New Video: Madonna – ‘Ghosttown’

Published: Wednesday 8th Apr 2015 by Sam

New video alert!

Madonna has unleashed the official visual for ‘Ghosttown,’ the second single from her latest album ‘Rebel Heart.’

With the LP in much need of a sales spark, does ”Ghost’ (which co-stars Terrence Howard) pack enough of a punch to revive its housing album?

Peep the post-apocalyptic vid, directed by Jonas Akerlund, below and let us know…

Madge hit a home-run with his. Slick, yet simple.Powerfully executed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MusicFan April 8, 2015

    A Ghosttown…..just like what her next tour will be.

    • Kiah April 8, 2015

      No, that was Lady Gaga’s last 2 tours…


      • Joeane April 8, 2015

        She looks good thou…..

      • Adeanna Alie April 8, 2015

        Ladies & gentleman here is THE QUEEN!! u did it again @Madonna ❤️❤️ just perfect as usual

      • TheElusiveLamb April 8, 2015

        You can quit trolling now.

      • BillieS April 8, 2015

        I am not a Madonna’s fan, but wow. The video of Ghosttown is well done and maybe one of her best song ever.

    • AmericanHeartbreaker April 8, 2015

      Do you mean the tour where almost every ticket has been sold? 😀 😀 You are so funny. I bought my ticket for the Prague concert, by the end of the first day almost all of the tickets had been sold, so they announced another concert in Prague (and in many more cities ;)). 😉

      Stay tuned sweetheart. 😉
      I know you will go to a concert 😉

      • Lamb4Life April 8, 2015

        GREAT VIDEO….surprisingly. Too bad Rebel Heart is a flop because of her age and she gets no radio supports. She would sell more if she was in the 30s…


    • Terri April 8, 2015

      BEAUTIFUL SCARS is the best song she has done since MIes away. It’s the best song on the cd….Guy and Madge is dropping the ball again

    • Llalalalalala April 8, 2015

      1:46 LADY GAGA CAMEO

      😆 😆 😆

      • Too Funny April 8, 2015


      • Godonna April 8, 2015


    • Sean April 8, 2015

      You’re delusional hunty. Queen Madge’s tour won’t snatch the wig off your fav it’ll scalp it

    • FROOTJOOCE April 8, 2015

      The absolute KIII’SSS when this tour effortlessly outgrosses everyone else’s tours. You should know better than to come for someone whos ttours constantly rake in $150M. This tour has the most expensive prices with multiple dates bieng added and SOLD OUT.


    • MusicFan April 8, 2015

      Yall need to came down lmao, it was a joke ( a bad one I admit) I actually like Madonna and this vid. Not only that but I actually bought Rebel Heart on release date! I know she’s a big tour seller! LOL yall get wound up too easily!

  2. DEL BEY April 8, 2015

    she looks youthful in this clip, but I wish she would stop clinging to her dwindling relevance

    • You Dumb April 8, 2015

      Jonas Akerlund’s incredible visual style is unparalleled. Ghosttown is amazing, the song and video alike. Madonna’s best in a decade.

      • PPdony April 8, 2015

        Madonna doesn’t care…she is still working and making music. Respect her age and 30 years in the industry. She is an icon. Sorry…

      • TidalBoi April 8, 2015

        Epic! Madonna back to her visual best. This is the kinda video we are used to from the Queen of queens. Love this song. One of the best on what is an incredible album.

      • DEL BEY April 8, 2015

        Please do not get me wrong, Madge has some great hits, back in the 80’s that I love, but she is giving me serious gimmick teas these past few years, its transparent and not a good look for the queen of pop (arguably).

    • scorpio April 8, 2015

      People are criticising Madonna’s age when she’s reaching her 60’s but yet she’s still competing with artists in their 20’s/30’s.


      • Love Her April 8, 2015


      • whut April 8, 2015

        That’s the whole problem. She should be above competing with artists in their 20’s/30’s.

  3. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 8, 2015

    I like it. And phew… I thought it would be stomach-turning and disgraceful like ‘Haunted.’

    • DEL BEY April 8, 2015

      Oh Em Gee, like chill girl, you are so pressed… get your life boo

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 8, 2015

        ‘Haunted’ was horrible honey. She wasn’t behaving like a a role model or a feminist.

      • Lolz April 8, 2015

        Bey owns ITS mind.

  4. Ya April 8, 2015

    Love it…. 🙂

    • Gaga’s Monster April 8, 2015

      I would lick Terrence’s b*tt….I find him very s***. Would love him sit on my face….am I weird?

      • know this April 8, 2015

        Yeah you triflin” b@$tard!!

  5. Stephon. April 8, 2015

    This is her best video in YEARS! I say, her best since the “Ray Of Light” era. I loved it. Great Work Grandma!

    • TheElusiveLamb April 8, 2015

      Really? What about Hollywood, Girl Gone Wild, 4 Minutes, & Jump?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 8, 2015

        “Hung up” and “Sorry” videos are better than the ones you mentioned imo (always talking about the last 15 years only).

    • Yasssss April 8, 2015

      Madonna. this is absolutely one of the best–best video you’ve ever done, and that is saying A LOT. I love how you “personalized” it made it that much more emotional for your fans as well. Great job!


  6. Molly April 8, 2015

    Terrance Howard wouldn’t even be in this video if he wasn’t on Empire Smh bandwagon always clinging on to everyone elses relevancy old bîtch.

    • DEL BEY April 8, 2015

      f****** agreed, this tyrannosaurus rex be doing the mostttt

      • Molly April 8, 2015

        I see straight thru her attention seeking ass. Smh

      • Thats You April 8, 2015

        You guys are jealous dongkeys….get a job, D- class h0es.

    • metzo April 8, 2015

      Although I love the video, that’s the first thing that I was thinking

      • Sit B*tch April 8, 2015

        Madonna is the Queen of Pop, her strength and diversity as an artist is simply unrivaled, thankfully I’m going to see her live in December! Her and Michael Jackson are the King and Queen of Pop!

  7. TheElusiveLamb April 8, 2015

    Good video.

  8. Kiah April 8, 2015

    Such an emotional music video with a beautiful message. ❤️

  9. ….. April 8, 2015

    Madonna looks very flawless in the new video. Love Terrence too….they are gorgeous people. Love it.

  10. John Vidal April 8, 2015

    haters gonna hate because their moms hates them. 🙁

  11. Milla90s April 8, 2015

    This is good. She is still has it. On repeat.

  12. Riri4Eva April 8, 2015

    Yeah, this is how you do it. It doesn’t look cheap like those wannabes.

  13. Melting April 8, 2015

    Flawless Queen of Pop…..and the dance with Terrence Howard….awwwww!!!!

  14. Gina April 8, 2015

    Very classy!

    4 Out of 5*

  15. Aunt Jemima April 8, 2015

    well-executed. well done madonna. you are the living proof of ARTPOP.

  16. Truth Tea April 8, 2015

    Not too shabby. Nice video tho.
    Haters are trolling hard and pretty sad life they have.

  17. whut April 8, 2015

    The song still sucks, but great video.

  18. Lamb4Life April 8, 2015

    Good vid, well-done.

  19. JJ April 8, 2015

    Rebel Heart is a great album. Sad this song is a flop. Oh well Madonna. You are still the Queen.

  20. LOve itttttt April 8, 2015


  21. Aries April 8, 2015


  22. JOHNVIDAL April 8, 2015

    Very good. Great editing. I love it.
    My favorite since Confessions era in 2005.

    • Riri4Eva April 8, 2015

      Did u see Gaga;s cameo at 1:46 ????


  23. enersto-NY April 8, 2015

    I enjoy the video but few classless trolls and h0es here will always post something negatives. Oh well…

  24. Wendy’s Truth Serum April 8, 2015

    Not bad at all. Good job Madonna!

  25. Indie April 8, 2015

    Flawles a beautiful video and song 10/10

  26. Sadist gang April 8, 2015

    Dramatic, tango’s moves and the kiss on the picture of your mom just made my day, month, year… everything!

    Thank you Madonna, you’re the ART!

  27. EBONY April 8, 2015

    She chose Terrence…that’s very cool.
    Love Madonna.

  28. Aretha Franklin April 8, 2015

    Don’t forget to buy me new album Aretha sings the great diva classics… love y’all…
    The video is actually great but the song shouldn’t have been released as single Joan of arc is worth more

  29. Nicki Is queen April 8, 2015

    Yes slay queen! I love the video she looks great in it too

  30. metzo April 8, 2015

    She looks HOTTT. Great video

  31. Bey Is Grown April 8, 2015

    My favourite song off ‘rebelheart’,awesome video.

  32. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welare April 8, 2015

    Great video! I like the song a lot too.

    Now, is she going to bring me the masterpiece “Best Night” or not? 😀

  33. RATEDXXX April 8, 2015

    Madonna loves her some of the black dack..i ain’t mad at you boo boo

    oh this video…ummm

  34. LeoGal April 8, 2015

    OMG this video was worth the wait !!!!
    This is one of the best M video’s ever !!!!! She never looked better. The style OMG she looks fabulous !!!!
    This is such an EPIC video !!!!!
    Madonna is the Queen. Let there be NO DOUBT !!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bow Down B*tch April 8, 2015

    Such a great song and the video is better than I expected. Love the dance at the end!

    Love it.

  36. Love Her April 8, 2015

    Very good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. RDK April 8, 2015

    Madonna the legendary doing her thing.

  38. shakira stan April 8, 2015

    Those moments I wish Beyonce died instead of Aaliyah

    • STFU U Maggot April 8, 2015


  39. Llalalalalala April 8, 2015



  40. LOVVVVVVEEEEE April 8, 2015


  41. Eddie April 8, 2015

    I don’t even like her, but this is a masterpiece.

  42. U Guys R Too Much April 8, 2015

    Lady Gaga cameo 1:46 ????


  43. shakira stan April 8, 2015

    Aaliyah would have been a legend putting out videos like this …..but now blacks are stuck with jayz’s w****….oh well

  44. dd April 8, 2015

    Janet jackson we need you take a break from your billons .. and shake ur dual name akae up queen of pop. .madge never owned rhat title alone…janet been locked away like a relic…but when she comes back its a big freaking deal

  45. dd April 8, 2015

    Oh dancing with the stars 666 across the boards…if that was janet jackson it would have 10 10 10 #tidal

  46. Mark111 April 8, 2015

    I like the song… that’s saying a LOT! Good song tho.

  47. Gee April 8, 2015

    Not a big fan of the song but the video is cool though.

  48. FROOTJOOCE April 8, 2015

    Ghosttown has caused the album to jump 100 spaces on US Itunes back into the Top 100 (and climbing)


    The song itself is about to enter the Top 200 on US iTunes jumping around 300 spaces since this morning.


    The video seems to be getting alot of attention and the song is doing well on HAC and AC radio, she could debut on the Hot 100


    Flawless video and song

  49. rihcon April 8, 2015

    wow I love it. and a few people in this thread shouldn’t be calling Madge a flop when rebel heart has already outsold their faves last project( and maybe a few more)

  50. RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2015

    I’m not a Madonna fan at all , but I must say she did that. Congrats Madge

  51. High Dolla April 9, 2015

    All I have to say is watch out New York, Paris, and LA. The grand witch Madonna has officially warned y’all if you can break free of the spell of overlooking things in plain sight. The warning is also on the newer $100 dollar bill. The video is a very creepy to say the least.

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