Did Dr. Luke Just Diss Beyonce With Grammy Retweet?

Published: Tuesday 10th Feb 2015 by Sam

With debate about the 2015 Grammy Awards still raging on, hitmaker Dr. Luke appears to be the latest to throw his name into discussion about Beck‘s controversial Album of the Year win.

As reported, Kanye West ignited the media scape when, after the show, he publicly slammed the committee for their pick and suggested the winner should have given their award to Beyonce.

Now, the Pop maestro – who has moulded hits for the likes of Katy Perry and Britney Spears – has seemingly weighed in with an interesting retweet.

See what we mean below…

Moments ago on Twitter, he re-shared the following with this 235,000 followers:


For a number of reasons, his decision to share this on his page was surprising. But, he’s allowed to have an opinion….right?

Your thoughts?

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  1. NickiBaby February 10, 2015

    No shade just TRUTH …

    • maurice February 10, 2015

      PAAHAHAHAHA! Luke better read Beyonce for filth with that retweet.
      sh!!t-hive better seethe!!! Seethe in sh!t

      • Um No February 10, 2015

        But sis, Prince plays every instrument known to man and still saw it for Bey, no one give a f*** what an old reductive ass generic creep with ghost producers and s***** synthesizers got to say tbh. Don’t he got up and coming popstars to feel on? Better yet, don’t he have another forgettable top 40 to microwave? Oops I meant “produce”.

      • Nika February 11, 2015

        all I can do is laugh….LOL.

    • CDaniels February 11, 2015

      Album of the year is awared to all the writers, musicians, engineers, producers and mixers who worked on the album. Not just BEYONCÉ. It’s meant to recognize all involved for creating that body of work. I feel Kanye, but by trying shine the light on 1 artist, you disrespect another. That’s not cool. But Luke should watch himself since he needs 7 people to help him create a song. And then there is the fact that he felt comfortable enough to retweet that. SMH

  2. fatusankoh February 10, 2015

    Go away Luck with you lies you looking for skipe goat

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 10, 2015

      B**** in English please?

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

        That was very unnecessary

      • stef February 10, 2015


      • MisdamenorFan February 11, 2015

        I see no lies!

  3. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

    Another reason why the Grammys was a mess! quality producers like Timbaland and The Neptunes were paid complete dust and instead Keshas pimp won… Ridiculous

  4. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    R.I.P Dr Luke…

  5. gio88 February 10, 2015

    truth must be told , beyonce is great but not everything she does deserve a grammy , and i’m sure kanye haven’t listened morning phase by beck….and by the way that tweet is THE TRUTH

    • FAF February 10, 2015

      !!! And watch them seethe below me

  6. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    The award was NOT for “The Most Instruments You Can Play”! Beyonce REALLY won over that pile of Coldplay rejects…

    • The One February 10, 2015

      You are right and I’m not even a die hard Beyonce fan!! Hell plenty of music majors are skilled on several instruments at universities across the U.S., so are they grammy worth, too?

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        At first I died laughing in tears… Oh wait I’m still laughing. Cut the excuses boo. His read was accurate. There is no coming back from this. Stop the petitions and petty excuses. Her s*** is cooked.

  7. Kev Kev February 10, 2015

    I see no lies that were told there!

  8. Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 10, 2015

    Has Bey ever worked with this man before? Isn’t he a pop producer? I mean while I agree Kanye was very ignorant in trying to demean Beck(whom I’ve never heard his music before)is it really necessary all this hate Bey is suddenly getting?I understand people are entitled to their own opinion but sheesh,it’s not only Beyonce who has numerous writers on a song. Sam Smith and Adele also got ample help on some of their hits.

    • red wine February 10, 2015

      but when Rihanna do it it’s a problem and Beyonce has over 20 writers it’s ok
      sit down

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 10, 2015

        When did I even mention Rihanna? She actually doesn’t even contribute(like Beyonce does)in writing any of her music and yet she doesn’t get producers retweeting things to bring her down.Now you sit.

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        It was established bet contributes two to three words. Please stop. The hive goose is cooked. Lls. I’m still crying…..lmfao

  9. Keri Qween February 10, 2015

    Dammmmmmnnnn Luke dragged Bey kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I told the hive she isn’t as talented as they think she is

    • hivehighness February 10, 2015

      Too bad so sad Keri isn’t even relevant enough to get dragged

      • Black power February 10, 2015

        She will be in a couple months when she makes that return

    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      UMMM says a Keri stan!!!!! You need to get the f*** outta here… NOW!!!

  10. britneyraycarey February 10, 2015

    that tweet is the realest tweet ever.. i need to RT it too

  11. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    The 50th Shades Of Grey soundtrack is now no1 on iTunes…

    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      Ignore “50th” LOL

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015


    • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

      no its not, fourfive still #1 and #2 in the UK ahahaha

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015


      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 10, 2015

        fourFive is not #1 in the UK.

    • fatusankoh February 10, 2015

      Thaiks I all ready get my let not listern to hatters like luck who is looking for fame support our bey for life this hatters have Nottinghon on her

  12. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    And she doesn’t NEED to work with anyone!!!! She just wants to work with talented people that she loves and respects!!!!

    • Pine Cone February 10, 2015

      I guess no one ever told her less is more….even Madge is more creative then her. And that’s saying something

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

        Hun she used the SIMPLISTIC songs for her album…

    • Pine Cone February 10, 2015

      Yet no has every questioned her artistry

  13. Keri Qween February 10, 2015

    beyonce been getting dragged lately kiiiii first for stealing the spotlight from ledisi then that boring performance now this hahahahaha

    • Meteorite February 10, 2015

      Yeah I know right! I’m starting to think the industry is tired of Bey and her clique…

      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

        he definitely didn’t help her case he made it worse, people are tired and her and the a$$ kissing from her industry fans

      • Meteorite February 10, 2015

        I’m still laughing at what Jill Scott and Erykah Badu tweeted lol

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 10, 2015

        What did Eryka and Jill tweet?

    • Red February 10, 2015

      As mama used to say “everything done in the dark will come to the light”

    • Erotica February 10, 2015

      Erykah Badu tweeted: “NP Beyoncé
      me myself and eye”
      Jill Scott tweeted: “@ledisi I love you and am sooo proud of your grace.” (in regards to Beyoncé stealing her thunder for the Selma project)

  14. Meteorite February 10, 2015

    I’m starting to think that Kayne did more damage for Beyoncé then good….

    • Carry On February 10, 2015

      Didn’t Jay Z have a Stroke??? He don’t want to F up the plan he has going on to get that attention of a certain crowd of people. I remember Jay Z said, “they do the same songs like Crazy in love, drunk in love, naked in love or whateva to catch the adhd crowd” from that interview when he also mentioned “his presence is charity”. I was raised to respect people and I’ve put people too much on a pedestal to think they would fall for a status quo. If I knew people was that slow and fall for popularity instead good quality songs that give us nostalgia of goose bumps in soul, I would of done it too. I can’t hate on their plan they laugh about that people from a certain age don’t know about.

  15. DanYiel Teflon February 10, 2015

    I’ve actually still haven’t heard Beck & probably won’t doesn’t sound like something of like to hear but carry on folks….

  16. teee February 10, 2015

    This dude is irrelevant, he can eat sh!t for all I care.

  17. Dustin February 10, 2015

    People that think he is shading bey are kind of missing the point. The original post was dragging Kanye for his disrespect and stupidity. Saying that a man that wrote every single word, melody, harmony, guitar, piano, bass, drum part, and played every other instrument on his album needs to respect the artistry of a woman who isn’t an artist so much as a vocalist. Let’s face it, Beyoncé is more Whitney than Bob Dylan regardless of the false merits her fans try and convince people her work has.

    • Pine Cone February 10, 2015

      I agree

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      No we’re not missing the point. I understand what Kanye said was out of line, but that tweet contained shade towards Bey. Insinuating that her talent is of less significance beacause she doesn’t play instruments or write. Beyonce was just as deserving of that award and she’s a mega talent.

    • red wine February 10, 2015


      • Thayne February 10, 2015

        lol no she wasn’t. Beyoncé just sits behind a mic, it’s not created by her! Are you stupid? Do you not comprehend. Beyoncé isn’t an artist. She’s just the ” brush” the talent is in who is holding the brush.

    • Pine Cone February 10, 2015


      I agree bro anybody can do what Beyoncé is doing. Hello Britney Spears anyone?!?!? Changing a word on a lyric is not being artist. People just need to admit Beyoncé is just a vessel in which goods are delivered through rather then a Laborer in the vine yard.

    • FAF February 10, 2015


  18. AJ February 10, 2015

    Correct me if I’m wrong but she’s never called upon him to work with her? Probably because he refuses to give her a writing credit for single words.

  19. LB February 10, 2015

    But did he lie though? I see no lies.

    • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

      neither do I!

      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

        Keri and Beck are more talented than Beyonce they can write their songs

  20. Everyone’s A Critic February 10, 2015

    I’m a proud hive member but NO LIES WERE TOLD. I actually write songs but I’m not the best singer. Beyonce is a great singer but she does not write songs!!!

  21. Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

    Is he mad that Beyonce has paid him dust all of these years? I guess he caught the shade. She does not need his “hits” like all of the rest of the untalented pop girls with the same sound

    • britneyraycarey February 10, 2015

      why is he mad when he’s produced almost every single number 1 this decade? Beyonce needs him, she hasnt had a number 1 since the same year Mariah Carey had her last number 1.. its sad. She needs him, he does not need her

      • Lolz February 10, 2015

        If Beyonce needed him, she would have asked him a long time ago.

      • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

        lmao Beyonce does not need him. That is apparent by her album sales. Without him or a #1 single, she’s managed to still get platinum albums. I think you mean the other girls need him to remain relevant, trendy and sale. 😉

  22. LB February 10, 2015

    Lauryn Hill can play the guitar, can sing, rap, write and produce her own music and her amazing masterpiece, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, won Album of the Year.

    Kanyeisha Kardashian needs to sit his arrogant as$ down somewhere. I like his music but dislike him as a person.

    • TRUTH SERUM February 10, 2015

      Whitney could only sing and She is just as talented if not more talented than Lauren and or Beck. Your point is….

      Kanye should shut up, his rants are more about him versus anyone else.

      • LB February 10, 2015


        My point is if we were truly fans of music, we would respect the right of every person to be deserving of that award regardless of who the person’s fav is.

        That category was strong, anybody could have gotten that award and deserving so. clearly the academy had different criteria in determining what was worthy of AOTY, so let the guy breathe and enjoy his award.

        Beyonce walked home with 3 awards that night, there clearly is nothing to complain about.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 10, 2015

        @ LB, good point.

  23. TRUTH SERUM February 10, 2015

    All this chatter and Bey is paying it dust. She’s on vacation and on planning her next move.. Let it go.. Beck is a deserving artist, we get it.

  24. LB February 10, 2015

    And comparing this to The Emancipation of Mimi (on of Mariah’s worst albums, Stephy you agree with me) is laughable. Mimi write, produces and sings her own songs. She has written all her 18 #1s.

    I think this Beyonce album is great and was a strong contender, but the BeyHive are out of control, including their ring leader Kanyeisha.

    Beyonce is happy with her Best Surround Sound and the other 2 Grammy’s she walked home with, let Beck win the award he rightly deserves.

    • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

      How many #1s has Rihanna written??

      • LB February 10, 2015

        More than Ciara

      • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

        how many hits have Ci-nigggga wrote she needs to let other people write for her because her songs never chart

      • LB February 10, 2015

        Ciara only has 1 #1, Goodies, and she has been doing this music thing longer than Rihanna.

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Got the Titanic SEETHING BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        How many number 1’s does Ciara have? How many tours? What endorsements does she have? Grammys? Is she at least an opening act on a tour? When you find the answers get back to me.

  25. FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

    Oh My! Dr.Luke, Stay focused on my favz album plz! And stop retweeting tacky drama!

    • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

      regardless if dr pervert is focused on your favs album or not she’s still going to flop and this is her last chance I heard that she might get dropped this time if she doesn’t reach the target epic has for her 🙂

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Lmao! Lies and Deceits… Until you come armed with receipts of these allegations, then stay seated with your fav, 6feet under!

      • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

        @futureciara YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAWN!!!!!!!!!!! YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        If your tired go to sleep ho3!

        R.I.P with your fave, Goodnight!

  26. red wine February 10, 2015

    nothing but the truth and it hurts the Hive lmao

  27. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    Shouldn’t he be busy dealing with this sexual assault lawsuit to be retweeting s*** on Twitter????@

    • S*** February 10, 2015

      girl you mad or yes?

    • Erotica February 10, 2015

      DAMN!!!!! Lmao

  28. bria February 10, 2015

    Yeah selling food, and prepping another album with ex drug dealer who currently promotes it to youth

    Bey and jay are the worst thing that happen to musoc

  29. Valerie February 10, 2015

    @Keri Qween. You’re a hypocrite. You stan for Rihanna. Where is her name on FFS nine writers?

    • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

      she doesn’t insert her name in songwriting credits for adding one word like your fave

      • Valerie February 10, 2015

        Doesn’t matter. You still stan for someone with LITTLE talent so don’t come for Bey for the principle of not writing when your fave needs 9 writers for her to yodel over.

  30. Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

    Everyone D list celebrity now knows if they want 15 minutes of fame and a hot topic headline, to come for Bey and the BeyHive will attack. That BeyHive power.

    • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

      Dumb hive will continue to give away free promo.

      • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

        Ciara needs promo I FLOP FLOPACKIE is on the way I cant wait 🙂

      • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

        Ciara fans do the same thing on twitter. Ya’ll just don’t have much of an impact. 😉

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Yet I Bet is slaying Rhythmic & Urban Radio spins, still being named Most Added! As well as iTunes RnB…. You need help with your pressed soul

  31. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    LOL at people using 7/11 as an excuse when it wasn’t on the STANDARD edition that got nominated!!! Do the deluded people out there not know the songs Pretty Hurts, Ghost, Haunted, No Angel, Jealous, Superpower, XO, Heaven or Blue??? Clearly not. BYE FELICIA….

    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      Or Mine???

    • Dustin February 10, 2015

      And she didn’t write those either so… Your point?

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015


      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015


    • Dustin February 10, 2015

      The writing credits on her album are of public record. Check em. You’re delusional if you can convince yourself that she’s the principle songwriter on any of those songs. Bey hasn’t written a song on her own once in her career because that’s not her skillset. If she just admitted that she’s a vocalist and interpreter of other people’s songs I’d have more respect. Instead she pretends she’s a serious songwriter. 24 cowriters on her album and we’re supposed to take her pen game seriously? FOH

    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015


      • Dustin February 10, 2015

        Proof isn’t useless just because it proves you wrong. You must be a child.

  32. Valerie February 10, 2015

    Anything that concerns Beyonce always has so much impact on the celeb world. And its ironic that the people cheerleading the tweet stan for people like Rihanna and Britney spears. Its getting boring now. Just like when the world was more bothered about Beyonce lip sycing the National Anthem than Obama taking his stand in office lol. #FicklePeople #MoveOn

  33. Keri Qween February 10, 2015

    The Beyhive should accept that their fave is a performer and that’s pretty much it, shes not an all around musician

    • Yeah I Said It February 10, 2015

      How many other big names are ‘all round musicians’ in todays world? Please do name? Artistry isn’t just about whether you can write a song or play an instrument. That doesn’t take away from the talent they have been blessed with.

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      She is a performer and a respected vocalist. Neither of your faves possess those talents. You say Keri can write but what hits has she written lately gurl? Where is her grammy? Where is her album? I don’t even need to mention Rihanna.

      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

        Keri has written for many artists including Mary J Blige, Omarion, Britney Spears ,Cierror &Chris Brown

      • Kisses Down Low February 10, 2015

        She should stay behind the scenes, because her talent is not in front of the camera.

      • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

        Like I said how many hits has she written lately? If she was as talented as you say she’d be getting some type of recognition, right? She’s a basic writer too

  34. LB February 10, 2015

    Frankly I am kind of happy the hive are acting unruly, they are implicating themselves.

    They’ll know soon enough what happened to the monsters if they continue on their path.

    When someone insists on digging a hole for themselves, let them dig.

    • teee February 10, 2015

      But you know the hive can’t dig as deep as the battered foul smelling r**** pussay right??

      • LB February 10, 2015

        That is probably the most intelligent thing you’ve said in a year, congratulations.

      • teee February 10, 2015

        No need to cry lost bottom.

      • LB February 10, 2015

        I’m crying because I am unworthy of the amount of intellectual stimulation I am getting from your very informed and intellectual comments.

        Please slay me again with your wisdom

      • teee February 10, 2015

        Lb is hurt, ok am sincerely sorry pls don’t take it too personal. Lol

  35. Valerie February 10, 2015

    And as for Kanye. He shouldn’t have done that. You’re making more mess for yourself AND Beyonce. Im sure Beyonce is over his little rant righy about now. He should’ve left it at the joke on the night.

  36. BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

    he needs to shut the fuccck up with her perverted pedophileee ass

  37. Yeah I Said It February 10, 2015

    Its true. You can’t hate on Beck for that but people are SO annoying with the Beyonce thing. You’re using anything to downplay her ots becoming ridiculous. And fact some DUMB people only hate her because of her fans shows how stupid they are as well.

  38. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    And how many songs has Rihbola written???? LOL at the Titanic becoming fans of a Coldplay tribute act thanks to their faves Dolly Parton reject flop single!!!

    • Dustin February 10, 2015

      Are you legit retarded? Beck was around WAY before Coldplay and your fav. Brush up on your music history.

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

        Have you even heard the album??? CLEAN YO EARS OUT

      • Dustin February 10, 2015

        If you think beck sounds like Coldplay I’m not the one with the hearing problem.

        Still waiting for you to show us all these beautiful songs Beyoncé has written by herself…

        Don’t worry, I’m patient. I know this may take a while.

    • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

      if fourfive is a flop what is partition , flawless and xo because it has charted higher than all of those and itll outchart 7/11 this week too kiii

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

        Partition is platinum and the Flawless remix was named the Song of 2014 by TIME! Try again…

      • Dustin February 10, 2015

        How proud Beyoncé must be that the most successful song on her new album tells the story of her husband treating her like a hooker in the back of a limo.

  39. LOL February 10, 2015


    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      And where’s the proof that Grammys can be bought???? How come Rihbola can’t get past Rap/Sung Collab???

      • Natasha3 February 10, 2015

        She did with “Unapologetic” when it won for best r&b compartary album.

    • teee February 10, 2015

      This irrelevant gag me Stan, isn’t fave being fvcked by a 90 yrs old man on his death bed?

  40. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Rihanna fans saying ‘I see no lies” is funny as f*** man I cant stop laughing

    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      They should’ve gone to Specsavers..

    • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

      OKAY!! Like hunny WHET!?
      Their ho3 fav just released the first single from her new label and yet still cant provide any credits except for screeching GOATcals.

      • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

        Rihanna Grammy performance >>>>>> Ciara’s parking lot acoustic of I flop

    • Valerie February 10, 2015

      Ikr? Do they not see the self shade?

  41. FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

    Death at all of Beyonce’s Lawsuit Claims about to resurface because of Kanyes wide v***** mouth!

    • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

      but Ciara got served an eviction notice from her one bedroom project apartment while she was on stage 🙂

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Chawld, The exaggerating to get a thumbs up is a bit desperate…. Lmao, You probably get no D, huh?

  42. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Suddenly everyone knows who Beck is

    • LB February 10, 2015

      The hive asked, people googled him and boom, now the know him. Funny how the information age works eh

  43. LB February 10, 2015

    Just checked iTunes, FourFiveSeconds is #1, nice.

  44. Erotica February 10, 2015

    No offense but I felt Beyoncé’s BEYONCÉ album was very much unoriginal and just generic made perfected. The sound was not fresh nor original for the Black Eyes Peas to Britney Spears have done the sound. And like all the Destiny Child albums it had some 10+ writers and producers and she got the word bootylicious from Dwayne’s character from the tv show a Different World. I personally think it’s weak to release an album unannounced because to me it shows insecurity. However, the visuals aspect I applaud because you’re taken the consumer into the world you saw in your head. But to try and sell an album just because of your name and who you are is vain and condescending (see Proverbs 16:18-19) The album had no impact, it had nothing but hype. No one talked about the contents of the album, just the fact that it was released unannounced, nothing more, nothing less. Only song to really make it on the radio was Drunk in Love and even that didn’t last long. Much like the singles, the album didn’t stay number 1 on iTunes or the Billboards very long, nor the top 50 for that matter. And even now it sits at number 62 on iTunes. When I think of Impact I think Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and so on. I have yet to hear a new artist say “I was inspired by Beyoncé.” They either say Mariah, Christina or Whitney, or Michael, Madonna or Janet. I do not know who put Beyoncé up on this pedal stool, granted yes she is talented and so on; she’s that, but she is not all that.

  45. #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

    I did say before the Live Show that Beck was going to win “Album of the Year” because I actually listened to his album.
    At the end of the day, every nominated artist in that category deserved the award although I still feel like Beyonce’s album was HIGHLY overrated but that’s just my opinion. So I don’t think Dr. Luke wasn’t dissing anybody, Kanye had no right to try to steal Becks shine. Remember the Grammys aren’t about popularity or sales, it’s not the VMAs.

    Now waits for the “But what about Tinashe’s album?” comments. If you’re going to reply to me make sure it’s creative and not on “BeyDumb” level. Thank you 😀

    • LB February 10, 2015

      Tinashe deserves a Grammy or two to be honest, Aquarius is amazing work

  46. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Who cares Beck wrote and produced is album alone doesn’t mean he deserved to win AOTY you people hate Beyonce so much that you don’t even realize how foolish y’all sound.

  47. Blue Ivy Rodriguez February 10, 2015

    The dumb hive are only making themselves seem more basic. Beyonce is talented ENTERTAINER she’s not a MUSICIAN, her artistry is more theatrics/shows, not creating music. In that aspect, I can see why beck has won over her. Does this take away from her legacy or impact? No however she lost to the one with what the Grammy committee thought was the better album. No reason to get angry over it because the same committee given 20 grammies throughout her career. She’s not going to get upset over that and the hive should sit the fuvk down and humble themselves because most of her superiors don’t haev as much but they s*** on her vocally and musically so shut it.

    And how the hell is Slay_Hive going to say that people are diminishing her talent because she doesn’t write or play instruments but was dragging Rih calling talentless because she can’t do the same? Please sit down with Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde stan and shut up


    • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

      So do thinking Rihanna is a musician?

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015


      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        You are a moron. It’s called “compare/contrast”if you had received your high school diploma then you would have known I was comparing slay hives contradictions. Then I contrasted that Rih and bey are different in that department

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        Are no different*

    • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

      Since you say Beyonce isn’t a musician I’m asking you do you think rihanna is one?

    • teee February 10, 2015

      Is rihanna a musician or an entertainer…… OK I know you av no answer to this.

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      Why are you bringing my name up in your comment b****? Yes I said Rihanna is talentless. It is the truth. She can not write, sing, perform, dance, play an instrument. NOTHING! Her only major contribution is fashion and her stylists should be credited! Don’t speak on trolling when you were exposed last year for being Slayriah! You would know a whole lot about multiple personalities b****

  48. Valerie February 10, 2015

    This comment from another post is nothing but the truth from @b**** I cant even spell welfare.

    Now, can we talk about this AOTY nonsense some more. Here are a few things: 1) It’s interesting that everyone is NOW saying that Beck deserved to win the award when they hadn’t even heard “Morning Phase” nor are familiar with his past work. Before the show, everyone stated that Sam Smith deserved the award. Which is it? 2) People are saying that Beyonce didn’t deserve to win the award because she had collaborators? Are you serious? Poor Santana’s Supernatural.
    3) People are saying that Beyonce did not deserve to win because her album is not “innovative.” LOL! This is my FAVORITE one. There is absolutely nothing innovative about X, In The Lonely Hour, Morning Phase, or G I R L. Yet, only BEYONCE was required to be “innovative” to win? Lunacy.
    Look, if you don’t like Beyoncé, it’s cool. But please do not invent reasons to tarnish her when there is none. Why does Beyoncé have a different set of criteria when it comes to her AOTY nomination that others don’t?
    BEYONCE is not my favorite Beyonce album. That would be 4. Morning Phase is not my favorite Beck album. That would be Sea Change. As a Beck fan, I’m happy that he won the award but most of the anti-Beyoncé people are happy he won just because Beyoncé didn’t, even though they know absolutely NOTHING about Beck or Morning Phase.
    These facts, of course, doesn’t excuse the ridiculous behavior of some HIVE members. Many have been horrible. But this Beyoncé pile-on is becoming equally ridiculous.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

      *laminates post*

  49. Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

    It’s not even that serious, why is the hive seething from an opinion? If Beyoncé is the top female and everyone respects her then why is she getting dragged? Lol

    • XXX February 10, 2015

      Shes not getting dragged. The reach. Most of the industy said she deserved album of the year. Its just that dragging Beck is unnecessary.

  50. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

    Heres my opinion. When Kanye first walked on and jumped off, like everyone else I bursted out into awkward laughter – I thought Kanye was being a caricature of himself and was making a joke of his previous behaviour. Then when he popped off into that rant he completely lost me…. Bey is not slept on, she walked away with 3 grammys and is the most nominated female. I have an eclectic taste in music, and I actually enjoy Beck’s early work, and I imagine this album was good too … either way, live and let live.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

      I agree with you. Kanye was being funny but then the rant? I think this is all planned for beck to gain more recognition

  51. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    I’m glad Beyonce isn’t as insecure as other artists we know who has to reply to anyone who says something about her

    • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

      It’s because she can’t read the words.

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        And how would you know what she can and cannot do? Lmao girl bye

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        When was her last tweet? When was the last time you seen her writing a word?

      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015


    • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

      That’s why she uses Instagram… A picture says a thousand words…

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        Yeah the picture is saying that she can’t read

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

        WEAK SHADE

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        How is that weak? When’s the last time you seen bey read of a TelePrompTer and not stumble through the words like 4 and every single from Beyonce off the charts?

      • The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

        That’s because she’s always the person being introduced….

    • Carry On February 10, 2015

      OMG!!! you all are serious aren’t you?? You know dang- on well Jay Z tell her not to do that which would jeopardize her career. Women by nature are emotional human beings and you think she is carry this weight on her own by not sharing an insecure thought you got another thing coming. Don’t EEEEEEEEEEEEEVa get into a relationship if you believe something as simple as this, you will remember what I said one day that a stranger from a web post told you not to believe everything you see or don’t know about from this day.SMH!~This is truly crazy.. What they say your mind don’t stop growing until your 21 years old.

  52. LB February 10, 2015


    I don’t even understand why they are queening out, Beyonce has got 20 Grammy’s, not even Janet, Whitney, Mariah…etc have got 20 Grammy’s, are they saying Beyonce is a better artist than Alicia Keys who’s got better music and puts in more work into her artistry.

    There are many artists who deserved to win the award Beyonce won over them, but the Hive are saying the Committee was right 20/21 times? Really, they Committee got it wrong with 1 award, this is the same woman with 20 Grammy’s.

    How many artists, who in fact make better music than Beyonce have got 20 Grammy’s? The hive need to get over this, by nibbling at this issue, they are bringing Beyonce’s flaws to bare. They are already bringing to light that BEYONCE took 16 writers to make, and out of all the nominees in that category, Beyonce did the least work.

    Now I am not saying BEYONCE wasn’t a good album, it was good, but every other album in that category would have been deserving of the win, the Committee just thought it was Beck.

    • XXX February 10, 2015

      Omg shut up. This whole post isn’t even about the Hive! Its about Kanye!

    • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015


      They don’t know music, they don’t even know REAL R&B but swear BEYONCÉ is a R&B artist. Smh

      • Yeah I Said It February 10, 2015

        How do you know what music the Hive do and don’t know. I am a Beyonce fan but very musically aware. Stop generalizing please.

  53. #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

    Kanye acted how a real dumb Beynadryl stan would and that’s state an opinion that is invalid.
    How are you going to tell the Grammy committee that Beyonce deserves that award when you yourself haven’t done your research on this man’s work? Again, The Grammys isn’t about sales or popularity, only with some categories they don’t care about like example: The R&B categories.
    Anyways I’m starting to dislike Kanye’s ignorant opinions. Not right.

    • teee February 10, 2015

      I wish this tinman stan can use this energy to get its fave known.

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Her stans should put this same energy into requesting Tinashes second single “Pretend” to play on their local radio stations, and pretend that she atleast pushed multiple singles off her debut album.

  54. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    Still waiting for you to show us all these beautiful songs Beyoncé has written by herself…
    Don’t worry, I’m patient. I know this may take a while. <<<<< Unmmm how about every DC and Bey song in existence??? And what beautiful songs has Beck written… Don't worry, I'm patient too…

  55. XXX February 10, 2015

    Why are people talking about the Hive? Its about Kanye. That s*** has simmered down. I don’t see the Hive in here complaining any more.

  56. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    How proud Beyoncé must be that the most successful song on her new album tells the story of her husband treating her like a hooker in the back of a limo. <<< the most successful is Drunk In Love… Try again…

  57. FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

    Lmao, Got the pressed troll crawling out of her grave with her fav, to stalk and comment in everyone of my reply sections. Your like a leech! LMAO

    • #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

      You need to remain humble that your fave (10yr veteran)is on the same level as Tinashe (1yr) as far as in still getting “new artist” opening tours with bigger acts. Something for you to think about.

      • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

        Girl CIARA is eons above your favz level, Stop trying to put Tinman on the same level as Ciara…. FLOPqaurius still hasnt even outsold Ciara’s FLOPPIEST Flop Album!
        17k first week debuts definitely wont help that!

        Yet Tinashe continues to sing praise to Ciara in every interview she gets, And hopes for publicity by inserting her name into every interview conversation…. Have a SEAT

        Your fav wishes she was Ciara!

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        Future baby, not eons. Tins she about a year from catching up. If she gets her hands on some nasty writers. She can accomplish what it took Ciara ten plus years to do in 1. Honestly.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

      Who praises CiWhorehouse? You mean the interviews were they try to force her talk about Beyonce and CiWhereRa? BYE! LOL
      And you stan for SALES I stan for TALENT difference. Ciara is limited when it comes to singing and musical content.

  58. Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

    Did I say Rihanna can play an instrument or write a whole song? #Dumbhivelogic

    I will not reply to the troll account Slay hive, please come out as your real self, Prismatic

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      NO honey you said that I said rihanna was talentless and I stand by what I said. She doesn’t even hold 10% of Beyonce’s talent in her entire crackhead physique
      You saying you will not reply to me but decided to address me in your comment? kii #DumbBitchLogic

      This is the real me. Why don’t you stop trolling as a keri fan and come out as the real Slayriah 😉

  59. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Navy always acting like Rihanna actually graduated High School lmao. That b**** was being robbed of millions for years and didn’t even no, I mean she had 12 million in her name and let people convince her to buy a 10 million dollar house lmao yh but Beyonces dumb

    • XXX February 10, 2015


    • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

      Yeah and didn’t beyonces team tell her to release don’t 4get me and to pretend to be pregnant?

      • LDN Chick February 10, 2015

        Not funny or smart.

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        No her teAm told her to drop a surprise alb of flop singles that stalled. Yet the only accolade it holds was selling a lump sum of albums in a few hours. Majority of which was due to the fact you couldn’t browse and it choose for weeks lls. Please. The hive trying to shade rih. Four five seconds is at number 1 on iTunes. None of beys singles beside sol made it to the top 5. Tired of the excuse of critically acclaimed, or she didn’t really promote. B.s. Or that people only buying it because of Kanye and or Paul. So what? J featured on drunk in love alongside the idol of the hive and the song became just a locally successful hit. Please stop hive. Bey got read and yall are just acting desperate clinging to stale and repetitive shade toward an unbothered rih. Im in tears reading some of these comments.

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015

        Choose* dil*

    • FutureCIARA February 10, 2015


      That Barbados school education system aint shitt!

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      LMAOOOOOO! Gurl atleast Bey can count her coins and stack ha paper. Seems like Rih dropped out too soon 😀

  60. LB February 10, 2015

    “That b**** was being robbed of millions for years and didn’t even no,”

    Stay in school, maybe then you’ll “know” how to spell.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

      She doesn’t even know what compare and contrast is, you expect her to know how to spell?

  61. LDN Chick February 10, 2015

    Why is that its only the people in here who are NOT Beyonce fans stil writing their long ass essays about who deserved AOTY yet telling the Hive to get over it. And he wasn’t dissing Beyonce, yeah its not very fattering for her but he was dissing Kanyes dumb logic because its the truth. I’m a Bey stan and can see that.

    • LDN Chick February 10, 2015


    • Rihboy February 10, 2015

      No it was shade the moment he mentioned writers. You choose too look past it. Excusessssss

  62. Kevin February 10, 2015

    Side eyeing this r*****, I really feel like he meant to use the N word in another way, how indirect and sly of him. And honestly, this guy has sleaze written all over.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

      …And you know what I clocked that too. Its amazing almost 200 comments in and nobody (not even the writer of this post) has brought up the fact that Luke is retweeting the N word. *sigh* miss me with the its not a big deal, excuse

      • Kevin February 10, 2015

        Exactly, and I can’t believe no one notice it.

  63. LDN Chick February 10, 2015

    The same people telling the Hive to get over it, will be the same ones throwing shade at her awards when the Hive talk about Beys 20 Grammys. ‘But why didn’t she win AOTY though’ Haha people are so predictable.

  64. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Do y’all even see how rihanna tweets/write on insta lmao but y’all trying to come for people’s education lmao I cantttttt. She be like “majesty.is.the.s***”

    • LB February 10, 2015

      Well fortunately for Rihanna, she is wealthy, she has little to worry about, what is your excuse?

      • XXX February 10, 2015

        The same can be said about Beyonce^

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        Lmaoo oh so she’s wealthy is the excuse now. Screamingggggg at the FACT that y’all use to come for Beyonce’s saying she’s dumb an s*** I thought y’all use to say Beyonce being wealthy was an excuse we used lmaoooo

      • Kevin February 10, 2015

        @KingBeyBitch, I see no lies, I love Rih, but damn.

    • Kevin February 10, 2015

      Lmao, I can’t, so true though.

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        Lol ikr

  65. Kisses Down Low February 10, 2015

    Beyonce and Jay Zs reaction to Kanye was f****** hilarious.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 10, 2015

      Gurl that was the highlight for me LOL! and Pharrell observing taylor swifts dance moves also had me in hysterics

    • Carry On February 10, 2015

      I know but they made sure we saw this too on certain websites who are normally too good for a Jay and Bey post. Not a regular website like this one and it was hil-laaa-rious. They look like Kanye was F’in something up. They was nervous as hayle, it showed beyonce trying to play it off with a play laugh. Don’t worry Bey and Jay you will be able to keep your regular dumb stans and fans blinded by the fact. LOL This is fun.

      • Kisses Down Low February 10, 2015

        Eh? Of course they were nervous, they didn’t want him to make a fool of himself again.

  66. #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

    @FutureIsntInCiara ….. my my change the name ROTFL!!
    It doesn’t matter how hard you try Ciara is still on the levels with the new girls such as Mila J, Sevyn, Teyana Taylor and Tinashe because just like HIM their all trying to find a big act to open for.

    And were not going to forget that Ciara stalks her men and write letters to them about how she misses them and doesn’t want them to marry the other woman now, are we?

    • LB February 10, 2015

      SCREAMING wait, he still has futureciara as his username? LMAO the self drag.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

        He is sooooo dumb literally lmaooooo!

      • Keri Qween February 10, 2015

        FutureLeftCiara kiii

    • Liv. February 10, 2015

      D E A D

  67. teee February 10, 2015

    Lol, rihanna is an illiterate

  68. Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

    What I want to know is how are the hive going to laugh at Rih for making a bad financial decision underage and praise Bey for spelling “alegba” and wearing a pregnant body suit while she’s grown?

    • XXX February 10, 2015

      The only one looking dumb right now is you. Just stop.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        you mean just like calling a chick dumb for a bad investment property? Really?

      • XXX February 10, 2015

        That holds more logic than assuming someone can’t read based on when their last tweet was.

    • Lolz February 10, 2015

      Oh look whos gone back to their old ways. Told you it would not take long. ‘Pregnant body suit’ I mean, really?

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        Do I know you?

      • Lolz February 10, 2015

        Yes you do, which is why you responded.

  69. Rosie February 10, 2015

    Death at Dr. f****** Luke, the cancer of pop music, coming for anyone’s artistry, ever. The same ass who basically made Katy Perry’s career, r**** Ke$ha, and recycles the same beats at least 5 times until one of them becomes a hit. The same one who basically copied off of Max Martin in the beginning, then bandwagoned the EDM trend, then hopped over to “hip-hop” as soon as that ended in 2012. The least talented producer in the industry after ReDone; even a random ass Soundcloud producer picked out of a hat is more versatile.
    Max Martin (as a bubblegum pop producer) DESTROYS that trash.

    • Kevin February 10, 2015


    • Cowriah The Queen February 10, 2015

      Jelly are we? when will Lana have as many #1’s and grammys as Dr Luke?

      • Rosie February 10, 2015

        Is that literally the only drag you f*** have? ReDone has a Grammy and where is his career? He hasn’t had a hit since Starships.

    • red wine February 11, 2015

      well he won the grammy for producer of the year a major category your fave didn’t win

  70. Lolz February 10, 2015

    YAWN! People bandwagon for anything anti Beyonce. And the media are twisting it and making it only Becks and Beyonce (because if her star power) when there was 3 other people who lost in the category as well.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 10, 2015

      I mean, seriously!

      Where are the people saying that G I R L, In The Lonely Hour, and X should have won?! & for the record, G I R L is atrocious.

      Saturday, everyone was so sure that Sam was going to win. Then, all of a sudden, Beck deserved to win because he has the best album when it’s clear they hadn’t heard it. This bs is tripping me out!

      Just say “anybody but Beyoncé” and call it a day. lol!

  71. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Y’all try to come for Beyonce’s interviews when Rihanna be like “The music made me feel…………. So empowered it……….. Was really emotionally cause that moment it………

    • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015


    • Lolz February 10, 2015

      Lol stoppp

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        Loool its true tho

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      lmaooo That struggle accent makes it no better. Sometimes I be like “WTF is she saying?”

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        Lol ikr she pauses for like 10 seconds thinking about what to say lol

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        I’m sure beyonces writers were wondering the same thing when she tried to write.

        “Tak all ouff me, I jst wndt 2 Bey d gurr su leke”

      • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

        @Blue Try harder

      • Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

        Try hard for what? You guys are coming with stupid reads when Beyonce is delayed and slow whenrver she is reading something. Not only are you guys stupid but you also are ignorant and making fun of a caribbean girl but there are plenty of b****** in the south who talk as if they camel n** and pepper stuck in their throats.

    • kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

      Lmao you have never heard Beyonce read so sit down. Its not stupid its the truth if Beyonce is slow then Rihanna is also slow

  72. teee February 10, 2015

    Does rihanna stammer or she is just illiterate

  73. kingbeybitch February 10, 2015

    Blue Ivy to Rihanna “GET ON MY LEVEL”

  74. Rory February 10, 2015

    The way Beyoncé RELEASED the album was game-changing. NOT the body of work itself. If they had a Grammy for best album release, she would get it.

  75. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 10, 2015

    Awww, poor Dr. Luke. Still mad that Bey continues to ignore those generic demos you send her, huh?

    Get over it.

  76. #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

    Just like a true Beynadryl stan @Beyrihliyah goes and steals my videos of Ciara that I used in the past posts that have never been used before to make a drag attempt nobodies paying attention to… SMH when will it stop. Hehe.

    • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

      you’re mad don’t be mad at me be mad at tinashe’s struggle sales 🙂

      • #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

        Oh cool! Did you research that today? I would love tho see the images? Wait, there is none? So I thought. Try again.
        An ESL lessor still hasn’t answered my question on being inspired by my drags on here. But troll on though. Bahahaha!!!!

    • BeyRihLiyah February 10, 2015

      tell tinashe be on time for her shift at popeyes

      • #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2015

        I’m sorry you work in a heated environment to pay for your ESL Classes and your asss lotions boo. Sorry 😀
        But on the plus side my fellow #TeamTinashe Stan, did you hear she is starting her Aquarius world tour in Abu Dhabi tomorrow? I know you are going to be LIVING!!!!! I can’t wait!!!

      • CherylSoldierr February 10, 2015

        Girl do you use those illogical ESL “drags” on everyone?

  77. Blue Ivy Rod (#WhereIsPrismatic) February 10, 2015

    Lol how are the hive going to get upset at someone havin an opinion. Not everyone is going to like bey

    • Tyler February 10, 2015

      You dont just dislike Bey, you hate her.

  78. Cowriah The Queen February 10, 2015

    The Hive aka Satan’s children are really starting to make me dislike Beyonce.

    • Lolz February 10, 2015

      You’re weak then. Have your own opinion.

    • Mimi February 10, 2015

      Then you’re a weak minded individual.

  79. Lolz February 10, 2015

    Kanyes such an idiot for what he said though. I feel sorry for Becks he is so humble. And then idiots like Kanye make statements like that! I know you love Bey, so do I, but you really aint doing any favors. I initially laughed when he crashed the stage again but that E! Interview was wrong on so many levels. And you wonder why Bey and Jay have distanced themselves from you.

  80. Royalkev February 10, 2015

    Only Bey can get people this worked up over nothing! I don’t know what some people would do with their lives if Bey never existed. So much energy is dedicated to seizing every opportunity to harp on something negative about B for over a decade now. The truth of the matter is that Bey manages to drum up all this interest because she’s a high profile artist that is very successful in so many areas of music. Before people speak of her lacking a diamond selling album, remember where in an age of music where 2 albums a year are going platinum! Put things into perspective before coming up with unreal standards for Bey. Where in the 2010’s now! Like Adele once said, Bey’s career is enviable! That is the case for many, many reasons! Putting aside the ongoing, unfortunate rivalry with the Navy, it’s evident that some bitter stans of other incompetent artists are pressed. Naturally, there will be some constant shade coming from that direction. Then you have some very talented, underrated artists targeting Bey! I understand their frustrations, but this is disappointing. What’s being forgotten is the fact that Beyonce is not the cause of their problems. Politics. That one word explains it all. Bullying Bey does nothing to help anyone’s fav win! It’s just way too many crabs taking shots at her in an effort to downplay what she’s accomplished. It comes across as petty and desperate.

    I’m not speaking as a stan, I’m coming from a place of observation. No one has every been concerned about Britney or Madonna penning their own songs. Beyonce have to be a great technical singer, outstanding performer, song-writer, blah, blah,blah… when some artists can get away with absolute laziness on stage and uninspiring vocals! Nobody’s attacking some of today’s popular artists that make bubble gum music that tops the chart and leaves zero impact. Who’s giving a second thought about Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ these days?

    We just make a big deal out of every damn thing that happens in Bey’s life. The silly pregnancy rumors, B’s performance at the inauguration, Bey using the “B” word in Bow down and losing a Grammy award has sparked some serious debate and made headlines everywhere online and in the news. Bey’s under fire over NOTHING, while so many singers are adored for using shock tactics (Miley, Gaga). Anything too over the top is quietly dismissed after a few days with these other girls. Let Bey puke on someone or swing on a wrecking ball naked, she’d probably never live it down! Yes, Bey is not known as this phenomenal writer, but ‘BEYONCE’ was THE ALBUM that stopped traffic. It was well rounded music that was commercially successful. This is why some people can’t understand her loss, however, I refuse to take anything away from Beck. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but certain cards are always used to work against B. I don’t see all these overnight music lovers buying albums by Alicia Keys, India Aire and Christina Aguilera (which are all great artists). I can only conclude that all of this passion behind Selma’s representation and interest in artists playing instruments getting recognition is conveniently surfacing to shun Beyonce! Btw, not every singer/songwriter is Stevie Wonder. This writing thing is so overrated sometimes (especially when the material is weak and poorly written).

    • Royalkev February 10, 2015

      One last thing, since we’re fighting for “the cause” these days, I do believe Prince is owed about 20 years worth of Grammy’s. Now there’s a real musical genius!!!! … Oh, but I’m sure the fight for justice starts and ends with Beck!

    • Mimi February 10, 2015

      Thank you!

    • Slay_Hive February 10, 2015

      ugh! I just love you! <3

    • Lolz February 10, 2015

      Wow that is one long ass comment of nothing but the TRUTH!

    • Rihboy February 10, 2015

      It’s sounds all good but you shade rihanna on the regular…, so the first half of your essay is a no. Secondly, why is it ok for you to be this overtly passionate about your fave; but when the navy or any other fan base supports theirs, it’s all shade. I hope you don’t expect much of s change from this beautifully constructed argumentative of bull. In the end it’s all just down to personal opinions. Me or even an artist thinking that bey is an overrated, thieving, cocky, witch doesn’t make me a bully or jealous. It’s my opinion. Then again it’s an ongoing chain of opinions. Get over it.

      • Royalkev February 10, 2015


        Sweetheart, who do you have me confused for? Are you senile? You keep bringing up Rihanna in every post I comment on. I thought it was more than clear in my comment above that I wasn’t going there with Rihanna or the Navy! Do you see me engaging in the daily Bey Vs Rih drama that takes place everyday here? … No ma’am! Rih’s actually the last person I’m attacking here because I’m bored with the stale beef (if I’m being frank). My last comment about Rihanna was on Grammy night, when I said she actually sang the song (Four/Five) and proved that she could handle it! There was no hate! Btw, I don’t mind people celebrating there favs at all! Trust me on that one! I only find it extremely basic for someone to put down other artists to build up their fav. That happens a lot here, but that’s also totally different from having a respectful, unfavorable opinion on something going on with an artist. I’m here for that, it’s a music blog. I’ve stated it before, I give 0 f**** about who hates Bey! I’m not recruiting fans for her. I lose no sleep! If that was the case I would care for Mark111, John and maybe 1 or 2 people that don’t like Bey… I have my reasons for appreciating some of them. I don’t really like you though! LOL. Just saying! Anyway, I just have a problem when Bey’s being unfairly degraded.

      • XXX February 10, 2015

        He never shades Rihanna.

      • Royalkev February 10, 2015

        *If that was the case I wouldn’t care…

    • fatusankoh February 10, 2015

      Royalkev omg you said it all thank you for making my day their is no one like queen bey hatters wll hate all they want thanks god they are not God

  81. StingRae February 10, 2015

    Wow. People go so hard for the artist that they love. No disrespect to anyone here, but neither of the artists mentioned or not mentioned, have ever or will ever lose money or sleep over the beefs that their “fans” create. Every artist is great at their own craft. Everyone is entitled to their pick. Maybe the awards are all about popularity, maybe not. Beck has been in the business for quite some time; and is great. Beyonce is great at her job as well. I’m not a fan of either, but I truly respect their position in the game. Let’s just agree that some of us disagree and move to the next subject. I hope no one takes offense to what I said. If you did, my apologies, my opinion. Peace.

    • Rihboy February 10, 2015

      Girl bye! What are you the peace keeper? Sounds like more excuses.

  82. CherylSoldierr February 10, 2015

    Wondering why nhevi and s****** stans are commenting when their faves don’t write period. They’re basically drug addict models.

  83. Rosie February 10, 2015

    FourFiveSTDs has like 8 or 9 writers and NONE of them are Rih. But Old Navy are claiming she’s being “artistic” and “real” this era.

    • CherylSoldierr February 10, 2015

      Sis did you drag that mya stan? Lmao

      • Rosie February 10, 2015

        That ugly f** tried to claim it “dragged” me for three days straight using those ugly ass comebacks from 2012.
        At least you put effort into your drags.

    • Rihboy February 10, 2015

      Both of you are in no position. Riding beys c******* on a daily. Pathetic. Bey don’t write case closed. Makes no difference the number of writers on withers records. The read of the new year!! Thanks dr Luke!!

      • Rihboy February 10, 2015


      • Mimi February 10, 2015

        Did Rosie lie though Rihherpes, ok then.

      • CherylSoldierr February 11, 2015

        Honey you obviously missed the point AGAIN. We’re not up here claiming bey should’ve won or shading other artists. My comment was towards the fact that you and the rest of the nhevi are posted up here dedicating 200 comments to bey when ur fave doesn’t write, produce, or do anything other than smoke weed to enhance those goat vocals.

  84. Henry February 10, 2015

    Whatever happens I just hope dr Luke don’t drop and delete the comment. It’s accurate and true

  85. blue February 10, 2015

    luke spoke the truth and that was shade towards kanye not bey, and im a rihanna stan. And i cant with people coming in on britney spears…the girl might not be a vocalist but god blessed her with a singing voice same with bey and rihanna, but he also added, songwriting and piano playing for britney and dancing…britney talents>>>most of your favs

    • Mimi February 10, 2015

      Britney’s talents/ singing and dancing.
      Rihanna’s talents/ ?

    • Rosie February 10, 2015

      In what universe is S****** talented in 2015? It hasn’t sung live in over a decade and can’t even record vocals on its own album anymore.

      • CherylSoldierr February 11, 2015

        Girl when was she EVER talented? Has she written anything other than everytime? The b**** probly had a ghost writer for that too. & her choreo is worse than madonnas yoga moves.

  86. Synthia February 11, 2015

    1. I believe Dr. Luke is a r***** and I do not like or trust him.
    However, the person he retweeted didn’t lie. The reason most people think Beyonce is a serious song writer is because her dad pushed that agenda for over a decade and force fed the idea that she was this brilliant writer with a natural gift for making hits.

    I used to believe it until I began to wonder someone who claims to wrote as much as she did NEVER wrote for other artists in the way Alicia did.

    Beyonce is one of the best performers all of time and her impact in music is undeniable but you have to be an IDIOT OR A FOOL to think she is a serious musician or original.

    I’m not saying that every person who writes their own songs is credible, but how can you say someone is a serious writer when they have four or five people credited on ONE song.

    In my opinion, Beyonce is a talented woman with a strong ear for good music but she doesn’t know how to make that music herself which is why she rarely works with big name writers because they refuse to give her credit for songs she didn’t write.

    If the hive don’t stop their nonsense they’re only going to expose the fact that Bey isn’t as gifted as people she think she is which is the last thing she needs because her entire brand is based on the idea that she’s ten times more talented than the other girls.

    Rihanna is a puppet.
    Beyonce is other worldly level performer who knows how to COLLECT good songs.

    Learn the difference between ARTIST and PERFORMER.

  87. Mark111 February 11, 2015

    I don’t see how I “don’t like Beyonce” when !
    1) Bought all her albums.
    2) Am a fan of her’s
    Before you write books that could give the Harry Potter novels a run for their money, I want you to do this. Go to a Rihanna video, read the comments and tell me which fan base is preaching the most hate. Ok, now go to an Aaliyah video and do the same. Go to an Mariah Carey page, go to a Britney Spears page. Now try Ciara’s, Brandy’s, Kelly Rowland, Lady Gaga and more. But you know what, I’ll save you and the other roaches some time. I’ll tell you what you will find. “Rihanna can’t sing”, “Aaliyah is only big because of her death”, “Mariah is a has been”, “Britney haven’t outsold Bey after 2003”, “Katy Perry’s music is generic”, “Ciara’s a flop” and so on. And ALL of those comments will come from a Beyonce fan. Some of these BIGGEST artist in music history have NEVER had a fan base so rude and disrespectful to others like the Bey Hive. But when we pick out Beyonce flaws or short comings, we’re hating, bitter and jealous? It’s too easy to find videos and info that Beyonce is a selfish self-centered person. From how DC ended, to how the other three ex members were treated, to J Hud, to this year’s grammys. And the irony of all of this is when Beyonce takes a moment from another artist, it’s not her fault, even WHEN info comes out that she, SHE asked to perform a song that she had NOTHING to do with, you stans will use every excuse in the book. But when an artist wins AOTY for his hard work, oh no, it’s meltdown city because the only music YOU all listen to is Beyonce. Just how you all say other artist aren’t talented, well people feel the same about Beyonce. So save it, no one is hating on Beyonce, but we, well I won’t live through her, I won’t workshop her and I won’t change my opinion over low lives bullies that think “dragging” someone on here or twitter means something. Because news flash, there’s life outside of the cyber world and twitter is only ONE site of millions on the web. (Go to youtube and look at your fellow Bey Hive and count how many of them or in their 20’s and 30’s still live at home with their mothers, still ride a bus, don’t have a job or a life.That’s why you guys “drag”, because you guys have nothing going on outside of that keyboard.)

    • Brandy stan February 11, 2015

      The ironic part of your babbling, is all of the negative things you wrote down, you’re actually describing YOURSELF. Stop acting like you’re innocent and holy, because in actuality, you are one of the most NEGATIVE people on this blog “Along with that flip flopping fake psycho LB”. Now go have a f****** seat, damn hypocrite.

    • RoyalKev February 11, 2015


      Let me make this quick because I’m heading out for the day … Dude, you’re way too emotional. I wasn’t saying anything to offend you! The point I was getting at was that Beyonce’s not everybody’s cup of tea and how that suits me just fine (I drink mine with the Hive anyway). I was stating that I don’t have any animosity towards a FEW TGJ commentators that don’t particularly like Bey (like yourself, John, even S****** at times). If your a fan, that’s great! I stand corrected. I’m pro-Bey and that don’t mean being anti-anybody. Relax, stop taking things so personally!

  88. Brandy stan February 11, 2015

    B****, stfu, he spoke no lies, you lonely pressed b****.

    • Brandy stan February 11, 2015

      I’m talking to Mark’s sissy behind.

  89. siddy February 11, 2015

    Beyonce won 3 Grammys that night. Did you all forget lol? Plus she is at every Grammys show with a hit. Trust, she does need the Grammy. She has plenty. I love how she never gets involved with these hating ass wangsters. Let me know when any if your albums go double platinum. Haters always hate someone on top of their game because their lives suck.

  90. A February 11, 2015

    For so many years musician workers with other artistes To make an album this has been going on for years so why now it’s a problem

  91. LT February 11, 2015

    Kayne is a d***. Who gave him the right to embarrass someone accepting a grammy? He doesn’t understand artistry because he has none. Im with Dr Luke on this one!

  92. Navy Nick February 11, 2015

    The n-word THO?! Ignorant

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