Kanye West Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Dishes On Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, & More

Published: Friday 20th Feb 2015 by Sam

With a new album nigh, Kanye West is ditching the reclusive aura that has defined him in recent years and stepping back into the media spotlight.

Following headline grabbing appearance at the Grammy Awards and an ostentatious New York Fashion Week presentation, Yeezy stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning.

Renown for their no holds barred approach, hosts DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee grilled the rapper on everything. As such, discussed was his relationship with Amber Rose and her recent scalping of wife Kim Kardashian, the Beyonce-Beck Grammy rant, his new music, and much more.

Watch the insightful chat below…

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  1. Hur February 20, 2015

    You need to stop saying “nigh” and “chanteuse” expand your vocabulary!

    • maurice February 20, 2015

      they also oughta do their research.
      kanye was there YESTERDAY — their interviews are kept for following days.
      Kanye is in London right now.
      Chile, but then again, this is why bloggers are called bloggers — cos they basic like Tinashe.

  2. ~The Arcade~ February 20, 2015

    That amber comment he made is so true, cos if it wasn’t for him I would have never known she was & lol at 30 showers 😀

    • beelow February 20, 2015

      So? If it werent for Paris Hilton Ray J and Ryan Seacrest we would never know Kim. She needed THREE people to make her famous. And Lol at Kanye coming for Amber. Dumb move. She bout to spill that tea sis.

      • ~The Arcade~ February 20, 2015

        True True! lol

      • Lake Erie February 20, 2015

        Ok I know about Ray J, but what you mean with Ryan Seacrest? What happened with that?

      • Faf February 20, 2015

        Not true her dad is who made her name relevant
        Paris simply took pictures with her
        No one knew her personality, still
        If were being fair the tape did more than anything

    • MAN ON THE MOON February 20, 2015


      • Lake Erie February 20, 2015

        O wow, I didn’t that.

  3. BossB*tchBeyoncé February 20, 2015

    That Amber comment would be cute but his wife is kim kardashian sooo….

    • MiMi February 20, 2015

      Exactly. I hope Amber comes for his ass, AND his wife.

      • BossB*tchBeyoncé February 20, 2015

        Yes I would love is amber dragged all of their privlaged asses to hell & back!

  4. Navy Kat February 20, 2015

    I puked when Kanye said Beyoncé has a picture of Kim in her recording studio. I don’t even stan for the b**** but that was just downright delusional.

    • $$ February 20, 2015


  5. mykeb February 20, 2015

    This was a very good interview. Yeezy was likable,open and honest. I see the guy I was crazy about back in 03-04!!He is such an artist!

  6. Ben February 20, 2015

    He used to be a strong, proud Black man, now he has been turned into a self hating fool by that Klan of h***. How many showers did Kim need after RAY J USED HER AS A TOILET.

    • Faf February 20, 2015

      Don’t matter

  7. Music Expert February 20, 2015

    Kim is the one who interfered in Ambers and Kanyes relationship and broke them up. Remember she began sending nudes to Kanye. And this was while Kim was married to Kris Humphries.

    After that Kim got together with Kanye while she was still marrired.

    I don’t think there is enough showers In the world for Kim to cleanse herself!

    • Faf February 20, 2015

      Have u not heard “blame game”?? Amber cheated on Kanye

    • Brian310 February 21, 2015

      You must have not watched the interview, he clearly says he didn’t receive n*** pics of Kim.

  8. Music Expert February 20, 2015

    Beyonce needs to get out of this mess

    Not a good look being associated with Kim

  9. Gee February 20, 2015

    Another great interview on the breakfast club. Kanye handled himself better this go round opposed to the first interview. Honestly if Kanye presented himself more this way opposed to the arrogant guy we see majority of the time I think he would get more support with his vision and ideas. I still think he is a great artist though.

  10. FutureCiara February 20, 2015

    Ooooh, I have to get into this shady queen and his comments!

  11. tits mcgee February 20, 2015

    He should have stayed out of women’s arguments. What he said about Amber is not gonna sit. She is gonna expose his behind and deserving so.

    How many times did he have to scrub Kim’s holes to get the smell of Ray J, Nick Cannon, Reggie, Chris H. and a bunch of other dudes spunk off?

    You can’t call w**** when you live in a glass whorehous

  12. Mark111 February 20, 2015

    Great interview. I think most are on guard when going on this show at first, but the 2nd time around they open up. Lil Kim and Ye did that. I don’t get why people are scared of the show, the Cha is a clown and doesn’t make sense MOST of the time and retract statements a LOT! While the other two don’t add anything to the show.

  13. TheElusiveLamb February 20, 2015

    I can’t wait until Amber hears this. I’ll be refreshing my Twitter all day.

    • MAN ON THE MOON February 20, 2015


  14. Dossome February 20, 2015

    What’s really the point of taking 30 showers after dating Amber Rose if you’re gonna marry a Kim Kardashian right after?

  15. alisha February 20, 2015

    Kim and amber both even to me so whatever both r moms both post take revealing photo one was a stripper one got famous off a s** tape kim had rayj amber had kanye so really they all need to grow up i dont think beyonce will be happy to hear kanye said about the picture of kim why

  16. Royalkev February 20, 2015

    I love Kanye’s POV’s on art, class, industry politics and music culture. I feel that he’s just often misunderstood because he can be a bit overly dramatic. His passion is mistaken for rage and hate. That’s usually what turns people off. He’s a Gemini, we can be too consumed with many of our thoughts competing to be verbalized, it would benefit him to learn to stop acting impulsively on everything. Still, if you take a moment and really listen to his reasoning behind things, you’ll find that there is some logic in what he’s saying. Artists that are thought of to “have everything”, do get cheated out of things they deserve at times. I’m glad he mentioned what Taylor said about winning everything when she was seen as this victim and hardly being rewarded now that she’s sitting on top of the charts. Sales do not equal substance, but is what Taylor producing these days so drastically different? Hate him or love him, there’s some truth in what he says. I only dismiss what he has to say when Kim comes into play. Btw, it was big of him to give Beck credit and admit that he didn’t give his album a chance.

  17. MISHKA February 20, 2015

    I see Kanye is back on that VMA 2009 Hennessy…

    LOL at Beyonce being inspired by Kim.
    LOL at the 30 showers after Amber.

    We don’t believe you Ye, you need Donda.

  18. ENOUGH ONIKA February 20, 2015

    I don’t give a d*mn what this maniac has to say, the interview was once again a snooze fest and a bunch of rambling about his star trek clothing line no one will buy. I’m just waiting for ms. Rose to clap back at that a*s… I’ll be front and center for the tea she will spill.

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