New Video: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Feel The Light’

Published: Friday 20th Mar 2015 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez shines bright in new video, ‘Feel The Light’ – the latest offering from the ‘Home’ movie soundtrack.

Unwrapped moments ago on VEVO, the visual arrives ahead of the album’s March 24th landing and the film’s March 27th theater debut.

Watch La Lopez – who stars in the DreamWorks animation alongside Rihanna – in action below…

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  1. JADE March 20, 2015


    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 20, 2015

      This old burrito broad is so disrespectful to the ears. She wishes she was Kimmy From the Block. Did anyone else notice that she doesn’t get booty shots anymore? Shaped like a flatbread now

  2. Hur March 20, 2015

    She just sounds bad! She’s not a good singer!

    • Break Free With Ariana March 20, 2015

      She sounds better than Mariah and Madonna these days.

      • Hur March 20, 2015

        Never better than Mariah not even on her worst day. We all know this, not in The 90’s and not now.

  3. Stephy March 20, 2015

    She looks beautiful

  4. Applause March 20, 2015


  5. LB March 20, 2015

    OK J.No no, this video slays my everlasting life, you served and slayed b****. Good job

  6. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 20, 2015

    She’s iconic. And let’s not forget how Beyonce was jacking her style back in the early 2000s. It went from stealing fashion looks to stealing songs. What an evolution. Hopefully she doesn’t install that kind of behavior in her child, or children.

  7. Break Free With Ariana March 20, 2015

    Wow so pretty. I feel bad cause Home will obviously flop harder than battleship.

    • rihicon March 20, 2015

      flop harder than my everything? and one last time?

  8. Dirty Laundry March 20, 2015

    She’s so pretty no wonder why Mariah is so jealous of her.

    • Skyfall March 20, 2015

      The same way Kelly is jealous of Beyoncé

  9. TheElusiveLamb March 20, 2015

    She’s so stunning.

    • Dirty Laundry March 20, 2015

      Mariah could never look as good.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 20, 2015

        Lol not you coming here as a ‘Kelly Rowland stan’ now.

  10. kareem March 20, 2015

    I miss the Rita ora posts, and watching you all throw shade. It is synonymous to a 90’s sitcom.

    • AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 20, 2015

      Gurl I mostly observe and eat popcorn! Anyways your wish has been granted, Sam just made a struggle post on her.

  11. Selenator March 20, 2015

    Why is this Granny still trying? We left her back in the 2000s, sorry J.Flop

    • #JACKIE March 20, 2015

      We left Selena in….wait nvm she’s a FLOP

  12. #JACKIE March 20, 2015

    She is more beautiful than Rihanna or Beyoncé could ever be and at 45 years old. SLAY,QUEEN!

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 20, 2015

      Yall Ciara stans need to learn that all the time Yall spend commenting Yall could be working and getting money to by Ci-errors albums. She’s a FLOP and Yall will deal

    • Yazmine March 20, 2015

      And Heara

  13. rihicon March 20, 2015

    I really like this song, j lo looks a bit cheap in the video though.

  14. Beyonce Queen March 20, 2015

    Is almost this much till i give up on music. if you want listen to goo music. listen to the 80s and 90s. that been said she sound really bad.

  15. RihHive March 20, 2015

    Love all the songs released from the soundtrack so far. Cant wait to hear the rest. I’ll be buying the album!

  16. Royalkev March 20, 2015

    That was awesome! JLO is aging backwards! She looks no older then 29 in this video! …Forty-something my ass! The video was absolutely beautiful and JLO is breathtaking in it!

  17. AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 20, 2015

    Not J.lo slaying the 20-year olds in the looks department. Serve Jenny! You better drink from the fountain of youth and give these bittches life!

  18. moe March 21, 2015

    this is awesome . i love the song and she looks perfect as always

  19. JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2015

    So every single attempt at praising in this post is about how beautiful she is (once again). LOL Hilarious. Does anybody respect this girl´s talent? Rhetorical question. I know the answer 🙂

    • ontherun March 21, 2015

      why so bitter?

  20. jlove March 21, 2015

    I love the song ..she sold music people love her just as she is ….y yall mad

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