#Beyhive Continue Twitter Tirade Against Beck As #WhoisBeck & #JusticeForBeyonce Trend Worldwide

Published: Monday 9th Feb 2015 by Rashad
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What started as a dream come true for ‘Loser’ singer Beck is turning into a Twitter nightmare as the multi-Grammy award winning rocker – who has over 2 decades of hits included two albums listed aboard Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ list – has found himself on the receiving end of a bevy of #Beystings as imparted by the ever-faithful fanbase of songstress Beyonce.

After his most 2014 release ‘Morning Phase’ trumped the 20-time winning diva’s self-titled effort for ‘Album of the Year’ at this Sunday’s ceremony,  the #Beyhive went into attack mode on Twitter…even updating the singer’s Wikipedia page with insults.

Find out more below:

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  1. metzo February 9, 2015

    The power of the Beyhive!
    #BeyhiveUnite #JusticeForBeyonce.

    • Cry Me A River February 9, 2015

      Nah… the stupidity of the B*****. Just cause your limited, sad lil world revolves around worshiping Beyonce doesn’t mean the rest of the world does.

    • Lobe February 9, 2015

      B****… BeeHive for life…. ain’t nobody trippin… it’s more where those came from. Beck has been in the industry since the early 90s… This is his first AOTY!

      • Diamond Princess February 9, 2015

        beyonce didn’t deserve to win. That trash of an album, 4 imo was far better. ‘Beyonce’ was full of p*** music, except for a few songs like pretty hurts. If Beck gave it to beyonce then beyonce should have given to Sam. I CAN’T with these ass licker fans!

  2. britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

    HA HA pressed ass muh fuckkin faggotts mad because your flop fave didn’t win album of the year, instead and actual TALENTED artist won!! Seethe bitchhes!! I knew that generic overrated ass trash album wasn’t going to win! Hahahahahah i’m crying fjsishehwoehegdhs

    • rosy February 9, 2015

      I know that’s what the hives get and they need to sit their welfare ass down bey ghetto album ain’t worth s***

    • Diamond Princess February 9, 2015

      Instead of reading a book or furthering yall’s own career, the beyhive would rather defend someone else they will never know or be invited to dinner at her home. Beyonce is getting her coins regardless, because she’s made something out of her life but what do ya’ll do? Ya’ll act like you get paid to leave comments, make asinine opinions, and start twitter trends. So PATHETIC! While ya’ll obsess and have aneurysms fighting for your idol she is traveling the world, eating good, and living the rich life. Now marinate on that!

      • JEMINA NELSON February 9, 2015


      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        then b**** why are you here? kill yourself

  3. KING RIH February 9, 2015

    Pressed queens need to be deliverT

  4. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    LOL at the haters on here!!! YOU thought Sam was gonna win so sit the f*** down!!!

  5. OMG Logic!!! February 9, 2015

    How embarrassing to be proud to completely ignorant of a music legend. Not surprising though the Beyhive continue to prove that like their fave’s album, they’re all cheap ghetto trash.

  6. MAN ON THE MOON (CATFISH CAREY) February 9, 2015


  7. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan February 9, 2015

    Ed Sheeran was robbed, he deserved that award. Beyonce has enough freaking Grammys like damn it’s not all about her.

  8. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    No one made a bigger impact than BEYONCE… F****** unacceptable…

    • rosy February 9, 2015

      Her impact on your p**** gtfoh

  9. britneyraycarey February 9, 2015


    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      Pressed that Miley never won?

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        she will eventually have her moment, don’t worry! The fact that Bangerz got trashed by the media because of her antics, the Grammy committee still noticed it’s greatness and decided to nominate it.. cant wait for Miley’s next move! The next queen of pop will slay yall soon <3

      • Cry Me A River February 9, 2015

        Pressed… that would be the hive. Attacking people online

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Ummmm no. Bey won 3 Grammys soooo…

    • Del Bey February 9, 2015

      BASIC B****

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        stfu with your flop ass blog. It’s not going to ever be a thing boo

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

        The only basic B***** is YOU trying to promote that flop ass blog Hun. Have a seat

      • Del Bey February 9, 2015

        typical bitter b****** in my mentions, firstly say what you like hunny, when in honesty I’m doing more than you ever will with yo hating bummy asses, how many times have I told you to stay out my mentions slayriah, I believe you said you was finished on this site, why is your sour ass back? stay hating on people’s creativity while you remain steamed, salty and pressed. I won’t even acknowledge the other mental case

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        since when is owning a flop ass ghetto blog that made me cringe the ONE time i checked it out called “creativity?” I’m confused… go rearrange your Precious styled section 8 apartment boo

      • Del Bey February 9, 2015

        Honey you are a britney and miley stan, I will waste no more energy on someone who possess the musical taste of a stale twinky, be gone

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        it doesnt matter who i stan for.. i will always be superior to you and will make it farther in life than you. Beyonce delusions will not get you out the ghetto, please take notes from me

  10. Tea honey February 9, 2015

    What a pathetic fanbase no wonder beyonce pays yall dust and I love her for that *laughs*

  11. LB February 9, 2015

    This is PATHETIC, the BeyHive just need to accept the fact that the better artist won. Beck deserved to win period.

    Beyonce has got 20 Grammy’s, mostly in the R&B categories where she has won over Alicia Keys, why are they upset? Beyonce has got more Grammy’s than Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill who’s amazing work was competing in the tough categories, they should be happy about that.

    I don’t get what is to be upset about TBH, the better artist won, deal with it.

    • Del Bey February 9, 2015

      you just ooze pressed-ness, the better artist? OK LB when I bet you couldn’t even recite any beck lyrics, acting like you stan for this unknown, skeen let’s not act like you don’t secretly have a Beyoncé album on your iPod and zero beck tunes

    • Forever young February 9, 2015

      Were you not the one that said in a previous post, that Beyonce deserves to WIN AOTY?F**, go have a seat with your band wagon @ss.

    • metzo February 9, 2015

      Weren’t you just praising how Beyonce really deserved that award the other day?? I can’t…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        Well the Grammy committee thought otherwise, and I moved on, you should too.

        Beck makes great music, the better artist won regardless of what I thought. You want Beyonce to win AOTY, tell her to make better music.

    • Erotica February 9, 2015

      Thank you that’s exactly how I feel. Just because she’s popular doesn’t mean she should win. The better artist won and did it with out massive gimmicks via video visuals and a surprise release. I mean let’s be real here, none of her singles really charted, nor did the album really sell divinely (compared to Taylor Swift and Adele). I’m personally confused as to what is she really bringing to the table? What legacy is she leaving? I get Michael’s craft, I get Madonna’s craft, hēll I even get Mariah’s craft; but Beyoncé I get nothing. And I haven’t really heard Beyoncé on the radio since ‘Dance For You’ and if you want to talk about popularity that Beyoncé has I question it. Cause via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram; Beyoncé’s overall average fails in comparison to that of Perry, Bieber, Swift, Rihanna and so on. So again popularity does not mean a Grammy. I personally feel Beyoncé lacks conviction and believability in her music, something that makes you feel and think. What Annie Lennox did tonight is what Beyoncé needs. And if this went over anyone’s head then I just proved my point.

      • Sean February 9, 2015

        Thank you.

      • Madbrax February 9, 2015

        They beehive are probably now thinking #whoisannielennox bunch of ignorant fools

      • Alex February 9, 2015

        None of becks singles have charted. Beyonces drunk in love peaked at number 2 on the hot 100. 7/11 peaked at 13. She has three dance number ones off this Album, bringing her total to 22. What world have you been living in if the last song you heard was dance for you??? Lol! Quit embarrassing yourself. She outsold everyone’s album in they category. And lastly, Beyonce owns social media. She’s the most followed musician on instagram with 25.9 miles And an average of 700,000 likes per picture! Do your homework before you come for the Queen!!

      • Alex February 9, 2015

        *25.9 million*

  12. Jessi February 9, 2015

    Im honestly upset. The grammys just used Beyonce for ratings and threw all of her merit away. Lets face it, she”s black and the grammy judges are all white 75-90 years old and prob Huckabee republicans who dont like Beyonce. xpected tbh. Sadly in todays society a black female needs to work 60 times harder to even be acknowledged as a mediocre white male. I know Beck, I listened to his album, it was mediocre at best, a random album put together. I am just upset that black lives as well as black artists are treated sifferently to white artist. Azealia Banks was right, its right infront od our eyes, #StayWoke

    • Kev Kev February 9, 2015


  13. Cough Cough February 9, 2015

    They make people not like Beyonce.. Dumb, immature people!!

  14. Del Bey February 9, 2015

    omg crying, my fellow hive do the most XD, not me though, I’m chill in knowing my fav could buy you five times over, love you bey, she looked her best tonight x

  15. Erotica February 9, 2015

    Seriously? Some of you BeyHive members are ridiculous. How many of you guys actually listened to ALL the nominees in the Album of the Year category? You guys only felt that she should have won because she is the more popular and your favorite. Popularity Does Not equal a Grammy. Why hasn’t the world grasp this yet. If that was the case Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and the like would have just as many Grammy’s as Beyoncé. I actually just got done reading the lyrics to his album via A-Z Lyrics and I must say they were more honest. All I am saying is that the BeyHive needs to do their homework before they take their exams instead of blaming the teacher for their failing grades.

  16. seun February 9, 2015

    Did these idiots actually think beyonce was going to win. I love how the grammys serves the tea every year in the album of the year category. They make all the ghetto hoodrats and pop tarts do a google search.

    Congrats Beck!! Well deserved!

    • FutureCIARA February 9, 2015

      Exactly, This kids name shot to the Top of Most Searched on google as soon as he won….. Pre-Planned

  17. LB February 9, 2015

    Seriously if they wanted to use anyone for ratings, they would have put Taylor Swift in that category who commands a larger audience than Beyonce ever could, that point is invalid.

    The BeyHive just need to accept the fact that the better artist has won. What is there when Beyonce has got 20 Grammys over artists who competed in the difficult categories like Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston…etc. Hell the artists who compete in the pop categories have got a difficult time winning.

    There’s nothing to be upset about, Beyonce is happy with her 20 Grammy’s, mostly won in the R&B categories over Alicia Keys. She has moved on, the hive need to move on too.

    They are turning out to be worst than the Monsters and we all know how that ended.

    • J February 9, 2015

      U sound like a pressed abeyonce hater that hates her for a living. Pressed of anything she does . Shame on u idiot

    • Alex February 9, 2015

      Taylor does not have more impact than Beyonce. Why do you think award shows mostly put Bey on last?? So people won’t go to sleep or change the channel. Bey brings the ratings like none other from all races. She is a driving force in this industry and no one can duplicate it!

  18. 2 girls 1 cup February 9, 2015

    Dead at this kids not knowing how Beck is smh shows you that this generation doesn’t appreciate quality, personally I haven’t heard becks new album but his other albums were. Beyonce the album was good too but it wasn’t album of the year good I heard it and it was all over the place it had too many themes but overall it was good I think in my opinion Sam Smith in the lonely hour was the one that got robbed but I haven’t heard becks new album but of for this childish rant seriously is beyond retarded she has won 20 grammys already she has a huge legacy so why bully other artist seriously you just make your artist look bad and loose credibitily.

  19. John February 9, 2015

    The BeyHive is so ignorant it’s not funny. Beck won and Beyonce lost. She got 3 awards tonight and now has 20. What’s another Grammy?

  20. FutureCIARA February 9, 2015

    BeyHive is just making this kid famous and giving him publicity!

    Everyone literally yearns to be attacked by the BeyHive because outside of Stan world, They are actually getting a career boost.

    With all these #WhoIsBeck tweets, Everyone is actually making this guy popular, His name is traveling and The Grammys set this up because they know what it can mean for a not so well known artist, To p*** off a huge pop stars fan base is actually not as much career suicide as people may think it may be, No matter how hard the stans dragg him and harass him on Twitter.

    The power of Social media is not to be played with, the Grammys pre-meditated this and know exactly how it will turn out, The entire Kanye walking up on stage, and interview rants and everything is ALL ENTIRELY PLANNED OUT!!

    When will people realize the Grammy committee doesnt just come up with these decisions and winners over night.

    So instead of helping this guys career, If the less than smart Stans really wanted to make a statement, then how about not tweeting, or responding to every award Bey doesnt win…. That would be unexpected.

  21. britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

    The BeyHive are such pathetic faggottts that’s why Beyonce pays yall dust. Yall are willing to sacrifice necessities in your lives such as EDUCATION, DIGNITY, SELF-WORTH, REPUTATION, and PEACE over a ghetto bitchh that won’t be cared for 10 years from now. Yall are going to feel like such losers when yall turn 30 (some of yall are pushing that age) when yall live in either a trailer park or section 8 housings for caring over a ghetto singer more than yall own lives! Mark my words!!

  22. Mark111 February 9, 2015

    And this is the reason why the roches thinks everything Beyonce does is great, because that’s all they listen to. Beck been out since 2001, if not earlier. So this is more of his time finally came. If Beyonce want that award, then make a better album.
    Funny, they were ready to hate on Rihanna, but look who’s all hot and bothered, lol.

    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      Rihanna??? Oh I forgot about her… Just like EVERYONE else did…
      And what’s a “better” album than a critically acclaimed one that blew up iTunes??? If you mention “singles” I swear to God…

      • Mark111 February 9, 2015

        Well it didn’t win, so deal with it on your own time. Oh and Rihanna, a grammy winner that won an award tonight and performed.

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        bitchh we all know you didn’t forget about Rihanna.. stop being pressed at the fact that Rihanna outshined Beyonce tonight

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        UMMMM Bey won 3 and performed too…. And Rap/Sung Collab???? WOOOOOW… *rolls eye* when will she win anything useful???

      • Mark111 February 9, 2015

        Irony since beyonce has 19 small awards.

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Just like Rihbola has 8 small awards… Half of them as a feat.

    • Alex February 9, 2015

      Doesn’t matter how long Beck been out, many don’t know who he is and everyone including Bey got snubbed in that category. He is not deserving! It’s a race issue, but she’s still the Grammy queen.

  23. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    Even Prince saw it coming!!!! >>> When Beck beats Beyonce and Pharrell somehow #GRAMMYs : http://t.co/xmZMe2uke6

  24. Del Bey February 9, 2015

    Ya’ll bitter trolls are doing the most to discredit the royal hive and our queen, because you know if she did collect AOTY it would of been a dusty grave for your favs careers, oh wait she has 20, tell your favs to catch up… lol and I genuinely don’t know who beck is #WhoIsBeck

  25. Mark111 February 9, 2015

    The HIVE are just as bad as the Beblivers, lol. You guys are the joke of the night! lol

    • Jessi February 9, 2015

      U think its just the beyhive? Its the whole world and even non fans outraged. Look at the shade article Billboard wrote about the grammy judges. Even they are upset

      • seun February 9, 2015

        The Academy dont give a fukk about the billboard!

      • Meteorite February 9, 2015

        Who’s the whole world? Beause I know my mother and sisters don’t care, I know doctors looking for a cure for A*** and cancer don’t care, teachers trying to get their to students to care about their education don’t care, I know the homeless people worrying about where they’re going to sleep tonight don’t care, and I know the starving people of the world worried about when their next meal is coming could careless. So again who’s the whole world?

  26. Iggy on top February 9, 2015

    The beehive is a bunch of stupid f****** pigs. They think BEYONCÉ is God. NO SHE AINT. Let the guy have his time. That’s why some can’t stand BEYONCÉ because you dumb f**** (beehive) make people sick. Stop with the crying like the little b****** you guys are ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! Nobody is gonna bow down to BEYONCÉ funky ass weave wearing ass NOMORE. The b**** got 20 Grammy’s what more can YA want? That’s why the granny’s shouldn’t have gave BEYONCÉ all them awards because beehive would think she deserves every damn one. It’s disrespectful to that guy who just won. The beehive is a bunch of f****** cry babies!! Grow the f*** up already!! Stupid f****** pigs!!

    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      Iggy didn’t win so sit the f*** down…

    • Del Bey February 9, 2015

      Wow take your meds Hun, the meltdowns at iggy leaving empty handed though

    • SippingmyTea February 9, 2015

      hushh boo boo !!

  27. Slay_Hive February 9, 2015

    Lmaooo I Just Love My Fellow Beyhive..Death @ All The Pressed Souls In Here. No Other Fan Base Can Get People’s Blood Boiling Like The Beyhive. Its Only A Joke. Gosh

    • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

      yall are jokes. Nobody wants to be ghetto like the BeyHive

      • Slay_Hive February 9, 2015

        You’re a joke though. Are you not tired of your hair being snatched out by the Hive?

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        no because not once have any of you weak ass faggotts have even grabbed my roots. Yall are all weak ass dickk in the booty hole ass faggotts

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

      Aww it looks like the local library in your village finally re-opened. I was wondering why you were absent on the previous post.

      • Slay_Hive February 9, 2015

        I was absent because I was at the 40/40 Grammy party not worrying about what the hell you were doing with your miserable life.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

        Interesting since you & your friend Digger Bey used to wait for me to arrive to Mariah posts back in the day. Slay with the upgrade Hun!

  28. Truth February 9, 2015

    Beyhive: mainly made up of black queen f******.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

      Like Tyler LMFAO

      • Tyler February 9, 2015

        Shut up tramp!

  29. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    stop being pressed at the fact that Rihanna outshined Beyonce tonight <<< the delusion

  30. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    EVERYONE thought Beyonce was gonna win!!!! And the Grammys doesn’t do this EVERY year!!!! Explain Adele winning…

  31. SippingmyTea February 9, 2015


  32. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    No ones more pressed than the haters… NO ONE cares about Rihanna’s performance…

    • SippingmyTea February 9, 2015

      boo boo but you cared enough to bring it up under a beyonce post !!

  33. RoyalBey February 9, 2015

    Lmfaoo I love the Beyhive too. They always make me laugh

  34. Iggy on top February 9, 2015

    Like how can beehive wake up everyday and look in the mirror without saying “I’m a pathetic loser” like how? It’s emba how much of a fool you guys act. Have some f****** respect! Ain’t everything about that ugly “can’t comb her daughter head” ass b****. F*** HER! She ain’t s*** but a stealing f****** p****. That video for 711, she stole from another underground rapper. The video look very similar to his. BEYONCÉ is a f****** theft I dont f*** with thefts. F*** HER! Beehive need to grow some balls and act like thier age oh wait… They are mostly 10, 13 years old. I swear if I saw a beehive member in the streets I would f*** them up for just being f****** assholes. You guys are worthless piece of s***!

    And I know YA gonna bring up Iggy not winning a Grammy. It’s always next year.

    What YA need to worry about is getting out your mom basement and get a actual job and stop stanning for a damn theft like BEYONCÉ. How bout that.

  35. LB February 9, 2015

    Well the BeyHive have proven one thing, they are a bunch of inbred low self esteem homosexuals with mediocre taste in music. They only listen to Beyonce and think they are experts of music.

    At the end of the day, Beck walked home with AOTY, Beyonce still has her 20 Grammys which she won mostly in the R&B categories over artists like Alicia Keys and the Hive will remain pressed, only this time they’ll be the joke of the industry.

    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      “The R&B category” yes something Rihbola has never succeeded in… She’s only great for Rap/Sung Collabs… At least Single Ladies won Song Of The Year…

      • Mark111 February 9, 2015

        Well Rihanna isn’t R&B, so back to being mad, hot and bother over BeYAWWNNce’s AOTY loss.

      • Forever young February 9, 2015

        She also won BEST pop vocal performance for HALO.

      • Forever young February 9, 2015

        Yeah ok, and Rihanna’s pop, So Wtf has she won in that? And by the way, while you’re looking that up, see if you can find what category Aaliyah won her Grammy in.

      • Special Delivery February 9, 2015

        @Mark111 Beyonce has won categories in the POP genre and main award. What can Rihanna win besides best/rap sung collab. How dare you come for Beyonces award status when she has variety of different awards that don’t involve a rap collab.

    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      UMMM that wasn’t even on the standard edition….

      • LB February 9, 2015

        It was on the album

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        The PLATINUM edition… AFTER the submissions were available…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        It is still part of “Beyonce” the album, I thought that is what you’re queening out about, “Beyonce” the album

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        But that’s not the version the Grammys nominated… Epic fail…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        Are you denying it now? It’s on the album

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Are you even listening to me??? Probably not…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        No I’m listening to Beck

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Then perhaps you should listen to Rihbolas performance that no one cared about…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        I will after I finish listening to Beck

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Well I appreciate you helping with the spotify streams… Even though 300k is nothing compared to 2 million…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        AOTY is

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        As a Rihbola stan, it shouldn’t be…

      • Meteorite February 9, 2015

        LMAO Tell the truth LB!!! #UREALMAD

    • Mark111 February 9, 2015


  36. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

    This is just distasteful and a classic example of the Beyhive being nasty as usual. She already has plenty of Grammys. Don’t try to belittle this man and label him as “trash” because you’ve never heard his music. Smh

  37. LB February 9, 2015

    I mean it is really simple to be honest, you want Beyonce to win Album of the Year, tell her to make better music.

    They should direct those tweets to Beyonce and her legion of producers to make better music and leave Beck alone.

  38. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

    In other Granmy news….. Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj remain GRAMMYLESS. Lol

  39. Dossome February 9, 2015

    “Oh,Beyonce was asked to perform by the Academy,what was she to do?Reject and let Ledisi perform?”………………………………………….The same ones that defended her for accepting to perform a song from a film she wasn’t a part of are the same ones attacking Beck for accepting an award for HIS music….Beyonce has won “Best Surround Album”,celebrate that

    Meanwhile it’s Monday in most parts of the world and people with lives have jobs to do…

  40. Special Delivery February 9, 2015

    Hahaha typical Hive. And those trying to act the go between STFU none of you thought Becks deserved to win either. It was all Sam Smith this and that. Congrats to Bey on her 20 Grammys though! Coming for Alisons wig at just 33.

  41. MAN ON THE MOON (CATFISH CAREY) February 9, 2015


  42. FutureCIARA February 9, 2015

    The self hate, and Meltdowns that people are displaying is sad and disgusting…

  43. Del Bey February 9, 2015

    Slayriah stays hating in true bitter fashion on people’s creativity and dreams, shame on you for tearing others down, it’s one thing to play games on here by shading each other’s favs but when you get nasty and personal, the fun is truly lost, slayriah and certain others on here will remain sour until the end of days, and will probably be claiming welfare as they stay perched in here for the next ten years

    • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

      it’s your fault for being an absolute failure

      • Del Bey February 9, 2015

        If I had less self esteem these comments would really effect me, but luckily enough I’ve built up enough tolerance to dismiss hateful trolls like you, I personally like my blog and it’s only early days, so stop trying to tear others creativity down, it’s one thing to shade someone’s fav and it’s another to directly become a hateful cockroach

      • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

        what you need to do is put your index finger up your booty hole, way deep in there hun. You’ll have more success at doing that than making this blog thing happen

  44. LB February 9, 2015

    Hey Beysus, which part did the Grammy committee get confused by, the part where she talks about c** on her dress or the part where they thought Ciara made a submission?

  45. SMH February 9, 2015

    What a sad, pathetic fan base. They think the world agrees with them when in reality they’re being laughed at like the idiots that they are. Meanwhile, Beck is somewhere celebrating, totally unaware of their existence.

  46. Mark111 February 9, 2015

    When Katy Kats thought the same!
    And the Barbs! lol

  47. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    Who’s “Beysus”???

  48. Benji February 9, 2015

    Oh well kids at least you can’t say Bey pays for her Grammys anymore and her 20 wins are all justly hers. Hive tried to tell you that years ago.

  49. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

    Why is Taco Bell in her feelings?

    You’re promting your blog in the comments section of another flop blog sweetheart. Shouldn’t you be dragging Beck with the rest of the uneducated B*****+ instead getting hurt by what someone you don’t know says about you on the Internet?

    • Del Bey February 9, 2015

      Whatever slayriah, sorry we aren’t all souless trolls like you, some people genuinely want to make something of themselves, even if it requires starting right at the bottom and working my way up, I was obviously to naive to believe I would be met with complete support, and on second thought, no I don’t give zero shits what you think and I will continue to spam your ass with my links and you shall seethe

  50. Dossome February 9, 2015

    Well,Grammys don’t mean s*** in the grand scheme of things.It took Madonna 15yrs to finally win a Grammy.Queen,Diana Ross,Led Zeppelin,Bjork etc never won one but Milli Vanilli did

    • LB February 9, 2015

      There was a lot of competition then though

  51. Jewel February 9, 2015

    Unless you fave has won AOTY or has won a grammy period you can have a seat. Its always the lesser ones who want to be running their mouth the most when their fave either has no awards to their name or needs Jay Z and Eminem to add to her collection. But Im sleep tho. CONGRATS Bey on become the second most awarded woman in history!!! Some stans should calm down and appreciate that.

  52. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

    Thanks for the essays though. I clearly got you shook. I won’t be so harsh on your “creativity” even if you out here struggling. Xo


    • Del Bey February 9, 2015

      B****, you win this round, next time I’m coming for MooMoos edges EVEN if I play her butterfly album on the low

  53. Tyler February 9, 2015

    The shade of it all when half of these b****** didn’t even know who Beck was! I cannot lol

    • britneyraycarey February 9, 2015

      just shut up

      • Tyler February 9, 2015

        Oh, you didn’t get the memo the first time? Step tf out of my reply section h**.

  54. red wine February 9, 2015

    that best surround sounding album doesn’t go to Beyonce it goes to the engineer of the album so she won only 2 tonight… plus her dry ass performance if i was in the hive i would be mad too

      • Brian310 February 9, 2015

        Your reads are stale and dry posting wack pictures back to back…do better.

      • Forever young February 9, 2015

        Stale and dry just like your fav’s albums sales, now stfu.

    • Tyler February 9, 2015

      The way my avi pic is set up, I’m not worried.

  55. DanYiel Teflon February 9, 2015

    I still congrats Beyoncé for actually winning 2 more Grammies & she’s a Winner I actually never have heard of Beck so I’ll keep my comments to myself!!…:)

  56. Tyler February 9, 2015

    The best artist won? B****, how would you know? You don’t even listen to Beck. You just said that Beyoncé deserved to win AOTY FourFiveSeconds ago.

  57. LB February 9, 2015

    Hey Tyler, maybe you should listen to Beck then so you can know what an album of the year sounds like instead of seething up and down this post

    Or here’s an idea, tell Beyonce to make better music if she wants to win that award

    • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

      And what’s a better idea than gaining critical acclaim, changing the industry, and selling 1.7 more than the winner… *sips tea* quit bragging about an artist you’ve never listened to and worry about FourFiveForeheads…

      • LB February 9, 2015

        Hahahaha my music catalog alone is far superior than your mediocre music taste. You listen to only Beyonce and think you’re some expert. If you were, you would have known that singing about c** doesn’t get you album of the year

    • Tyler February 9, 2015

      Bish what? Maybe I should start listening to who??? B**** you don’t even listen to him…how are you going to suggest that I listen to someone, that you don’t even listen to? LAWD TAKE MY HAND!

      • LB February 9, 2015

        Well it might stop you from queening out up and down this post, you look pathetic

      • Tyler February 9, 2015

        You’re the one who took it upon yourself to address ME….you look pathetic b****.

      • LB February 9, 2015

        Only because your queening out is getting annoying. I think it might be time to change your weave, the itchiness must be messing with your ability to think straight.

      • Tyler February 9, 2015

        When Chris Brown did the Muhammad Ali on Rihanna’s face…did he give you a couple of blows to the head to? You werent saying all of that s*** when you were defending the mess that was FourFiveSeconds.

  58. waterfalls February 9, 2015

    To me, 4 and Beyonce are her best album but since her father is not her manager, she has less grammys. I am sasha fierce not deserved all this grammys .

  59. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    You listen to only Beyonce<<<< the delusion…

  60. Tyler February 9, 2015

    “you would have known that singing about c** doesn’t get you album of the year”
    *Face hits palm* B****, you didn’t even know. YOU were one of the main people saying that “Beyonce” deserved to win AOTY. Precious LAWD help this child lmao.

    • LB February 9, 2015

      I wasn’t the one making the decision, regardless of what I thought, the Grammy committee thought singing about c** is not worth AOTY, and they decided on the better album. Simple, deal with it, cool down, and stop seething.

      • Tyler February 9, 2015

        Well, I dont agree with the decision. And you don’t even know what a Beck is. So why the f*** are you sooo worried about what I’m doing?

  61. dafug February 9, 2015

    dunno him either. i prefer that “mongolian chop squad” thing. 😀

  62. Meteorite February 9, 2015

    Let us be realistic here; granted Beyoncé album was great, it was, however, generic perfected. The sound was not fresh at all, for its sound I have personally heard before via Christina Aguilera’s Bionic, Gaga’s Fame Monster, Alicia Key’s Element of Freedom (only to literally name a few). Lyrically the album was sëx driven and lacked honesty and conviction of emotion.?And an entire visual album is not brand new for I have seen it done several times since 2009 back when iTunes introduced the iTunes LP addition for artist to further explore there craft and share with fans. Most notably was The Chemical Brothers for their album Further. The only thing remotely innovative she did was, was releasing an album un-announced, and even then that’s been done. I personally still feel like her album 4 was her best work, it was the most organic.

    • thetruth February 9, 2015


      I agree… i think 4 was her best album but I Am Sasha Fierce will be the album she will be remembered 4 the most.

  63. Suicide Blonde February 9, 2015

    This is sad, how could do this to Beck, he’s super talented, not only that, he’s also have a big heart, ignorant people, they make a fool of themselves, this is not funny, at at all, they are trash for doing this, TRASH.

    • Meteorite February 9, 2015

      That’s how I feel and I don’t even know the man. It is inane how degrading and condescending how some people are acting towards him. Especially kayne west. For him to say that Beck’s music wasn’t art not real music was just rude and disrespectful and un-uncalled for. People need to stop being biased and come to the realization that world doesn’t revolve around them and their wants. Where’s the unity?

    • xedos February 9, 2015

      all that sound good ,but it has nothing to do with the album . its about voting for the album not the person

  64. xedos February 9, 2015

    once again these awards show use popular music to get ratings,but give the award to someone who’s album should not even be on the list.

  65. kingbeybitch February 9, 2015

    The Navy ” Beck deserved to win” I mean of y’all would say that. I bet next year y’all gone be like “Rihanna should’ve won” when Taylor swift snatch her bald

    • kingbeybitch February 9, 2015

      *of course y’all would say that*

  66. Gee February 9, 2015

    The immaturity of these fan bases are ridiculous and it is really sad and petty. Beyoncé can not always win obviously the recording academy committee saw that Beck was better suited to win that does not take away from Beyoncé as an artist or brand she will have another chance but this was not to be her moment it is a new day and time to move on.

  67. February 9, 2015

    so sad alot of people wish they won at least 1 grammy a matter a fact even a nomination, and some people are winning it like it’s nothing, but them same ones is crying because they didn’t won it in a certain category, so greedy and unfair the hives needs to calm down.

  68. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 9, 2015

    Nah, I can’t get behind this “who is Beck?” thing. Nope.

    Same thing happened when Arcade Fire won over Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga in 2011. Same thing happened when Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist over Justin Bieber.

    It’s tacky. Period.

    As a long time Beck fan, I must say that “Morning Phase” is NOT my favorite Beck album. That would be the far superior “Sea Change.” I wish he had won for that album. But, the committee made their decision. It is what it is.

  69. Jennifer February 9, 2015

    Stanning so hard for someone that no one else can be successful is pathetic. You all need to get a life! She has plenty of Grammys and commercial success does not equal quality. Sit down.

  70. old school February 9, 2015

    The Beyhive needs to chill 4real. Beck is part of my generation,I remember he was all over Mtv when Mtv was really good back in the day. I’m a black female saying that her stans really need to calm down.

  71. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2015

    What a bunch of losers!!!!! LOLOLOL
    Who is Beck??? LOL
    These people really think the guetto artists and the few R&B names they know (and a few pop artists) is all there is when it comes to music LOL No wonder why some people nowadays really think Beyonce and the likes are legendary talents. learn a little bit about music for crying out loud!!! You may not enjoy rock, or Jazz, or Indie or whatever genre as much as the ones you like, but it doesn´t mean anything. I´m not into The Beatles, but I f****** know where they stand (miles ahead of any of your faves), just to give an example.
    I remember when I saw the nominations 2 months ago, I thought Beck was someone grammys usually like to recognize (at least when they were about talent 20 years ago), always or almost always over pop megastars (even if mega talented). Glad they did it this time too.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 9, 2015

      EXACTLY! Your opinion is invalid if the only people you can name are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé. That means it’s time for you to broaden your musical horizons. There are no excuses.

      You may not listen to Joni Mitchell (for example) but dammit, you better find “Blue” today and find out.

      I seriously cannot stand that “who” BS! As a huge fan of Beyoncé, I was hoping that the fan base wouldn’t stoop. Well, they stooped. VERY disappointing.

  72. _frootjooce_ February 9, 2015

    Lmfaoooooooo these H**+ members are pressedT.

    Why are they mad that Beck snatched 2 grammys tonight. Congratulations Beck.

  73. thetruth February 9, 2015

    I so DO NOT believe Beyonce deserved album of the year! Her album Beyonce was not a great album to me. That album was by far her worst album musically. The only thing I can really praise about that album was the way she dropped it. It was a phenomenal marketing ploy. Releasing videos to every single on her album at the sametime was a way to cover up the actual mUsic. Ppl r so caught up on how she dropped it they are forgetting about the actual music. At the end of the day the Grammys made the best choice even though it may not have been a popular decision… what mattered most was the music. I have never heard of Beck either but why r u ppl bashing him when u probably havent even heard his album. I am glad the Grammys are recognizing artists who are not considered popular artists… I just wish they would include more black artists in those categories.

  74. whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 9, 2015

    Pathetic – as always!!!!!!!

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