Rihanna Announces New Single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

Published: Wednesday 25th Mar 2015 by Sam

After struggling to make more than a momentary impact with barnyard anthem ‘FourFiveSeconds,’ Rihanna ups the edgy with follow-up effort ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’

Taking to Instagram moments ago, the 27 year old announced that the classily titled track will arrive…tomorrow.

The song will be the latest to be lifted from the model’s serially delayed eighth album.

Let the buzz begin…

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Beysus Impact March 25, 2015

    Ha!! I will scream if this is another ratchet anthem…

    • Richie J March 25, 2015

      Yall haters stop hating. .rihanna is the queen and always will be and her music always popping so yall need to take a seat and stfu and wait until tomorrow to hear #BBHMM

      • RICHIE_RICH March 25, 2015

        Sorry doll , but its already a RICHIE around these parts!!!!!!!!!! I’m so honored!

      • You tried March 25, 2015

        Funny how her fans call her QUEEN but the INDUSTRY “HER JOB” NEVER will lmao get over it the INDUSTRY THT UR FABLV IS IN only calls ONE woman QUEEN in this ERA “YOU KNO THE NAME”. If u don’t ” EVERY RADIO AROUND THE WORLD KNOW ME CUZ THATS WHERE I BE!!!” – Spoken in her words

    • maurice March 25, 2015

      Omg she coming for Ciara again with that title? lol

      • Faf March 26, 2015

        No but the 28 writers are going to come for her 😆

    • You tried March 25, 2015

      Ummmmmmm …… Lol we shall wait lol that pic tho lol Going for Salena but with thick eye braws and of course exposing skin lol she’s so funny so predictable

  2. #JACKIE March 25, 2015

    It will flop like FourFiveSeconds

    • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

      You are in no position to speak on flops. Be a good pup and sit this one out honey. 😉

      • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

        But you’re in position to take a RAW D*** you a*** infested f**. Quit stalking me before I drag you back to Bankhead hoodrat

      • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

        B**** you’re the one dying from A*** tho, remember? Lol You should have never came for me. You’re on my hit list now. So drag your pressed flop terminally ill ass back to the a*** shelter and log out of Mcdonalds free Wifi! Bye!!!!lmaooo

    • Sharif March 25, 2015

      Or like Go Girl, Speechless, Work, Ride, Gimme Dat, Never Ever, Swear, Sorry, I’m Out, I Bet, Fantasy Ride, basic instinct or Ciara?

      • (Rihyonce) March 25, 2015

        lmaoo READDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

    • moe March 26, 2015

      u call it a flop LOL , it s not dear it s all over the place

  3. #JACKIE March 25, 2015

    She looks ugly as f***. She’s hideous is she some sort of creature because she can’t be human!!

  4. The Beysus Impact March 25, 2015

    She should be promoting the Home soundtrack, which no one cares about…

    • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

      Nobody cares about the movie either sis #FLOP kii

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

        The real kii is that your fav is a flop too. How u gone criticize someone suffering from the same things as Ci-error? Now that her baby is no longer breastfeeding she has to apply for food stamps

    • M March 25, 2015

      No one really promotes movie soundtracks. The movie does that on its own. Smh.

  5. Bang Bang March 25, 2015

    I’ll wait to hear it before I judge!

  6. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    Waitttttttt I thought she wanted timeless music?

    • Linda March 25, 2015

      Screaaaaaaaaamsssssssss drag ha

    • (Rihyonce) March 25, 2015

      lol she said it will timeless thatgrapejuice or should i say sam said it completely wrong!!
      know the facts before you start “dragging”

  7. Guess March 25, 2015

    Can’t make a judgement till I hear it but… “I want my music to be timeless”.. B****,where’s my money? But who knows, Maybe it’s good.

    • kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

      This is the first thing that came to my mind. But the title doesn’t scream anything “Deep”

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

        Beyonce makes timeless music..

        “He Monica Lewinskyed all on my gownnnn…!!!”

        Yup the future thots of America will be singing that for decades

      • kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

        Where did I mention Beyonce in that comment? Stay on topic!!!

      • metzo March 25, 2015

        @Blue Rodriguez speaking of Beyonce’s timeless music crazy in love has recently ranked #1 on Spotify’s ‘re-ranking of Rolling Stones “500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME”.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

        I was going to say “deep” but we all know BEYONCÉ likes it deep in her throat.

        @Metzo but yet her songs are being outsold and less valued than the singles artist?

        Have a seat with the rest of the unsold 4 shipments

    • Guess March 25, 2015

      I did that wrong *b**** better have my money … That changes everything.. even more classy

  8. Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

    I prefer that mysterious fan made one. This is a hot mess. Kanye glued dollar store costume eyebrows on her forehead and its a shame she let him. Kim was the realist fashionista in her days.

    • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

      Girl stfu and leave Krim in 98 where she belongs!

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

        Just like I’ll leave Ciara in 2004. Singing bout love but can’t keep a man smdh

    • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

      please kim and fashion doesn’t mix just like her new face don’t mix now shut the f**** up

      • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015


      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

        Girl gone. Your fav doesn’t even know the capital of New York let alone how to spell her middle name

  9. TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

    I can’t help but wonder what it will sound like…

    • Rang March 25, 2015

      More than likely I’ll sound like flop it up, flop it up watch them sales fall down

    • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

      It will sound better than anything Cowreys released this decade kii

      • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

        I’m not even going to entertain you. I’m going to ignore you the way the GP has ignored Corey since The Castration, I meant The Evolution.

  10. Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

    Lmaooo what?! Does she want to be country or ratchet? Another singles compilation full of songs that don’t flow well together!

  11. Guess March 25, 2015

    Barnyard anthem. I can’t. But question. Is Sam a man or a woman?

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

      Not even Sam knows

  12. britneyraycarey March 25, 2015

    she gon slay beyonce’s white girl ass with this one, as it always happens!

    • kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

      Lool stop I exposed you before you Stan for Beyonce on twitter

      • metzo March 25, 2015

        They all Stan for Beyonce in real life but act as if they wouldn’t give her the time of the day. From Slayriah to LB to Molly. S*** funny as hell.

    • Rang March 25, 2015

      Stop living dreams, u know that will never happen, only song it might slay is 45seonds to flop

    • The Beysus Impact March 25, 2015

      You spelt Miley and Britney wrong…

    • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

      worry less about bey and rih and more about s****** brain dead ass can s****** even recite her abc’s?

  13. TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

    I see it’s about to another stan war. Let me just leave now…

  14. Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

    That song sounds like it will punch the wax out my ears and make me fill out a new stan application. Slay u illiterate asz h^e

  15. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    I can’t wait to hear this song tbhh I cantttt

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 25, 2015

      So ready. Sounds like it will slay the billboard. Four five seconds made me want to vomit.

  16. Terri March 25, 2015

    Girl, stop wasting the airwaves with your tone deaf goat vocals; your a model. You photograph beautifully but vocally it’s pretty scarey. The way you treat ur fans on the street is rude and disrespectful; these same fans have downloaded your over produced music and made your drug addict ass a star;

    RADIO, you allow tamia, chante moore, mariah, christina and Tamar’s music to fail but you welcome RIHANNAS goat vocals to the mass public.

    • #JACKIE March 25, 2015


    • Paulo March 25, 2015

      1 – Tamia has done great for an indie artist at airwaves 2 – Xtincta and Mariah have not released tracks that match their career peaks for the past 5 years 3 – Tamar’s single with Future is wack and she doesn’t promote 4 – I wholeheartedly agree with you that radio shenanigans is absurd but… 5 – if Rihanna being a mediocre vocalist can still release songs with better quality and mass appeal than the “real vocalists” who are still singing about the same tepid crap, then whose fault is it? Not RiRi’s.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

        BOY STOP. First off MC hasn’t released anything but a Xmas album & MIAMTEC for the last 5 years. Secondly, #Beautiful is epic & You’re Mine (Eternal) could have been a top 40 hit. Thirdly, I don’t care for Xtina, but some of the singles off of Lotus should have been top 40 and up. Fifth, Tamar’s song was cute. It could have did well on R&B stations. Furthermore, Rihanna’s songs are no better or different from those other ladies. Diamonds is not better or weaker of a single than Your Body. Stay is no better or weaker than You’re Mine. Pour it Up is no better or not weaker than Let Me Know. Don’t throw shade to everyone else’s singles and artistry because you view Rihanna as artistic with her single choice. It’s ALL subjective.

      • Paulo March 25, 2015

        well then don’t throw shade at RiRi because she’s winning even though she’s not as ‘artistic’ or ‘talented’ as your fav. Lotus was cute but compared to Xtina’s first 3… come on. pure trash. Tamia will do even better now that she’s on a major and I wasn’t shading her material at all. I get it that Mariah gets to have some on-off moments cause she’s been in the game for so long but you gotta be kidding when you say #Beautiful is epic. a lot of people would rather credit Rihanna’s team than herself for all her success but her career so far is on a crescendo regardless of the shade people throw her way being true or not. Unapologetic is definitely better than Lotus and Ellusive Chanteuse, but Love & War shits on those 3, which is why I’m dissapointed Tamar went to Future and a tired sample for a lead single.

    • Rang March 25, 2015

      I don’t even think fleanna knows what vocals even is tbh and it’s obvious the flop navy is tone deaf

  17. Paulo March 25, 2015

    does it REALLY feel that good to throw shade even when there’s no tea? ok, Sam… hahaha. can’t wait to hear the track.

  18. BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

    I cant wait to here “b**** better have my money” lmaooooo that was a cleaver way to title the song in braille

  19. Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

    She’s giving me Micheal Jackson Vitiligo teas in that pic. A mess

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

      Those are Beyoncé’s edges on her eyebrows, didn’t you read the other users comment?

      • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

        No those are rihanna’s infected snatched wolf Pusssy hairs on her own eyebrows. Serving all kinds of extra and basic. Lmaoo

  20. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    I’ll wait to hear the full song beforee…. Well you know

  21. metzo March 25, 2015

    Ratchet Anthem Lmaoo. Can’t wait to hear it. I enjoy ratchet Rih

  22. JT March 25, 2015

    This better be one for the hood and the ratchets, I’m ready for this single title come thru!

  23. LB March 25, 2015

    LMAO Rihanna? Anyway I cannot wait to hear it.

    • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

      You sure It won’t be too ratchet and ghetto for your “grand” musical taste??

      • Naomi March 25, 2015


  24. The Beysus Impact March 25, 2015

    @BeyonceLite: Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ tops Spotify’s re-ranking of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time List http://t.co/O2JRa0etLP

    • gina March 25, 2015


  25. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

    Death.. The hive are fans… 30 comments in and the hive is sitting down rapidly clicking that refresh button so they can have another Rih post and the vice president of the “I hate rihanna” club has delievered

    • kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

      The irony

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

        But did I lie?

    • gina March 25, 2015

      That’s the power Rihanna has over these fleas.

  26. Nicki Is Queen March 25, 2015

    I’m gonna listen first then pass judgement. I hope it’s ratchet her music this era is sounding very boring. I like fourfiveseconds tho

  27. Skyfall March 25, 2015

    But slay_hive how would you know her albums don’t flow if you don’t have any?

    • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

      I’ve listened to her music before. How do you think I’m able to judge? Doesn’t mean I bought or own s***! I see you’re still dedicating your first comments to me. Luckily for you, I would have paid your comment dust if I wouldn’t have seen my name Lmao smh

      • RihHive March 25, 2015

        Oh so now you agree that you contribute to her by streaming… go ahead.. weasel your way out. You are sad. Her haters may not buy but it’s girls like you that keep her #1 streamed female… Checkmate B****

      • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

        Lmaooo a few youtube views from a few unofficial pages doesn’t count towards streaming sweetheart. Don’t flatter yourself. There’s also this thing called illegal downloading and she might get that IF I like what I hear.(not often) 😀

  28. Sharif March 25, 2015

    That Ciara stan sure is Pressed! A Ciara stan can’t shade anyone or call anything a flop. It’s truly amazing how delusional that thing is.

    • Sharif March 25, 2015

      B**** U been a fan with your irrelevant ass! Keep dedicating comments to me I LIVVVVVEEEEE!!!!

    • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

      He doesn’t stan for Ciara, he stans for Nene Leakes.

      • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

        And here you go worrying about me!!

      • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015

        You should not have brought up Mariah Carey b****. I’m trying to take the high road because I’m now cyber buddies with Molly, FC, and etc., but you keep talking s*** you pressed ass eater and you’re going to get Corey dragged.

    • #JACKIE March 25, 2015

      B**** U been a fan with your irrelevant ass! Keep dedicating comments to me I LIVVVVVEEEEE!!!!

      • Sharif March 25, 2015

        b**** U been a fan with your irrelevant ass! Keep dedicating comments to me I LIVVVVVEEEEE!!!!

        Oh ok lol.

      • Beygency March 25, 2015

        Lol you outed yourself once again. Why is comment exactly as “Sharif”, with only a minute apart???? Explain @#Jackie/Sharif/Nene Leakes Stan???

  29. Linda March 25, 2015

    Loooooooool what happened to the “timeless music”???? B**** went back to her roots. Another Pour It Up is coming up. I thought she was gonna promote HOME 1st before she focused focuses on her album. Why is she releasing a thot anthem when she’s currently promoting a children’s movie. Lol Roc Nation better come take her back. This is one messy era.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

      b****** shut up you haven’t even heard the song yet it might not even be a ratchet song the song might be completely different from what the title suggest

      • Linda March 25, 2015

        @BeyRihLiyah you don’t have the appropriate WiFi to connect with common sense(do you understand that metaphor?) and you sure as hell don’t have the invitation to come for me unannounced. Now have of these _/ and the next time take caplocks out of your tone when you try me because you’re about to dip your spoon in Linda’s pudding.

      • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

        yawn zzzzzzz tired ass comeback

      • Linda March 25, 2015

        *hands you back your wig* it’s ok boo, that’s what I do to b****** when they can’t handle me. Be prepared next time you try to play with the big dogs, enjoy the rest of your evening❤❤❤

    • RihHive March 25, 2015

      Bt Pour It Up was a classic tho… didnt u see it performed with an orchestra at her charity event. I could def see this performed at next yr’s charity ball. Yall B****** better have Clara Lionel Money. HAHAHAHA
      jk jk bt fo real tho I am more than ready to hear Rih replace T Swift on the radio so bring on BBHMM… timeless or nah

      • Linda March 25, 2015

        Hahahaha you’re not even a an ounce of my time with that delusional counter argument but being the good citizen that I am. I’ll grace your sorry ass with a reply. Just because it was performed at an orchestra doesn’t mean it’s a classic. 7/11 could be performed at the the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, does this mean the song is a classic in the same vein as The Nutcracker, Peter And The Wolf etc and for your slow deficient ass, those are classic songs usually performed at such prestigious events. And since I’ve stooped to your level, in what form or shape is PIU a classic???

      • Linda March 25, 2015


  30. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

    Sam is slay hive.. It’s the only way that troll can go in with different Accra and not get clocked by TGJ

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015


    • Slay_Hive March 25, 2015

      Lmaoo You think you know everything. TGJ she really consider hiring you as Deputy Troll Inspector!!! You love investigating! Ctfu

      • TheElusiveLamb March 25, 2015


        I still love you Blue, but this comment was TOO funny.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

        I was going to laugh but then I seen an error…

        I think you meant “Should” dear..

  31. Navy’s NayvOrDie March 25, 2015

    Can’t wait to hear the song. This one will surely go number one. Bookmark me.

  32. RihHive March 25, 2015

    Yall begged for the ratchet… hope this make you happy

  33. RihHive March 25, 2015

    Yall begged for the ratchet… hope this makes you happy

  34. riri March 25, 2015

    behives are the first to comment with their hate as usuall.sam & behiv look closely at rihanna’s eyebrow u will see that thiefyonce’s fake hair have been snatched.

  35. Beygency March 25, 2015

    Whose the s**** now?? They got this b**** promoting her and a children’s movie all the same time. Oh well someone better occupy that top ten spot on Forbes while Boss B****** take the 1st spot. Lol slavehanna, werk b****.

    • riri March 25, 2015

      lmao rihanna just made a h** patient mad

      • Beygency March 25, 2015

        B**** shouldn’t you be renting out your beef strips so that you have enough money to make sure that your girl’s album is double platinum when it arrives. Now run girl fly girl. Bye Felicia.

  36. whatever March 25, 2015

    mkay. so… it’s whatever “URBAN$”?


    bleh. 😀

  37. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

    Anyways, I’m curious on how the song sounds. I heard higher so it’ll be interesting how she plays with this

  38. #TeamTinashe Stan March 25, 2015

    So supposedly Rihanna’s first single was a STRUGGLE and her new album has been DELAYED months after months…….. did I miss something?

    And ok….. I don’t know if this fits in Rihanna’s new promo of walking around telling the media that “Females should respect themselves more” but…. I can’t wait. Time to TURN UP! Hehe 😉

  39. metzo March 25, 2015

    It better be ratchettttt as fuuuuck and good. The “You da one” type. Not some struggly try hard jazz mess. I need new music in my work out repertoire :D.

  40. Arianator Barb March 25, 2015

    It’s about f***** time, this betta be a ratchet anthem Lord knows my @ss needs it

  41. Molly March 25, 2015

    This will be a try hard flop, just by the title I know its gonna be a fücking hoodrat ghetto mess.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

      but I bet sis don’t forget about I bet

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        What about it babe?

      • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

        @molly you called the platinum selling top 5 hit fourfive a flop when I flop is flopping off of the charts it will be in the bubbling under chart tomorrow 🙂

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        When did I call FFS a flop? Stop reaching also I bet is doing amazing for an r&b song.

    • Sevyn streeter stan March 25, 2015

      Kiii you and Jack-off just love getting dragged don’t you

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        No I speak my fúcking mind not my fault people can’t take what I have to say.

  42. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    Yall its URBAN

  43. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    This post shows how much the Navy didn’t like the whole sound Rih was going with. Lmaooo they were on the whole “timeless music” team until this lool

    • Nicki Is Queen March 25, 2015


  44. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 25, 2015

    Bìtch better have my edges glued in!! I’m about to get snatched!!!!

  45. riri March 25, 2015

    while jayz and beyonce are fighting in court over jayz 21year old love child, rihanna on the other hand is busy making historih

    • kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

      Beyonce/ Jay z waiting to cut that Rihanna cheque

  46. riri March 25, 2015

    how children did jayz fathered beside ugly ivy? jayz should better go claim his children cos ugly ivy’s surrogate mother is dead and we all know that beyonce with her fake womb cant have a child.

    • RihHive March 25, 2015

      I heard a friend call Blu Ivy ugly last night and now you again today again.. I just think Its wrong to describe any child as ugly. Just wrong…

  47. Naomi March 25, 2015

    SCREEAMMMING the Titanics are getting so march Karma this era. Talking about how 7/11 is ratchet and all Bey does is make ghetto anthems like their fave has Sades discography.

    • Molly March 25, 2015

      Yes clock them hun.

      • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

        just like iggy got clocked yesterday by her ghost writer or how Ciara got clocked by future?

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        Damn nîgga get off my c*** I know you haven’t seen me on here for awhile but quit acting so thirsty whenever im in your presence.

      • BeyRihLiyah March 25, 2015

        b****** take your crazy pills don’t act brand new because the last time I recall your lame ass was trying to apologize to me remember?

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        What does me tring to apologize have to do with you obsessing over my comments?

  48. RihHive March 25, 2015

    So is this gonna be midnight then? Dont tell me I’m gonna have to be distracted all day at work just to see when it drops

  49. Naomi March 25, 2015

    B**** doesnt know what the hell shes doing. How you gonna release this song while you’re promoting a childrens soundtrack? And I thought she was after Timeless music.

  50. riri March 25, 2015

    how many children did jayz fathered beside ugly ivy? jayz should better go claim his children cos ugly ivy’s surrogate mother is dead and we all know that beyonce with her fake womb cant have a child.

  51. Naomi March 25, 2015

    She tried to be classy and get acclaim with FFS and it failed. Looks like she really went back to square 1.

  52. Molly March 25, 2015

    @Naomi and @Slay_hive hahahaha you guys are slaying me with your commentary, Continue to make the Navy seethe beyond belief kii.

    • Naomi March 25, 2015

      Im getting a good kiii from this whole era so far. Watch them cheerlead for this like sheep though after saying Rihannas shown so much growth as an artist and is above ghetto anthems now. Kiiiii! Hilarious.

      • Molly March 25, 2015

        Lmao exactly this era is a bigger mess then the Artpop era atleast Gaga had some direct lol Rihtrash doesn’t know wtf to down. Kii its hilarious seeing how big of hypocrites that navy really is.

  53. Grande The Way March 25, 2015

    I’ll wait till the actual song drops but if it’s too ratchet, I’ll pass. I prefer pop Rihanna who does songs like Russian Roulette, Only Girl, You Da One, and Love Without Tragedy. Songs like Pour It Up don’t do it for me. Although Numb is one of my favorites off Unapologetic…..

  54. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 25, 2015

    Wow! The Beyhive is really upset. I can see the fumes emitting from your comments through my phone’s screen. It’s quite sad!

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

      The meltdowns are too much to handle… Rih eyebrows bring more revelance than that Houston local drag queen act

  55. M March 25, 2015

    Can we have a petition to ban Sam from writing posts related to Rihanna? Let David do it. I can’t with Sam’s false accusations and unprofessionalism. AGAIN. The album was never delayed you f**. She’s just taking her sweet time to craft it, not to mention the million other things she’s doing. Why wasn’t Beyonce’s self-titled album ‘serially delayed’ when it took her a year to release it after performing at the Super-bowl.. Huh b****? And FFS did not flop. It has been in the top five for weeks, add it to the list of her longest charting top five songs. It didn’t go #1? Ok…and so? Not all her songs will do so. It was just a preview single. To whet appetities. Didn’t make an impact? You’re joking? Vevo ceritified, 100M+, still in the top five on the Hot 100 and I guarantee when it comes on anywhere in America, everyone is singing it. And your McDonalds/barnyard jokes are so stupid and unfunny. It’s a good thing Rihanna doesn’t read the blogs. I would’ve loved to see her end your career. Afterall, HER NAME is what is giving your websites hits. Your most viewed/commented post is still the one about Rihanna from some time ago.

  56. Naomi March 25, 2015

    @Molly Yes. She clearly is so so lost with no sense of direction this era. Maybe Jay Z is giving her too much freedom she can’t handle. Everyone can see it besides the fans. Even if this is a hit, it just contradicts all the new standards she and the navy were talking about over the past few weeks.

  57. Linda March 25, 2015

    A thot anthem and a children’s movie at the same time. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  58. Prismatic Returns March 25, 2015

    This b**** always needs a catchy pop anthem to carry her era’s. Will the dumbvy support their fave enough for it go number 1 2nd time around.

  59. Mark111 March 25, 2015

    Just the title got them mad, lol. We’re not even sure that it’s the name of the song. I’m ready, bye! 🙂 #R8 #2015YearOfRihanna

  60. FutureCIARA March 25, 2015

    The title sounds tacky and ratchet…..
    Ill hold my opinion for now

    • (Rihyonce) March 25, 2015

      you just gave your opinion tho how ironic…. worry about Ci-error !!

    • Lake Erie March 25, 2015


    • Rihboy March 25, 2015

      The only thing tack and ratchet is the rise and the fall of I bet. Lastly please don’t talk when her last album held such ratchet flops as read my lips, looking ass, I’m out. She flops at being ratchet , Pop, or r&b. I mean damn she can’t even sell headphones.

  61. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 25, 2015

    The hive is punching in those hours to stalk Rih. Been up since 5:00 am just comment on a Rih post then they clock out at 4:00 am just to do it all over again.. Really sad if you ask me

  62. kingbeybitch March 25, 2015

    As I said before I like 45 seconds (Kayne was not needed) I think she should’ve kept her going that route like she wanted. But I just knew she wouldn’t be able to make an album filled with songs like 45. F*** sales girl they ain’t everything. Rated R is her best album and it’s one of her lowest selling as well.I think she just wants a smaah . Anyways good luck girl

  63. Lake Erie March 25, 2015

    Well, I’m looking forward to hearing this! Please be like a pout it up sound but better. Then again, pour it up is the s*** t so we’ll see. 🙂

  64. Rihboy March 25, 2015

    My heart can’t take this!!! I hope it drops midnight!!!! she is a damn tease!!!! I honestly don’t even care if she reaches number 1 or not. I just want the music. She has been gone too long….

    • Mark111 March 25, 2015

      I’m loving it. Tease after tease, got the fans excited and the haters angry. lol

      • Naomi March 26, 2015

        Lmfao no one is angry.

  65. Tyler March 25, 2015

    So this is how she plans on bringing the music world to its knees this era? *pun is intended*

    • Mark111 March 25, 2015

      You need to look up the word “pun”, cause it seems that you don’t know how to use them.

      • Tyler March 25, 2015

        You need to get your old ass out of my comment section, and worry about your own kids for once because I wasn’t even talking to your muthafuckin ass.

      • Mark111 March 25, 2015

        No kids, not old and shut yo 19 year old @ss up.

      • Tyler March 25, 2015

        Oh! Good come back. You sure did tell me Paps *Eye Roll*

      • Mark111 March 25, 2015

        Tell you how wrong and off you were. No wonder you pest call everyone a flop, the eff you know about the 90’s when you were born in 96? #DaFuck

      • Tyler March 25, 2015

        I was born in 95′, you stupid h**. Now go take your 1945 shade somewhere else because no one’s here for it.

      • Mark111 March 25, 2015

        95 and yo ass tried to say my fave wasn’t ish? Are you even out of school at? Bey-Holez, childish and brainless. smh #YouKnowYouFuckedUp #Right

      • Tyler March 25, 2015

        Your fave wasn’t s*** compared to Janet, Brandy, Monica, Mariah, Mary J, Lauren, and Whitney back in the day.
        I didnt have to be born in the Stone Age to know that. There is a thing called “the world wide web”….learn how to use it Gramps.

      • Mark111 March 25, 2015

        You don’t know because YOU wasn’t born. But I know forsure who wasn’t s***, your fave. Fat hooker had to from a group when every t*** girl was killing it. lol

      • Tyler March 25, 2015

        Looks like all of that Jim Crow Era reading, writing,and arithmetic failed you. Because I’ve been out of school for several years now, you need to be Hooked On Phonix b****!

        You’re just mad because Aaliyah was being outsold by every popular Black R&B Female Act in the 90’s and had to die just to get any type of recognition #NumbersDontLie.

  66. RihYonce March 25, 2015

    Ready for RI to show out with this one !!! I can feel it ! , BUT yall are going to stop coming for Beyoncé with this “ratchet” shade like rihanna doesn’t make the same damn type of music lets not forget 7/11 was a song basically about NOTHING & still slayed on the hot 100 peaked at #13 and stayed in the top 10 for several Weaks! Beyoncé will remain unbothered she planning another world domination this year again ! None of these thots are safe !!

  67. Rosie March 25, 2015

    Kii what is Kanye DOING. I will SCREAM if this is another Dolly Parton/bluegrass mess.

    • Mark111 March 25, 2015

      Be nice, because your fave have MAYBE about another 2 years left before she sit over there with Lorde, natasha bedingfield, Duffy and the rest of those white girls that was only here for a moment. She can shine Lorde’s grammys while she’s over there.

      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        B****, chill, I wasn’t even coming for Rih actually.
        But cute @ you basically admitting Borde was a one hit wonder FAD whose career barely outlasted Iggy’s.

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