Watch: Ciara Belts ‘I Bet’ On ‘Kelly and Michael’ [Performance]

Published: Friday 3rd Apr 2015 by Sam

Hot on the promo trail for new album ‘Jackie,’ R&B star Ciara stopped by Live With Kelly & Michael this morning to perform the LP’s lead single ‘I Bet.’

The rendition was the first time the Harmony Samuels production has been showcased live on TV.

How did Ms. Harris fare? Find out below!

Beautifully sung and stunningly performed. Even with a ballad, Ciara served up a masterclass in the art of visual storytelling. Awesome performance.

Look out for another live showing of ‘I Bet’ this Sunday on BET’s Black Girls Rock.

‘Jackie’ drops May 4th.

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  1. Molly April 3, 2015


    Tour start May 3rd get ready C squad our girl is coming 😉

    • arfa April 3, 2015

      That song is a mess. Did she really think this song was going to be a smash hit!

      • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

        She wasn’t aiming for a Hot 100 hit… & Whether you consider it a hit or not, this song sounds better than damn-near every song that has been released this year, so far.

      • arfa April 3, 2015

        Your a fool to think she wasn’t aiming for the hot 100. So she thought she would release a flop! Wait you could be right…

      • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 3, 2015

        I Bet actually isnt a mess, way better than BBHMM AND FFS it’s Ciara’s management and production it’s just too poorly orchestrated …


      Now imma be Honest she’s looking very pretty Here…. beautiful face nice hair but Pls it’s too late to promote I bet so focus on ur next single and promote that

      • Toohotfortv April 3, 2015

        You can tell this is a ciara-centric blog bc while she sounded (good for ciara) anyone with ears should be able to recognize that this song is not the dopest thing. It’s just not. She looks amazing. She really looks the part. In looking at her, you definitely feel like you’re looking at a star. Visually she’s pretty much always been on point but her single selection is so hit and miss. And to say a “popstar” released a song and didn’t want to go for the top 100 is ludicrous. If that’s the case, just release it for free.

  2. Stephon. April 3, 2015


    She looks so beautiful. What a humble, classy & talented woman. Go Cici!

    • Molly April 3, 2015

      Yay!! Love you Stephy.

  3. ATL_beyhive April 3, 2015

    That high note and adlibs were scary but cute 😉

    • RCi April 3, 2015

      At least she can sing and is a great dancer… unlike the Foreheaded Beauty.

  4. BeyHive April 3, 2015

    She’s grown as a vocalist but still needs work I give her a C+.

    • ATL_beyhive April 3, 2015

      She needs a lot of work on her pitch and control & it’s sad because her tone is excellent

      • Cupid April 3, 2015

        If you ask me the the alterations to the performance were put together last minute and she sounds rushed and not ready. She sounds good for what it was. I hate that everything sounds rished and thrown together.

  5. YoursTruly April 3, 2015


  6. Barb-wire April 3, 2015

    Ci is coming y’all and I’m ready.

  7. James April 3, 2015

    The Ciara from 2004 could never sound this good she’s improved so much.


      True only the Ciara from that period could actually sell an Album and it got a platinum certification, she’s yet to be certified Dust with her recent releases

  8. Gretchen April 3, 2015

    She slays Rihanna


      indeed, but not in sales tho

      • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

        Rihanna sells controversy… Ciara sells music. There’s a HUGE difference!

      • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 3, 2015

        provide receipts hun… Ri sells music, if u buying her music bcos of her image or how she carries herself or due to the quality you’re buying it anyways, Who’s buying Ciaras materials lately, how many records did her self titled sell?

      • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

        Ciara has class & elegance. Unfortunately, ratchetness is more popular nowadays. I applaud Ciara for staying true to her sound & image, because no one seems to do so anymore.

      • Rihboy April 3, 2015

        Class and elegance? I almost cried! I guess when I’m out, read my lips, and looking ass almost debuted she was being classy. Boy bye. She has no other way to be but classy and humble. She is a flop. She completely banished the sound that created her to try and appeal to the masses. But it backfired! Now she has to result in crying about her baby daddy and doing c list prime time tv tease to be acknowledged. Beautiful girl. She just doesn’t have “it” I’m sorry. I was all for her back in the day!! When o came on I was clapping in the mirror. When I here I bet I get sleepy or I’m soaking in the tub.

  9. FutureCIARA April 3, 2015

    Graceful & Elegant! Beautifully done class act!

  10. C SQUAD April 3, 2015



      she needs to start running her Clitt on stage for publicity…. lol

  11. Really April 3, 2015


  12. Iconic Cici April 3, 2015

    What an amazing & beautiful performance.

  13. destiny April 3, 2015

    Simply beautiful performance! I love you Ciara !


      what kind of show is Kelly and Micheal anyways, who watches that?

  14. NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

    Rihanna’s Grammy performance was better. I watched this video 4 times and I still couldn’t figure out, what is it ya’ll are wetting yourselves over.

    • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

      Haha! If you really think that Rihanna performs better than Ciara, you should goes see an eye & ear doctor… something is clearly wrong with you. We all know what Ciara can do on stage… Rihanna could never!

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        Vocally that performance shits on this video I just watched.

  15. FutureCIARA April 3, 2015

    Meanwhile Rihbola out here stealing lesser known songs! Kiii

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      The hive and that girl were reaching for Pluto with T Rex arms on that one. The only resemblance they have is the name only.

      • King B > ur fave April 3, 2015

        “were reaching for Pluto with T Rex arms ” I can’t Haaaaaaaa


      lol **Rihbola** how do y’all keep coming up with these funny names… Hahahahhahahaha RiHbola it has a ring to it

  16. NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

    Why is Gretchen, CSQUAD & Destiny spotting the same avis. Things that you go mmmmh.

  17. Clara April 3, 2015

    Ciara’s growth is so evident! Bring on Jackie!

    • Beygency April 3, 2015

      Girl learn to change your email address.

      • Barb-wire April 3, 2015

        Lmao, an inexperienced troll… Those are rare in this site.

      • Mariah’s little lamb April 3, 2015

        @barb-wire you’re one to talk about trolls when you troll with two different accounts. Where’s your other alter ego, the one whose obsessed with Cake.

      • Barb-wire April 3, 2015

        B**** you tried it this time, first of all that troll is not me and I don’t know what kind of drug you’ve been smoking to think I’d be obsessed over an irrelevant bum like @Fake. Don’t come for me h** coz I’m the original Barb-wire, just because you decided to troll under my name won’t make you shitt in this irrelevant site. Now twirl on that bittch

  18. iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

    Ciara is everything! #Jackie is gonna bang, & I’m so ready for it!


      Limit your expectations girl you’re aiming to High, dis is Ciara not Adele…

  19. Molly April 3, 2015

    @FC Yaaaas clock R****.

  20. pat April 3, 2015

    her voice is actually very pretty…just needs to work on her pitch and breathing

  21. Melissa April 3, 2015

    Cici is super turnt up!!! I loved the performance! Five stars ; beauty!!!

  22. Al April 3, 2015

    What the fuvk was this mess?! She spoke than screached ain’t no money note this sight makes me wee. Ain’t no one remembering this HOT ASS MESS

    • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

      You mad, or nah?

  23. NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

    Why is Ciara bundling her album along with tickets for her upcoming tour and selling it twitter?? This is a new low even for a world renowned flop like Ciara. But selling your album on twitter??? Rihanna could & will never. Let that marinate for a moment.

    • Prismatic Returns April 3, 2015

      Selling her album on twitter??? Gurl are you sure.

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        Yes b****, check her twitter page.

      • CATFISH CAREY April 3, 2015


    • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

      LMAO! Damn, y’all stalking Ciara’s Twitter page too? You don’t stalk artist you don’t like… so y’all stanning for her on the low! & so what if she selling a bundle? She’s just showing appreciation to her fans… something Rihanna could & would never do.

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        @iLoveMusic more like the info came onto my TL by people who I converse with on Twitter who follow her.

    • Uknowdakid April 3, 2015

      She didn’t bundle the tickets together with the album. pre ordering the record just gave you the ability to access purchasing the tickets before they went on sale to the general public

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        Lol even you don’t believe that BS you just typed, whatever makes you feel better.

      • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

        Anyways, a bundle means you’re getting 2 for 1? Right!? So yup, you right. Either way you still have to buy the Damn ticket. Smh lol. People Sheeesh Smh.

    • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

      You a f****** liar! I just check and she ain’t selling no Damn album WITH a ticket! She’s selling it with a Tshirt! And what’s wrong with that?!! Artist sell bundles like that all the time!?!!!!!??! Or whatever?!! Promoting or selling?!? It’s the same same thing ya c***.

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        Point is, is she or not selling her album on twitter??? Gurl bye, go home Roger

      • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

        And like I said. Promoting or Selling its still the same Damn thing. Yo point wasn’t valid.

      • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

        Meaning, all artist do it. Idc how you flip it.

  24. Fashion baby April 3, 2015

    The haters are out in full force! Ciara slayed and deal with it.

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      Lol you’re pathetic.

    • Cough cough April 3, 2015

      Molly is that you babe???

    • Rihanna navy April 3, 2015

      Omg lol

  25. R April 3, 2015

    Love her lower register! Never really like Ciara’s ballads, but I do enjoy her voice.

  26. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015

    Super flop! And she’s never performed at the main televized Grammy awards. In her whatever-year career, she actually has NEVER performed at the Grammys. Hehehehehehe

    • iLoveMusic April 3, 2015

      You probably read her entire on discography on Wikipedia, just to post that comment. Get yo life!

    • dat red bwoy April 3, 2015

      lol she never performed at the Grammys? please fact check b4 u post s***. She did the 2006 Grammys along with Maroon 5 for a Sly n the Family Stone tribute…u want receipts, here u go…now go scan them into receipt hog and get you some xtra points lol

  27. Rihyeezy April 3, 2015

    Tinashe> this b****
    She looks like a gorilla in that dress with them broad ass shoulders

  28. Ashleigh April 3, 2015

    She has so much talent


    Now imma be Honest she’s looking very pretty Here…. beautiful face nice hair but Pls it’s too late to promote I bet so focus on ur next single and promote that

  30. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015

    Oh dear, Queen Ci is selling her album on twitter. SCREEEEAMING!!!! #Desperado 😆

  31. Really April 3, 2015

    EVERYTHING ciara does that dam navy always on her. If rihanna has moved on yall should too. Rihanna fans worry more about ciara than rihanna. yall really are too worried wether ciara succeed or not but she irrelevant right? Go to a rihanna post and get up off ciara

  32. Linda April 3, 2015

    Think this is her best vocal live showing of her career. Goodluck with Jackie Cici

  33. Gloria April 3, 2015

    I can’t wait for the #jackie tour!!!

    • Barb-wire April 3, 2015

      Gurl… wow

  34. Instagram:definite2 April 3, 2015

    YIKES… that was cringe worthy….I don’t get the hype anymore and I want to love this girl. “Goodies” is her vein IMO.


    who sells thier Album on twitter? I mean really? when Ciara hit rock bottom she took a shovel with her cos she’s now digging a new hole to crawl into at the bottom…

  36. Solange, The Sponge. April 3, 2015

    THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Beygency April 3, 2015

    @NayvOrDie you weren’t lying. She is selling her album on Twitter. Her fan’s are already complaining that they’re already pre-ordered Jackie on iTunes.

    I expected this video to be a mess but she has improved vocally.

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      Notice her fan’s went quiet after I spilled the tea. The zzzz squad should never come for the Navy again.

  38. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015

    Not only can this flop trash not get a mere top 40 hit, she has never even performed at the Grammys. If you’re gonna google this claim, make sure you read probably. 😆

    • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015


    • Uknowdakid April 3, 2015

      But she performed at the 2006 Grammy ceremony

      • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015

        No. #TryAgain


    True only the Ciara from that period could actually sell an Album and it got a platinum certification, she’s yet to be certified Dust with her recent releases

  40. metzo April 3, 2015

    She has a way better tone than Goat


      ain’t that the truth… Rihanna can’t touch this…

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      But the charts and the GP tell a different story. Judging by who they prefer to give their coins to.

  41. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 3, 2015

    Ladies and gentlemen, ignore ‘I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE)’. It’s tyler, the fāg bottom with a penís as an avi.


    oh common it wasn’t as bad, did u see Rihannas attempt at choreograph at the iheart radio awards for was very embarrassing…

  43. Cici Slays Ur Fave April 3, 2015

    @NavyOrDie b**** drink bleach, you ain’t s*** for that. This ain’t a Rih post. Why can’t you be happy for your faves success and leave Cici alone. At least she’s making something out of her life, what are you doing with your life??

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      Shouldn’t you be “queening” on the streets of Atlanta so your girl can get a top ten when her album drops. The zzzz squad deserve what’s coming to them, they staying running their unfiltered mouths on every post hating on artists who are much much bigger than Ciara will ever. You can miss me those crocodile tears.


    when Ciara gets into a fist to fist fight with Rihanna Now we both know who’s gonna win, at least that’s somewhere She can finally vanquish that Bittcchh R****,with those strong man arms and biceps, bÏTch better bring her game BBBHG…

  45. Mariah’s little lamb April 3, 2015

    This was beautiful. Ya’ll are sleeping on Cici.

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      And we’ll continue sleeping on her. Next

  46. Uknowdakid April 3, 2015

    I don’t see why the Stan argue with each other they don’t gain anything. At the end of the day the artist still is getting paid while you defend or bring them down for free….. Check your Priorities


      and you think you pointing out the obvious would have a significant impact?….

      • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

        Gurl??? I can’t at this b**** coming and pretending to be holier than thou on us. Stans dragging each other is nothing new, just like football fans. I seriously can’t at these blog social advocates. He should focus on real important issues like homophobic, gender inequality, climate change and let us be.

    • NayvOrDie April 3, 2015

      Gurl save that b******* for someone who cares. Who the f*** are you anyway??

  47. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 3, 2015

    Its alright,She plays it safe with her vocals.Still a low key singer with nothing to bring vocally.

  48. Lake Erie April 3, 2015

    Anyways, good performance CiCi! I’m so salty you’re not coming to my city 🙁 But, I will be coping that album once it drops in a month and a day away. Sidenote: I just had to check a f*** boy up above for lying on my girl. Why do so many people hate on her?!! Smh. I could see if it was a fact but he or she LIED?!!!?!!!? Smh. What a little f*** Smh.


    unfortunately while Ciara actually makes music I like, I doubt she’d becoming out with something…. you know what never mind what I was gonna say but I’d say this (a light skinned black woman that can dance is under 30 has been around for a while and is actually beautiful) how does she keep flopping, what’s the real issue here, what’s happening cos I don’t get it, up to me alone I’d buy and stream Ciara materials…. this girl needs to do something about this seriously it’s not even funny anymore…

    • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

      All she can do is keep doing her..and right now. She is on the right path. Thank about it. When was the last time my baby toured? Now think again. When was the last time yo fav toured? BEY or Rih? Not sure who you stand for but that’s my point. That alone sabotaged her career. Who wants to buy an album and not actual see the artists?!! And she not the only one doing that either. So I’m seriously thinking optimistic on this because like I said, when was the last time she toured? And when she did, she was platinum artist.

  50. #JACKIE April 3, 2015

    Dyinggggg @ the G**** seething!!! Don’t be mad at Ci because Struggleanna is FLOPPING! I got my bundle too and can’t wait to wear my shirt to the show BYTCHEZ! Stay mad uglies!!!!

    • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

      Killing me softly too homie. The delusion and denial is real on here today! Ctfu! Lmao!

  51. #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” Music Video Is Coming Out Soon) April 3, 2015

    Tbh I always felt sorry for Ciara all the way back in 2008 when she wasn’t popping like in previous years and I remember loving “Love,S3x and Magic” in high school. Hehe!

    Anyways the performance wasn’t a slay or near a slay but Ciara did good and played it safe……. don’t know about the “AWAAAAAAYYYY…….AWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEH” part but you know what I mean.
    Cute. 😉

    • haha April 3, 2015

      kiii she was struggling on that last awayyy

  52. robyn April 3, 2015

    I’m hoping that the album would do better, I’m routing for you cici kikiki

  53. B**** I’M FROM NEW YORK April 3, 2015

    Despite that she will flop. i love the look of these era they long ass ghetto hair.

  54. rihicon April 3, 2015

    wow she seems so humble I hope she sees success with this album. we need more black girls on top

  55. ~The Arcade~ April 3, 2015

    Way to go Cici <3 But can we talk about how awkward David Duchovny looked as a co-host yikes! lol

  56. Queen CiCi April 3, 2015

    Sounds perfect, she is true beauty

  57. shakira stan April 3, 2015

    This performance was whack ….a vocal coach desperately needed.

  58. Danny Bey April 3, 2015

    Cute. But where are the backup singers that were in the acoustic video?? They were so dope.

    I think she she start performing this song the way she does in the acoustic version. I think it’ll bring more life and attention to the song since she’s not much of a singer already.

  59. You wanna be on tv I bet April 3, 2015

    Nice performance and I love the outfit go cici keep doing your thing

  60. Navy Nick April 3, 2015

    Amazing Ciara; im rooting for U girl!!!! U did that


    House of Blues in Chicago? I’m so fuckinng pissed! No shade, but I know she can at least do those 5,000+ venues like what Ariana Grande did for her first show on her new tour. Why doesn’t she at least so small capcity arenas? Her fan base is still strong…and shes lasted for 10 years now.

    • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

      Yea, i was kind of thinking the same thing.

  62. Queenly April 3, 2015

    Cici is a gorgeous gal but she just doesn’t do it for me vocally. I wish her music success.

  63. Soldier Of Love. April 3, 2015

    Not perfect, but she’s growing and I love it. She looks stunning. I’m trying to figure out how she looks so petite here, but she thick as hell in the video lmao (I’ve always loved the thicker Ciara)

    • Lake Erie April 3, 2015

      Yea, she does look good thick.

  64. Kenneth April 3, 2015

    pove love love she sounds amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. RICHIE_RICH April 3, 2015

    So, Poise… I wish her nothing but the best. Support Ciara!!!!!!

  66. milky way April 3, 2015

    Ok cool

  67. eric April 4, 2015

    The live arrangement for this song is atrocious. Ciara needs a better music director.

  68. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 4, 2015

    I love Ciara but she sounded off here. The arrangements and the melody of the song were off. She had way better preformances and this ain’t cutting it. She looked s*** as hell though.

    ciara cannot sing better not does she have better tone than Rihanna, you are reaching like Beyonce trying to get a #1 hit or people believing she’s an actual songwriter

  69. Mike April 5, 2015

    i love how people that can’t sing can sit up here & try talking about someone else’s singing like where’s ur single at lets hear ur vocals when does your parking lot tours start don’t talk bout someone else unless u can do better maybe ur parents should’ve have taught u something if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all yall act like ciara gives a damn what u think bout her she’s living her life making more money then u will ever see so how bout step ur game up before talking bout someone else that’s doing more then u

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