New Video: Mila J – ‘Champion (ft. B.o.B)’

Published: Tuesday 13th Jan 2015 by Sam

Motown maven Mila J is back and swinging like a ‘Champion’.

The R&B belle serves up the glossy visual for her latest single, which features rapper B.o.B.

In following ‘Smoke, Drink, Break-Up’ and ‘My Main’, the track is the third to be lifted from the rising star’s debut EP ‘M.I.L.A’ – an acronym for “Made In Los Angeles”.

Wondering what the buzz is about? Peep the video for J’s newest jam after the jump…


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  1. DanYiel Teflon January 13, 2015

    Actually Liked the Track & B.O.B added that little extra punch I feel it!!

    • BeyRihLiyah January 13, 2015

      this is the first time that I actually agree with you, you stupid biitch

  2. BeyRihLiyah January 13, 2015

    i actually like this song and video

  3. A&R January 13, 2015

    Tinashe, Sevyn,Carmen, Mila J… Somebody won’t make it. I remember this same thing happening with Beyonce, Ashanti, Mya, Ciara, and Amerie. We see who’s left standing now. This will be interesting to watch. I really like Mila though m. I think her dancing and voice is one of the better ones but something about her music seems juvenile. Just real…. Lil girl ratchet. Iono but Seyvn is in it to a minute let’s see who will last between Mila and Tinashe.

    • Tasha January 13, 2015

      Whoever Carmen is, she won’t make it cause I’ve never heard of her. Tinashe I feel like will fade away in a few years like Cassie did. Sevyn will go mainstream eventually and has the backing and support of Chris Brown so she’ll be fine. And Mila really is carving her own lane and I feel like she’ll be a great asset in the R&B industry. No one else is making music with true 90’s vibes like she is and she even got the attention of Timbaland. So I aint even worried about her.

      • I was ere January 13, 2015

        Mila J is good, but I don’t think she will stand the test of time simply because she’s in her 30’s and Tanashe and Sevyn are way younger and have time to change and evolve. This is the best we’ll get from Mila.. trust

      • Mark111 January 13, 2015

        I always said Tin being light skin will get her there faster, but not farther than the others. Sevyn is already an established writer, so her career is just a plus. Tin has a great album, but she won’t perform anyother song off it but 2 on, the worst song on the album. Mila J will be shadowed by her sister and I don’t even know a Carmen.

      • Brian310 January 13, 2015

        Mila has been trying to break into the industry for so long it’s good to see she has finally done it but this is her ceiling it won’t get much higher, Sevyn has the backing to become big and Tinashe has the look and artistry to be big.

  4. A&R January 13, 2015

    Seyvn is in it for a minute*

  5. godly January 13, 2015


  6. GAslickmouf January 13, 2015

    I remember when light skin thin pretty long hair u was automatically in the game. But now days ppl don’t always fall for the slim long hair light skin girls anymore.

    Times really have changed, artist are struggling. This girl here been at it for years and still at the bttm.

    Oh well side note* I’m happy Ciara passed on this song.

    Try again, keep trying till u make it little one.

    • Mark111 January 13, 2015

      Lies, only a handfull of light skin girls even made it in the game in the past 20 years. Rihanna, Ciara, Beyonce, Ak and Mariah, and the last two are mixed, so they might not even count. I can name a dozen lightskin women that didn’t stand a chance. I can name full black women with bigger careers than most lights. Whitney, Janet, Aaliyah, Monica, Brandy, MJB, Hill, Missy, Toni, Ashanti. And I can name failed lightskin artist, Samantha Mumba, Faith Evens, Tamar, Tamia, Cassie, Keri Hilson, Pebbels, and so many others.

  7. sleazy January 13, 2015

    idk but this girl ia better than her snooze fest sis but ahe screams ciara

  8. Mark111 January 13, 2015

    People say Aaliyah wasn’t ish, but time after time, era after era, her influence shows up time after time. Janet takes the crown as the most influenced chick in pop, but style wise in R&B, I see Aaliyah every time. #Icon

  9. #TeamTinashe Stan January 13, 2015

    I was actually rooting for Mila J when she came back until Tinashe became a favorite of mines. And somebody said this era of nee girls remind them of Beyonce, Mya, Ashanti and Amerie back in 2005. How could that be when Ashanti’s hype and success died down in 04 and with Myà sufferring during the same time???

    Anyways it’s hard to support Mila when I don’t see many shows of hers being booked and her first two singles doing underwhelming work on the chart. Her record label Motown in this day and age is known for not getting things right.

    • A&R January 15, 2015

      It wasn’t 05 it was 03ish when Bey released “crazy in love” and Amerie had that “Oh, oh, ooo”.. Song lol with the same gogo sound. Mya was trying to come back with “My Love is like Whoa”, Ashanti dropped that song that sampled Mj’s “Rock with You”. 03-04ish. All their videos where doing well on the countdown and 106 & Park had called it…. “The Battle of the Booties”

  10. nicki will slay January 13, 2015

    Where is the next Mary J or Lauryn Hill. I know she is out there but she just isnt light skinned so she can;t get an audition.

  11. Mike will Shade it January 14, 2015

    I feel like Mila cannot properly exert s** appeal in her close ups – it comes across as forced and she seems unsure of herself. She obviously knows/has been told she needs to add s** appeal, she’s been trying it for a while now

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