Report: Rita Ora To Perform At The Oscars

Published: Saturday 17th Jan 2015 by David


If recent comments made by Grammy award winning songwriter Diane Warren are anything to go by, viewers of this forthcoming 87th Academy Awards ceremony will be treated to a performance put on by Brit-Pop princess Rita Ora.

Exciting news, if true, below…

Last year, Diane joined Ora to release the song ‘Grateful’ as part of the ‘Beyond the Lights’ movie soundtrack, bagging themselves an Oscar nomination with the cut.

Today, fans of Craig David’s former protege discovered an interview given by Warren to ‘Vanity Fair’, where she hinted that the star had booked the enviable gig.

Indeed, when discussing her label’s plan not to release the song, Warren revealed:

I was like, are you kidding me? She’s never sung this good, it’s a total hit song, it’s a mass appeal hit record, what the ****. I hope they’re waking up today, saying, oh, maybe we should put this out as a single. Maybe when she sings for 3 billion people on the stage at the Oscars...

An Oscar performance for Ora would mark as the biggest promotional spot she would have booked for her forthcoming US album campaign, reportedly pushed by dollars earned from a number of lucrative endorsement deals secured by the 24 year old and her management company Turn First Artists.

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  1. MariahIsMusic1 January 17, 2015

    Yes, talent does prosper @ the end.

  2. Rhythm Nation 1814 January 17, 2015

    David is happy because this means he’s getting a pay rise. #PayforPromo

  3. DanYiel Teflon January 17, 2015

    I’ve liked her Voice on That Christmas Special she sounds good…I hope she sounds good at the Oscar’s!!

  4. JOHNVIDAL January 17, 2015

    Damn it she´s been really lucky she was given this song (that I still have not heard) that has ended being nominated for an oscar. For someone with no success outside the UK and no good music released so far, that´s having good luck 🙂
    She´ll do a nice job cause she can sing (by nowadays standards), but damn it, she doesn´t deserve that exposure.

    • rita can win an oscar January 17, 2015

      Rihanna could never ever sing. She does not deserve her exposure. She should be lucky that Chrisina Millian turned down SOS

      • Rihanna #1 fan t January 17, 2015

        lol yea christina millian should have taken that song maybe she would have had a career just as great as Rihanna’s career… Since S.O.S was her first #1 hit
        lol That’s why she got a reality show on E! because obviously music ain’t her thing, so what better way to get attention follow the kardashian girls and get your whole fam bam on tv !!

    • rita can win an oscar January 17, 2015

      Whether u like her or not…she can SING. if not, Sir Andre Lloyd Webber would not write songs for her and ask her to sing them. Google him, before you answer.

  5. LB January 17, 2015

    LMAO lots of “if’s” in this article David

    • Sandra January 17, 2015

      He works for her team so his tea is always legit.

    • Cici Was Finna Be A Bride January 17, 2015

      To be fair to him his info is never wrong. He told us that Ci had something big coming on the day she put IB out.

  6. Mark111 January 17, 2015

    They’re trying everything in the book to make hos Whora pop out. “Where is your album?” In my Nicki voice. And for her lil crazy stan, “When I see your album on billboard, then I will respond. Until then, bye bye.”

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015


      Remember when I said she will be at the oscars? HA! When will rihanna ? Remember, in 2004, beyonce WOW the oscars and that took her to a level above her peers.

      • Mark111 January 17, 2015

        Lol, as if we don’t know who you are. You said she will WIN an Oscar. We’ll see. This reminds of the Lana DeWhatever the f*** her name is fans last year. Lol

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Rita has a man. They have been together nearly a year; she spent christmas on his family’s yacht. Rihanna is groupie who creeps around late at night ; the definition of pump and dump.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      At least men are PROUD to be seen with Rita and then get b*** hurt.

      Bruno Mars was seen with RITA


      Calvin FLEW RITA ALL OVER THE WORLD – HER SISTER and friends too

      Tommy hillfigers son HAS MOVED INTO HER CRIB IN LONDON; Tommy Hillfiger tweeted about Rita upcoming video wit Charli Xc

      Leonardo Dicaprio is ASHAMED TO be seen with rihanan, hence why she has to sneak there at 3am where no one can see. What kind of grouie jump off is that? And she near 30. Rita is only 24.

      • I’m Booked January 17, 2015

        Rihanna Has A Real Career & Is A Real Celebrity That’s Why She Has Too Sneak… Rita On The Other Hand…

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        AT 3ma for s**? LOL ok. Rita doe shave real career. that why she wiping the floor with and at the moment.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        If rihanna was a real celebrity WHO WAS RESected. LEO would be PROUD to walk the red carpet with her, as he did Gisele.

  7. Career Ender January 17, 2015

    ahe performing at the Oscars before her certain rival do?

    • rita can win an oscar January 17, 2015

      Performing at the White house before her joke of rival.

    • Mark111 January 17, 2015

      Just like Aaliyah performed there before your alleged Queen. And she didn’t have to shake her ass, step on 5 other girls to get there.

      • Kendall January 17, 2015

        Beyonce got there in her time and has performed on multiple occasions. Comparing her to Aaliyah, who did solo movies while Beyonce was still in DC makes no sense.

      • Special Delivery January 17, 2015

        No you’re right Mark111, she had to f**** men double her age for tracks.

      • Brian310 January 17, 2015

        @Special Delivery Yea that’s why her albums post that incident were more critically acclaimed and sold more #failed shade

  8. rita can win an oscar January 17, 2015

    While Rita is rehearsing for the Oscars, That flat nosed napped haired s*** is creeping around at 3am at Leonardo Dicaprio’s house. Rita will sit sit near Leo at the oscars.

    See the difference. BTW….RITA ORA HAS a MAN!

    • TRUTH SERUM January 17, 2015

      She’s on her 8th public relationship… Rihanna is prettier and unbothered.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Rihanna is defiantly not prettier than Rita Ora. Rita long curly hair and big boobs>>>>>>>>>>>>>> She clear;y remains unbothered, who wants to be alone?

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Rihanna is nealry 30. What she gonna do when they stop playing her on POP radio? She has paved back her album and she relying on cheap PR stunts to stay relevant. That whole Leonardo things is coming from HER people not his.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Gentlemen prefer blondes. Not nappy haired,weaved up h***.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Rita has better, overall life than Rihanna

        Happily married parents, who work as her advisors – Drugged out father who sells her to media.

        Sister who is her manger – a brother struggling to make it as back rapper

        A boyfriend with his own money – being s*** and groupie, who cannot get a man, as stated by her father

        People in the industry who ACTUALLY like her and want to help – fake phoney friends

        Big boobs, long curly hair, round booty and small waist – nappy short hair, flat chest, flat nose, flat b*** and square body and big chunky thighs.

        Great business skills and property empire – bad money skills; constantly in court for bankruptcy and having to sell homes at a LOSSS. LOL

        RITA WINS!

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        What public relationship? Chris brown and Drake are the only ones who claimed her.

  9. rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015


    She could win the soccer. Here is why: Her mentor in hollywood is Harvey Weinstein. The oscars are a political game, where you have to campaign. Harvey more or less invented that. He was the one, who campaign for Gwyneth Paltrow who ended up winning for Shakespeare in love.

    Harvey loves rita. His wife, Designer, Georgina of Marchesa loves Rita – she gives her her best dresses. LOL rihanna, the so called fashion icon.. HE will go HARD FOR RITA, she will PEFROM AND WIN.


  10. Rihanna #1 fan t January 17, 2015

    Lol How the f*** do yall know what Rihanna does with her time.. please shut the f*** up yall all sound so f****** ignorant.. Rihanna ain’t worried about Rita Ora h** ass Rita ORa is an all purpose h** who uses people to get her music across like how she used Calvin Harris just to get some music out of him cause she clearly saw how he was making great music with rihanna.. lol that’s why her h** ass did an interview looking all embarrassed because Calvin Harris took a song away from her cause she wanted to be a little skeezing ass h**..

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Rihanna is worried about Rita, That is why she pays Cara Delevigne, Rita’s BFF to to spy on Rita and that is why she JACKS HER STYLE – EVEN as of now, 2015.

      Everyone knows RIHANNA IS HOW, that why she cannot get a MAN – she washed up and sued up, dirty good goods. Calvin Harris TRUNED DOWN RIHANNA, but wifed up Rita and took it bad when they broke up.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Rita Ora will body the red carpet with her bOO, WHILE calvin harris is still spinning in vegas clubs with groupies. Rihanna is black, that alone makes he ra h**. Black women are seen as h***.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      You are not white. I will tell what whites THINK of black women. BLACK women, historically have had the reputation of being easy, low hanging fruit. This is called Jezebel. A jezebel is fast, oversexualized, loose, aggressive black woman…sound familiar?

      THAT is rihanna. She is jezebel . Rita ORA can sleep with 1000 men and still be looked on higher cos she is white and has WHITE PRIVILEGE.

      RIHANNA is jezebel and that is w****. Even people in the black comment say rihanna is w****. On girl she was fighting with said she is industry p****.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Rita dated Calvin in 2013. Cavin worked with rihanna in 2011. Everyone uses produces others have used. Rita has worked with mark Ronson….rihanan better not copy. How embarrassing did Jezebel Rihanna look when Calvin TURNED HER DOW, but went on to wife up RITA.

      OUCH! The difference between being blonde and having nappy hair under your fake ass weave.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      n every way Jezebel was the counter image of the mid- nineteenth century ideal of the Victorian lady.[14] The idea that Black women were more sexually promiscuous and available evolved when Europeans first encountered women in Africa. Unaccustomed to the requirements of a tropical climate, Europeans mistook semi-nudity for lewdness.[14] Similarly, they misinterpreted African cultural traditions, so that polygamy was attributed to the African’s uncontrolled lust, tribal dances was construed as orgy. African religions were labeled as pagan, and therefore inferior to Christianity, which had replaced paganism in Europe.[14] If Black slave women could be portrayed as having sexual appetites, then increased fertility should be the expected outcome.[15] With this mindset and stereotype, Black women have been labeled as sexually promiscuous and immoral.

      This image also gave the impression that Black women could not be r*** victims because they always desired s**, thereby justifying countless acts of sexual assault of black female slaves by white males.[16] Ironically, Jezebel’s excessive sexual appetite masculinizes her because she desires s** just as a man does.[17] White slave owners not only used the Jezebel image as a justification for their forced procreation among slaves, they used this image as a legal defense when raping African American women. In fact, James Redpath, an abolitionist no less, wrote that slave women were “gratified by the advances of Saxons.” (This was not true at all, as many African American women were threatened into sexual relationships with whites for fear of being “sold, beaten, r****, and having [their] ‘husband’ or children sold.”) Even after acquiring freedom, African American women still suffered from sexual assault and r*** throughout Reconstruction up into present times. During and after Reconstruction “Black women […] had little legal recourse when r**** by White men, and many Black women were reluctant to report their sexual victimization by Black men for fear that the Black men would be lynched.” [18][19]

      That is RIHANNA. It will never ever BE rita, cos RITA IS PURE WHITE.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Black women have been labeled as sexually promiscuous and immoral.
      This image also gave the impression that Black women could not be r*** victims because they always desired s**, thereby justifying countless acts of sexual assault of black female slaves by white males.[16] Ironically, Jezebel’s excessive

      • Troy February 4, 2015

        Wtf? Rita is better than Rihanna, but not because of her race! Stop dissing black women, they’re beautiful!

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      With this mindset and stereotype, Black women have been labeled as sexually promiscuous and immoral.

      Everyone knows that women like Rihanna are natural born s****. That why they hit and quit.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Rihanna is a s*** just for being black. The fact that she acts like h**, mirror effect of what the whole thinks of you people.

      • TRUTH SERUM January 17, 2015

        Seek help and FYI, Rita looks mixed with Black. Lol

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Rita does not look mixed race. She is clearly Eastern European. Bottom line…..she is white woman. So, she gets white privilege, committing RIHANAN WILL NEEVR GET.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Rita is not black, so the stereotypes that black women get won’t be applied to Rita, who hails from Kosovo, no matter how tanned she looks. Tanned skin is not a black thing.

      • TRUTH SERUM January 17, 2015

        I’ve lived in Europe and she does not look like your typical Eastern European. She looks mixed race. Lol. Unfortunately, your hate for black women exposes your insecurities and all that racist propaganda won’t change anything. Meanwhile a black women is sitting in the White House. Continue to Seth you psychotic racist troll.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Where in Europe? Have you seen Greeks? Turks? Albanian? Mixed race people look like light skin blacks. She does not look black at all. HAVE U seen pictures of Rita when she was young? She looks GREEK!

        SHE LOOKS LIKE THE TYPICAL ALBANIAN OR ROMANIAN WOMAN AND they is eastern Europe. Rita is the same color as Cristiano Roanldo and His russian girl. Noether look black. She does not look mixed race and neither to any of her family members. Her sister has BLUE EYES.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        How many mixed race people have long burnt hair and olive skin? Mixed race people ( not mariah ) LOOK LIKE LIGH skin black.

        RITA IS WHITE. Turkish girls look just like this.

      • Special Delivery January 17, 2015

        Mixed race people (of black and white parents) come in all different shades and hair textures. Don’t be so small minded.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        The average black and white mixed does not look like Rita or Elena Ora.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        Google the soccer player, Luis Suarez….he is dark skin. Does he look mixed race cos his skin is dark? GTFOH


  11. Kyle January 17, 2015

    Screaming at her getting there before Rihanna. Following in Queen Beys footsteps.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      AND LOOK WHAT 2004 OSCARS done for BEYONCE- IT took her past Xtina, JLO, Britney and PINK. That moment gave her he next level edge. RITA got there in ` 2 years, it took beyonce over a decade.

      • Kendall January 17, 2015

        How did it take Beyonce over a decade when she went solo in 2003 and debuted in DC in 98?

  12. metzo January 17, 2015

    She performed at the White House and now the Oscars? Lol! Can we say #winning.
    if it’s true, I can’t wait to see her perform, the girl can sing! Talent always prevails…

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Talent always prevails AND that is why rihanna is done.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      Even though they claim rihanna is the queen of pop. her tour was not a big as beyonce or even 1d. AND KATY perry album and single ROAR murdered the hell out of her latest music. Her magazine covers don’t sell well; even kim k outsells her. She booked only one deal last year and that wa snot renewed.

      she is not as big as they make her out to be, it is all smoke and mirrors with PR stunts, gimmicks. If she did not drop and album every yeer, she would have passed out long time ago. She won’t be around in future.

      • blue January 17, 2015

        the monster tour brought in 6 million per night, not beyonce or 1Dickless could do that.

        And i pray for you at night, your obsession with rihanna is scary.

      • Kendall January 17, 2015

        The monster Tour was not Rihannas Tour. It was Eminem and Rihannas Tour.

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      could you imagine where she would have bene by now, if they would have JUST realised ORA? If Rita can achieve this without an ALBUM….Wait till she gets her album out.

      • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

        I went to that tour. They sat down when Rihanna done her parts. The crowd were clearly Emimem fans.

  13. blue January 17, 2015

    how u are not banned from this site continues to surprise me… Can anyone be as big a racist as you?

    Get help

  14. Mark111 January 17, 2015

    You know you’re bothered with you’re replying to your own comments and posting 99 comments on one post. Lol

  15. Rosie January 17, 2015

    Beyond The Lights was a great movie but Oral is very lucky she’s part of it.
    The kii is still, she’s technically stil not nominated since the award goes to the writers. They also made it obvious John Legend will win. If they wanted competition they would’ve at least nominated Borde or someone.

  16. Mimi Carey January 17, 2015

    Who cares about this flop

  17. Kendall January 17, 2015

    Thats a great look for her. Well done.

  18. Tea honey January 17, 2015

    Congrats to her idk how this flop does it and I’ve have never seen such obsession this whora fan is crazy who posts that much talk about no life

    • rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

      She does because she is Talented. She is great networker and and she has good poeple skills.

  19. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 17, 2015

    Rita Ora is not eligible to win an Oscar. Her dumb stan is excited for nothing!!!!!! XD 😀 😀 😀 😀 *sips tea*

  20. RICHIE_RICH January 17, 2015

    No matter how you slice and dice it , Rita Ora is winning. She really can sing too!!!!!

  21. rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015

    2015 lineup

    The grammy’s red carpet
    The oscars red carpet and show
    The ALL important vanity fair after party ( watch rihanna now attend in jealousy _
    50 shades of grey and it promo tour
    New adidas line – the new line looks better than rhino’s back puma stuff she wore at the lakers game
    New rimmel makeup line for summer
    New Donna Karan denim line – Donna says Rita and Elena Ora are her nieces. That is respect.
    Southpaw movie
    Filming 2 new movies; one with bradley cooper. LOL at rihanna
    New song with Charli
    Her new album
    A tour
    She boo’d up
    maybe something with Tommy hillfiger
    More covers – she had 10 last year, including 2 in the USA
    Rumored USA vogue cover
    Rumored Chanel deal
    More millions – already worth $3mill; owns houses in London, LA, and Kosovo

    ONLY 2 years in the game


  22. RICHIE_RICH January 17, 2015

    Sybil has gone bat sh*t Crazy….. She’s an ex Rihanna fan!!!!

  23. rihanna is groupie January 17, 2015


    great news for Rita; more bad news for rihanan. Rita’s debut fashion line was smash hit. it sold out in all global markets. But……. It has been received by the fashion world. Adrian lima modelled her line for italian vogue; Kristen stew modelled for Elle USA; It is on the cover if Indian Elle; it was modelled in Spanish . Rita modelled on Elle Korea cover.

    Rihanna’s line evener had that/ Everyone laugh at her line.

    • Josie February 4, 2015

      Rihanna had a fashion line?

  24. Special Delivery January 17, 2015

    Slay a bit Rita. The navi can stay mad tbh. Rits getting invited to perform at places your fave could only dream of. Thats embarassing that some lesser chick is getting these opportunities before the so called ‘#1 chick’

  25. Suicide Blonde January 17, 2015

    This is just, i can’t even, the Oscars are….I rest my case.

  26. Queen O’ Whores January 17, 2015

    Rita is making a mistake. She’s not pacing herself. She just gets access to things unearned. She’ll be jaded soon enough if it hasn’t happened already. Hopefully she won’t go back to Kosovo and throw herself into the Adraitic Sea.

  27. crusingalong January 17, 2015

    How did Rita **ora get this gig – oh never mine!

    • crusingalong January 17, 2015

      ^^^^ “mind”

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