Watch: Madonna Makes Reporter Drink Tequila For Asking ‘Stupid Questions’

Published: Wednesday 28th Jan 2015 by Rashad

Anyone who’s interviewed Queen of Pop Madonna knows that she can be a royal pain.

From her infamous David Letterman showing to countless other less than friendly appearances, the Grammy-winning diva isn’t exactly atop reporters’ favorite interview candidate list.  Now, just weeks before her Madgesty is set to show off her new ‘Rebel Heart’ material on the 2015 Grammy stage, she was spotted down under on Aussie morning show ‘Mornings’ in her first interview addressing the unceremonious leak of her new project.

But, in an interesting twist, Madonna dares the reporter to participate in a “drinking game” that would see him take a shot of Tequila every time he asked her a “stupid question.”

 How many times did he drink up?  Find out below:

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  1. King B January 28, 2015

    F****** Queeeeeeen

  2. tits mcgee January 28, 2015

    Nothing beats her interviews with Letterman. You so can tell he hates her guts.

    The look on his face, in one particular interview, when Madge told him, she pees on her feet in the shower…


    • Sean January 28, 2015

      Considering she’s been back on his show like 8 times since and he dedicates the entire hour to her letterman hardly hates her

      • tits mcgee January 28, 2015

        It’s called a necessary evil. Their tension brings in ratings.

        He does not like her, just like Pierce Morgan, and many more.

        Pierce even referred to her as ‘vile’.

        She is good for controversy, but apparently not a savory character.


  3. Skyfall January 28, 2015


  4. SMH January 28, 2015

    He should have made this cuntt drink clorox whenever she mentioned that lie about her album leaking.

  5. blue January 28, 2015

    more celebs should adopt this policy. Will make for fun interviews at least

  6. TRUTH SERUM January 28, 2015

    Lmao. Love it!!!

  7. Missy January 28, 2015

    She should have stopped making music after RAY OF LIGHT; she sounded incredible; now she sounds tonedeaf and unemotive; why not retire and go to Vegas; she’s too old to act like a THOT; almost repulsive

    • blue January 28, 2015

      madonna still has the queen of pop thing going for her, if she just did vegas and released an album every 5 years go then go on a huge ww tour then returned to vegas a year later…she would still be at the top and selling like hot cakes. She is past the point of releasing an album evry 2nd year like a new name.

  8. Mark111 January 28, 2015

    lol, they called her everything BUT the Queen of Pop. Hahahahaha, I told y’all, no one respects this elder, she was known for SHOCK, not for her music or art. These youngers and gays think they can rewrite history. #Fact

    • blue January 28, 2015

      one doesnt inspire sooo many artists with shock tactics…im not a huge fan of madonna but i respect her for what she was and what she represents

    • Stephy Jackson January 28, 2015

      SPEAK ON IT. But, I actually like Madonna’s music. Event ho she couldn’t sing worth a DAMN!

      • Mark111 January 28, 2015

        Don’t get me wrong, the lady have hits under her belt. But when you say Madonna, music or her art doesn’t come to mind first. For example:
        Whitney – Voice
        Janet – Dance
        Mariah – Voice, Writer
        I didn’t see Madonna’s influence musically, style and so on until Gaga, and even she’s know for shock more than her music. Maybe even throw the bad side of Britney.
        When people call her great, I just think will we call Miley great 20 years from now because of her ability to grab the media attention? I also throw in the fact that she never invented anything, she took from dozens of icons from the past.

      • Yeah I Said It January 28, 2015

        Oh wow that is very delusional thing to say^ I am by no means a fan of Madonna. Janet>>>> her. But I can’t believe you are saying all that as Rih fan. Madonna is respected for the same reason you love and overhyps Rihanna. Her style, her edginess, her hits and her ability as chamelieon in pop culture and keeping everyone interested over decades. Coming from a Rihanna fan I am shocked. Because no ones going to remember Rihanna for anything to with artistry like voice, dancing, writing because it simply AINT THERE. At least Madonna is arguably a fantastic performer.

      • Yeah I Said It January 28, 2015


      • tits mcgee January 29, 2015


        You’re absolutely right about Madonna, she has done that for sure.

        You’re also right about Janet>>> Madonna. When it comes to talent, not controversy…

  9. blue January 28, 2015

    you know what i find interesting of all the chicks only madonna and celine really made major moves outside of america… When i started taking a real deep interest in chart records and record sales i was shocked people(americans) ranked celine below whitney and mariah…in africa people hardly know mariah past her name and most know whitney by IWALY only, celine really was the top dog. Branda fassie slayed her ass but still…celine is huge in africa

    • Dossome January 28, 2015

      ^ Err..You do realise Mariah is the biggest selling international artist in Asia.She’s outsold even Beatles

    • Stephy Jackson January 28, 2015

      Ummm Their WHITE duh. Anyways, MARIAH SLAYED the ASIAN & AMERICAN culture. That was enough. Celine Dion was an incredibly vocalist but her music is lifeless & beyond un-original. Its like listening to paint dry!

      As for Whitney, well she will ALWAYS be ahead of Celine… Because she simply was BETTER point blank period.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2015

      Weird comment! At least you were complimenting two huge real stars I guess: Madonna and Celine, I´ll give you that.

      • blue January 28, 2015

        didnt mean to offend any of them. Respect and love all 4 ladies, its just weird how different parts of the world listen to music differently.

    • LB January 28, 2015

      I agree with you in terms of South Africa, I for sure know Celine Dion is meteoric there, shocked to find Toni Braxton does well there too.

      In Nigeria, Mariah Carey reigns supreme.

      Interesting how different parts of the world listen to music.

  10. FutureCiara January 28, 2015


    • Kim K January 28, 2015

      Janet jsckson is only the queen go your black, power bottom ass. Nobody else is checking for her

      • tits mcgee January 29, 2015

        Learn to write in english, you moron. Everytime, I see a gathering of power bottoms, it’s at a Medusa concert, so shut up.

        Janet= Queen of Pop
        Medusa= Queen of Controversy

        You will deal..

  11. blue January 28, 2015

    never mentioned asia.

    In africa, madonna is a nobody, mariah is a name, whitney is a song, yet celine who is put below this women is this international superstar. But then you look to europe and madonna is queen followed by celine, and then america and asia worship the ground mariah and whitney walk on… Its just interesting.

  12. blue January 28, 2015

    janet is A queen of pop, just not THEE queen of pop. She might deserve the title. But its not hers. Just like a lot of singer could qualify for the title of “vocal bible”, “the voice” or “the songbird” but those title belong specific singers whether more deserving or not. Pitting janet against madonna does nothing for either, its just makes you look like you need janet to have the title for you to like her.

  13. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2015

    I love when she acts like a b****, she was flirting with him haha.

    • LB January 28, 2015

      She mostly looked bored and irritated with him, but it was a nice interview. I loved it.

      • Suicide Blonde January 28, 2015

        She was just being Madonna 😀

    • tits mcgee January 29, 2015

      So you admit it’s not an act?? She is a 1st rate crass k***.

      You Madonna buffoons are so pressed because, you know who the best to do this is, and it ain’t that yoga instructor.

      Also funny, how these troll accounts are popping up all of a sudden..

      I guess some people find it fun, to reply to themselves…

      Janet still got y’all so pressed you’ve developed, multiple personalities.


  14. LB January 28, 2015

    No Madonna, if you didn’t make music, someone else will. Like Dawn Richard and many indie artists have proven, the digital age has provided so many resources to artists that you don’t need a record label anymore to release music.

    That said, loved the interview, she is very sassy and I live for all of it. I cannot say I am looking forward to the album because I only like a couple of songs, but I still love a lot of her music. See you in March Madge.

  15. LB January 28, 2015

    @Mark111, Britney’s inspiration is Mzz Janet Damita Jo Jackson, not Madonna. That was the media trying to downplay Janet’s impact in the business.

    During In the Zone era, you can clearly see Damita Jo all over Britney.

  16. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2015

    Why are Janet fans so pressed?, cuz if you not, you woudn’t be complaining on every Madonna’s post, let it go, time to find another star to blame for Janet’s decline, it’s not Madonna’s fault if Janet is not as celebrated as y’all think she deserves to be.

    • Kim K January 28, 2015

      Amen. I like Janet but her delusional fans on this R&B blog need to get real. Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV and everyone else refer to Madonna as Queen of Pop and never Janet

    • tits mcgee January 29, 2015

      You need to be greatful for the super bowl incident. If it wasn’t for that Janet would still be beat Madonna’s ass in sales like she did through the 90’s with half as many releases.

      Neither of them have had a number one since, the early 2000’s.

      Janet was blacklisted. What’s Madonna’s excuse??

      • tits mcgee January 29, 2015


  17. dd January 28, 2015

    Janet been out longer 11 years longer clocking 41 years to madonnas 30 and janet almost 10 years younger. Janet made the better records with versatilty janets the queen of pop with madonna….ha no matter what and how long jabet gone…when they say madonna is the queen of pop janet name will always come up as the rightful queen madonna owns controvesy on her own but not pop sorry janet was alway better in all areas stage, voice, records, youthful looks body janet got number 1s in all genres madonna just pop. White and black is the factor a bish gotta work 10x harder than her whute counterparts to get the same respect…

    • Kim K January 28, 2015

      Give me a break. Her brother was the most famous man on the planet. She didn’t work harder than Madonna. And Janet shows far less versatility. Madonna was always a step ahead of her in style, sound and yes controversy

      • tits mcgee January 29, 2015

        I guess that’s why Rebbie and Latoya have sold over 150 million records and have the biggest debut tour in history.

        You tired trolls are the definition of dumb..

  18. dd January 28, 2015


  19. MariahIsMusic1 January 29, 2015

    I still think Janet made more impact in music than her.

    • tits mcgee January 29, 2015

      Jan has been more influential for her music and dancing.

      Madonna is influential for controversy. I.e. rubbing her beaver on stage, s** book, sleeping with anything that breathes, bad plastic surgery, etc..

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