Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ To Sell Half A Million Copies…By Sunday

Published: Friday 13th Feb 2015 by David

Drake continues to give his rivals good cause to pause and reflect on their careers today, doing so with the release of his surprise EP ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’

For, hours after its release, the project is now predicted to cross sales of 500,000 units by the end of this weekend and top the Billboard 200 by the time next week’s chart swings by.

Indeed, despite being sold as a mixtape, its original production has some given some industry spectators reason to believe it is actually an album, set to help the rapper cut ties with the Cash Money music group  as it faces heat from its banner act (and his mentor) Lil Wayne.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan February 13, 2015

    Congrats Drake, the EP is great, I didn’t skip one track. I know Tiger will be in his feelings when this gets back to him.

    • BOOBIE February 13, 2015

      It’s basic. Only about 7 songs out of 17 are good. You could tell they’re reject tracks that he’s releasing so he could get out of his contract with Cash Money.

      • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan February 13, 2015

        Well that’s even more amazing, some reject tracks is about get him his fourth platinum album. Personally I like all the songs, even if they’re throwaways.

  2. The Beysus Impact February 13, 2015

    Wow LOL Slay a bit, Drizzy!!!

  3. Krista February 13, 2015

    When will Rihanna?

    • trellbeylike February 13, 2015

      Unnecessary shade.

    • blue February 13, 2015

      guess rihanna is spelled d r a k e now…

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 13, 2015

      you know, I don’t even like Rihanna but the only other people who can successfully release an album the “beyonce way” are Drake,Rihanna,Justin Timberlake,Jay z and Kanye (okay,maybe(a strong maybe)Gaga and Madonna too).
      Rih won’t be selling the 618k in 3 days that Bey did or the 500k Drake is going to, but she’ll def do well! Probably will be her first release to scan over 300k first week if she did it that way.

      • SMH February 13, 2015

        Justin Timberlake? LMAO

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) February 13, 2015

        yes Justin Timberlake,Oh and I’d forgotten Eminem and Adele.And that’s it

      • whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 13, 2015

        Hello? What about Taylor Swift? She sold more than Beyonce!!!!!!!!!

    • Marley February 13, 2015

      What all these people above are trying to say is… NEVER

  4. DanYiel Teflon February 13, 2015

    Still not a Drake fan~> carry on folks!!

    • Danny Bey February 13, 2015

      And we care cuz………..?

  5. trellbeylike February 13, 2015

    Ok Drake!!!! I see you!

  6. @RealMattPhoenix February 13, 2015

    Jeffree star was a better rapper

  7. Mark111 February 13, 2015

    I thought it was free, nevermind.

  8. Rima February 13, 2015

    When will Lana?

    • blue February 13, 2015

      please do tell…when will lana leave your mind?

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 13, 2015


    • Rosie February 13, 2015

      Do you ever NOT talk about Lana?
      Why is this about to outsell Chartbomb in a week?

  9. blue February 13, 2015

    thats major!!!, hope it has longetivity.

  10. MAN ON THE MOON (CATFISH CAREY) February 13, 2015

    UHM EP ? NOT LP?

  11. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 13, 2015

    I won’t lie, I did miss his gay ass music.

  12. metzo February 13, 2015

    IDGI? It’s not even on iTunes chart top 50? Fifty shades Of grey is currently @ #1…

    • February 13, 2015

      Itunes is not the only music retailer

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 13, 2015

        Seriously. That was stupid. There are other places you can buy music. She’s one of those type of people that’s stays perched on iTunes charts.

      • metzo February 13, 2015

        I know that smart ass. But the album was surprise released on iTunes and iTunes is the biggest digital music retailer. N it’s nowhere on iTunes chart 100.

      • FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

        Maybe he signed a deal to have those copies accounted for, or maybe Lil Wayne purchased them all… Because it is NOWHERE listed on iTunes charts…. LMFAO, Something is fishy, especially with this being a mixtape, I agree with you Metzo!

  13. Bey-Minaj February 13, 2015

    Bey sold more

    • blue February 13, 2015

      when in doubt…shut your mouth

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 13, 2015

      NO! Taylor Swift sold more than Beyonce!!!!!

  14. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! February 13, 2015

    Taylor swifts new music video is out for Style 🙂

    • blue February 13, 2015

      not one mention of taylor in this article


    • MAN ON THE MOON (CATFISH CAREY) February 13, 2015


    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 13, 2015

      It’s very “We found Love” and “What Now” -esque with all the double exposure. It’s terrible. Sorry. 🙁

    • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! February 13, 2015

      WW sales: @taylorswift13, “1989” 124,000 (6,164,000 total)..

  15. Rima February 13, 2015

    @Blue answer the question b**** when will lana ?

    • Rosie February 13, 2015

      When will Fad?

  16. blue February 13, 2015

    when will she do what? Give you peace? Stop making you pressed? Not be in your thoughts every single waking moment? Let you have a life? When will lana what?


    • Tyler February 13, 2015

      When they asked “When will Rihanna?”, they meant when will she sell this much in the first week or even manage to scan 300k…

  17. Tyler February 13, 2015

    Beyonce styled surprise album phenom.

    D’Angelo dropped a surprise albums, Miguel dropped a surprise album, J Cole dropped a surprise album, and now Drake….who’s next?

    • KeKe February 13, 2015

      When did Miguel drop an ALBUM?

      • Tyler February 13, 2015

        This past December…it was a surprise EP.

    • SMH February 13, 2015

      I think you mean David Bowie styled surprise album phenom.

      • Tyler February 13, 2015

        No, I mean a BEYONCE SURPRISE ALBUM PHENOM, since everybody and there mother, from this generation of music artist, thought that it would be good idea to drop a surprise album after December 13, 2013…CARRY ON.

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 13, 2015

      Yes,after David Bowie did it first!! Check your facts!!!!!

      • Alex February 13, 2015

        Um check your facts! David Bowie released a promo single then dropped the album!! Beyonce was the FIRST to drop a surprise album and start this phenomenon #Carryon

  18. Slayty Perry (Superbowl Legend) February 13, 2015

    Drake better scalp! He was the only one selling on Cash Money, that label is done for without him. He sold more in a week than all there artist excluding Wayne do in years.

  19. Lolz February 13, 2015

    Drake can sell 500K easily so what is Nicki’s excuse?

    • Barb-wire February 13, 2015

      Nicki on their mouth like liquor.

    • Kimmy February 13, 2015

      her excuses? she didn’t pull a surprise release, she’s a female, she has the second highest selling female/rap album opener of 2014, by Wednesday precisely u’ll be commenting on a post that reads “THE PINK PRINT is gold” in 8 weeks so?, she’s also one of the highest sellers on cash money, which other female rapper are pushing through?, they have different fan bases, what kinda comparison was that? “want some more”
      haters will do anything to call her name! remain pressed

  20. blue February 13, 2015

    i just love you come in giving your two cents worth of sense in comments you havent even read…L A N A does not spell rihanna. #obsessedmuch

    and i know what he was asking, im asking him why would he be asking about lana in a drake post, why is lana on his mind in a drake post?

    Why is rihanna on your mind?

    • Rima February 13, 2015

      Stfu b**** f*** Rihanna and Lana.

    • Tyler February 13, 2015

      Idc. Somebody asked when will Rihanna? So when will she?

      • Rima February 13, 2015

        Right also when will Lana?

  21. JOHNVIDAL February 13, 2015

    Huge numbers for 2015.

    • blue February 13, 2015

      i know, but he usually does 600k first week so its more in line with that only in half the time… I just hope he can do double platinum this time and 4mil ww

  22. Tyler February 13, 2015

    Well, YMCMB was cool while it lasted.

  23. Rima February 13, 2015

    Has Lana ever done more than 200k first week?

    • blue February 13, 2015

      do you have any other thoughts that dont revolve your hate for lana?

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 13, 2015

      Nope, but all her albums are platinum so your point?

  24. Barb-wire February 13, 2015

    Slay Sis!!!

  25. Rima February 13, 2015

    This f** blue is in his feelings?

  26. Rima February 13, 2015

    Blue go choke on Dykesies strap on and stfu

  27. Theman February 13, 2015

    If it’s released physically it’ll do even greater things.. Nicki’s album is doing well. It’s sold about half a million copies. All of her singles have gone gold/platinum/multi-platinum.

  28. Marley February 13, 2015

    Hip hop numbers always sell great first week but he probably wont even sell over 3 million in the long run. Congrats though?

  29. FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

    What kinda witchery is this?!

    • RCi February 13, 2015

      Mad cuz Drake sold more in a weekend than Ciara’s entire discography. Well at least Ciara has one thing going for her… she’s more beautiful than R****.

  30. OMG Logic!!! February 13, 2015

    He could $hit out an album and the the ghetto drones would lap it up. When he releases a quality album like Macklemore, then I’ll check for him, i.e NEVER.

    • Tyler February 13, 2015

      Drakes a better lyricist than Macklemore.

  31. FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

    Meanwhile, Birdman is busy screwing whats left of his younger male artists…..

    I wonder if Drakeisha let him hit it!….

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 13, 2015

      Not “I Bet” debuting at #96 and then falling out of the Hot 100 the following week. LOL. Your shady posts are just funny to me knowing your talentless fave is struggling at everything. You need to be rechristened. LMFAO

      • FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

        Oh… (Files Nails)

    • metzo February 13, 2015


  32. Yazmine February 13, 2015

    Gold in 3 days yet nicki is struggling to hit gold after two months kii #epicfail wonder how her pinkprint tour ticket sales are doing

  33. Stephy. February 13, 2015

    He does nothing for me. My brother ALWAYS be blasting that n*****’s music. Ugh, oh god… All I’ma hear is Drake, 24/7 for the next month…

    • FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

      Okay sis, And hes ugly AF

    • I STAN(D) FOR FLOPS February 13, 2015

      LOL! stephon is your brother homosëxual? Glad to see you’ve re-embraced MC after you scalped her for her weak vocals kïi!

  34. FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

    Not here for South Africans trying to inform me about what a flop is…. Worry about your failing economy and public fights in #SONA2015 at a political event, instead of worrying about ANY chart positions, US charts at that.


    • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

      Wow. Comment lyk this r why people hate America. Even here in the UK there r political problems. Ure a sad liitle one arent u? And whos ciara? Lololololololol. Kidz…

      • Athena February 13, 2015

        I don’t even hate America, and I’m not even ashamed of saying that when it comes to music, their artist accumulates 99% of my music collection…but I really don’t understand why people like Future Ciara has to down play our country like that, as if we are not worthy to share our views on music…I mean these artists release their music here too, we also contribute to their success…I look up to a lot of Americans,because obviously they are leading urbanization…but lets be clear about something, S.A is a beautiful diverse country, there is more equality in S.A than there is in America, we have Natural Resources that Americans buy from us, and most importantly we are 1 of the very few people who are cultured.

        people like her really make Americans appear as bullies, and it’s a damn shame when you have live for the country….but I bet she won’t even see how wrong she is because she has to keep this “draging” trend that happens here….have a little respect because you don’t know what the future holds…maybe one day you’ll be dying in a hospital bed in need of an organ to survive,and the only person with immediate help is a South African.

    • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

      3 likes? Who would lyk that? Lololololololol. Keep on lyking ur own comments. Smh Americans…. Lolololololol

  35. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! February 13, 2015

    WW sales: @taylorswift13, “1989” 124,000 (6,164,000 total).

  36. Rosie February 13, 2015

    Why does this f** Rima have literally 7 comments on this post, all mentioning Lana? It should be concerned about the fact that this will outsell its fave’s heavily promoted and discounted ~GrAmMy wiNniNg!!~ jazz standards holiday special/”career comeback” album in 3 days also.
    Not to mention it will outsell Chartflop by Wednesday/Thursday.

  37. Athena February 13, 2015

    Future Ciara, you really are a dumb ass arn’t you?

    what does South African politics have anything to do with music?

    why should we worry about it when you are all up in our business anyway?
    fot someone who loathes South Africa, you sure do keep up with our business

    Why are you so concerned about S.A anyway, and why would you bring up politics or the economy in a music based blog

    I hardly ever comment here, but you are too damn ignorant to ignore further

    you always pressed about every artists as if the person you Stan for is the second coming of jesus

    you should have absolutely no say in any artist whatsoever, especially when you Stan for someone who dumb enough to open her legs to a s**** donor and expecting it to stick around,I mean really which guy would want to be seen with someone with the same if not more muscles than him, a person with toes like spiders nest in them

    you are the most delusional person in this blog, it’s like you live a really sad life

    do you lack love from home?
    do you have friends, like real friends that exist outside from social networks?

    sweetie get yourself together, because you are disgustingly pathetic.

    • FutureCIARA February 13, 2015

      Girl I clearly struck a nerve, and you could have kept this energy you put into this essay, for your college admission essay to get you up out the slums boo!

      And your clearly the ignorant one here, as I have never even mentioned SA until today. Getting your receipts mixed up is clearly a newb move, and you should have continued to spectate instead of typing your stupidity.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 13, 2015

        Why hate on South Africa? It’s the only country in Africa worth a damn.

      • Athena February 13, 2015

        Yes you did strike a nerve because mentioning my country was uncalled for….2.I will type as much as I want to since it’s my phone,and my data I am using…3.No I am not a newbee, I just don’t happen to invest my life on a blog 24/7, but I understand why you would take pride in a little blog fame, ypu obviously are a complete opposite of me…4.I am a university student,so that college “read” is laughable, mostly because your attempts at “dragging” were solely based on assumptions,with not even a little fact in it…so Save your little attempts at insulting my life because you know nothing about my life and most importantly, I just don’t care….but I do care very much about my Country that you disrespected for no reason.

    • I STAN(D) FOR FLOPS February 13, 2015

      FYI ‘I STAN(D) FOR TALENT’ (a psychotic virgin) and ‘Cherylsoldierr’ both drag S.A on a weekly basis. Go @ them

      • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

        Lol Beysus. Ur obsessed wit that thing dat u use her name. Lololololololol.

  38. Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

    I love drake. He makes good music 4 a rapper. I hope queen ora works with him 4 her album. Im so xcited already.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 13, 2015

      He makes good music for a half-White, Jewish, upper middle class, Canadian, child star rapper right? The struggle to be credible lol.

      • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

        Calm down idiot. Rappers dnt make gud music nowadays. Now u gonna turn dis into a race thing? Lolololololol. Are u dat disgusting racist ciara fan in another name?Lololololololol

      • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

        Yes u are. U trying to redeem urself. Plus u dont lyk drake. Lolololol. Idiot. Lololololol

    • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

      Those dislike come 4rm FutureCiara. Notice how every 1 of her comments hav 3 likes. Lololololol. That b**** is disgusting. Racists shud not be allowed in society.

  39. Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

    Lololololololol. Dis disgusting racist called futureCiara has a twitter account. Lololololol. Shes a struggle lyk those ghetto slums she comes 4rm. https://mobile.twitter.com/futureciara

    • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

      Stop disliking my comment futureCiara. Dats not nice. Yet u lyk ur disgusting racist comments. Lolololololololol. Wat a flop. A poor ghetto slum flop perched on twitter. Lolololololol

      • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

        Lolololololololol. Stop it.

  40. metzo February 13, 2015

    Lmaoooo @FC . You iz readingggg!!

    • Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

      Another American. U guyz r disgusting. Liking ur own comment many times. No wonder u get hit by terrorists n hackers n stuff. Lololololol

  41. Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

    People 4rm Europe r nice. I hope that nigerian haram hits America. Blame dat disgusting racist called futureciara. Lololololol

  42. Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

    Whers tyler when u need him. He wouldnt let that disgusting rasict thing called futureciara live. He is 1 of my favorite Beyhive.

  43. Queen BeyOra February 13, 2015

    Is futureCiara OMG LOGIC? Lolololololol. Cant u see? Shes trying 2 redeem herself 4 her disgusting racist remarks. Shes so stupid lyk her twitter account. She glued on twitter like thesse tgj ads. Lolololololol

  44. Bitchplease February 14, 2015

    Well done Drake. Now this is what I called a surprise album. No promo whatsoever but making that entry is super huge!!?

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