her.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if she was Pop but she wants to be seen as Hip-Hop. The problem is that Hip-Hop was born out of the African-American experience and record labels have stolen from this experience and INTENTIONALLY given money to white artists to do the same thing black artists created.

    If this isn’t something you think is real you should read a history book because even Elvis acknowledged this in his prime.

    Nobody gave Fergie hell because her talent is on par with her push and because she’s authentic.
    Are we forgetting that Britney’s most celebrated album to date is an urban one? Nobody accused her of doing what Iggy does because it was NATURAL not forced.

    • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

      Thank you for your post!!! dead on!!!

  17. HYISI December 22, 2014

    Reading comments on tgj are tiring,if you don’t get why people don’t like the worst female rapper in history, you never will.

  18. December 22, 2014

    when did nicki hate on her, only thing she did was say people should write there own stuff, when she was giving her speech at the BET awards,that was it and upto this day she not even address iggy personal.some media and fans always be making up sh!t, even if she don’t really like her she haven’t come out and say it are int to anything like that.

  19. Beysus December 22, 2014

    I don’t hate her simply cause she’s white… I hate her because she’s crap! Her music, her voice, the fact that Azealia doesn’t like her… I mean that’s enough for me! Girl Byeee!!!

  20. B**** I Can’t Even Stand Welfare December 22, 2014

    No one hates Iggy. Seriously.

    She does bad hip pop. She’ll never make a significant album.

    The problem with her is that she is being deemed THE BEST hip hop artist. Well, that is going to be a problem because her discography does not support the claim. Couple this fact with her use of verbal blackface and voilà.

    She is one of the reasons why I don’t listen to ignorant hop.

    Thank god for Kendrick!

    *replays Colbert performance*

  21. tits mcgee December 22, 2014

    Once again we see how ignorant you house negros, and white trash racist are.

    The problem with Iggy is she is not authentic.

    If she would rap how she speaks, and not steal another woman’s name in the game, then it would be cute.

    We have no problem with Ke$ha for example, because she is HERSELF. Hell even Deborah Harry, who did the 1st white girl rap in ‘rapture’ was herself, so we embraced it.

    No one is jealous of this girl, it’s what she represents, b******* and mockery, with no respect for the game.

    Further proof, I am not biased is when I saw Nicki, singing into a turkey drumstick, I called out that, and other thing she has done, so shut up, crying that we are being mean to the poor white girl.

    Iggy proves she’s not a real MC, by always boohooing on Twitter, bitxh write some bars and spit em out dummy.

    Eminem, Everlast, the Beastie Boys, and many other white artist, had genuine love for the rap genre..

    • Sebastian December 22, 2014

      you want Iggy to write some bars against Azealia? it’s exactly what Banks wants. Free promo. She’s not stupid.

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Why don’t you stop with the smoke and mirror’s. She has a list of people in rap, who have come for her(look at the pic at the top) and her fingers stayon Twitter and not writing bars, because she has limited talent obviously.

        You’re right Ms. Banks would love, Iggy to come for her, because she would bury Iggy lyrically and in spittin’!!

        No question about that!! 🙂

      • LTM December 22, 2014

        Plenty of rappers air out their issues on Twitter now. Its 2014, not 2002. Beefs do not sell records anymore so they serve no purpose in hip-hop. Hence why almost no one relevant beefs anymore. Azealia wouldn’t do anything but proof she is a one-trick pony with a beef. Same flow over same beat using the same words that no one can understand what she’s saying. Remember when she tried to battle Angel Haze and got chewed up and spit out? She’s already proven she’s all talk.

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        @LTM, you have a point, rappers do use Twitter for most beefs, not all like Iggy.

        I have yet to hear her spit something to her naysayers, just whining on Twitter.

        I mean even Nicki does sublimals against Kim.

        She’s a rapper, a few should reflect her issues, it’s not all about sales, it’s about cultivating a following, through your rhymes, not just pop fluff.

        This is why she will remain on a Vanilla Ice level, and not have longevity in the game.

        Even MC wrote a Eminem diss song, Iggy can’t?


    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014

      Educate the peasants!

      Why do people act like Michael McDonald, Teena Marie, Eminem, The Beastie Boys, Mac Miller, etc… don’t exist?

      They have ALL been given their props because they have the skills to back it up. Like, are people purposely being obtuse?

      NO ONE CARES THAT IGGY IS WHITE. It’s about her approach.

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Thank you @BitchICan’t!!! These less than smart people act like she is the 1st white person in hip hop culture.

        If us blacks are so racist(oxymoron) against whites, then why do we respect and love, the artists, you and I listed.

        These people are nuts up in here. Lmao!!

    • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

      @tits I love you. Lmao

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Right back @ you @Truth Serum!! Lmao!! All these Uncle Tom’s and Uncle Jessie’s, mad cause people calling out the phuckery, surrounding this chick.

        You were right on point yesterday Nick received, the same backlash, for her antics and doing rap pop, and to Nicki’s credit, she used it as fuel, for her rhymes.

        I forgot black people don’t get to have an opinion on whites, unless it to kiss their asses.

        Oops. They will deal. Lol!

  22. HistoryTeacher December 22, 2014

    Expecting people who know nothing about history to understand why Hip Hop and R&B belongs to black people is like finding a needle in a haystack 2bh.

    Hip Hop and R&B were LI.TE.RA.LLY. invented by black americans as a form of expression to cope with the oppression they were experiencing. When corporations saw how popular it was within white audiences they started finding white alternatives they thought those audiences could relate to easier.

    There’s NOTHING wrong with this is the white artist is talented and genuinely likes the music, but it becomes very sinister when someone like Iggy (who has said a lot of racist things in the past) comes along rapping in a southern accent, fails to fly independently but is given a wad of cash and promotion to turn her into a superstar even though she doesn’t have the talent to BE a superstar.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014


  23. Sarah December 22, 2014

    Iggy’s hot right now and people who haven’t had a career in years are using her to try to restart their careers. People say if Iggy was black she would be on mixtape sites and still unsigned, but she was for a while. She’s released several mixtapes so it’s not like she instantly took off, she’s had to work for it just like anyone else has. Iggy has a hate bandwagon going on right now and it’s convenient for artists to hop on this trend just like they do with their music.

  24. Fancy BISH December 22, 2014

    One #1 hit, two top 5 hits, one top 20 hit, and one top 40 hit…and a gold album…and she’s a threat? She’s really making you feel some type of way? This is silly….Beastie Boys, initially signed to Def Jam (Iggy’s label), sold 9 million copies of their debut album (1986)…Eminem, over 10 million (1999)….Vanilla Ice, 15 million (1990)…why so aggie at Iggy?

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      BUT, this is 2014. WHO is selling 10 mill as debut act, doing females rap?

  25. Alex December 22, 2014

    The big problem for me is tjat she can’t rap or sing!

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      SHE CAN RAP. WHAT she is doing is rapping. Can you record a song with 16 bars?
      She can rap bette than A banks, who mumbles and says the same thing over again.

      • BarbBey December 22, 2014

        There is a difference between rapping and rapping well with SKILL.

      • Alex December 22, 2014

        I don’t compare her to anybody so why bring up Azelia Banks?, she maybe trying to rap but it sounds more like talking. Here voice is so annoying.

  26. pat December 22, 2014

    Its the medias fault. Tryna make her the king of rap after one big pop hit. People aren’t having it

  27. Rosie December 22, 2014

    I would have no problem with all the dragging if 80% of the people dragging her weren’t nobodies that haven’t been semi-relevant since 2002.
    And death at the “if she wasn’t white she would still be on datpiff!!1” b*******. Iggy’s been doing mixtapes for years before Fancy took off and had multiple singles since 2012. Dead at them acting like Fancy was her first release when her album dropped right before it was even top 10.

    • Ready December 22, 2014

      None of her mix tapes were praised like she was the next comment of jesus of hip hop tho

      • Ready December 22, 2014


      • Rosie December 22, 2014

        And neither was Fancy. Death at a few irrelevants getting mad over a Forbes article that no one read. Who the f*** actually reads Forbes other than their “Richest ______” lists anyway? And they sure weren’t getting heated when Pu$$y was getting a biT of hype in 2012.

  28. Jennifer December 22, 2014

    1. The entire industry knows about her “s***” past.
    2. The entire industry knows who writes her lyrics for her.
    3. A lot of bloggers like Miss Jia, Kid Fury and David don’t like her because she never acknowledges what they did for her back in ’12.

    And another thing, this has got nothing to do with her race because any serious Hip Hop head knows that Deborah Harry was one of the first people to EVER rap on a song. This is about a girl who has no discernible talent being promoted as though she IS very talented in an arena filled with people whose voices she parodies.

    • BigT January 3, 2015

      Rappers Delight was the first rap song (1980) Kurtis Blow’s hit “these are the breaks” (1981) came out long before Ms Harry,,,
      ,,,, ask the older folk,,, we will educate you.

  29. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    PEOPLE used to LOVE IGGY before they found out she was white.

  30. Queen iggy the run away s**** master December 22, 2014

    Everyone is just mama that Iggy is the new queen of all music. get over it and quit being bitter people.

  31. BadGyalRita December 22, 2014

    It doesn’t matter what any of us thinks because the gp’s voice is the loudest. #11k.

  32. Kitty Puurrzz December 22, 2014

    It’s obvious they hate Iggy because they are jealous. ALOT of them feel like they are more talented & better lyricist than Iggy(which majority of them are) but the public isn’t giving them half the attention they are giving Iggy. So they think it’s unfair. They need to realize THATS NOT IGGYS FAULT. The consumers buy what they want. No one forces us to support Iggy. We like her.

    • BeyxMaraj December 22, 2014

      Lol, you like her but you ain’t buying shitt. #11k

  33. d December 22, 2014

    I truly feel bad for her. i mean looking from the outside in (as we all are) it seems that she is constantly being put down for doing something that she loves. many things bother me about what these rappers and people in music are saying about her because they are acting as if she has not endured a struggle or because she is from another country she can’t be part of hip-hop. or for that matter because she is a white female she can’t posibbly be able to spit.

    it seems to me that those who are criticizing her are those who are jealous of her success and the fact that she has seemed to find a demographic to appeal to and it is working for her. i mean haven’t the Nicki’s and beyonces and even my beloved rihanna in some form tried to crossover to appeal to the “white” demographic. so don’t get mad because she is doing the same thing.

    furthermore, everyone keeps blasting her which is only causing her to gain more and more fame and notoriety whether good or bad. why not just leave her alone and let her stand on her own two feet. if she is as good as her grammy nominations and immediate success we will know and her skills will speak for themselves. if she isn’t then she will falter. but why bring someone down who is only making money and doing what they want to do. it doesn’t make sense. its jealous and hatred from blacks that kills me.

    and on top of ALL of that, why don’t some of these rappers and singers who are going in on her taking our culture go around and tell these wannabe teenage white kids to stop saying the “n” word…. they don’t get mad at them for that but want to get mad at Iggy for wanting to rap…. go sit down and write something grammy worthy…

  34. BeyRihLiyah December 22, 2014

    iggy is a flopping trashy biitch the reason why she constantly gets dragged is because everyone from the GP to her peers in the industry see’s right through her

  35. Texas December 22, 2014

    You guys don’t even want to know the real reason people feel brave enough to get at her in the way they do.
    Think about it, these celebs must know SO MUCH S*** about every other celeb but wouldn’t dare call them out on it.
    Ask yourself why all these celebrities feel absolutely no way about dissing Iggy? It’s because they know exactly how she got to where she is today and know she has more to lose than they do if it comes out.
    BELIEVE me when I say her s** tape drama is more complex than people even realize.

  36. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    Rihanna and Beyonce like her. They are successful and light skin. They only people who hate are are dark skin people flops.

  37. Lovely rose December 22, 2014

    We have a right to feel some type of way towards Iggy I mean she is not the best and the fact that she wins awards etc is ludicrous. A black person can never go in to the country music scene and be called the best and magazines will never have the nerve to say “country music is black” so why can black people not be annoyed at what they are trying to do with iggy???

  38. BarbBey December 22, 2014

    The other day someone on here asked Iggy fans for something and they ignored him/her so I’ll ask again.

    If you wanna know why people don’t take her seriously as a rapper, copy and paste ANY verse from ANY Iggy song and annotate the lyrics and when you’re done count the number of metaphor and double entrendres you find.

  39. Anon December 22, 2014

    Because EVERYTHING about her is a lie.
    I won’t go into it but I’ll say this…..



    • BeyxMaraj December 22, 2014

      Loool, spill the tea girl.

  40. Ready December 22, 2014

    If Iggy were black she would never in 400 years received this much media attention

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      THAT is cos black female rappers are not as pretty as her.

  41. Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 22, 2014

    If you’re dope, you’re dope. People will give you your respect if you deserve it.

    What people are not going to respect is if you are paraded around as the second coming in hip hop and you have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Period.

    The Iggy apologist deflect away from her (lack of) talent and focus on race because that’s all they have. No one cares that Iggy is white. Several talented and commercially successful white artists, who contribute brilliantly to traditional black cultural forms, have been welcomed in black culture.

    But when you’re wack, you’re wack and Iggy is wack.

    What’s even more hilarious is that Iggy apologist actually thought that Lupe was defending her when he called her music “twerking and p**sy music.” Yeah, they’re a dense bunch.

    • Paulo December 22, 2014

      ok you always post interesting and intelligent stuff IMO so I’m curious… what about all the other black female rappers who been hussling and don’t seem to get a break nowadays? are they all “wack” too?

  42. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    IGGY; the name been popping:

    1ST AND ONLY Female on XXL FRESHMAN cover – which had A banks steaming angry. YET ABanks does not even make the type of music that XXL readers like and she is not down with anyone. IGGY was down with TI

    She signed to Wilhelmina Models and was face of Levi’s and Henry Holland shades. Iggy Azelea; the name been pippin.

    She has done the hop hop thing and released lots of mix tapes, which everyone loved.

    PEOPLE SAY SHE IS NOT HIP HOP and cannot rap, but her song P**** SOUNDS LIKE TO RAP TO ME; it is not rock or pop. She lived in Texas, Miami and the ATL and worked with member of dungeon family, which is why she sounds SOUTHERN AND IS CRUNK – leaner people’s backstory before u judge. She used to live on street called Azealea street – azalea is flower.

    On my world, she raps about begin Aussie and white b****. SHE RAPS ABOUT BEING WHITE AND FROM DOWN UNDR F*** YALL. MY WORLD IS RAP SONG. She produced lots of video free styling on youtube – how much hip hop can y’all get?

    She grinded harder than A bansk. Has A banks ever worked with anyone from rap game?

    Runaway s**** lyrics? A BLACK MAN WROTE IT FOR HER; to was take on kendrick lamar. It was meant to be satire. Obviously she cannot be a s****, so they flipped it

  43. M Dot December 22, 2014

    The best part about this Iggy saga is that it proves how little people know about black history. The media only shows you ONE side so you think that is the only side that exists and it makes people uncomfortable when they have to explain why they like/don’t like something but don’t have a substantial answer to give.

    Aside from her rapping style which she stole from Kid Sister Iggy’s past is the biggest reason nobody in the industry respects her. She hopped from rapper to rapper hoping to get put on and is a known industry pass-around and was blacklisted in 2012 because she got on the wrong side of Jimmy Iovine which is why she HAD to move to the England and get a deal there and her manager pulled every trick in the book to get her signed to a US recording label (Def Jam)

    Like someone above said before me, you don’t have to believe this stuff but ask yourself why ALL these people are picking on her when she hasn’t done anything to them.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      A BANKS STOLE HER STYLE FROM MIA AND NENEH CHEERY only she does not have their looks or talent and she ill never achieve what they have.

      • M Dot December 22, 2014

        Oh poor thing, do you think you said anything worth taking notice of? I have FACTS about Iggy my dear and so does the rest of the industry so I want you to do something for me. Tweet Iggy and ask her about Tiny Lister. Get back to me when she replies.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        Iggy has lawyers. CASE CLOSED. U can touch her.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      AS OF BLACK WOMEN DONT F*** AROUND. BLACK WOMEN ARE TEH epitome of industry p****. even trapping n***** with babies that might not be there’s

      JIMMY is not even at interscope and she was not blacklisted. he wanted her; she said she is the new TUPAC. AAzlea Banks said if u sign her, I won’t sign. WELL. which label lost ? Where is Azlea Banks?

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      und and was blacklisted in 2012 because she got on the wrong side of Jimmy Iovine which is why she HAD to move to the England and get a deal there and her manager pulled every trick in the book to get her signed to a US recording label (Def Jam)
      Like someone above said before me, you don’t have to believe this stuff but ask yourself why ALL these people are picking on her when she hasn’t done anything to them.

      AND IT WORKED…….COS SHE WENT ON SELL MILLIONS AND GET endorsement deals with steve madden and forever 21, as well as book tours and A banks is rotting in a roach filled apartment in Harlem.

    • Paulo December 22, 2014

      the hell does her p**** game got to do with her rapping skills? why is her talent supposed to be analyzed in relation to her s** life?

      these people are picking on her because of mysogyny and apparently so are you!

  44. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    NAS, THE KING ON NYC RAP, HAD HER ON HIS EUROPEAN TOUR,HE id not ask a BANKS did he? Beyonce came to all her shows and invited her to OPEN FOR HER IN AUS. She did not ask A banks, did she?

    Those who say she is not a rapper and cannot rap. listen it ignorant Art. If that is not rap, what is it? Opera? MIA is ASIAN, but she raps with Jamaican street accent. Y’all saying nothing. IGGY lived in the south for 5 years. Y’all trying living in Paris 4 5 years. Y’all be speaking French.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 22, 2014

      Waiiiiittttttt, did you just bring up the BRILLIANT M.I.A. to make a point about why Iggy shouldn’t be criticized?

      M.I.A. is dope! Again, this is about talent. Bad, bad comparison.

      Also, French is a language. Not a dialect. Thus, if an American moved to France they would be speaking French with an American dialect (given where said person actually is from in the states).


  45. Old school December 22, 2014

    All this poor me I’m the victim media publicity and her album still ain’t gold yet?

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      It came out in april and its at 450k. When she wins the grammy; it will be past gold.

      • Mark111 December 22, 2014

        She’s not winning a grammy just like she didn’t win a VMA.

  46. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 22, 2014


  47. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    LOOKS like Nicki Minaj is over in THE UK. That IGGY UK REIGN. NICKI came in at 22 with only 17k

    • Ready December 22, 2014

      And what are iggys numbers there?

  48. No Mediocre 305 December 22, 2014

    Y’all black folk don’t even know dumb you look because it was BLACK FOLK that first put her on.
    If I recall correctly wasn’t it the BLACK Miss Jia and the BLACK DavidGrapeJuice who promoted her like their EBT cards depended on it back in the day?

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 22, 2014

      True that! Tip knew that she was a cash cow waiting to happen.

      He was only following Dre and Timbaland’s lead, except there is one huge difference Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Iggy.

      2 of them are very talented while the other one…well…nevermind.

      Let me stop, they keep telling black people the only reason they don’t like Iggy is because she is white.

    • ~The Arcade~ December 22, 2014

      Umm in case you haven’t noticed t.i is also being slammed left and right for co-signing her… he’s also lost a lot of people’s respect… as for tgj we already knew about their bias journalism. so meh!

  49. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    looks like NICKI is coming to an end. IGGY is now the queen of rap/ OOP.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 22, 2014

      LOL @ you thinking Iggy will be the queen of rap. Don’t ruin the moment. You’re pushing it.

    • Ready December 22, 2014

      Lol you are funny iggys numbers aren’t even close to Nicki flop numbers 🙂

  50. Don’tPhunkWithMyFerg December 22, 2014

    If you think Iggy shouldn’t have made it past 2011 blame David the Barb and his shameless brand of artist plugging.

  51. Lana Tropicana December 22, 2014

    Did someone mention Tiny Lister? Bloop, you girls know more than I thought.

  52. ok December 22, 2014

    hey yo what is Nicki’s picture doing there? were is jcole

  53. Rosie December 22, 2014

    Did Onika really do 17K the week before Christmas in the UK with EMAs promo and TWO top 10 hits before release?
    She is DONE outside of the US.

    • Rosie December 22, 2014

      BTW: The New Classic peaked at #5.

    • Ready December 22, 2014

      She sure did but what were iggys debut numbers?

  54. AzealiaBankbale December 22, 2014

    Re David the Barb and Iggy: He started off with Kreayshawn and then decided to go with Iggy but NEVER once thought about Azealia, I know he’s never been rude about her or anything but it’s kind of f***** up that a black blogger decided to promote a white girl with no talent and not the black girl with talent.
    I’m convinced he was being paid to promote the both of them (Iggy and Kreay) because he wrote a thread similar to this one called “There’s Something About Kreayshawn” and a few months later we find out that that’s the name of her album.

  55. OMG Logic!!! December 22, 2014

    Just a bunch of racist, xenophobic, jealous, sexist, hasbeens. Iggy is the hot, young, successful IT girl, and all of these losers can’t handle a beautiful White girl succeeding in the Rap industry.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 22, 2014

      Or in the case of Azelia Banks-Never been. Chica’s career never even got off the ground.

  56. Tyler December 22, 2014

    If Iggy was black she wouldn’t be “winning”… because SHE CANT RAP. That’s why I don’t like her.

    Oh, and the fact that she’s mocking the black people that she was, not too long ago, making racially offensive remarks about…is an added bonus.

    Why tf that so hard for some to understand is mind boggling to me.

  57. BeyxMaraj December 22, 2014

    She’s an untalented h**, who needs TI for every verse in a song.

  58. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014

    This would be a great time for Iggy’s manager Sarah Stennett to call Diana Sawyer for a sit down interview.

    She could cement her victim status and, in the process, become the biggest pop star in the world behind Taylor Swift. Hop to it girls because the music is never going to take you there.

    • Miss Jones December 22, 2014

      Email this to her team ASAP!!

  59. Navy Nick December 22, 2014

    If I were IGGY I would just smile, and keep on keeping on…. Ain’t nobody worried about these people. I love and respect all of them, but they need to just put out music, and not hate on someone who is enjoying her life! U don’t like it, don’t listen, that’s what I do.

  60. Miss Jones December 22, 2014

    For the record, Anonymous will not leak those supposed “screenshots”. That particular “anon” is shunned by the rest of the collective, and I believe his Twitter account was suspended last time I checked. But the way I see it Hip Hop has been destroyed since the early 2000s when all we wanted to do was find out what the new ignorant dance of the week was. I’m not here for Iggy. I think her flow is wack and is only saved by the pop artists she tacks onto her tracks, but what about the regular hip hop artists who only rap about money they don’t really have (360 deals), material possessions (that they’re borrowing from the record label in their music videos aka frontin’), and calling females b****** and h***, drugging them, and then begging them for s**? Where is the Twitter outrage for that?

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 22, 2014

      Those types of rappers are routinely called out. They have been called out for years using various forms a media. The problem is: they keep getting signed. Ignorant rap has the backing of the machine. This is what they will continue to pump out. These same rappers have also not been deemed the best artists that hip hop has to offer. Iggy, on the other hand, has absolutely been called the best in hip hop so people are going to look at her creative output and determine whether or not it’s true.

      • Miss Jones December 22, 2014

        Good point! But then that begs the question if we’re going to say Iggy isn’t the best Hip Hop has to offer, then what are we going to offer up instead without embarrassing ourselves as a race and culture?

  61. ok December 22, 2014

    hey yo what is Nicki’s picture doing there? were is jcole..
    the answers to rashad questions is this
    1:she is being accused more because Em is pro black;but she gave stupid answers to azealia banks when banks was talking real shits and Iggy was talking about success
    2:cos Iggy is inauthentic and the media trying to make her what she is not see (capital FM,Forbes etc) her 11k ..
    3: fancy was successful on early this year and the criticism comes from late this year and because if a black artists did fancy it wouldn’t have reigned because we will not know it look at dejloaf now
    personally, to me I don’t think Iggy is too much racist but she is ignorant because she wanna just rap and be nominated in rap categories and be known for rapping but she don’t wanna take what came with it like criticism
    Nicki was criticized more for going pop go dig up past comments..when super bass was a hit people started calling it pop and Nicki faced critism; but now same Nicki haters defending fancy..
    to that ora fan, u are defending Iggy cause she got Rita her first top10..lmaoo but remember Rita loves Nicki and even quote her lyrics on twitter
    I’m out of here….I don’t hate any celeb but I always notice fault when things go corny but check it out which rapper has worked with Iggy apart from TI?
    and u guys should remember celebrities knows things in industry that we don’t know…*takes a bow*
    *drops mic*
    now answer me: why is it that fancy was nominated in the best pop category in the Grammy when she is rap according to grammys rules the lead act would be nominated in her genre…why is Iggy the new classic nominated in grammys for TNC with 59 metacritic score and Nicki Minaj PF:RR with 62 and was not nominated?
    answer me again: why is that banks talked about many things in the interview and Iggy chose to talk about successes?

    • Paulo December 22, 2014

      the last question: cause Iggy still bitter about Azealia getting her dropped.

  62. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Aquarius” Now In Stores) December 22, 2014

    Let’s be honest here when you’re in that show and prove lane it can be tough but this is not the ordinary. I’m still a little bit lost on why people dislike her so much. I remember hearing about Iggy prior “Fancy” and you can see that her recent success wasn’t overnight. And let’s be honest again the “fancy” record is not trash compared to the other rap records this year. So Azealia Banks….. what she said about that record not deserving a Grammy nom is a stretch but I do agree with her sentiments on “white privileges” and the ever constant “black appropriation.” But where was ALL these “Pro Black Artists” when Miley was using black people(dancers) as props last year? Where were these same people when Justin Bieber started appropriating black culture for his own gain? I even saw a tweet by Azealia complimenting Miley last year… WTH?!? Iggy said some things but she apologized but if the recent rumor of her shutting down an Eric Garner protester in a negative way… then we have a problem. I just don’t see why it’s big issue all of a sudden because she got the hottest record of the year and the accolade noms….. The problem right now in music is not Iggy but it’s the consumers and the labels that are causing an imbalance in music and that needs to be addressed.

  63. MISHKA December 22, 2014

    There go my 2 cents:

    1.It has to do with the fact that she’s a woman more than the fact she is white. Eminem and Macklemore never got so much backlash.

    2. It also has to do with the fact she tries to take the long road instead of getting down and dirty, therefore everybody talks thinking she’s weak. If this was Miley Cyrus or Pink, you bet everybody would know what time it is by now because those girls talked back.

    3. It has to do with the fact that T.I is not considered a heavyweight in the hip hop game. If she was Jay-Z, Diddy or Dr Dre protegee, everybody would have let it slide and let her do her thing.

    4. It has to do with the fact that out of all people, she is dating some random NBA player. Girlfriend needs to date a heavyweight in your industry who will keep you safe and defend her honour.

    My advice to Iggy Azaela: Igloo, you need a soldier, whether it is a powerful mentor or a boyfriend with real connections in the hip hop game.

    Keep your head up girl. And talk back. This is hip hop, so “go in and let have”. And ask Jay-Z to sign you on Roc Nation Management.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      SHE came to a foreign country at 16 and got her break at 24. HOW much harder can it get? DO u know how hard to get VISA to work in the USA? WHAT grind has azalea banks had? She went to lagaurdia.

      Rihanna never took the long road. TI is the king of the south and who said she needs Dre behind her. Your logic is dumb. I am sure JAY Z would have signed her. He tried to sign a female rapper from the UK called lady sovereign. Roc nation is whack label.

      Random? He plays for the lakers. Who is Azlean bansk dating? She does not need to date anyone, other than who she loves. SHE used to date ASAP ROCKY –

      She has industry connections, behind the scene, she said the advise her every move. ROC nation management? LOL LOL they f***** up Kyle and Shakira; RITA ORA AND IGGY have the same amazing manager, Sarah Tennet, who juts won a award SHE IS GOOD, that is why IGGY POPPIN with tours and DEALS with forver 21 and steve madden

      • MISHKA December 22, 2014

        “Rita Ora can win an oscar” —- Mmmmmkay

  64. IKeepG@ysHumble December 22, 2014

    1. “Why is she any more deserving of hate than some of her white counterparts who have also allegedly” “misappropriated Black culture” “?

    The problem is that her music(which suck’s BTW) and artistry(see fake accent etc) doesn’t match the annointation made by the media and her so called” fan’s” (who only come out of the woodworks to troll on forum’s like these, yet can’t find their way to nearest shop and purchase her album) about her. Eminem, Yelawolf etc also faced the wrath Iggy is currently facing but they had the TALENT AND RESPECT(see her past tweets) (neither which Iggy possess) to back it up. Her skin colour plays a part in this. Being that huge money is pumped into her and her mediocrity. Yet a black mediocre rapper doesn’t get the acclaim or promo she gets. Miley was also heavily criticised and Taylor as well especially for that Shake It Off video. Even Lily Allen for the Hard Out Here video.

    2. “Why aren’t acts of colour who’ve dared to venture into non-Urban musical territory not as condemned for “unauthenticity”?

    I remember Ne-Yo, Usher etc being dragged to the pits of Helheim for embracing EDM music?. They were called sell-outs among other name’s. Beyonce was also scrutinised about her IASF album. With some saying she had stepped too far from the sounds of her 2nd album B Day.

    3. ” Lastly why did most wait until she was successful to launch these incessant attacks”?

    Someone above me said it perfectly. The media will only tell you one side of the story and often times a biased one at that. They’re making her to be bigger and better than she really is. And isn’t she being marketed as a raptress?? Yet it’s a problem when her work is being critiqued. Her art doesn’t cosign with how the media portrays her. She entered one of the toughest music genre’s, one that isn’t kind to inauthentic phonies like her. Especially with her racist history, name stealing, skin colour,gender etc.

    In conclusion they don’t hate her. But the system and she takes the heat for it because she’s in the same bed with it.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014

      Great post!

      • IKeepG@ysHumble December 22, 2014

        Thank you.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      You must be black. There is no way you are jewish. THIS. IS. THE. MUSIC. BUSINESS. and they will anything to sell. SHE is selling, therefore, she does not have to ALL THAT WAKC SHEu just said.

      She is bigger; she is Aussie BLOnde WHO MADE IT IN 100% exclusively black female rap scene. There are had never been a white woman before her. AND she has done great. She is a rapper, what she is doing is rapping. It is not pop – she has pop sings, but she raps.

      • BigT January 3, 2015

        Jewish??????????????????? I guess them whitey whites stole religion too!!!! * just like our music,, land,,,culture,, etc… Look,,, Judaism (being Jewish) is a religion, not a race, as an example you can be born a Catholic and convert to being Jewish,, you can NEVER convert to being black if you were born white (unless you are Iggy) Jewish religion not race (thieves)

      • BigT January 3, 2015

        December 22, 2014 at 4:45 pm
        rita ora can win a oscar says:

        You must be black. There is no way you are jewish. THIS. IS. THE. MUSIC. BUSINESS. and they will anything to sell. SHE is selling, therefore, she does not have to ALL THAT WAKC SHEu just said.

        She is bigger; she is Aussie BLOnde WHO MADE IT IN 100% exclusively black female rap scene. There are had never been a white woman before her. AND she has done great. She is a rapper, what she is doing is rapping. It is not pop – she has pop sings, but she raps.

        Jewish??????????????????? I guess them whitey whites stole religion too!!!! * just like our music,, land,,,culture,, etc… Look,,, Judaism (being Jewish) is a religion, not a race, as an example you can be born a Catholic and convert to being Jewish,, you can NEVER convert to being black if you were born white (unless you are Iggy) Jewish religion not race (thieves)

        Read more: http://thatgrapejuice.net/2014/12/hates-iggy-azaleabut/#ixzz3Nnk58Lbh
        Follow us: @ThatGrapeJuice on Twitter | ThatGrapeJuiceOfficial on Facebook

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      FAKE accent is not a crime. Just like some singers sounding black when they sing. THE new classic is better than Rasheeda and Trina’s albums. Has Trina had a hit? She has fans – she sold over 13 million records; she sells our shows ( beyeonce came to her show and invited her on tour, lOL ) She has arena tour; she sells magazines, she has Endorsemnt deals with forever 21 and Steve madden.

      Who is attacking HER? ANY radio programmer? ANY magazines editors? Any LABLE CEO? WHO? A bunch of loser, who would never of made it anyway.

  65. Paulo December 22, 2014

    everyone knows the answer. it’s cause she’s a girl. she needs to be educated about white privilege yes but everytime a woman strives on Hip-Hop it’s a bunch of people hating. it happens all the time but the fact she’s completely oblivious to racial issues is making matters worse. I mean… people forgave Chris Brown with the quickest yet “Rihanna deserved to get beat cause she’s a b****”. What kinna argument is that? Same thing with Nicki – 2 years ago they saying she was “killing Hip-Hop”.

    Everytime someone points out Hip-Hop’s mysogyny and homophobia these coward rappers make an appearance and start ganging up. Macklemore wasn’t getting half the flack he was until Same Love came along. But Eminem can make music videos about killing his mother and rap countless times about being abusive to his babymomma and he’s a legend. He rapped about raping Iggy and no one got nothing to say… He rapped about f****** JoJo when she was 16 but no one got nothing to say. He kept making derogatory comments about Khloe K cause she’s “ugly” and people think it’s ok. GTFOH with this b*******.

    I’m here for whatever Nicki and Azealia have to say to Iggy’s dumbass but all the other male rappers with their stupid cliques can sit downe. Especially Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

    • ~The Arcade~ December 22, 2014

      I disagree with your first sentence, SHE’S JUST POP, PERIOD!! And she along with her fans needs to accept that and stop claiming hip hop.

  66. TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

    I wish there was a sensible Iggy fan so the debate wouldn’t be so one sided. That @rita person has some serious issues with race relations and the irony of the whole thing is that she frequents this largely black/urban based blog; how illogical is that. I’m a huge Nicki fan but even I can understand why she received so much public scrutiny a d backlash for starships and some of her antics. Iggy has to earn her stripes just like every other rapper “the queen of hip hop my as.s”.

    • Paulo December 22, 2014

      why is he even allowed here still? he been going extra with the racist b******* and offending the posters… his IP needs to be banned with the quickest.

  67. Tkuol December 22, 2014

    The thing is that Iggy, like many other popular rappers nowadays, is more of a pop rapper. She releases singles that gel more with the pop/mainstream crowd. In order to do this, one generally has to add some sort of catchy hook (Charli XcX, Mo, etc.). She’s most definitely not the only one who does it. Drake, Nicki, etc., etc., etc., have all done it. Straight up rap doesn’t have as broad of an appeal as pop rap does. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

    Now, in terms of Iggy not being the best rapper and being really successful, well that’s a weak as hell argument. This is not something that can automatically be blamed on her race. Like I said, her style appeals to pop music listeners. You don’t have to be the best rapper, singer, etc. to make it in the pop world. Do you really think Ke$sha, Britney, Rihanna, Tinashe, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, etc. are the best vocalists? Hell no. There are plenty of vocalists who could slay the s*** out of them who don’t see anywhere near the success that they do. Mainstream music does not care about the best vocalist, best rap skills/flow, etc. They care about how catchy the song/beat are and, if you release enough of those catchy songs and beats, you eventually build a fanbase that will stick with you for a bit.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      THANK YOU! Case closed. She appeals to white pop crowd. Black women don’t! END OF.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        Tell that to the white people that contributed to the 60 million plus records Nicki sold. That public school education failed you love.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        AND the contributed that to MC HAMMER AND WHERE IS HE NOW?

      • Break Free With Ariana December 23, 2014

        iggy owns rap

    • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

      I disagree short term it may be a bop but for longevity in the industry, it won’t last. Vanilla Ice sold millions but his whole stick was a fad and his career was gone in sixty seconds. Pop fans are the most fickle fans ever. Unless she improves her skills as a rapper that formula she using now will only get her one maybe two more hits.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        Vanilla Ice came out in 1991 – hip hop was not mainstream at that time, It got mainstream just after biggie die, with the whole bling bling, when master p when number 1. That was when Forbes took notice and white kids were buying rap more than balcks.

        Vanilla ice inly had one HUGE HIT and he was male.

        IGGY has a body of work; she has mistakes, she rapped on other people’s tracks. PLUS…..UNLIKE VANILLA, SHE APPEALS TO WHITE WOMEN AND GIRLS AND THEY SPEND THE MOST. THAT IS WHY SHE IS WINNING.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        FOR whites….she already has dope skill, she does not need to improve, they already think it is ‘ rad ‘ that a white woman can spit on track with TI.

        POP FANS LIKE people they can identify with. THEY can identify with her; men wanna be with her; girls wanna be like her. Plus, she is cute and wears nice clothes. That already has given her fans. She is white girl with curves – white men are feeling that, hence why she has been in Maxim and GQ. Unlike black women.

        The formulaR EXACTLY what is selling. PLUS, she has been on jingle bell radio tour, which means HER AIRPLAY WILL go through the roof next year. BLACK WOMEN don’t get played on top 40 – iGGY DOES; she iant gonna fail.

        THE NEW album will be better cos she has something to say and SHE WILL COME HARD on the next record.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        2015 AND `16 she will slay. HER NEW ALBUM will be in heavy rotation on POP RADIPO. SHE is more bigger NOW, than she was last APRIL. WHITE people are seeing that racist blacks are attacking her; that alone will bring out their cash. She is working with Brit and going on near sold out ARENA TOUR.

        Rihanna likes her. She invited her to her fashion show and to watch her film POUR IT up video. Don’t she shook if rianna has her on her new album.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        You do not represent all white people’s point of view. My friends think she sucks and is inauthentic.

  68. ok December 22, 2014

    and pls no one should talk about Nicki’s debut in uk cause who considered her hosting an award show promo? when she came back the next day..yes her debut was low but PF:RR was pop and pink Friday and pink print are rap and they debuted the same as TNC..and uk don’t like rap musics….mmmm pls don’t @ me….the big deal is the tour selling like water..
    as for Iggy, tinashe was favouriting bank’s tweets like hell when azealia was tweeting about racism.
    *yawns* *I’m bored* *plays TPP I lied* I don’t hate Iggy but I see things that Media those and she plays victims… *goes to Twitter * buahahaha

  69. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014


    • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

      That’s 149k more than the person you Stan for. Not only do you such at logic, you suck at math too. Racist troll seek help before I anon news your ass. Lol

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        RITA has low album sales, but she has movies to fall back on. WHAT does Nicki have to fall back on?

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        NICKI has been around a lot longer and she is already DONE.

  70. J Crewedup December 22, 2014

    I remember when Eminem’s album “The Marshall Mathers LP” came out. He was called homophobic, misogynistic, and battling past comments he made about a girlfriend he had, who happened to be black, in the past.

    He did various things to atone for his mistakes, the most memorable was his performance with Elton John.

    After all of the smoke cleared, “The Marshall Mathers LP” was deemed a classic.

    I was not, am not, and never will be an Eminem fan but I actually spent some time with that album and it is, indeed, a rap classic.

    Eminem has battled the same criticism that Iggy is battling now but the difference is he is so much more incredibly talented than her. Eminem, as a wordsmith, is more talented than a lot of rappers, regardless of color.

    She has recently been deemed the best in hip hop. If her work matched that claim, she would not be criticized to the same degree. Her fans keep, lazily, trying to make this about race because they can’t boast of her skill level. It is an argument they can’t win, sadly. As it stands, Kreyshawn’s “Gucci” is betterthan Iggy’s entire catalogue and I don’t mean that in a snarky way. I mean, it’s actually better.

    I do think Iggy is an interesting pop artist. I would have LOVED to hear what she sounded like in her Australian accent (unfortunately I think we’re stuck with the terrible faux trap one).

    Finally, as @Paulo points out maybe this is about gender as well. We all know that women, regardless of their skill levels, are less appreciated in their respective discipline. I don’t know. Interesting to think about.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      GUCCI is not better than fancy or change ya life.

  71. Ray December 22, 2014

    Rashad, I think i can answer two of those questions.

    1) The reason she has gotten a lot of backlash is because people don’t think it’s authentic. You named Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke. I would say those are bad examples to use for white ppl “appropriating black culture”. Unlike Iggy, Robin and Justin actually grew up around the culture and even they’ll tell you in their interviews who has influenced them and say they would not be anywhere had it been for those who influenced them. And also justin and Robin are successful because they are themselves and authentic with the culture. They never had to pretend unlike Iggy who uses an accent to rap.

    3) I think the reason no one has said anything is because before she became “mainstream” not many ppl knew about her. So now that she’s “mainstream” people know who she is and are going to criticize/compliment her more because she’s been on the radio and tv more.

  72. Greg_N_Greed December 22, 2014

    Damn all diz b-cuz a white girl making it big in hip-hop. WTF, Shouldn’t diz prove that Hip-Hop is worldwide and reaches all shores, so why hate? The real truth of this is that it just proves black ppl hate theirselves and will always play the race card to get ahead. It’s the only thing going for them.

    • BK December 23, 2014

      The problem isn’t us playing the race it ppl like you who keep saying that same tired line every person has said the same thing her lyrics suck ballz she cant rap se barely a pop artist no real true hip-hop fanatic going to exept her fancy is catchy that it there is no substance with it black widow sucks and has no lyrics actual Google the lyrics before repling give me one hot line

  73. ~The Arcade~ December 22, 2014

    Q2.”Why aren’t acts of color who’ve dared to venture into non-Urban musical territory not as condemned for “inauthenticity”?”

    A.They have been scrutinized though, I know I call them out on it!!!

    3.”Lastly, why did most wait until she was successful to launch these incessant attacks?”

    A.Cos she’s getting ALL the accolades. duh! Plus, mainstream acted like hiphop never existed prior to the iggys and mackelmores etc, just like the ‘booty’ article in vogue and the ‘cornrow hairstyle’ revival and ‘timberland’ boots discussion or even ‘twerking’… the list goes on and on. To them its not really hot, UNTIL one of their own takes claim of it; all of a sudden its the hottest thing and I know that’s where the frustrations begin to emerge from the pioneers i.e black people.

  74. Dana December 22, 2014

    There are better female MC’s left and right, so how is it that she gets the awards? How is it that she is making all this money? Why is she getting ass implants and wearing padded clothes to make her ass look bigger? This is about the bigger picture. Mind you, I was a fan of Iggy Azalea back in the PU$$Y days… I believe she has some sort of entertainment value. But she is NOT the best and she is now capitalizing off of our culture and disrespecting us by belittling things that mean something to us such her BS comments regarding Eric Gardner protests etc or that *runaway s**** master* line. The color of her skin has nothing to do with it. The issue is how she is going about it. She is not showing the respect for the culture she is capitalizing off of. So why on earth should that culture respect her?

  75. Stephy December 22, 2014

    This Post Got Messy…

  76. ann December 22, 2014

    Sounds like Vanilla Ices sister wirh her ass and black boyfriend has somewhat of a shady background…she for sure isnt innocent and for damn sure isnt authentic. It is onky black men who think they are getting under black womens skin gladly who bring up the whole jealousy because of her fat ass smh at them typicla black males with hudge egos and shallow minds! She’s gone get it Tip told her this was going to happen but she dont have to worry she has more people on her side…lawd if she takes home the grammy smh Vanilla Ice will really be madd!

  77. Boom Clap (XCX) December 23, 2014

    Iggys ICONIC

  78. Boom Clap (XCX) December 23, 2014

    Iggys on everyone’s mind

  79. Boom Clap (XCX) December 23, 2014

    Nicki minaj somewhere having another breakdown

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 23, 2014

      You are retarded, seriously. Worry about your own fave, who prefers Azealia anyway oh and that Sh!t album

      • Britney Stan December 23, 2014

        Charli puts out amazing music so stfu Nicki sucks

  80. Break Free With Ariana December 23, 2014

    she’s winning doe snoop aint or tyler the creature

  81. Break Free With Ariana December 23, 2014

    she’s the queen of hip hop s*** lol Nicki music this year hasn’t been as good as iggys

  82. Break Free With Ariana December 23, 2014

    she’s the queen of hip hop s*** lol Nicki music this year hasn’t been as good as iggys

    iggy getting 100s and 50s

  83. Break Free With Ariana December 23, 2014

    love you queen igggz

  84. respect101 December 27, 2014

    i’m sorry, but if this wass done to a black person they would call this racism and get all fukn political. Wat these rappers are doing is being racist towards a white rapper… what happened to equality. Fuckoutta here!

  85. billu March 7, 2015

    Comparing em and izzy?
    no disrespect to izzy but em she is nowhere near em… at least for now. may be she can reach there.. but then em would be on another level.. she can’t touch em or nelly..
    her accent of rapping, whatever it may be, wob’t change that fact. she may be a cultural phenomenan now but after 1 or 2 years, she is gone from tbe spotlight..
    and also, disrespect for the greats rhymes with ger name.. we’ll see how much longer TI can protect her..

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