How Being Too Socially Conscious Too Soon Caused Lady Gaga’s Demise

Published: Thursday 19th Feb 2015 by Rashad

Lady Gaga has always stood as a present day pop anomaly.

As an artist, Gaga – born Stefani Germanotta – has carefully skated on commercial relevance by offering an EDM-wrapped package similar to the radio’s top offerings, yet qualitatively different in its decoration with undeniable vocal talent and stage presence oft-lost on her pop competitors.  These qualities, much like her ever-changing image, saw her inaugural years court as much positivity for her eccentricity as it did negativity for claims of being gimmicky.

Yet, for as meteoric as her rise to pop dominance was, her slide down the slope of commercial relevance has seemingly met similar acceleration.  Indeed, the years that followed her blockbuster ‘Born This Way’ album don’t see her every “hairdo and don’t,” on-stage antic, nor music release greeted with the same level of intense media coverage they once received.  While the cause of this shift has seen many-a-finger pointed toward the allure of “her gimmick fading,” others even argue that her inconsistent choice of sound (i.e. departure from “black music”) is to blame.

I, on the other hand, will argue that neither are the primary perpetrator, but instead wish to place a lens on Gaga’s aggressive social agenda which, in turn, caused the drift of her faithful buying audience.  Full analysis below:

At one time, Gaga was a clear successor in line to inherit a seat in the pop diva oligarchy.  A standout for her balance of style and substance, the powerhouse songstress’s playbook seemed to carefully pick parts from all the top divas before her (see:  Cher, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera) without making obvious “screen shots”/copy & paste jobs from their storied careers.

But, her biggest misstep came when she filled her consumer’s music bellies with fast-food ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Bad Romance’-esque numbers, only to later (and rather quickly) enforce a diet of the more socially conscious offerings of ‘Born This Way’ and beyond.  The crime, however, was not committed upon the act of injecting substance into her lyrics, as much as it was the way she did it.

Unlike Madonna‘s ‘Papa Don’t Preach,’ Whitney Houston‘s ‘Miracle,’ Janet’s ‘Rhythm Nation,’ and Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ (all picked from the primes of their respective careers), Gaga’s aggressive approach lacked subtlety and, let me tell it, style.  The music video that accompanied the tune displayed grotesque imagery and, for some, an even harder to swallow direct message about gay rights.

It was simply too much too soon.

The move was entirely too risky given the newness of her audience’s love affair with her as well as their clear interests.  The result, as evidenced by the numbers of each succeeding project, was a departure of her young listeners on to more relatable subjects (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.) who have also tip-toed on socially conscious topics (see:  Perry’s ‘Fireworks’) without shoving it down their throats.


Let it be known that I by no means think Gaga is “over,” as she clearly has a few hits left in her as well as a respectable amount of industry influence.  However, here’s hoping that her next project sees her learn to straddle the line that made songs like ‘Rhythm Nation’ so popular.  It’s ok to have a message, but in keeping in mind who your core and/or target audience is, consider a sonic and/or lyrical veil.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Edna February 19, 2015

    Socially conscious… More like pretentious!

    • Edna February 19, 2015

      BTW sucked along with it’s repugnant video. When the world was finally made aware of Gaga, everything about her was fresh but nostalgic of huge stars that came before her. She placed a huge influence on the pop world in a short amount of time and ultimately it killed her… Lady Gaga’s appeal and style was snatched by all of her competition… legends, vets, newbies etc. When it was time for Gaga to release her 2nd album, she wanted to do something original and she couldn’t be who she was at first because everyone in the industry had bit her style. (It was aggressively taken by Nicki Minaj.) so when she set out to separate herself from everyone it only produced poo. Other artist ruined Gaga…

    • Valerie February 19, 2015

      Born this way was her worst album.

    • Al February 19, 2015

      This fukin site last week it was that she sounded too urban now this. She has flopped as she got too big headed made nothing that was commercial as her debut. Hyped her album as the best thing since sliced bread now she has to sing with coffin dodger to stay on the charts. If she made good music and had the label in control of her albums creative direction that she wouldn’t be in this mess

      • Faf February 19, 2015

        Born This way >>> Artpop

    • SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

      Even if u HATE Gaga,.. You can admit that ARTPOP wasn’t flop enough to deserve a 3 year drag about being over. Give her a break. Do u not think that taught her a lesson? She clearly isn’t walking around like she’s the best thing smoking. But believe u me she is working hard to prove u b****** wrong

  2. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 19, 2015

    Wasn’t there a similar Gaga post recently? TGJ the thirst is real

    • Queen Barb February 19, 2015

      The thirst for Mariah to deliver semi decent vocal performances are real.

  3. Chile, did you see Annaliese tale that wig and makeup off? Gurl, i was too scared!!! February 19, 2015

    Chile, hopefully that Academy Awards performance will finally allow Artpop to go platinum because if there was any time to increase those poor sales, it would definitely be then.

    user “Mimi”, I don’t like you. You’re a fake ass h** that hides being keyboards to drag people who have done nothing wrong to you. That tacky ass yaki on your head is too tight. Better get a grip quick before I catch a case…..or body. Don’t play with me!

  4. Rihyonce February 19, 2015

    why is there an excuse… It just didn’t work out this time that’s it… put out another album and see what happens… why are we still dealing with the fact that she flopped..!! you either dwell on it or try again…

    • Queen Barb February 19, 2015

      Rihannas next too flop. 🙂

      • Rihyonce February 19, 2015

        lmaoo You must love Rihanna !!

  5. Queen Barb February 19, 2015

    Gaga is a true fad along with Iggy,Lana,Meghan Tranior,Lorde,Kesha etc.

    Gaga had potential unlike the others named.

    • pu$$iePopstress February 19, 2015

      i agree. i think rihanna and gaga are the madonna and cyndi lauper of our time.

      cyndi obviously had way more talent than madge, but madge kept clocking the hits cuz she stayed true to what her audience wanted from her.

      in the same way, while rihanna is a chameleon like madonna, she didn’t take a lot of musical risks too early like gaga and cyndi did. gaga and cyndi are too busy trying to prove their artistry because they’re better singers

    • Rosie February 19, 2015

      Lana is still doing well for an alternative act with no promo or hits. She’ll be like those other female alternative artists who will have a long career based on a huge fanbase and acclaim (yes, UV was acclaimed). I can also see the same for Borde if she switches up her style next era, but with the way her soundtrack and single for the highest grossing movie of 2014 did with tons of promo and payola, I’m not sure.
      I agree with the others.

  6. pu$$iePopstress February 19, 2015

    i can get with this argument a lot better than i can with the black music thing. im sorry but that didn’ t make sense. gaga has always been HARD with EDM.

    but yeah. she’s only had two flop albums (one of which was jazz so it would naturally flop). if you ask me, gaga’s issue is TIMING. the stuff she does is ok, but it’s like she dont know she aint established enough yet to take these kind of risks

    she stealing moves from Xtina. all these inconsistencies leave fans confused. you pop one album, jazz the next, edm the next. girl pick a lane and stay!

    • Brian310 February 20, 2015


  7. Krista February 19, 2015

    The GP just grew tired of her pretentious gimmicks. She became stale. Thats all.

  8. Alexis February 19, 2015

    I would not be a fan if Lady Gaga kept releasing cheesy, radio friendly music. I respect her and appreciate ARTISTS that do not follow any trends. Gaga will never be over because unlike the other pop PERFORMERS, and I called them PERFORMERS because that’s what they are. Unlike them Lady Gaga is a real ARTIST. Shes very, very talented and versatile. And because of that shes going to be on top no matter how many records she sells or how many #1 hit singles to WRITES. I capitalize the word WRITE because unlike the radio friendly PERFORMERS she writes her own songs. Gaga is not over and she was never over. While the radio friendly PERFORMERS were enjoying their success with cheesy pop music. Lady Gaga was sitting back laughing, studying and planning her real comeback.

  9. Valerie February 19, 2015

    Gaga should’ve never released born this way.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

      It was a great album. Even admitted by her biggest lover/hater @suicide blonde 🙂
      You probably prefer more basic stuff so you probably think The Fame is her best LOL

  10. Sandra February 19, 2015

    In my opinion, Lady GaGa’s decline in popularity was caused by the bad lackluster music she put out after The Fame Monster, and people got tired of her gimmicks. Behind the costumes she’s just not that talented. Good voice sure, but as a performer/dancer/songwriter she isn’t anything special at all. I think she was a fad, there has been many singers in the past who had one or two successful albums and then disappeared. I’m afraid GaGa is one of them. But nothing is certain, we’ll see how her next album performs.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

      Yeah right that´s why she keeps slaying performance after performance in any genre of music.

  11. LB February 19, 2015

    Being pretentious, fake, arrogant and grotesque is what caused her demise, and the biggest one of all, listening to the twinky feminine homosexuals, oh and departing with RedOne leading to horrible much more generic nonsensical construction noise she tried to push as music.

    Frankly I view Gags like Ashanti, Ciara, Mandy Moore, quickly blow up and decline from there on, like an X Factor contestant.

    Do I think Gags is over, well she is incredibly talented and will need one hell of a makeover and reinvention, ala Emancipation of Mimi, to have a major comeback. Only time will tell.

    • Truth February 19, 2015

      I’m not certain that a reinvention will work for Gaga, being that her entire 7-year career was based on “reinventing herself.” ANOTHER makeover from Gaga, at this point, will only seem disingenuous to the public. Gaga became massively famous and successful so quickly that the rest of her career has no chance of measuring up to her debut. All performers who gain paramount success struggle with the public’s expectations to deliver at a level that just can’t be attained. Lady Gaga’s persona paired with a particular sound created a phenomenon between 2008-2011. She is the representation of society’s zeitgeist (pop culture) of the particular time period. Truthfully, the remainder of Gaga’s career will only be a shadow of itself, due to people’s need to compare the accolades of yesteryear.

    • Faf February 19, 2015

      Ciara is the Janet of this generation she doesn’t live off hype she has talent

      • Lolz February 19, 2015


  12. Jessica Simpson Stan February 19, 2015

    The attention seeking gimmick became tired.

  13. DEL BEY February 19, 2015

    I agree with most of what was said, but shame on gaga for underestimating the public in thinking they would forever buy into her pathetic gimmicks, I couldn’t stand the attention seeking from the get go, I’m just glad others see it too.

  14. Slay_Hive February 19, 2015

    Gaga is talented but she overshadowed that with her costumes and over the top persona! Which was really the reason for the success she had. I don’t see her ever being as big as she was, but she may have a few gold or aluminum foil certified albums here and there though!

    • Jamie February 19, 2015

      This is rich coming from a Bey stan. Didn’t Bey need Gaga to stay relevant back in 09-10?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 19, 2015

        Lmaoo that was the last time Beyonce got a taste of a number one hit. Too bad it wasn’t hers. @Jamie 🙁

      • LB February 19, 2015

        I don’t think it even went #1, I remember it was blocked by Rude boy

      • Slay_Hive February 19, 2015

        LMAOOOOO WHAT?! Bey didn’t need Gaga. Beyonce was just wrapping up her second most commercially successful era IASF, and had just won six grammys in one night, setting a record. If anything, they did each other a favor. Beyonce was not flopping with her third album all within five years. Sit with the delusions!

      • Slay_Hive February 19, 2015

        Beyonce had just got 4 top tens the year prior to that during IASF! She didn’t need Gaga for a thing hun!

        When was the last time Mariah had a certification, a top ten hit or hit a note in key?

      • Slay_Hive February 19, 2015

        The Telephone video alone was more ICONIC and memorable than that forgotten generic microwaved mess Rude Boy!

  15. Stephy. February 19, 2015

    Y’all pressed-T! Leave Gaga alone. Her career will be fine. I mean, she’s RAW talent. It’s not all about #1’s & record sales. She will be fine. Look at a person like Patti Labelle. Mama Patti NEVER had huge success. NEVER was a global pop star or even a global R&B star. She just kept going with RAW talent & stellar performances.

    Just because an artist is not selling 1 trillion records. Doesn’t mean their career is over. You’re forgetting that Gaga is not some manufactured singer. She’s a REAL singer. Gaga will be fine. Shut up!

    Also, how in the hell was Whitney Houston’s “Miracle” some huge social movement. That song didn’t really have any impact. Now, “The Greatest Love Of All” had impact. BYE!

    • LB February 19, 2015

      Are we calling screaming in a microphone talent now?

      • Stephy. February 19, 2015

        Mama Patti SCREAMED, HOLLERED & SHOUTED for well OVER 40+ years. And, she’s deemed a legend. Let’s not do this today Miss LovelyBird.

    • pu$$iePopstress February 19, 2015

      maybe you should look up what whitney houston’s “miracle” was about then you’ll see how it tackled a social issue.

      i’ll give you a hint…ABORTION

      • Stephy. February 19, 2015

        I know that baby… But, it literally had no impact like RHYTHM NATION, PAPA DON’T PREACH or WHAT’S GOING ON?… I see what you’re saying tho.

    • FutureCiara February 19, 2015

      “Her career will be fine. I mean, she’s RAW talent. It’s not all about #1’s & record sales”

      I caught the shade, and I live!!!!!!!
      And agree 100%, She will be just fine hunny!

  16. Stephy. February 19, 2015

    BORN THIS WAY was a GREAT Pop album. There was NOTHING wrong with it AT ALL. She was delivering POP songs with eventful/creative videos & entertaining performances. Shut up!

    • Britney Stan February 19, 2015

      You stfu stupid fagggit

      • Stephy. February 19, 2015

        K, but only if you give me that Zaddy long stroke.

      • Stephy. February 19, 2015

        Huh?? It was a great POP effort tho. Solid POP album baby! No, it was not a masterpiece but certainly NOT garbage!

      • Mark111 February 19, 2015

        I didn’t think BTW was a bad album. She actually tried to come out with great songs and distance herself from FAME. But U & I, Marry The Night and On The Edge just didn’t grab ears.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

      I agree. It was a great album. Another step in her evolution in showing she is a real artist. During The Fame I didn´t even know she could sing 🙂

  17. Britney Stan February 19, 2015

    Glad my fav is a legend not a fad.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 19, 2015

      I agree Britney is the female pop icon.

      • Britney Stan February 19, 2015

        She is 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

      LOLOLOLOLOL If there´s one “artist” who only showed some type of talent for an extreme short period of time that was Britney Spears LOL And it´s not like her talents were related to music btw. She could perform/dance, for like 5 years. End of story.
      Gaga obviously destroys Britney as an artist and at everything really.

  18. Stephy. February 19, 2015

    S****** Spears ain’t nobody’s legend. BYE

    • Mark111 February 19, 2015

      Teen pop legend… that’s about it. lol

    • Kitty February 19, 2015

      B**** you better check Britney’s receipts and come again.

      • Stephy. February 19, 2015

        Those teen pop sensation sales… Girl BYE!

  19. Theman February 19, 2015

    In essence her last album moved around 800k, and she scored a top four hit, along with a top fifthteen hit. That is pretty good. It’s just an underperformance because of who the artist is. Most artists would be head over heels for those numbers. She just went way left way too early. She went so far left that much of what she did went from unique to just odd. This chick is very talented. If she sold that much with an era that underperfomed, then imagine what she’d do with a few hits on radio..

    • Lolz February 19, 2015

      You don’t have that mentality with Beyonces consistent platinum selling albums. The double standards are real.

  20. Lolz February 19, 2015

    Gagas is talented but her career was not based on talent it was based on the gimmick so the basis of her success was no better than someone with little talent. I honestly don’t know how shes going to come back from this fail of an era but good luck to her. Honestly, the GP like someone who is relatable or at least likeable and she was coming across as everything the public (generally speaking) hates. Pretentious, fake and over confident and she didn’t even have the great music to back it up.

  21. FutureCiara February 19, 2015

    Gaga is still a force to be reckoned with!

    And TBH Gaga>>>>>>>>>Rihbola!
    She is much more versatile!

    • Kitty February 19, 2015

      The charts and receipts say other wise..

  22. Sarah February 19, 2015

    But, wasn’t it last week you guys said it was because she ‘left black music’? Can you guys please get your stories straight? I’m not a fan of Gaga at all but, this is so stupid. Do you just post articles like this because she refuses to pay you for posts? We all know Beyonce and Rita do.

  23. Royalkev February 19, 2015

    I never liked Gaga! I thought she was too pretentious, gimmick driven and egoistical. The Fame was over hyped, BTW sucked, but ArtPop is somewhat decent (material wise). TFM was Gaga’s most artistic work (Alejandro, Bad Romance, So Happy I Can Die). She reminds me of Madonna, except she lacks her artistry/style. Gaga does have way more talent though! I expected Gaga to fade prematurely! I just don’t think she can totally be counted out yet. A lot will be riding on her next era. There are some artists that have to show consistency, while others are a little more fortunate. Madonna’s the only legend I can think of that slayed the 80’s, but flopped through the 90’s and somehow was still looked upon favorably. Her missteps were swept under the rug and many see Madonna’s career as flawless. This should give Gaga hope that she can turn things around.

    • MovieAmi February 20, 2015

      Madonna never “flopped” in the 90s, you dunce. Janet sure flopped in the 2000s though and has never recovered. Unlike Madonna who only slightly underperformed in certain parts of the 90s, then bounced back big time with the close of the decade. Janet never had a renaissance and has basically become a C-lister whose pop star years become more and more erased with time, and is now pretty much regarded as just MJ’s less talented/lesser known/less successful sister.

  24. Theman February 19, 2015

    Also, Gaga didn’t really flop the way folks are trying to make it seem.. 800k is still good with just one real hit.. Her career was built on her persona/image/talent.. It’s a combo of everything..

    • Slay_Hive February 19, 2015

      Not you saying 800k is still good. When you tore Beyonce a new ass hole for going Double Platinum, with a hit and decent single sales. Compared her to Katy, Taylor and everyone else. This is funny!! Chile if this was Bey……smh 😀

      • Lolz February 19, 2015

        @Slay_Hive CLOCK the double standards.

    • Mark111 February 19, 2015

      You’re going to have to try harder. Wasn’t Do What You Want a hit? Didn’t B.Y.E have a video? Didn’t she tour? Didn’t she show her @ss at the VMAs? Didn’t she OPEN the VMAs?

  25. Mark111 February 19, 2015

    Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks! Let it go, we seen this so many times. When an artist rise to the top too fast, they have no bottum, no core fan base. People make fun of Rihanna’s start, but fail to see her growth and she has a core in both pop and r&b (well, urban) fan bases.
    What killed Gag Gas? Katy having better pop music and Miley having bigger shock. That’s it! Move on.

  26. Pat February 19, 2015

    What blog post s*** like this???

  27. Pat February 19, 2015

    Even new blogs without a comment section keep it professional, are u in that need of cash?

    • Kitty February 19, 2015

      sit down pat, we know you mad

  28. Theman February 19, 2015

    Beyonce’s stans make folks go hard at her.. A lot of her album sales came from her rollout.. She is so over hyped. Her album sales are very good, but she should be selling better. But the hits aren’t there.. I said 800k for any other artist would be great. You obviously omitted the underperformance part..

    • Lolz February 19, 2015

      You’re so pressed about Beyonce.

    • Lolz February 19, 2015

      And how can you say Beyonce didn’t have a hit and Gaga did when both Applause and Drunk peaked at #2?

      • MovieAmi February 20, 2015

        DIL outpeaked every song from Mariah’s latest album too. Let’s not forget that, and we won’t even talk about latest album sales. Ya think MC would have had success with the same kind of “rollout” Bey had? LMAO. Nope. Nothing was going to make that Elusive nonsense a hit. Nothing. So save the excuses.

  29. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 19, 2015

    Here’s the thing about The Fame–it’s a very average album. Very. Gaga became interesting to me on “Born This Way” & it remains her best album. The best thing about The Fame era was The Fame Monster: “So Happy I Could Die,” “Dance In The Dark,” and the “Alejandro” & “Telephone” videos.

    I always hated the title track of BTW because it’s simply not representative of the album (and it’s a terrible song). BTW is NOT a political album at all. It’s actually a very fun album.

    1. Marry The Night
    2. Judas
    3. Government Hooker
    4. Scheiße
    5. Heavy Metal Lover (my favorite Gaga song of all time)
    6. Bloody Mary
    7. You and I

    These 7 songs demolish The Fame in its entirety.

    Also,The Swine Fest will always be better than The Fame as well.

    ARTPOP didn’t do well. That’s the nature of the music business. Sometimes people respond to your music. Sometimes not. I hope that she keeps making interesting/thoughtful pop music in the future. I’ll continue to check her out. She has yet to make a classic and I hope that she does one day.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

      I agree. She went onto better things and showed how talented she is after the Fame. Some people prefer more basic stuff I guess.

  30. We Found Rihanna February 19, 2015

    Flop! Nicki even outsells this p**** ass pop botch.

  31. SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

    So over defending foolish posts like these.
    If you believe Gaga is finish, oh f****** well… You all have no influence on pop music in any way. Just a bunch of nobody’s. She in some point in time got y’all f*** to buy something of hers so she wins,

    Tune on to the Oscars this Sunday for a show stopping performance by her.

  32. SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

    @ SLAY_HIVE b**** bye stop acting like your fave didn’t flop throughout 2011-2012.
    @Mark just hope all y’all f*** buy Rihanna album when it drops because based off of history and the point in music her highest FIRST weeks sales were. Y’all are about to be suicide victims

    I SEE Nicki fans stopped talking s***…. Unless you’re a Taylor, or Beyonce fan y’all faves didn’t dominate s*** either.

    • Mark111 February 19, 2015

      Rihanna can do 300K, hell, 200K and her album will STILL go plat. Beyonce did 600K in the first week and still sold the same as UnP. So it doesn’t matter, lol. Plus she’s the digital/social media/streaming/Singles Queen, and since those are counted now, it’s YOU and the haters are going to be on suicide watch. Hahahahaha

      • Lolz February 19, 2015

        B**** no she did not sell the same. Beyonce went DOUBLE plat something Rihanna has not done since her only big selling album (GGGB).

      • Lolz February 19, 2015

        Oh and Beyonce is the most followed woman on IG, overtaking Kim while Rihannas not even in the top 10. Social media queen my asss. Not when boring Beyonce with no caption is gaining more followers than you without following anyone lol.

      • The Bajan Princess February 19, 2015

        But Rihanna took a what…6, 7 month break from IG? She had like 12 million followers when she has 15.3. Of course she would have less than them genius.

      • Mark111 February 19, 2015

        Facebook Rihanna > Instagram Beyonce.

      • Lolz February 19, 2015

        Lool Rihanna joined IG way before Beyonce and Beyonce is still gaining followers faster which is why she is surpassing Kim Kardashian. Not that I think IG followers are much to brag about the Navy are the first ones to call Beyonce boring and unrelatable.

      • Lolz February 19, 2015

        Social Media Queen should rule all platforms.

      • Rihyonce February 19, 2015

        @ LOLZ
        and please social media is only a big thing for little ass kids these artist don’t give a f***!

      • Lolz February 20, 2015

        @Rihyonce. Reading is fundamental. Calm down, stop shouting and re read my comment because you basically repeated the first persons comment.

  33. Rosie February 19, 2015

    Are you all that thirsty for hits from the remaining Little Cutters who haven’t killed themselves yet? Literally no one except for power bottoms care about Lad Gag anymore, his career has went so far down the drain that he has became a Q4 stocking stuffer act for old people. The fact that I hear more people talking about Justin Bieber getting egged on Comedy Central than its ~engagement~, no matter how many Facebook likes her team buys, says it all.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 19, 2015

      But Lana Del Ghey is even more irrelevant sis

      • SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015


      • Rosie February 19, 2015

        …but you stan Ciara?
        I’m sorry you f*** have no straight friends whatsoever but literally none of them use F*** in 2015. At least Lana is still relevant in THAT group.

  34. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 19, 2015

    LOL can you guys calm down with all these theories behind Gaga’s decline. Why do we need to number the reasons LOL!!
    Let’s just accept that theres too many to keep count of… and leave it at that.

    • SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

      Huh? Sis you don’t even know how to drag lmaoooooooo

  35. Paulo February 19, 2015

    LMAO @ Hoesie and all the other haters. The reason GaGa flopped with ArtPop is that she changed management and didn’t release a video for Do What U Want in time. Everything else is a theory yet to be proven. If the general public “moved on” then why is everyone making a fuss about her engagement? Why did she just win a Grammy? Why is she performing at the Oscars? If she is a “fad” then what are Lana and Katy and Miley and every other artist compared to her on this topic if they can’t see one tenth of GaGa’s critical acclaim or sales? Ha.

    • SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

      Thank u! It’s like they try to erase her entire career and start it from 2013. This woman has sold a s*** ton of everything. She could afford to flop, unlike Rihanna, Katy, or Miley

    • Rosie February 19, 2015

      So her career was ruined by one unreleased video? Does that one unreleased video also cause the next single to bomb harder than West Coast and her tour gross to drop almost $100 million right after? Does that also explain why Katy has been beating her ass since 2012?
      And why do Cutters act like he has so much critical acclaim? His last acclaimed era was The Fame Monster.

      • Paulo February 19, 2015

        Her last era just got her another Grammy. Is that not “critically acclaimed” when (as rigged as it is) it represents the most important industry award? lmao. When will UltraEarRape? Right so the artrave is not selling as much as her previous tours… but did Lana or Katy ever had the chance to tour worldwide like that? kiiii. stop showing your edges with this unlogic hate, ho. you can’t come for GaGa when you stan for an off-key second rate Tumblr page mess.

  36. SCHEISSETHRONED February 19, 2015

    I cannot wait until 2016 when she comes back with RedOne iconic hits. Y’all will be no where to be seen like all y’all f*** do when in hiding. I think it is hilarious that you are comparing a Jazz album to Pop albums in her career. Do u really think Gaga isn’t putting out a comeback pop album soon? Let’s see how much y’all have to say then. Say what u want, we all know a iconic comeback is in her whether u want to admit it now or when she comes.

    • Rosie February 19, 2015

      You all said the exact same thing before ARTPOP. Look what happened.

  37. JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2015

    Again??? LOLOL
    Are the camps of Gaga´s rivals paying you guys to write this articles? LOL
    Why now? Out of nowhere?
    Guys you stan for so many flops that I certainly don´t understand why you write essays about Mariah Carey´s career (your biggest obsession), Madonna´s career… and now it seems Lady Gaga´s career? When are you guys going to address the countless problems in many of your faves careers? 🙂

    PD: Even if Gaga doesn´t sell an album anymore (don´t think that will be the case, she just went Gold with a Jazz album, none of the girls you stan for can say that, all of them keep doing their genre, pop or R&B, or do you want me to remind you guys how epic Destinys Child´s Xmas album flop was??? 🙂 yep the moment Bey tried to sell other genre it flopped, it just wasn´t good, she´s not Mariah) she will have her talent and musicianship to keep releasing her music. Most of the others cannot say that.

    • Paulo February 19, 2015

      I know, right? They keep praising Kelly Rowland for selling less than people with half as much promo money and exposure and keep trying to shove Rita Ora down everyone’s throat and now they wanna say something about Artflop. mmmmhmmm.

    • Lolz February 19, 2015

      Are you stupid? Don’t bring Beyonce into this because everyone is clocking fad left and right. Xmas is not a genre its a theme (the album itself is R&B) but last time I checked DC was not counted as part of ‘Beyonce’ so stop with the double standards. Beyonce has never hopped on a legend of another geners dickk yet because she can still sell by herself so we don’t know how she can and cannot do. You can thank Tony for most of the sales anyway.

    • Royalkev February 20, 2015

      Even if Gaga doesn´t sell an album anymore (don´t think that will be the case, she just went Gold with a Jazz album, none of the girls you stan for can say that, all of them keep doing their genre, pop or R&B, or do you want me to remind you guys how epic Destinys Child´s Xmas album flop was???


      DC’s 8 Days of Christmas went gold.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 20, 2015

        In an era when they were selling big and albums sold a lot. It was a flop compared to other big names xmas albums.

    • Royalkev February 20, 2015

      Look up the Best selling Christmas/Holiday albums. On a list of the top 25 albums, Neil Diamond holds the 25th spot. He sold 1.9 million (in 1992). DC sold north of 500,000 in 2001. I don’t think they did too shabby at all! Susan Boyle, Josh Groban, Michael Buble and Andrea Bocelli are the ONLY artists making that top 25 with albums released after 2000.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 20, 2015

        It did not do good sorry. I really think that. I lived that and their song went nowhere. They were big at the time and they couldn´t pull big numbers for this.

  38. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 19, 2015

    SMH why is this the 3rd article in a week discussing this.. I don’t understand the relevance. nor do I understand why this plague is invading my mentions… smh FILFTH!

  39. Jewel February 19, 2015

    Loool Caca stans can make a million excuses under the sun. No one invested in her this era for a reason and she needed to learn that lesson which is why she then switched tactics and used Tony Bennett to regain some acclaim, she’s transparent. I can’t stand her!

  40. Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) February 19, 2015

    Gags flopped because she became stale, its that simple. She burned out with the gimmicks, pretentious claims, and generic EDM music. Miley came along and did the shock tactics better. Tony Bennett is the only thing going for her at this point. The pop world has moved on. She may have a few more hits in her with Red One but she’ll never dominate like she did in 2009-mid 2010. BTW, what is this delusion coming from Monsters when they compare her career to Katy’s? Yall tried it with the last post. Gaga was never bigger than Katy at any point in 2008. I Kissed A Girl was the biggest record of the year, Katy was everywhere too. Gaga didn’t take over till 2009. As for this post, Firework was before Plagiarize this Way. People forget that Teenage Dream came out August of 2010. Katy was the first to start the uplifting anthems trend. Then Ke$ha, Pink, Gags, and others followed. Firework sold the most out of them all too.

    • CherylSoldierr February 19, 2015

      Are you stupid? Gaga was way bigger than katy from 09-12.

    • Paulo February 19, 2015

      LMAO @ these delusional kids with no ears thinking Kantsing Pretty invented the uplift ballad.

      GaGa’s career IS STILL bigger than hers… check album sales and stats. Just cause Prism did ok in comparison to Artpop’s disappointing sales doesn’t mean she’s bigger. That was one album era. And she is still thirsty for the kind of acclaim GaGa is showered with. Grammyless Perry inventing the ballad LMAO wtf

  41. RihRih February 19, 2015

    Hey JohnVidal,

    • JOHNVIDAL February 20, 2015

      Stop posting comments under different names. How pathetic LOL I like Madonna btw 🙂

  42. Cowriah February 19, 2015

    i like these kinds of post, they seem to get under “Johnmidal”s skin. that old queen thinks that lady? gag is a musical god who can’t be critiqued because she’s just so perfect and everyone loves and worship her like he does.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 20, 2015

      Err NO I don´t think that LOL You are pretty pathetic.
      I don´t worship anybody btw, she just happens to be the most talented young pop star we have and I say it. Your problem is…?

  43. The Bajan Princess February 19, 2015

    I was a big Gaga fan during TF era, but her antics got boring pretty quickly. I guess the GP felt the same way.

  44. hives scared of R8 February 19, 2015

    While you bit ches are praying and hoping Rihanna flops your favs are flopping.Rihanna’s album isnt flopping any time soon.Gaga became repetitive and full of gimmicks.This is something Rihanna is not.Rihanna doesnt do the same thing every era,she is versatile.How many of you expected her to release a pop/folk track? She is the black madonna.The industry would be lost without her.Everyone takes notes from Rihanna believe it or not.

  45. TheElusiveLamb February 19, 2015

    I think Gaga can still make a comeback. I think she made a few mistakes, but it’s normal. ALL careers underperform, flop, and etc. It’s really no necessary to make a new post on the subject every day, but if it pays the bills…

  46. Musika February 20, 2015

    ARTPOP was bland-generic electro-pop and Born This Way was too dark. It wasn’t the gimmick..its just a change in sound. I do feel like other popstars like Nicki & Katy learned a lot from Gaga’s gimmick and decided to shed it off on their next albums. I still want Gaga’s gimmicks back but maybe in a less outrageous tone..

    • Madison February 20, 2015

      and you’re basically saying she should playing it safe like katy and nicki. Oh well btw general public kinda love basics isn’t it? basics rule the chart but can’t earn themselves a grammy. Look at all of the bishes who rule the chart last year, Most of them didn’t even win a grammy lol. I applaud Gaga for experimenting with differents sounds eventho its a ‘flop’, instead of sticking with the same s*** over and over again like katy just because of the charts and radio played.

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